Is The Medbed A Scam? Are They Really Free?

medbed scam

Today, we are going to take a look as to whether the medbed is nothing more than a scam.

I received this email just today. My heart goes out to this man and his son. I want to help. Can I? Is there anything I can say, or find out, to bring the relief they so much need?

I’m writing to you today regarding my son, he has a brain tumour called Medullblastoma which is in the cerebellum.

I have been in contact with a person named Skye Prince. She is on Facebook and other sites talking about med beds.

She has offered to help my son to get into a med bed. But, I need to pay $2,700.00 American beforehand.

We have been talking on Messenger for a week now. She seems very genuine and a caring person. It’s just that I’m very skeptical when I have to pay in bitcoin!

I guess what I’m asking is: Have you ever heard of this person, and if so, how much of what she says is true.

From one of my readers

Skye Prince?

I’ve heard about her for quite sometime, in fact, I have listened to some of her videos and read some of her articles.

Now I make a point of never talking down another patriot, and I’m not going to now. It’s not for me to say where her heart is, that’s between her and God.

But I do have some questions. The thing is this… the medbeds have always been promoted as being free to the public. I’ve never heard anything that allows me to think that has changed… ever!

I find it extremely interesting that she is requesting payment in Bitcoin. Didn’t we hear just the other day that Bitcoin is crashing? Haven’t we been warned that Bitcoin has been used for nefarious purposes and therefore would be going into the never-never?

Seems strange she would require payment using Bitcoin.

And why is she requesting payment anyway?

Another comment on my Telegram group explained how she required $300US by Paypal before they could register for an appointment!

Interesting. Different payment systems. Different amounts.

No, I would be very, very careful.

Skye Prince might be the real deal, but scammers could be masquerading as her. Happens all the time. I have it happening even to me… people making out they are me on my Telegram site.

Praise God that my readers are clued up and many of them contact me to let me know what they’re saying. Usually, they ask me to confirm if it’s really me.

Is the Medbed a Scam?

I truly do not believe so. That is, the medbed that has been promised to come out when the ‘green light is flicked on’.

We’ve been hearing about these medbeds for a long time now… they are always coming… but when? This week? Next week? Maybe next month? This year? Next year. Oh when?

I completely understand when people ask the question… how long?

There are so many people, even just in those who have contacted me, who are in great need. Life threatening situations. They need answers.

Can we give it?

I always hesitate to write about anything I’m not pretty sure about. But this is what we have been promised over and over:

When we receive the green light, all will come to fruition… Nesara/Gesara, the Currency Revaluation (RV), the medbeds and so on. So much is to happen when that light is flicked on.

But when?

Once more, I don’t think the information concerning when has really changed. None of the above can take place while ever we have a man called ‘Bid/en’ masquerading around as the supposed president of the United States.

If we were to receive all the above while he is still there, the glory would go to him. What a wonderful person he is, most would say!

It’s the Military Alliance who will be in control, and although behind the scenes, the Military is in control of the US as we speak, it must come out and be publicly known.

So once again the question is asked… so how long will that take?

No-one can answer that question except maybe those at the very top. Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know.

BUT, everything points to it being almost here. A few more days, or maybe, a few more weeks. Let’s see.

They are coming… don’t lose hope!

Written exactly 12 months ago! Information still correct – just the timing is unknown.

But there’s scammers out there… so beware!

We have to be so very careful before we outlay any kind of money. For some, it could be the last dollar that they’ve scratched up in their hour of need… and they face losing it to a scammer.

There are other technologies that have become available, which come at a cost. My next post will cover some of these.

Meanwhile, as there are scams in every part of life, there are definitely scams regarding the medbeds. This doesn’t mean they themselves are not real, or that they will not be coming out in the near future… it just means that scummy people will always endeavour to take advantage.

Check everything, and then check again, before you part with your money on a medbed scam. I’m pleased this reader did just that. Good for him!



  1. Most any thing on the net are more than likely are scams or half truth Elon musk has a power saving device it is no good I bought some my electric bill went up 10 dollars he has the room heaters they worked about 30 minutes and quit that is the reason he is a billionaire it cost more to send back than it is worth.

