Do You Know We’re Coming Out From Under Maritime Law?

Do you know we're coming out from under Maritime Law?

Do you know we’re coming out from under Maritime Law? Did you even know that we were under such a law?

The laws that have been governing our lands are corrupt and evil. They are not for the people, but to service the elite… the Cabal… the New World Order… One World Government.

You can read about Maritime Law from The ‘head of this beast’… the 13 families who were ultimately in control of the whole world, (since have been arrested) were gathered in Venice, or more precisely, the Republic of Venice. This is an island city which operated under the Law of the Sea.

But what is this about the Gold Fringe?

These flags above are what we are accustomed to… the ones our good men and women in the past fought and died for.

Why do the ones above have a gold fringe around the edges?

It’s symbolism!

Hmm… ok, but what does it mean?

The gold fringe represents historically that we are at war!

Well I certainly have to say we are genuinely at war at the moment, and have been for the past four years. It’s a war between good and evil! A war between those that stand up for the good of the people versus the Deep State… the Cabal.

While most don’t realise it, we are currently in the 3rd World War. It’s a war that’s greater and more far reaching than any previous war.

So strange really… for most, life continues relatively as normal, but behind the scenes it’s very, very real.

A gold fringe symbolizes that we are under Maritime Law, which is Admiralty Law… the Law of the Sea.

You just have to do a google search to find the flags of other nations all fringed with gold. They hang in our government buildings and court rooms.

So what is the significance of this?

Admiralty Law = No Nation = No Constitution!

When you step into a courtroom that displays a gold fringed flag, it means that you have stepped into a place that contains no constitutional law, no common law of the land, no civil law and no statue law!

It is there as a warning sign – you are guilty and must prove that you are not!

What does the Gold Fringe Flag symbolize
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Gold Fringed Flag Facts
The Shocking Secret about Court Room Flags and its Warning

Here are two images. The one to the right shows PT speaking at a rally when he was campaigning before being elected as president. You will notice that all the flags behind him are gold-fringed. In fact, whenever you see the flags portrayed behind him in this manner, they all contain the fringes.

To the left is an image of him in the same situation but taken since the current elections. Guess what? There were no gold fringes around the flags! He was relaying a message to us.

So what is the true significance of this?

Donald Trump is a very clever man and is big on symbology, so much so that many call it ‘Trumpology’! An astute person would have noticed that the fringes were no longer on the flags behind him. This means we are already moving into Nesara/Gesara. America will no longer be under Admiralty Law – as it will be for the entire world.

When PT explained many times that he was going to be ‘cleaning out the swamp’, not one of us had any idea of what he really meant. But we can see it so clearly now. We just had no idea of how big the swamp was… that it was worldwide!

This war has been carried on using… Stealth – Undercover – Sting Operations. Quietly they have been rounding up all those involved in acts regarding children, drug lords, human trafficking, voting fraud etc. etc. They will all be brought to account.

There will be a moving away from the Admiralty Law – the Law of the Sea, back to the Common Law Constitutional Law.

Unemployed Pollies!

All the people such as the governors, the prime ministers, and government officials worldwide will no longer have a job! They were all employed under the old system – the Law of the Sea, Maritime Law… but once Common Law comes back they are no longer employed.

The System Drained

That system represents part of the swamp that President Trump vowed to drain… and drain it he has… along with Hollywood (closed down), the Vatican (closed down), Buckingham Palace (boarded up)… and all evil governments, around the world. This includes countless CEO’s, and all those in positions that run our individual countries.

Capitulation and Arrests

We have to realise and understand… all governments around the world have capitulated (surrended to) President Trump. In other words, he was able to go to them and show dossiers of evidence against them. Most of which were involved in child and human trafficking together with the sex and drug trades). They had to surrender and many were arrested.

If they were found to be involved in these things, they were to be executed. If they agreed to help the good guys – the White Hats – they were allowed to remain alive to facilitate that job.

