How To Apply Critical Thinking Into The Stressed Elections

How To Apply Critical Thinking Into The Stressed Elections

How to apply critical thinking into the stressed elections.

Let’s have a look at what Charlie Freak of has to say:

“Everything they have done has been captured. All mail-in ballots have a history, and that history has been captured. This is the easiest method of cheating

The software producers that ‘can flip votes’ are conveniently owned by Polosi, Biden and the Clinton foundation

So, he won the elections did he?

Now, we are being told that Joe Biden, who is not even alive… (what we are looking at, who knows?)… that:

  • Has won an election with the largest voter turnout perhaps in all of history.
  • Managed to win 71,000,000 vote, which is the largest amount of votes for a sitting president in American history.
  • When no-one showed up to his rallies in preparation for the election, so seriously…. What? Really?
  • The only ones at the rallies were Trump supporters. They said Biden stood up before a gigantic screen with letters the size of people and he still couldn’t read it. He couldn’t get the words correct. The horns heard were honked by Trump supporters who had turned up to see what would happen!

This was just pathetic, and if you didn’t know the horrible things that Biden has done – a horrific excuse for mankind that he is, you’d almost feel sorry for the guy because it was so poorly done.

But… you’re telling me he won! No-one came out because they were afraid of getting Tennis Elbow or because they couldn’t press the lever, or they might break a finger and therefore couldn’t mark a ballot… and yet… he get’s the biggest vote, the biggest turnout in history!

In Comparison, President Trump…

In comparison, President Trump, wherever he went, it was insanity! And even when he didn’t show up somewhere such as the highways of America, there were miles and miles and miles of Trump supporters!

Try to wrap your head around that using common sense!

No-one shows up for Biden – that’s not an opinion, it’s the reality of the situation. So no-one turns up for Biden and yet he wins.

It’s in-congruent. It doesn’t fit. It’s an anomaly. An oxymoron.

So no, he didn’t win the presidency.

Basically what was shared with us earlier today, and these are conservative numbers, it’s two to one for Trump.

It was a record turnout and a record vote for a sitting president! The figure is plus 84,000,000.

I don’t know how it would be possible, but they are saying for Biden it was about 40,000,000. I really don’t see how that is possible, I really don’t.

Two to one represents the biggest landslide victory in history.”
Above is a transcript of part of the video starting around the 10 minute mark

No matter what we think in these Elections, it’s about being fair

Look, it’s not about who you want to win an election, it’s about it being performed as it should be. This is what it’s all about.

But when you realise what these people are standing for, it helps you understand that they were absolutely desperate to get into the highest position in the land. That is the only way they could ensure the elites would have the kind of life they are dreaming of, while the rest of us as acted as their servants… that’s if we weren’t removed through their depopulation plan for the planet.

I’m not in any way a Republican or a Democrat, after all I don’t even live in America… but I’m extremely interested in the way it’s all working out in the fight between good and evil.

Although it looks a mess, years of planning have gone into these elections. The plan was that they would be used to catch out and bring down any corruption. It doesn’t matter whether it’s from Republicans or Democratic’s. Remember, there is corruption on both sides.

Take a moment, put on your personal detective hat, and calmly think it through. I encourage you to put aside all the fake news media brainwashing we’ve all received, and start applying critical thinking into these elections. As you do, you’ll begin to see and understand and a peace will enter your heart. Realise the obvious… the news media cannot call an election… I mean, who do they think they are?

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