  2. The reason I think the beds are BS the vires is killing off billions of people and trying to spare the rejects of the world the military takes the best of the best screws them and leaves the rejects behind to populate the earth.

  3. I have heard of med beds for years. I begin to believe it is a forest I think It is something was created on star wars some one took it and run with it.

  4. Hello,
    I have made several payments to Skye Prince Med Beds. I paid already USD 5750.00 which started with registration fee USD 300 + USD 4500. Then they asked again for Insurance Deposit USD 1500.00 and Transportation and Accommodation USD 3000.00. After paying all these amounts, they asked again for another USD 2000.00. I stopped since I noticed this was going nowhere. Now I know they are SCAMMERS. It’s hard to get the money I transfered thru Paypal. I retrieved some amounts through my bank bu now I get lawyers from Paypal demanding the money back they sent to Skye Prince in the U.S. Do you know the exact address of Skye Prince Med Beds in the U.S. I hope so. I need to know the address. Thanks.

    • Hello Araceli,
      I’m so very sorry to hear this news. I try to warn people all the time, but unfortunately the word doesn’t get to everyone.
      I’m also sorry I don’t know the address of Skye Prince. I do not think it’s Skye Prince who is the problem, it’s more likely to be those who have set up accounts using her name and scamming everyone. From what I hear, she too is trying to warn everyone.

  5. Lynda, I have used the e-mail provided by Skye’s contact info to register with Medbed however, they required me to pay $350. After paying the registration fee, they sent me a registration but no Medbed location, they said I have to pay for Medbed insurance fee of $3500, they promised me to have access to the location and time for a Medbed session, but after paying that they went silent, then they said, you need to pay another $3000 for accommodation.

  6. I paid 500 Canadian dollars to Skye’s med bed room. There was a list of many countries to register for an appointment. They responded quickly to inquiries. After I paid it was crickets for awhile. I then got email saying I could set up an appointment, send a selfie and name of person accompanying me. They also offered to pick me up at no charge. They also said it would be a 2 day stay and they would make arrangements. Today I got another email asking for a thousand dollars for insurance which would be refunded after my appointment. This is a scam and I do not expect to hear from them again. I took the risk of payment, hoping they would be legit ,thinking, perhaps it would be a ‘slow’ roll out of med beds however I knew there was a chance of a scam. I was prepared (foolishly) to take my chances

    • I’m so sorry to hear this Lynda, but it does look like you’re taking it on the chin. I’m not so sure it’s actually Skye’s med bed room people are getting caught up in, but I don’t know for sure. I think maybe she’s too ‘out there’ to be running a scam as such. It will all come out eventually, but I trust people will begin to comprehend things are not as they appear to be.
      Time and again we have been told that the official medbeds will not be released until after the removal of JB.

      • Skye keeps saying that scammers are impersonating her. She is frustrated by this. She keeps saying that med beds will be free and that no reservations or other costs exist. She also says that no email requests have been made by her. Do not respond to emails!

        • I really believe this would be the case. I could not imagine someone who is so ‘out there’ also scamming people while trying to deliver a message. Doesn’t make sense to me, but I don’t have first-hand knowledge of it.
          Thank you for sharing with us all. Hopefully it will save some people from losing their money.

  7. Hi I had run across a google search post a few years back that said they were a manufacturer and it was going to take about 6 years to make enough beds to cover the U.S. and they would be delivered all at the same time.

  8. Hi how do I go about finding out more legimate info in reference to the med beds and when they will roll them out I long to be better informed. This is so advanced and there’s a lot of wolves in sheep’s clothing I don’t want to waste anything and end up fusterated and disappointed. Best regards devon

    • Hi Dev, so good to hear from you. You must be a little careful with your research. I also find it hard to find the truth and nothing but the truth concerning them. I hear much, but run with little. I do believe they are real and that one day soon the public will have access to them, but I do hear a lot of info that I cannot confirm one way or another.
      They are expected to be rolled out one the green light flicks on. What is that? From what I have heard it’s when J/B has been removed and D/J/T is back in place. Nesara/Gesara should then be announced which of-course the medbeds are part of.
      There are others who are also bringing out their own version of the medbed, but of-course, they will not be free for the public to use. I cannot say if they will work as well, or even better… I do not know.
      It disappoints me that people are putting out false information when the world is already full of that nonsense. It then makes it hard for us to know the truth.
      Skye Prince comes to mind as she shares quite a lot of info on the medbeds, but I cannot confirm anything she says. I would listen but wait for confirmation. Also, as we all do, she has others pretending to be her and asking for money. Be very careful… it is NOT how it works.
      I believe,, that when the time is right, we will receive every bit of the right information. Until then, we can only research and wait.