I am not sure exactly who has been executed and who hasn’t… or who have been taken. This information hasn’t really been officially released yet. It is due to come out over the coming weeks and/or months. I have seen some leaked information of who is on the list and it fair took my breath away. We need to wait and see.

Many can still be seen going about their business but once again we have to realise that many high profile people have a number of body doubles. Some potentially are clones, I’ve been led to believe. That would explain a lot of crazy actions we’ve seen going on. It’s sometimes very hard to tell the difference, one way or another.

Goodbye Maritime Law… Hello Nesara/Gesara!

Nesara/Gesara requires that all governments have to step down and re-elections have to take place within a 120 day period after the inception of it.

What is happening in America is soon to happen across the world. Nesara takes care of America under Donald Trump, while Gesara is worldwide.

NESARA = National Economic Security and Recovery Act
GESARA = Global Economic Security and Recovery Act

No-one can say that Nesara/Gesara will be exactly as we’ve been told, but it does give us a good idea of what is to come.

Arrests and Re-election

With the use of the Quantum Voting System, together with all the rest of the information they have on the crooked elections, they have more than sufficient to take the evil men and women out.

Having said that, what do I see as ahead?

  • Many, many arrests taking place first while they take all the evidence to the courts.
  • Within, I have a distinct feeling, that this will lead into Nesara/Gesara being released which will then require a new election within 120 days.
  • I may be wrong easily enough, but the writing is on the wall.

Worldwide Re-elections

Who are we going to choose to lead us? Certainly not any of the evil and corrupt politicians that have been currently leading us all astray.

Imagine all the retired business men we have in our countries… I would think many of them could be outstanding.

It will be a new chance for all the good men and women to stand up who have previously stayed out of the dirty scene, understanding how corrupt it was.

Watch as the Movie Plays Out

While all this carry-on is going on with the US elections, it’s a time for us to be very excited. Although it looks like things are not going to plan, they really are.

We need to trust the well rehearsed plan and watch it as it plays out… and the draining of the swamp becomes complete.

Down the Gurgler They’ll Go

One of the last to go down will be the corrupt media… I can’t wait for that one to happen! I’m really over all their lies and deceit. I detest the way they twist every little thing of good and show it as being bad. The only way to stay positive through this time is to not listen to their news. People only have to open their mouths and I can tell if they watch the msm news or not!

Good times are ahead… let’s go!

For further information – “Super Round Table with Charlie Ward & Friends”

So finally, the time is almost upon us when we will be coming out from under Maritime Law. Who-Hoo! I can’t wait… how about you?



  1. Hi Marilyn…we got a news media here in Canada called The Rebel News who are the ones that tell the truth of what’s going on in our country…would they know what is really going on with nesara gesara and QFS and the things that are happening around us

    • Hi Jerome! I don’t really know. Wikipedia (as much as you can believe them) describes it as being anti-muslim etc so I don’t know where they are coming from. Just as soon as I know that Gesara/Nesara is definitely roling out I will be posting on it.

  2. Hi Marilyn…I got two things I want to know if you know about…I’ve heard that the military took out 50,000 Chinese troops in Quebec and also took out 25,000 Chinese troops in Manitoba any thoughts on this and also we were listening to a video by the Dark Outpost don’t know if you heard of him..anyway he said that John F Kennedy Jr and princess Diane are still alive that they faked their deaths etc.. and this fall they are going to testify at gitmo to bring the Cabal down

    • Hi Jerome!
      I did hear about the one in Quebec but not the Manitoba one.
      I wouldn’t be surprised though…

      I had not heard of Dark Outpost but it does look like he has some interesting articles.
      Yes, I have heard much about JFK & PD, but to be quite honest I don’t know if it’s real. I’ve heard the same about Elvis too. LOL, only time will tell. I really hope it is true though… what a turn-around that would be!

