Peace, Security – Sudden Destruction! Now Their Deadly Agenda Is Exposed!

Peace and security! We have it now! We’ve got you all! We will own everything and guess what peoples? You vill be happy! We insist!

I’m discovering that many people are taking this following verse to mean that when they talk about world peace, Nesara/Gesara etc., that suddenly evil will raise it’s ugly head and start to win the war all over again!

The Word says:

When people are saying, “Everything is peaceful and secure,” then disaster will fall on them as suddenly as a pregnant woman’s labor pains begin. And there will be no escape.

1 Thessalonians 5:3

Read the whole chapter

Read through that verse again, but with a different expectation. You see, we have had it drummed into us that there is a seven year period of absolute horror on the way. They tell us this will be when God finally unleashes His fury upon humanity.

For God chose to save us through our Lord Jesus Christ, not to pour out his anger on us.

1 Thessalonians 5:9

Listen, the Lord is coming to save us, not destroy us. He’s not going to tell His angels – His Messengers, to pour out vials of wrath upon us! No, not at all!

My dear readers, what if it has nothing to do with fury being unleased upon humanity in general, but is very specific at who it’s aimed at?

He’s going to let them pour vials of wrath upon all the evil that has infiltrated every part of society, the world over.

Peace and Security

What if it’s the NWO who felt peace and security in the outcome of their agenda, only to suddenly experience untold pain from which there is no escape?

I really believe it’s the De/ep St/ate Sa/tanic cult… the Ne/w W/orld Orde/r!

The N/WO so nearly pulled it all off. They thought they had it all in the bag! There was no way that any of them were expecting to get caught.

But guess what? They are the ones that sudden destruction has come upon. It’s happening right now as you read this post!

Do we not see it?

Isn’t that what we’re experiencing?

You know it is!

One minute these creeps were leading the charge, the next minute they had their head cut off!

The head’s gone, now the layers have been removed… just minions left!

This was back in 2017. So much more has taken place since then. Level by level they’ve all been taken out.

Peace and Security… then suddenly!

They are the people of darkness! They live and operate on the Dark Side. And believe me, they deserve everything that’s coming to them.


God always works suddenly!

So, when we look around, is this what we’re seeing?

Of-course it is! There’s no doubt about it.

Suddenly their whole world has fallen apart… and they’re running scared! That is, those who are still running! Many of them can’t run anymore because they’ve been locked up in a place where you wouldn’t want to be! Or worse…

But we have to have the Tribulation yet!

Oh golly gee! Look around! See their evil and see what’s happening to them.

I know many people do not believe we are in the tribulation period now and therefore they think it’s still to come. Because they take Revelation literally, they don’t stop and think of how it’s symbolic in nature.

Spend time here. Pray. Listen. Ask God for guidance.

Maybe not everything on that list is exactly as is, but I’d reckon it’s pretty close.

The N/W/O love this! It keeps us off their backs. They can do whatever they so desire and we don’t ever point the finger at them. After all, isn’t God going to punish the world? They just keep on laughing!

Sure, those of us who have been researching know who our enemy is. And… we know who is ultimately behind that enemy. A Satanically controlled N/W/O!

But listen, our world is being cleaned up. One by one, tens by tens, even hundred or thousands at a time, those on the deep side of darkness are being removed. They are all being taken through tribunals and shall serve what they justly deserve. Whether that’s the rest of their life in prison, or gone to meet their Maker.

You know what they’ve done to us!

These are the ones who have kept us all in debt slavery; who have robbed us of our children’s lives; who have forced countless millions of people to be jabbed with a toxic substance.

They’ve gradually worked to diminish our lives, to rob us of our health through the inclusion of toxic substances in our air, water and virtually all food we eat. I won’t take the time here to spell it all out, but you know what I’m talking about.

But in recent years they’ve got too anxious to let us suffer gradually, so they’ve put out the kill-shot to hurry our demise. They had to tell some big porkies to do that, but millions accepted the lies as truth.

We have been taught that God is going to get so upset with the state of the world he’s going to go on the rampage.

