Has the Great Tribulation Happened Yet?

Has the Great Revelation happened yet?

Has the Great Tribulation happened yet? I doubt that’s what most people are asking because most everyone sees it as something that’s yet to come.

What’s up ahead in your thinking? A thousand years of peace or utter calamity?

What if we have taken Revelations a little too literally? I know I did. People are talking of us transitioning into 1,000 years of peace. To begin with, I could not accept that. Are they talking about the Millennial Kingdom reign? How could this be, I asked myself… impossible! Where is the Great Tribulation?

This was my thinking until I heard Melissa from the Freedom Force Battalion. Now I didn’t accept it immediately… in fact, I fought against what she was saying, even though I couldn’t help but think… ‘wouldn’t it be wonderful!’

I purchased her audio book off the website and studied long and hard… still am… and the more the realisation came upon me, the more excited I became.

So I put these things in front of you to think on and pray about… What if the things listed here have already happened, rather than being events yet to come?

The Seven Seals

To begin with, let’s take a quick look at the Seven Seals Jesus will open and what potentially they could represent:


1st Seal

White horse – Satan and/or the antichrist spirit … He/its been out and about for a long, long time.

2nd Seal

Chestnut horse – war – We’ve encountered some horrific wars within the last 100 years or so.

3rd Seal

Black Horse – Starvation and death

  • There has been such prolific starvation, especially in some of our third-world countries which ends up in death. We find this so unacceptable in a world with so much wealth!
  • To manipulate and control the prices of foodstuffs, they dump food.

4th Seal

Pale horse – death to ¼ earth through famine, death and by creatures of the earth)

  • All kinds of famine and death around the earth. The NWO have means of being able to create unimaginable droughts, or hurricanes that destroy; chemtrails that poison; sprays on our vegetables and fruits designed to sicken and kill us… the list goes on and on…

5th Seal

  • I immediately think of Egypt having had quite a bit to do with that land… where the Christians literally have their heads chopped off for refusing to go against their faith. In this same country, as women are raped, they receive the blame. How many other countries suffer the same onslaught?
  • I also think of the wonderful doctors and professionals in Natural Medicine around the world. For some strange reason they commit suicide one after another! Many of them, who are outspoken about the wrongs of what they are doing to us through drugs and poisoned food supplies. I don’t know what the count is now, but I remember seeing approximately 60 or more just from America alone within the last few years. It’s amazing, one minute you’re listening to them keenly standing up for what they believe is right… the next minute they’ve committed suicide… yeah right!

6th Seal

  • Earthquake –
    • Rather than a literal earthquake, what if it meant ‘complete and utter destruction’ of the beast (the NWO) as their crimes are exposed? This is exactly what is happening right now… countless thousands of them having been arrested.
  • Sun blocked –
    • What if the sun being blocked meant the chemtrails they have been spraying non stop over all the world? The idea is to rob the earth of sunlight… which in their twisted thinking will help with ‘climate change’ in which they’ve been doing a good job of it, especially in the States where the entire sky is often criss-crossed.
  • Blood red moon –
    • This represents an eclipse and turns the moon a reddish colour. The NWO know how to read the signs in the sky and Blood Moons etc issue a warning to them… God is onto them!
  • Stars fell from sky –
    • Stars of Hollywood and the elites worldwide fall like ripe figs from a tree being shaken by the wind! This has happened and is happening… we will soon find out who they all are and what crimes they have committed.
  • Scrolled sky –
    • This could so easily be another reference to chemtrails as they look like scrolls when you think about it.
  • Mountains shifted –
    • Mountains in symbology means ‘rich and powerful’. They are shifted meaning that they shake to their core! They are currently in utter terror!
  • Islands shifted –
    • Islands in symbology means ‘weak’, which are also shaken to their core, in utter terror of their outcome.

7th Seal

  • There is a silence in heaven before the blowing of the Seven Trumpets:
  • The number 7 is God’s number meaning things like fullness, complete, rest etc. God created for six days and rested on the seventh.
    • Could this be the beginning of the Millennial Reign of Christ?

The Seven Trumpets

The Seven Trumpets are similar. The Book of Revelations is not in chronological order… just to make it more interesting for us!

Remember, this is NOT God unleashing His anger upon us… it is all brought about by the NWO – the perfect beast of Revelations. Try this for size…

First Trumpet Blast

(Hail, fire mingled with blood, 1/3rd trees burnt up and the grass burned)

Second Trumpet Blast

(A fiery mountain cast into the sea: the 1/3rd of the sea became blood, 1/3rd sea creatures died, 1/3rd ships destroyed)

  • Mountain = rich and powerful
  • Sea = Humanity
  • 1/3rd = Evil
  • Is this the NWO burning down… because they are sure coming down at a crazy rate as they burn, burn, burn!
    • They have been causing all kinds of devastation’s on humanity, ships = commerce, slave labour… the list goes on and on!