      I think anything is possible as we wouldn’t know what the Alliance have tucked up their sleeves, and only those in the very top would know. They would not spill the beans to the rest of us of-course, as we are in a war…

      One day we will learn if this information was leaked purposely, but until it can be confirmed…

      I will watch some of the articles you mentioned. I’d be interested if they have some real proof.

      • I hear ya Marilyn, and that’s exactly why I wrote out my eBook Maritime Admiralty: The Hidden Shackles That Binds You To Unfettered Debt!

        I didn’t know much about Maritime Law a few years back, until I ran across it one day and been hooked on it ever since.

        I scared one of the bosses at my old job one time when he asked me…

        “So, what do you do for a hobby.”
        “I write, and I’m almost done with an eBook I was working on.”
        “Oh really? What’s it about?”
        “Maritime Admiralty.”

        And he stop and just looked at me for a few seconds.

        LOL, I’m not racist right, but I think he thought because I’m a black guy he wouldn’t think I would know anything about the topic. HAHA 😀

        I don’t see people for their color, it’s just about you they are that matters.

        I listened to Jordan Maxwell, Michael Fazio, I listened to Rush limbaugh, Mike Savage the list goes on.

        They talk about the crimes and corruption centering around money.

        And then I started combing through the “Magic Words” aligned with etymology, Saturnism, the symbolic flags, etc.

        I was inspired, and I had to start writing.

        You impressed me just now after reading the info on your website.

        Why might you ask?

        Because, a lot of ladies don’t think too much about topics like this you see.

        So, it’s rare to see an intelligent individual who “gets it” (or understand what’s going on).

        Like the term you have to “Stand-Under” in order to “Understand” a given situation.

        So, I just wanted to say great content you have here and keep up the good work! 😀

  3. Hi Marilyn…When the QFS kicks in etc…what happens to the NWO and WHO and the UN …will they be gone because they are also corrupt

  4. Hi Marilyn…another question for you…when nesara gesara and the QFS all kick in etc…how does that work when they have a major overhaul of the governments in the countries? Do the people vote on who they want and get rid of the corrupt ones and also will there be anymore liberals,NDP etc…or all under one majority

    • Hi Jerome!
      According to my knowledge, the White Hats & President Trump have already spoken to each country around the world, who is to take over in the interim… an interim government. This is until each country can organise it’s own.
      I cannot tell exactly how it will happen, but somewhere along the way we will all find out who in our own governments have been arrested etc. I would imagine it has to be around the same time as the release of the QFS as we don’t want them to get their hands on any of it.
      Mind you, the way the QFS has been set up it will no longer be able to be used for illegal means.
      The general consensus of those who are endeavouring to share the truth, is that the use of the names labour, liberal etc. etc. will most probably not be used. It’s not even sure that there will be any need for more than one genuine party who will look out for the people rather than build their own careers. Of-course, I do not know for sure. There are a lot of things we will not know until it’s all revealed.
      The present governments are only allowed to remain where they are at this point in time as it suits the White Hats for them to be there. Indeed… it’s showing all people just how bad they can be, and would be, if they were to remain in power.

  5. Hi Marilyn…have you heard of Rob Carbone of The Republic Party of Canada.? Anyway I was reading his platform and it mentions things like lowering taxes and the military etc… and have you heard of The Republic of Kanata….now The Republic of Kanata basically says the same thing that nesara gesara is going happpen like with overhaul of our government..there will be no prime minister get rid of the IRS on Rob Carbones platform it does mention hardly any of these things you have any info on this …I hope this makes sense to you

    • Hi Jerome!
      There is something we have to be very careful to watch and understand.
      ‘The Great Reset’ is what the NWO are endeavouring to bring in… you will own nothing and be happy!
      The other reset being set up by Trump, the worldwide Alliance, the White Hats… is nothing like this. If yu read through Nesara/Gesara on my pages you will see how different they are.
      I looked up a little info on The Republic of Kanata and what I glean quickly from this is that someone (who they have now jailed) tried to bring in the correct reset… the one that benefits humanity. The Black Hats jailed him. Typical.
      I would make a point of understanding the two different resets so that you will be able to see quickly which is for the benefit of humanity and which is BAD.
      The first one brings fear… the second brings peace. Listen to what your inner self is telling you.
      Whatever they are trying to do in Canada will be to no avail once Nesara/Gesara is switched on. The government will all be without a job!
      It will be up to the Canadians to elect good solid caring citizens to lead them into the future.

