Disturbing Facts Revealing High Consequences – Good Wins!

Disturbing Facts Revealing High Consequences - Good Wins!

These disturbing facts are revealed by MelK. Mel knows President Trump personally, having worked for him in the White House.

Trust me, what Mel shares in just the tip of the iceberg!

Either listen to the video or read the points listed below. These are very disturbing facts she mentions as to how our world would look IF indeed President Trump lost the presidency.

But most of all, understand this is how it WOULD look under a B]iden presidency, but they have no chance as President Trump and the Team had the elections very well organised to catch wrongdoers out as they played their games.

As we know, JB is already running around claiming the victory to the 2020 United States elections. In reality, it’s more the Fake News who are calling it, although they have no right to do so.

UPDATE: As we now know JB has been inaugurated as the president of the United States Inc. Please try not to be misled by what is going on as it is all fake. He is not in the White House. It’s all being filmed at the Castlerock Studios in California where they have a ‘White House’ set. The fake inauguration was also mostly filmed there.

Remember, we are watching a real life movie playing out before us. They have to do this in order to wake the masses up. All is playing out according to the ‘script’. Don’t be alarmed, and please, don’t believe what the msm are telling you. You will see. Be patient. Don’t be alarmed. Trust God. Trust the Plan.

JB’s Covid Team – Facts that are Disturbing

  • So, JB has already announced his Covid Team which he intends to take over from Trump’s Team
    • To run the team he has chosed Dr Ezekiel Emanuel who would be coming back from the Obama era.
      • Well known for saying people who want to live past the age of 75 years are selfish and a drain on society.
      • His prediction of deaths from Covid in Ameria was 99,000,000 out! Yes that’s 99 million he missed the mark by!
      • Into Eugenics and very close to Bill Gates.
      • Anyone saying anything against Obamacare or Dr E. Emanuel would be silenced
    • Bill Gates is to become the Covid Health Vaccine expert.
      • Anyone saying anything about Bill Gates will be silenced in the JB administration
    • They are all coming back… the old Obamacare Team would come back again to run Covid.

Why worry? Covid will be a non issue!

Disturbing Facts on Smart Cities – Ugh!

B]iden and H]arris have invited Eric Schmidt and Google to come back. For what reason? Mel believes they will go at warp speed towards Smart Cities.

  • Google collects all our data regarding health care now.
  • MelK believes that during the lockdowns caused by Covid-19, they were busy implementing the systems.
  • By measuring sewerage water, they say they can detect Covid-19 and hotspots eleven days before it happen.
  • This is funded by all the usual suspects!
  • This gives them another reason to go underground and set up sensoring for the Smart Cities
  • Mel lives in New York and has seen New York city decimated during Covid. She saw many sensors going up around Town Square which happened around 2am in the morning.
  • Many people can tell you they were putting sensors all over Town Square so you could track yourself once you downloaded the Covid-19 app. They have been pushing this from the beginning.
  • Once they are allowed to do that, claiming they are working on the sewerage system, you wouldn’t know where it would go from there.
  • It’s all about mass surveillance and what’s really scary about it is that they are using Chinese financed and Chinese based technology.
  • Once they receive all the data, then the big companies share it between themselves. Companies such as Cisco, Oracle, Google, Sidewalk, Gates Foundation which raises tremendous concern.

They had big plans… but all to no avail!

Mandatory Vaccines with ID

  • So now Joe and K]amala will be implementing the Bill Gates/Eric Schmidt/Great Reset Covid strategy of mandatory vaccine and ID which is patented under Lucerfrase created and owned by the Gates Foundation.
  • They are with China running the World Health Organisation which B]iden says he’s going to immediately rejoin and refund. The top funder is Bill Gates. So look forward to him putting all the people who are involved with Obamacare, the vaccine, Agenda 2030 in the UN back into the White House immediately.

Don’t worry… not going to happen! President Trump is bringing out something amazing!!

Iran Deal and Build Back Better!

  • He’s going to re-enter the Iran Deal. Pay attention to the world leaders who aren’t saying anything (congratulating B]iden). For example, the President of Mexico said that because they are investigating the election he doesn’t wan’t to call it.
    • Guess what? It’s interference for any of these countries such as Germany, England, India, Israel to congratulate Joe B]iden when the election has not been called by the Electoral College, nor has been certified by the different states.
  • So the main stream media and all the people involved in the UN 2030 Agenda want this election called now. All you have to listen for is ‘Build Back Better’ which is code name for the Rockefeller Agenda 2030 UN totally taking over our countries and the seat of sovereignty because when they say ‘Build Back Better’ he might as well say the UN is coming in and taking over our country! Melissa then said we need to wait and see.

Middle East Peace Deals will be destroyed

  • I want you to know that all the people involved in the Abrahamic Accords which redefines the Middle East as being cousins of the descendants of Abraham:
    • All the countries have come together to decide they want to be free of terrorism and they want to open up their countries to tourism, to peace and prosperity. The only way to do that was to join the Abrahamic Accords and the people are jumping in left and right.
    • B]iden has announced he will be going back into the Iran Deal.
    • Both Egypt and Saudi Arabia have already said they fear that the peace deals will disappear when he goes back into Iran and drops the sanctions and re-bonds with Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • He will probably pull back into the White House Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder, and most probably Obama will be involved as B]iden said a long time ago that he would love to have Barack Obama on the Supreme Court.