    • Marylin, When a new technology like the Medbeds is widely publicized, any credible and responsible inventor would also provide timeline from development to operation, and information suffice to confirm its validity, particularly when asking for donations for the project. If it is confidential, or for some reason updates and confirmation cannot be provided, then a valid explanation is given to the public. In addition, “they” told us that a replication device is part of the same alien technology where the Medbed came from, and the “Replicator” will duplicate the Medbeds from thin air and manifest them in any desired location on Earth and the universe. Any rational person will wonder how come they don’t focus on developing/producing this Replicator first and then complete the Medbed with the power of this almighty device? Also, the websites featuring Medbeds showing close to ten models and versions of them. Who in his sane mind develops multiple inventions all at once with no money to build one? (They ask for donations on these websites, which indicates they lack the resources to building even one first prototype of the Medbed.) Isn’t obvious why they delivered none?
      I researched Internet scams and scammers for years. I could write a book on the subject. There are known elements and pattern scammers use to execute their ploy. (Ask your AI.) An obvious one is extracting money from innocent victims prior to delivering the empty surprise to them. These red-flags are all exhibited with the Medbed fairytale. Example: The Medbed suppose to be free. Isn’t an obvious red flag when a payment is asked?! When it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck…
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      • Hi Alex, I read your information with much interest.
        I agree with you with so much of what you wrote, but I think the problem arises in that there are two major lines in operation… the medbeds you are seeing and talking about are all being made privately. This tells us why they are asking for money, donations and whatever. I know nothing abut these beds and doubt very much they will ever be for free, although anything is possible. Are they the same? Who knows!
        On the other side, is the medbeds that are the ones we are relating to. They are in total control of the military… and yes, they have always said they will be free for all to use. I have never, ever heard anything different from that. The reason they have kept them completely quiet so that we don’t even have images of them, is that the ‘White Hats’ don’t want the technology getting into the wrong hands. Although they have told us they have been made and sent out all over the world, they remain totally under lock and key until the ‘green light’ comes on.
        When can we expect that ‘green light’? This is a question asked by everyone I talk to! To my comprehension, it’s when everything else is ready to go.
        Never forget, we are in a war. There is no way the WH’s would ever let information of this sort out for the enemy to take hold of.
        There have always been scams and there are some very clever people living in our world. These same ones have obviously gotten hold of information that allows them to build a medbed of sorts… some will use them for good, while others could use them only as a scam.
        We need to be so careful about the whole thing. Listen to everything we’ve been told but gradually decipher the truth from the scam… and never, ever part with money for any reason if you are waiting for the free ones to come out.
        There are a lot of desperate people who would be willing to pay for another kind of medbed. We just want them to do their utmost to research it from every angle before parting with their funds.
        Meanwhile, sites like the one you shared could be invaluable to those in chronic need.
        Thank you for sharing with us.

  9. Marilyn –
    Thank you for all you do! My question is, will these Med Beds be able to heal vision problems? My nephew suffers from Stargardt’s Disease and has lost at least 85% of his eyesight. Until the Med Beds are fully available can the Bio-Healers help with low vision? Thank you…
    Laura H.

    • Hi Laura,
      From everything I’ve been hearing there doesn’t appear to be anything they cannot heal. I cannot say more than that.
      Potentially Bio-Healers may help but I have not knowledge that I can share. Sorry.
      Bless you!

        • A year later??? Quite some years have come and gone. This is a very real worldwide war and will not finish until it’s finished. Medbeds and all the other promises of GESARA are still in front of us. Get rid of the evil first and then…

  10. I just found a podcast from 2 months ago that Jared Rand did and he states they need something like $60 MILLION dollars to make prototypes of Med Beds and various other things before anything can ever take place. Wow, who is spreading the real truth. Very disappointing to hear all of this after we all have heard many say the Med Beds are almost ready to roll out for years now and no mention of needing to crowd fund and raise donations from US the people for the beds. I am more depressed. I guess I should not be believing much from people I do not even know. Simon Parkes and tons of others had quite the different story about military had this all under control no money needed and they were actually putting Simon in charge of money to roll out the Beds. Lol

    • The medbeds Jared Rand is making are not the same as the ones we are expecting. What you said about them already being made and out there ready to use as soon as they can, is correct. Don’t worry, all is well.