      • Hi Marilyn …I looked more into The Republic of Kanata by the sounds of it’s nothing but a bunch of hogwash..trying to brain wash people into something that they made up its not even a law in Canada at all…so when the nesara gesara kicks in this Republic Kanata crap won’t be around am I right on this or not

        • Hi Jerome!
          My husband told me that someone here in Australia tried to do something like that some time ago… it got nowhere. I don’t know if it’s genuine people trying to bring forward a better life for humanity or not… I haven’t looked into it enough to know.
          But… I do know that once Nesara/Gesara kicks in, we WILL have it worldwide… at last!
          Every day brings it closer to reality.

  6. Hi Marilyn..I was watching one of Charlie Wards videos and he said that when the quantum financial system kicks in the COVID and the riots and the 5g etc.. will all disappear over night I don’t understand what he meant any thoughts?

    • Hi Jerome!
      He’s actually been saying that for the past year! He was told, right up at the front, that all these things… v/irus, va/ccine, 5/G, a/li/en invasion, riots, were no more than a smoke-screen for the introduction of the QFS. All of it takes up everyone’s attention so they can quietly work on what they have to do.
      Mind you, I believe that a big part is the fact is that they needed to be rid of all the pe/dos, sa/tan/ic rit/uals, dr]ug tr]affic]ing, etc. etc. etc… including rescuing the ch]ildren… before they could introduce this beautiful system.
      In one of my posts I have written about how if the media is full of a certain news item, you need to be looking elsewhere to try and find out exactly what is really going on at the same time.
      We are living in a time where many of the high profile people are nothing more than actors wearing masks. Look out for that. Think about the whole situation coming from the angle of the White Hats being in control of the Black Hats forcing them to do and say certain things. It’s all designed to wake up the people.
      Once the QFS is finally released there will be no more need for the pantomime.

  7. Hi Marilyn…In Canada will we have Preimers of our provinces and mayors of our cities towns etc when this all kicks in.I know I read some place we will have a major government overhaul and also will We become the republic of Canada

    • Hi Jerome!
      I’m not sure that is a question that anyone can answer at this point in time. There is a lot of conjecture as to the role President Trump will play on his return. Some say he will take over as president, but others say he will take on a position that is above the other presidents of the world.
      I don’t know if this is true, but there is definitely something in the wind.
      Will those in charge of our countries be called ‘president’ or ‘prime minister’? We don’t know. They may come up with totally new names for them.
      I think we would have to have people in the roles that you mentioned above, whether or not they use the same terminology.
      Will we be called the Republic of Australia? Interesting question, but as I say, we will just have to wait to find out.

  8. Hi Marilyn..I have another question for you what will happen to these clones or actors doppelgänger that are portraying these politicians etc..when all is said and done

    • Hi Jerome!
      I don’t really know! I’ve been asking myself that same question… if they are actors and are being paid to do a job, I guess it will simply cease. But, my thought is, if they have been acting for the Black Hats they deserve swift punishment, but if acting on behalf of the White Hats, they are only doing what they’ve asked of them to do. Confusing really.
      I have the feeling that B]iden is an actor just wearing a mask. If he’s been told to act out that he’s lost his mind, he’s doing a dashed good job of it! I cannot believe it’s more than that. All designed to wake up the masses.
      The person acting out H]illary may just be a look-alike, but a much smaller version.
      Clones – such as the H]illary version that acted very strange… I can’t say what the outcome will be.
      If, as I suspect, that it’s all been done through the White Hats, I understand they need to keep the narrative running until the world is ready for the facts. In that case, it would be most unfair if they were punished for doing a good job!
      What are your thoughts?

