Our Faith is Not in President Trump… it’s in God!

Our Faith is Not in President Trump... it's in God!

Our faith is not in President Trump… it’s in God! Although we all love President Trump, he’s just a man… a very astute, wise, clever man… but still a man!

The best way we can defeat the devil is to rejoice. Yes, let’s praise God because there is nothing he hates more than that!

Satan, the New World Order, the Cabal and all their minions, have no time for our happiness. They want us to be sad and defeated.

Many prayers have risen to God the Father concerning this United State’s presidential election but you could be forgiven for thinking it’s not going to plan.

Remember, we all, at the best of times, can only see a portion. It’s like we look into a very bad mirror and only see a little.

But God sees all. He has not been taken by surprise!

President Trump and Team have alerted us to this

God has seen the millions of children kept underground. He’s heard their cries. As abominable acts were performed on these children, God was watching.

The voting fraud, which we’ve all been suspicious of, has been right before His eyes. He’s watched and noted.

Government officials who are put into place for the betterment of us all… God has been watching all what they have been doing.

The Satanic rituals performed by the elite is an abomination to the Lord. Unmentionable and detestably acts which will not go unpunished.

The way the New World Order planned to rule over us all, viciously and contemptuously. We are escaping it by the skin of our teeth. All their plans were in place and right now is when they were ready to role it all out.

But then along came President Trump!

I believe 100% that this man was orchestrated by God to be the one to lead the fight against this evil. He has both the grit and the determination… and such a love for people and his country. It flows over so graciously to all lands.

But it doesn’t mean that all the glory should go to Trump. No, the glory belongs to the Lord. Yes, we are so grateful for everything he is doing, but we praise God and thank Trump.

We need to continue to pray… not begging the Lord to please, please, please turn things around so Trump remains as president. No! We need to thank the Lord and praise Him that He is busy working out all things for the good of us all.

Through the eyes of faith we see the outworking of good defeating evil.

Expect miracles to occur and they will.


The Trump Team always encourage us by telling us to ‘Trust the Plan’. Don’t let go of that…ever. Relax and enjoy your family as it’s all going to work out in the end.

Yes, our faith is not in President Trump… it’s in God!

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  1. With all that’s still going on, it’s wonderful to hear that everything is still going according to plan. It’s music to my ears and heart. Yes, the glory goes to God, and our thanks to President Trump, the Military and to all those others that worked and supported them. I am from Sask. Canada, and spend winters in AZ. Your President Trump has been adopted by many globally, as our President. Thank you, God bless one and all.

    • Hi Kim!
      I’m from Australia and I know I definitely think of him as ‘my president’! Definitely adopted by so many.
      Yes, it’s great that you feel this way, and shared with us here, as it’s good to keep these positive vibes happening.
      Trust God and He will work it out.

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