  11. Those who prey on the neediest are not in this movement for good reasons. It is evil to ask for money when a parent is desperate for their sick child. I pray the help you need comes quickly—shame on those with no heart.

    • Hi Andi,
      I agree! But I do think it’s the Skye impersonators rather than Skye herself asking for the money. I do not believe she, or anyone else, has access to this technology at this time. It’s coming, and very soon by all accounts… but not yet.

  12. I think I may have heard something about this woman just over the weekend if its the same person. A video I will try to attach…. these 3 people I recall refer to her as a Super Soldier. I was not impressed with some of the videos I saw of the person but it could have been a fake who really knows. Any how THIS video had some interesting info about various Med Bed info like we will all get a new set of teeth and it takes 7 minutes to perform the scans etc. The only thing that really concerned me was the 3 people referenced to look for the links for this person Skye they attached and well ALL of them require you to join a private fbook group and it was like 6 or more groups you may need to join. I didn’t like that part at all even though the 3 speakers seemed like they meant well. Yes, it could be real but please just be careful. I know many are hurting right now for help. Me too.

    • Hi Amber,
      Yes, I’ve seen that video. It was good. I didn’t look at the various links they gave though so not sure on those. I don’t know why there are all these private channels because at the end of the day, it’s information everyone needs.
      From what people have been saying, it does appear that Skye is the real deal, and somehow she’s got some links to people more in the know. As much of it has been kept from the general public at this time, it’s hard to say for sure, or to verify it.
      It the Skye impersonators that are the problems and I’d reckon a lot of people have fallen for it.
      As you say, we need to be very careful and do our thorough homework before acting on anything.

  13. Remember Med beds come in a 3-group set and each facility is not a small endeavor, for some reason I remember that it is a 30-bed facility? Patients are in a bed getting “Prepped” and afterwards they remain in a bed during a recovery period, some overnight I believe. The treatments themselves are quick I understand. Basically it will be like a medium sized clinic. I also await patiently. May God watch over your son,

  14. Skye Prince is REAL. I spoke with her. There are many impersonators.please- Med beds will be free .. The funds have not come in yet for the healing centers. Skye would never ask for money to use a Med Bed!

    • Thank you Katherine! I knew that those who know her more personally would speak up. It’s great to hear. Tough though on her isn’t it? I long for the day when all these impersonators have no way of doing it like they do today.

    • Hi Katherine my name is Tony I have a son who has a brain tumour called Medullblastoma, I too have been in contact with Skye Prince but oddly enough she does ask for money so now I’m thinking this must be a scammer impersonating her, would you be so kind to help and send me the real Skye Prince email , this would mean the world to my son and our family, thank you for taking the time in reading my email.
      Warmest regards
      Tony Marinelli

      • Through Sky Med Bed center, where it lists all the countries that can apply for a med bed appointment. I paid 500 Canadian and they sent an email saying they got the pay pal money however I have not heard from them since. I pray that her site is legit and I have not been scammed

        • I am replying to the comment above which is me. On the skye med bed site there is a spot where you can ‘communicate’ with scammer sky. I was told if I was not happy to apply for my money back. No communication only crickets. The site with all the countries to contact for an appointment is DEFINATELY a scam. I took a chance with the full knowledge that it could be a scam and I lost 500 Canadian dollars. Silly me as All the info out there said med beds would be free.

          • I would always tread very carefully when it comes to Skye Prince and the medbeds. I do not know if she is legit or not, but I do know there are countless scammers out there and they are asking for MONEY!
            To my current knowledge, the medbeds ARE NOT available to the public yet. I believe they are set and ready but not yet available to anyone.
            PLEASE do not fall for the scammers as I’ve heard from so many people who have lost many thousands through all this.
            I wish I could put a stop to it, but it’s not within my power.

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