      • Well to me it makes sense that the white hats are controlling them when the nesara gesara is in for the new good reset ..I don’t think the clones and actors would still be around to cause more havoc ..I maybe wrong that’s just a guess

        • Yes, as Charlie Ward always says, we are just watching a pantomime! What incredible theatre it is! Just like in a good movie, you are kept on the edge of your seat trying to work out the next move.
          It can be easy to get caught up in the drama thinking it’s real… but then you remind yourself, no… it’s a pantomime!
          Just like actors in a play can’t be held accountable for the role they play, I think it may be very much the same way.
          Anyway… just thinking!

    • Hi Jerome!
      Really, it’s not a matter of when they will start. It’s more a matter to when what they have done will be revealed!
      It is believed that most of the big players have already been arrested and even dealt with. Who we are seeing ‘playing out the role’ are body doubles or clones, or whatever. Sometimes it’s not more than CGI.
      Most of the people are usually only seen on TV so it’s easy for them to CGI images and make it look like they are still around about. If people are not looking for anything odd specifically, it usually is just passed by.
      Have you ever seen the role up of the mask on the neck of Biden? That will give you a clue to what I mean.
      Canada, Australia, UK and all the others have had the marines/military working in them. Often you can easily guess what’s happening when they declare a lock-down. Usually arrests taking place at that point.
      We certainly live in interesting times…

    • Hi Rita, I think this is one of the most difficult questions to answer. You see, no matter how much we dig, we can only see a tiny bit of the puzzle. It’s like I’ve got one puzzle piece, and you’ve got another and so on… so it’s only as we listen to each other that the pieces begin to come together.

      This is a little of what I think is going on. It’s quite obvious that President Trump had to withdraw and go into ‘quiet land’. For one, there’s this fake impeachment going on. For two, I’ve heard that his family were in quite a lot of danger, so he had to take care of them. We would expect no less!

      For three, he’s got to allow the fake president to play his role and let the people know just how bad it would be under his presidency. I believe most all of it is fake, and, I believe quite possibly, Trump and/or his team are orchestrating what he’s doing. I don’t know, but it really seems to be like that to me.

      Whilever President Trump told the masses the things Biden and those siding with him were doing, the media always made a joke of it. They wouldn’t believe. So, hes had to let them find out for themselves just how bad it could be.

      How long will this go on? I don’t know, but I trust it won’t be for very much longer.

      One thing we can be totally assured of is that Trump has not just up and left us to it. He’s working very hard in the background but we don’t know how or what.
      Remember, we are in the middle of a war so there is no way they can just blast their moves out for everyone to know… it doesn’t work like that.

      We have to continue to trust that he will do what he said he would do.

      What he needs from us is that we pray and we stand strong… and not give up.

      It appears to me that there will be lives lost through the vaccine they are pushing, unfortunately. But how else can they show what we are up against?

      President Trump does not want to come across as a dictator. He wants the law to be played out as it should be.

      I encourage you to continue to stand strong. No… we do not understand some things, but even in the face of it… don’t give up. 🙂