How awful it would be, but praise God, He has other plans!

It is a disturbing fact that Middle East Countries don’t know what to do

  • So now we are at a place where our allies in the Middle East don’t know what to do. They feel that Iran is their enemy and it’s all the terror in their countries that stops people from travelling to Jordan or Egypt. These are beautiful countries… but we don’t get to see them.
  • Saudi Arabia, United Emerites, all these countries have have joined in this peace movement to end the endless wars and radical nonsense.
  • They are now nervous that everyone that sided with Trump and Israel is going to be attacked. This is because Iran is going to start a Nuclear program under Joe. That would mean that it would undo all the sanctions that have been put in place. The outcome would be bad for the whole world.
  • A B]iden win means, in the Middle East, it’s a complete turn-around.
  • Anyone that has voted for him, I hope they understand that his loyalty is to Iran.
  • The Iran Deal, which was a giant, giant mess, now that both B]iden and H]arris believe they will be taking over, every investigation into the Clinton Foundation, the Iran Deal, into child trafficking, etc… all the investigations that have gone on for Spygate, Uranium One, they will all be stopped.

Don’t worry guys, Gesara will take care of you!

Crimes would go univestigated

  • Obama would be running the country from the background.
  • Hilary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation would get away with what they did in Haiti, in Libia, in the Ukraine and to millions of children in the Carribean takeover.
  • Many, many crimes have been committed, and with B]iden winning, it would all end there.
  • It would get rid of AG Barr and other investigations, including the Epstein investigation… they would all just go away.
  • These people are all connected and half of our country just elected a communist who is totally owned by China (of which there is no doubt… there is plenty of evidence).
  • Apparently Democrats and Liberals hate Trump way more than they love America.
  • B]iden will pardon Ghislaine Maxwell.
  • They are giving up our freedom to these demons that are honestly… the biggest thing is that they don’t care about American people, they care more about power and keeping themselves out of jail. A lot of these people committed terrible crimes but they are not going to prosecute their own because it unravels too many other things.
  • We would never get to the bottom of this… what happened to these children that disappeared from Haiti?… we would never find out because Joe B]iden and K]amala H]arris would close all those cases. there will never be justice for any of that… keep that in mind.

They’ll get what’s coming… don’t you worry!

To recap…

We need to regroup. We’ve got to know the truth. We’ve got to know the facts and the consequences … and the stakes. The stakes are very high!

Disturbing Fact Number 1

  • Dr Ezekiel Emanuel from Obamacare would take over the Covid response which means mandatory vaccines, masks and all of that.

Disturbing Fact Number 2

  • They are going to re-enter the Iran Deal and all the peace deals in the Middle East are going to fall apart.
    • Iran has already decided to attack any country that made a deal through Trump with Israel.
    • The Middle East wars will restart.
    • I think that everyone who voted for B]iden should be really proud of themselves for what they have undone! These regimes are terrorising their own people, and the world. We were one step closer to ending that. Now we have gone two steps back if B]iden and H]arris pull this off.

Disturbing Fact Number 3

Alexander Cortez – she can stand behind the secret service, or whoever protects her, but I’m the same age as her, or a little older…

  • I’d like to sit down and talk with her because something is wrong.
    • She has come out threatening everyone who donated $1,000 or more to the Trump campaign…
    • or anyone who got a pay check from Trump or the campaign…
    • to list and document of all those psychopaths (all those who like America First policies; don’t like war in the Middle East; people who like voter ID or people who like our markets coming back and self sufficiency when it comes to energy) … that all of us should be put on a list so they can track us!
      • This is not fear-mongering. She came out and she said it. It’s an accountability project to track the people who signed up with Trump to destroy the country!
  • Why weren’t all these people burning down the cities last night? It’s never been us!
  • Last night I talked to people from Poland and the Ukraine who know exactly what’s going on here. They’ve seen it too many times before. The truth is they are devastated that we are allowing it to happen here!

Wrapping up… These disturbing facts certainly are revealing very high consequences!

To wrap it all up… the consequences are very high, so much higher than people realise.

  • Nothing has come out about the consequences of putting B]iden into office. In reality we are putting Obama back into office… and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!
  • K]amala H]arris is Barack Obama’s pet… she always was, she’s deep in with him from way back.
  • These people came together during the Obama administration to empower Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood. They wanted:
    • to get God out of our country
    • and to get Him out of our schools
    • but mostly, out out of our lives… as best as they could.
  • They see war as a financial gain… terrorism as a financial gain with humans and people as feeders.
  • Not one of them is talking about the evidence we have on the B]iden laptop… they’ve just silenced everyone’s voices.
  • And finally… do not forget that B]iden is under a Ukraine investigation!

Remember, you will see President Trump come through with an amazing victory. Now that you have learned what they had in store for us, PRAY and BE PATIENT! It all works out for good in the end.

Watch the video on this page to bring your thinking back around. Charlie Freak cleverly tells how ridiculous it is to think they can, or will, pull off an election win!

He calls it ‘In-congruent… a no fit… anomaly…an oxymoron.’ Love it!

Don’t allow the MSM to affect your thinking patterns.

Most of all RELAX! ‘She’ll be right’ as we say here in Oz!

How To Apply Critical Thinking Into The Stressed Elections

How to Apply Critical Thinking into the Stressed Elections


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