Third Trumpet Blast

(Great Star from heaven fell upon the 1/3rd part of the rivers and the fountains of the waters)

  • Star called Wormwood = bitter waters = poison
    • Toxins from chemical sprays, chemtrails etc. etc.

Fourth Trumpet Blast

(1/3rd part of the sun, moon and stars. The 1/3rd’s are darkened)

  • Losing the sunlight, moonlight and stars. Affecting our health
    • Chemtrails
    • GMO’s
    • Anything that affects our health

Woe, Woe, Woe to those on the earth as the last three trumpets sound…

Fifth Trumpet Blast

(Star (angel) fell from heaven with the keys to the bottomless pit – once opened out came smoke as of a great furnace; the sun and the air are darkened; locusts with the power of scorpions; not to hurt the grass or any green things, but only men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads. Others are tormented for 5 months from the trike of the locusts like scorpions. Men will seek death but won’t find it)

  • The enemy hits with everything hes got, covering the earth like locusts from the pits of hell
    • Stings of deception from mainstream media
    • Covid plandemic
    • Warriors are sealed… we trust the plan but others are confused, scared and paralysed by the scorpion sting
    • Confusion as to whether it’s a man or a woman…. transgenderism
    • Lion’s teeth and breastplates – heartless and unfeeling to the devastating effect of their lies
    • Sound of chariot wheels – the media who scare people to death over nothing!
    • Is there anything on this list we are not totally familiar with?

Sixth Trumpet Blast

(The four angels holding back the winds were loosed. 1/3rd of men were slain. An army rose against them having breastplates of fire, jacinth and brimstone… heads of the horses were as head of lions and out of their mouth issued fire and smoke and brimstone.)

  • 170,000 sealed indictments against the Cabal and their Minions
    • We are in the middle of an Information War exposing the criminals
    • We are the great army coming against evil
    • Jesus and His warriors will destroy the 1/3rd NWO. (1/3rd in symbology = evil people)
    • Their hearts (the evil people) are hardened as they refuse to repent of their evil ways. They do not stop their worship of devils and all evil things.

Seventh Trumpet Blast

(John was about to write down the things he heard but was instructed not to – wow, what did he hear?)

  • Is it the beginning of the Millennial Reign? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Maybe not quite… but is it nearly here?

So, have these people experienced Tribulation?

  • China is a communist slave state
  • Venezuela is literally starving
  • Honduras is under a brutal dictatorship
  • North Korea has been under a brutal dictatorship directly by the NWO
  • Europe is now in shambles since the EU took over and the migrants have flooded in.
  • Mexico is in utter ruin, full of terror by drug lords
  • Africa has continually had its assets stolen not to mention the prolific evil of organ harvesting.
  • Until recently, Saudi Arabia was the head of worldwide human trafficking.
  • Most of the Middle East has held the people in untold oppression
  • Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are the capital of the world for baby harvesting
  • The entire world is networked with underground tunnels, full of the most awful abominations. Melbourne being one of the worst of all
  • America is under assault from every direction
  • Horrific wars (Our men have fought and died, believing it was to save their countries from evil, in wars brought about by the very sick, greed without end, bloodline families and their worldwide Cabal and Minions. These evil and sick people pitted one country against another. This supplied them thousands upon thousands of children to whisk away into endless tunnels, causing the parents to believe the children were killed in the war!)
  • Deadly diseases often designed to depopulate the planet

Need I say more?

My thoughts

So the question remains to be asked, ‘Has the Great Tribulation happened yet?” Not that long ago I was expecting a time of cataclysmic catastrophe, with stars being ripped out of the sky… the sun only shining for 2/3rds of the day… gigantic hailstones that would rip through anything in their path… frightening stuff beyond belief or measure!

But now, after listening to a whole host of others, reading Revelations and related verses with a new mindset, it’s changed my thinking.

What if at least some of what is shared here is absolutely true! If it is, and we are just sitting on our hands waiting for ‘the day’… then it’s really quite shameful.

There is a job to be done… we are all required to help bring this evil down.

What are your thoughts? Please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below. My thoughts are not set in concrete, as the saying goes… all I want is truth!