      • I believe with regards to the vaccine that it is all under control in a way
        PT had to play the game during election time
        If he had said i dont know if i can get a vaccine ready or now he might have been annihilated at the polls
        Instead he said we will produce a vaccine in record time
        I think he knows the truth about covid and the vaccines but imagine if he wouls have said ….covid is a big hoax and no one should take the vaccine because it will kill you
        …how do you think that would have went over?
        Instead i think the white hats under PT have intercepted the bad vaccines and replaced them with harmless ones containing hydroxycloriquine or regeron
        I think a few bad doses unfortunately the military though and result in deaths…those deaths are designed to wake up the consciousness of the masses and those souls voluntered for that job as part of their soul contract before incarnation
        Also i see natural cures emerging to combat any potential shedding symptoms
        Things live pine needle solutions and recipes for producing hydroxycloriquine etc
        I have been impatient like everyone else because i see whats going on with all the political corruption especially with Justin Castro
        And CCP and pedephilia etc
        But then i remind myself that this is WW3 and WW1 took 4 yrs and WW2 took 5 yrs so that is 9 yrs total….so waiting a few more months to watch it unfold wont be so bad
        Plus its fun fighting for my freedom and watching the dark side go down …never to return
        We are entering into a new golden age of heaven on earth with peace health love and prosperity for all
        Our planet will be a shining example for all other galaxies universes and star systems to witness of what happens when ee use positve attitude prayer and a willingness to fight for our freedoms

  9. Can anyone prove this is not a psy op to deceive the masses?. Can Charlie Ward prove that he saw the video of Biden’s inauguration 10 hours BEFORE the actual event that he said happened in a video statement?. Or have we all been conned?.

    • Hi Natalie,
      I quite understand your hesitation really as we appeared to be conned from every direction. I truly think there is more than enough evidence to suggest that the inauguration was fake… it had far too many holes in it. Even the fact they are using Castle Rock Studios is really very evident too. Now as far as Charlie seeing it 10 hours before it happened… as it turned out he was sent a video of Biden being sworn in as vice president years before… so that was a con. But Charlie, at the time believed it was the real and present thing. He has since stated this and made it clear.
      I haven’t got my head 100% around the happenings on that day. To me it appears that something happened in DC but the rest happened in California. It would have to be a video put together. Even the ‘after’ celebrations were quite obviously not taken on that day.
      So where does it leave us Nathalie? I’m currently trying to confirm, one way or another, if it’s a show put on purely by the White Hats, or if it’s the Dems doing it. I learn very heavily towards the whole episode being a White Hat operation. Why they would choose to do it could only be to help wake up the masses…
      Time, and time along will tell.

  10. Please tell me spousal support will end? My husband has made almost a million dollars to this greedy woman since 2014 on a mediocre income and now retired. We have paid her 5k a month and she is getting 3k a month and 25% of his pension, indefinitely. Tried to adjust after retirement but he was laughed out of court.

    • Hi Q… thanks for contacting me.
      I’m afraid I can’t tell you exactly how it will all work out, but I’m absolutely sure that we will all be such a lot better off than we are now.
      I can see you are under a lot of stress with it, but trust that once Common or Constitutional Law is restored your life will change for the better.
      Trust Trump and the Alliance, but most of all, trust God.

  11. Does it mean the new law won’t separate between State and Church any more? One can be a King and Priest to serve God’s purpose on earth ?

    • What a great question! I haven’t thought about it quite that way before. Coming out of Maritime Law means that the Constitutional Law will be reinstated. These are good laws that take care of the people and not there to keep us in captivity. Freedom of speech will be reintroduced I’m sure. It appears, and I would believe so, that the State would not meddle in the affairs of the church, but I can’t say categorically. Maybe another reader may have a clearer and more factual view on this??

  12. Hi there-I’m just wondering if the beast of the sea is admiralty law then does that not make common law-the law of the land-the beast of the land? So is this not falling right into the trap?

    • Hi Kez… I can see you’ve been thinking… congratulations!
      I guess we can only write according to our understanding of what we are seeing, researching and studying. It is my understanding that the ‘Beast of the Sea’ is the first beast spoken of in Revelations. (see under the heading Beast). These are the 13 bloodline families who controlled under Admiralty/Maritime Law, or in other words, used piracy laws to ultimately enslave the people. So I don’t see Admiralty/Maritime Law, on it’s own, as the beast of the sea, but it’s those who inflicted that law upon us.
      The Bible says that the Beast of the Earth/land worked together with the first beast. This is where I see both religion and government fitting that bill well. They ensure that the people obey whatever the first beast said had to be done. (For example: Police officers enforce the Law… Admiralty/Maritime Law!)
      So in this way, I don’t see that Common Law is a ‘beast’. Common Law frees people. It can be basically broken down into 3 main issues: You don’t hurt me, I won’t hurt you; You don’t steal from me, I won’t steal from you; You don’t kill me, I won’t kill you! Easy. Simple. Powerful!