  • The sea’s going to turn to blood. (1/3rd evil Cabal free/mason/s)
  • Hailstones weighing 100 pounds each. (Nah… the N/W/O crushed)
  • Angels inflicting humanity with destruction upon us all. (Nah… upon the NWO)
  • Plagues are for those who follow the beast and have taken the evil mark of satanic rituals. Each vial goes to the root of their evil empire.
  • …and so it goes on.

You see, the Lord is coming to RESCUE His people, not to destroy them. We have tribulation all around us and thankfully Nesara/Gesara is coming at last. This is a war between God and Satan, or good and evil.

They thought they’d won… but then God…!

Do you really believe God is not winning the battle?

The Alliance works to bring Peace and Security

What will life be like when we no longer have to answer to these evil creeps?

They’ve been 100% all for themselves, while a huge group of military generals, who care for humanity, have worked endlessly to eliminate them all.

Satan works through people. If those evil people are removed, who does Satan work through? I’m not saying that all people remaining will be ‘good’, what I’m saying is that if Satan doesn’t have any more people who have sold their souls to him… what a different world it would be!

With this is mind, all this expectation of ‘the Antichrist’, Great Tribulation, terrors beyond terrors would not come to pass. You MUST see beyond the symbolic wording to see what it really means… in the light of the whole Word of God.

But, He is going to let them pour out vials of wrath upon all the evil who have infiltrated every part of society, the world over. It’s the N/WO who are shaking in their boots, and so they should. They have no idea of what is overtaking them, they just know it’s truly frightful.

Really, they had no idea their plans would come to naught. They thought they had a wonderful future while using the ones they didn’t destroy to be their robotic servants.

So relax peoples! We are all on the side of Light against an evil agenda to destroy us. Remember, God is Light!

But God…

Anyone with only half a brain would want to be on the winning team. That’s us!

Never forget that, and give thanks to the One who is orchestrating the biggest battle of all time.

A Future and a Hope

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Jerimiah 29:11

A future and a hope! He loves ALL people and is not going to destroy the world. If that were the case, He’s not telling us the truth!

Now don’t run away with thoughts of being raptured away… and who care’s what happens to the rest of them! How selfish is that kind of thinking! I’m OK, tough about you.

Think about it!

Does that sound like God to you? No, I didn’t think so.

We’ll soon be there

The job that the Alliance have undertaken, is huge indeed and it’s amazing just how quickly they’ve been able to bring them down, while at the same time, rescuing all the children, men and women caught in their evil web.

But we are nearing the end. Much is about to be revealed. We need to keep up our end of the stick by not allowing ourselves to become despondent, but to remain in an attitude of praise for what’s about to take place.

Keep your ear to the ground and peace and security will be yours.



  1. Dearest Marilyn,
    Thank you for all that you do. Your posts help to alleviate the loneliness of being shunned for my views on The Great Awakening. It would be so nice if my family would join me in these biblical times. It’s sad what they’re missing out on.

  2. I know ppl will have appointments for the RV I was wondering how just the normal ppl that don’t have any Zim or even a bank account are going to be able to be in the QFS I have been following along with this the best I can for about 3 yrs now I cannot find out where I am gonna fit in in. all this .

    • Hi Dan,
      Having foreign currency is nothing really to do with the QFS. People, when they redeem their money will be paid into their QFS bank account. We all at this moment have our own accounts on the QFS, no matter who you are. There have not been any specifics given yet to my knowledge. It’s a waiting game. Once the QFS is officially announced, they will also need to announce what people need to do as far as login details etc. etc.
      Some of these things continue to remain a bit of a mystery until the time is right.

  3. Like others have previously mentioned, I too have found your words of wisdom to be calming and of great timing lately during this battle. I reside in the once again so famous Maricopa County, AZ- boy its been crazy all over again after our election day. They cheated and I cannot wait for the light to shine on all these cheats and justice to prevail. Thank you for keeping us in the loop of things.

    • Of-course we realise that the mid-terms was nothing more than a sting operation. They not only caught them out once, but twice. They have it all… as they say. Meanwhile it’s being allowed to run on for the pantomime to wake the people up.
      Thank you for your kind words, so much appreciated Amber!

  4. Can you please explain the Onassis family cabal? Why did Jackie marry Aristotle? There are surnames on list Idk others aren’t on list im familiar with ..

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