  1. Hi Marilyne Carl here.
    WOW where do I start.
    Thank you so very very much for you Research, insight, Heart and love for humanity.
    I too have gone through a great personal awakening and have been totally blown away by it all and it has come at a great cost to my family. I live in Tas and I have stumbled across a lot of what you have posted myself over the last year. I love the gene Decode info and didn’t realize it was so bad in Australia. Ive cried a lot about the children and felt so helpless and have been praying for an opportunity to assist in any was. I have 4 boys of my own and one with a disability and I am very protective of him because of the cabal / masons. I believe everything you said about revelation and cant believe other Christians can’t see it. Many are so deceived as I was about what was and is going on underground and above and in our institutions. I’m so Grateful to the creator that I am now fully awake and can be useful going forward. I’m still married (just) and committed to holding my family together through this bumpy ride even if they don’t understand or know all that is going on. I’ve realized that it doesn’t matter if people don’t know all because most wont be able to handle the full truth but I know I feel so very Blessed that God chose me to be be one of the few to warn others but it has been challenging to see people/family members jut not get it.
    I realized that I cant wake everyone up that I come across so Ill Chill and be Led by the Holy Spirit as to who needs it the most.
    God Bless and keep up the great work.

    • Hi Carl!
      It’s wonderful that you felt to write and make contact… I so appreciate it. If you would like, send me a personal email so we can stay in touch.
      What you have experienced is like a mirror image to what most others have experienced. We all see it so clearly while the rest think we have gone crazy. It’s hard to fathom.
      No we can’t wake up everyone. Wouldn’t it be great if we could simply do a letterbox drop and they all woke up… boom! Unfortunately the brainwashing has gone very deep.
      Why were we chosen to be woken up by the angels that God sent out? I don’t know, but I continually thank Him for it. It’s nothing we have done and but for the Grace of God, there go we.
      I too try to be led by the Holy Spirit as to what to write, and when to write. I simply ask Him to reveal His next assignment for me. Who reads it is totally up to Him.
      Keep in contact… we need each other, especially during this time. If you contact me via the contact button on https://marilynjwilliams.com/contact/ we will talk more.

  2. Dear Marilyn,
    I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your article regarding the end times which I also believe is happening right before our eyes. I suppose for me, I am not exactly sure where I fit in but I know I can pray for those who are being affected by all of the human trafficking. Especially the children. From what I hear the conditions have been nothing less than horrific and of all people these sick satanic people seem to like to hurt are the children. I have purchased Melissa’s book and look forward to reading about what this life really means for the time in which we are living. God bless you and thank you again.

    • Hi Kathy!
      I was so excited reading your comment. It’s wonderful when you meet someone on the same wavelength. Please feel free to continue to be in contact with me… maybe we can discuss as you go through Melissa’s book. It’s nearly bound to create questions.
      Keep in contact. 🙂

  3. Hi Marilyn, I’d like to know what happened to you between April 2020 and October the same year. Prior to April your posts and blogs were of a woman and her family happily living in Tasmania, telling everyone about your walks, ducks etc. No mention of religion or thoughts of conspiracy theory. Suddenly every post is about the danger of vaccines, Covid denial, satanic abuse, cleansing the swamp, med beds……what happened? Did you and Selwyn have a sudden awakening to all this nonsense? Or did you realise you would get more views and popularity by promoting these views to the conspiracy theorists out there?

    • Hello Stuart!
      Yes, what did happen to me?
      We had our own awakening a couple of years prior but needed to do a lot of research before feeling I was in the right place to share with others. Then I became compelled to share and to help people make quality decisions about their own lives.
      I’m really sorry you feel it’s all conspiracy theory, but as I always say, time will tell.
      The previous posts tell of who I am and the kind of life I was living… I had no idea I would be sharing as much as I do and that’s why I used the same website.
      I give no thought to trying to create popularity, I’m only concerned that the right people will come and read what I post when it’s the right time for them.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    • Hello Dwight!
      Thanks for contacting me.
      Under the heading of https://marilynjwilliams.com/how-to-understand-symbolism-in-revelations/ I have written the following:
      1/3rd = 33% = 33 degrees –

      Every time you read 1/3rd, think Masonic Secret Society Cabal who are responsible.
      1/3rd Sea became blood = (Sea usually represents humanity) – Devastation on our health and safety.
      1/3rd Sea creatures died = Could mean the damage to the health of animals, birds and fish intentionally causes by the NWO.
      1/3rd Ships destroyed = Commerce and financial security. Joblessness, monopoly on business, profiting on slave labour etc

      If you watch videos on the Free/masons you will see they love the numeral 33. They display it proudly around their neck. The 1/3,33 degrees and 33% references throughout Revelations I believe are referencing the f/m and the NWO. Once you begin to see that, somehow the rest of Rev begins to fall into place. You then see that it’s referring to the ‘beast’… they are the ‘beast’.

      They are also behind all the abhorrent happenings in our current world. Once they are removed, peace will reign.
      So yes, it definitely represents evil.

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