  13. hi Marilyn
    I found this 1997 article of interest regarding a US court’s consideration of the law of the flag particularly with respect to fringes on flags,

    The United States Code provides that “[t]he flag of the United States shall be thirteen horizontal stripes, alternate red and white; and the union of the flag shall be forty-eight stars, white in a blue field”, 4 U.S.C. § 1, with one star added for each additional state, 4 U.S.C. § 2. In the 1920s, Army Regulation 260-10 required troops in the field to fly flags with a yellow silk fringe. See 34 Op.Att’y Gen. 483, 484-85 (1925). The Adjutant General of the Army believed that

    ‘[t]he War Department … knows of no law which either requires or prohibits the placing of a fringe on the flag of the United States. No Act of Congress or Executive order has been found bearing on the question. In flag manufacture a fringe is not considered to be a part of the flag, and it is without heraldic significance. In the common use of the word it is a fringe and not a border. Ancient custom sanctions the use of fringe on the regimental colors and standards, but there seems to be no good reason or precedent for its use on other flags.
    Id. at 485 (quoting an untitled circular of the Adjutant General dated Mar. 28, 1924). The United States Attorney General concurred, noting that the presence of a fringe on the flag “can not be said to constitute an unauthorized addition to the design prescribed by statute”. Id. The President may, however, determine whether the Army or Navy display or remove fringes from their flags or standards. Id. at 485-86. The latest effective executive order, signed by President Eisenhower, himself a military man, did not address this issue. See Executive Order No. *651 10834, 24 Fed.Reg. 6865 (1959), reprinted in 4 U.S.C.A. § 1 notes (1985).’

    best regards

  14. hi Marilyn

    If you look at this you will see that the Australian courts have jurisdiction over admiralty, ‘maritime law’, resulting from the Admiralty Act of 1988. Australia isn’t administered under the Admiralty Act, rather it is only one of several specialized jurisdictions of the courts.

    ‘Australia consists of six States and two Territories all of which have independent legislatures and court systems. The senior appellate court is the High Court of Australia. Each State or Territory has a Supreme Court and appeals lie from them to a Court of Appeal or Full Court in the case of the States or to the Federal Court in the case of the Territories. The Federal Court is a court at first instance jurisdiction which has admiralty and other specialised jurisdictions. The Supreme Courts also have admiralty jurisdiction.’

    If you have a solicitor friend or contact they may be able to discuss this further with you.

    best regards

    • Hi Roge… Thanks so much for leaving your comment!

      I have taken a look at the page you have given me here, together with many others. The point of the exercise is to cause people to go check out information for themselves… they should never really take my word for it. Of-course, what I write is given me by some very good sources, so I do trust them. But even me, I should always check the validity of what they are saying.

      My biggest problem with checking up on sources is this… I have found very much during my nutrition studies and research, that there are ALWAYS some who write FOR, and some who write AGAINST… everything!

      So some would say, you need to go to the science! Well, that should make sense, but I have found that there is so much ‘science’ that has been twisted to say whatever the writer (often the pharmaceutical companies) wants it to say… according to the narrative that suits their agenda.

      I have good reason to believe it’s the same in almost everything you research, simply because we have evil in this world, who twist and turn many papers and what would once have been regarded as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

      I think only time will tell about the validity of the gold trims. Courts run by the Cabal do not convince me otherwise at this time.

      Yes, let’s wait and see…

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