Med Bed Update – Exciting and Close – Hang On People!

I have promised to update on the Med Bed as further information comes to hand. In reality, there is a whole lot of information given on Telegram, but in many ways, I don’t know quite what to make of some of it. Therefore I hesitate to use it in updates.

Meanwhile, I’ve been to Operation Disclosure Official and found some wonderful information. I cannot vouch that everything written here is absolutely true and correct… but it does give you something to think about.

Med Bed Technology

The Med Bed uses a technology to transform your body to its optimum health by using the original codes in your DNA.  This technology has been tested. 

With this technology, our society will move to focus on wellness rather than illness in the medical field. 

There will be no reason for any industry to profit from illnesses. 

With the Med Bed, every human being will be able to freely restore health and live a healthy life into older ages than we’ve recently been able to experience. 

This technology has been available for 50 years and is perfectly safe.  The Secret Space Program has successfully used it over the last 50 years.

We have been hearing for years that the ‘health’ industry will be moving away from illness and into wellness. To be honest, it was pretty hard to see. How could doctors begin to provide true health advice without undergoing a whole lot more training? Would they be happy to do this? How would they leave behind the huge kick-backs they receive for prescribing pharmaceuticals?

But these days, we can see it! Hallelujah!

Specialized Healing Centres

Med Beds are being set up in specialized healing centers. 

Initially they will be available away from the current health care system.

When the med bed technology is disclosed, hospitals and Big Pharma will be phased out.  This is because our medical system will no longer be based on illness, but on wellness.

It’s interesting that they won’t be using hospitals as we know them. Where will they be? We don’t know yet.

Can you imagine hospitals and Big Pharma no more?

Of-course, it would need to be gradual as people are reliant on them at this time… but imagine a world where we no longer need to rely on them anymore.

People pay huge sums of money to stay in hospitals! And as for the drugs… the mind boggles at the amounts people have to pay.

There will be no cost to use the Med Bed

The technology will be completely funded by the White Hats/Military.

There will be no cost to use the Med Beds.

They will be available to the public free of charge. 

The cost of the Med Beds will be paid by the Military and White Hats.

Come on! No charge at all? Yes, this is what they promise us… we can hardly imagine!

You and I need to realise that the White Hats have been working away behind the scenes for anything up to 15 years! Long before any of us had any idea.

They’ve got this!

The first appointment will be a consultation

Each country will have a central center for people to book an appointment. 

The first appointment will be a consultation which will involve a medical history and full body exam. 

Then the patient’s information will be entered into a quantum computer in which the computer will decide the urgency of the patients’ medical needs. 

A nearby center will be scheduled based on that assessment.

You see that? Each county! It’s getting more interesting, isn’t it!

Is this worldwide? It appears so. I’ve heard they are rolling them out all over the place, so it’s looking good.

Although each of us want to jump into one at the first opportunity, I do think it’s great that the system will be able to say who should be first… who has the greatest need.

According to an estimation, they are being produced at the rate of 1,000 Med Beds per day… that’s 365,000 per year… and we don’t know how many they’ve already made.

Under heavy military control

It is anticipated that appointments will start mid-January 2022. That date may change due to military activity.

Initially, the Med Beds will be heavily controlled by the military for a time period, so the technology does not get abused. 

There will not be any preferential treatment because of status in society.  All people will be treated fairly and beds will be available first for the people who are in critical need.

At first I heard the Med Beds would become available the second week in December… here it is saying mid-January 2022. I guess really that makes more sense as there are still a few more ‘happenings’ to take place before they could release them.

Whatever happens, we DO NOT want this incredible technology getting into the hands of nefarious people. Who knows what sort of damage they could do. Yes, we do need ALL the evil eradicated first.

I really like the fact that it doesn’t matter who you are, you will not receive treatment before anyone else. Just think about this… no amount of money can get you up to the head of the line!

How will we know when they are ready?

When the Med Beds are released, a national call-in line will be set up for people to book appointments.

OK, so for whatever that may mean… when they are ready we will know.

Further info:

  • Medical Staff
  • Centres
  • No Cost for Training
  • Team – what’s needed to set up a Med Bed Centre
  • Treatment preparation and expectations
    • Initial appointment
    • Sessions
    • Preparation for a Session
    • Priority
  • Treatment abilities
    • Health Benefits
    • Regrowing organs
    • New bones and healing
    • surgery
    • VAX damage
    • Heart patients
    • Addictions
    • Dissolving of surgery added pieces
    • Chemo
    • Allergies
    • Dentristy
    • Overweight
    • Vision and Hearing
    • Scars
    • Schiziphrenia
    • Autistic
    • Orth
    • Depression
    • Improvements
    • Perfect health
    • Heal the mind
    • Vitality
    • Issues from birth
    • DNA
  • Additional physical changes
  • What is excluded
  • Timetable of treatment
  • Age regression limits
  • Pets
  • Lifespan etc…

All this information was gleaned from:

Go there and learn more of the intricate details presented. As I say, I cannot vouch for this… it is simply for your information regarding the Med Bed Technology.

They are working hard at it
God is providing help
Add your name if you are interested

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  1. Jack Blades
    I am hopeful to be part of the future group of Med-Bed healing appointments .
    I am a 85 year old veteran with extensive disabilities, disabled bone to bone painful knee joints, extensive skin cancers all over the body, and under bite jaw structure with bad and missing teeth, Spindle cell carcinoma cancer, enlarged prostate , and surgery scars… unvaccinated.

  2. Marilyn, I am so excited to see these med beds create miracles. I am 70 and in good health and would like to help people restore their health. Keep me posted on the progress of this technology. Thanks Ken

  3. I would love to experience the med beds. How would I be able to put myself on the list for appointments? I am 70/71 years old and mental clear enough to NOT get the vaccine.. And about trading for the job?? There is so little information available.. please be my guide. God bless ❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻 Rondelle Cagwin 415-418-0759

    • Hello Rondelle. Your message came in just as I was working on the Comments!
      The official med beds have not yet been released and there are no lists that you can put yourself on.
      Good for you that you abstained!
      What do you mean ‘trading for the job’? Sorry, I don’t comprehend what you mean.

  4. Dear Marilyn,
    I found an email to contact the med beds ie: :MED BED FOR THE PUBLIC!!!

    Contact the email address below regarding more information on fixing an appointment to use the med bed, while providing your name and location

    Medbedcenter *I won’t post the whole email until I know if it is legit*
    I did contact them about 3 x finally got an answer last week…they of course took all my information and then sent another email stating we were qualified to visit the med bed…they requested I send them $300. usd for registering my applications.. before they would put me on the list…I fear this is a scam and contacted the owner of the page on telegm that posted that…It was Skye Prince… I sent her a p.m. and she was answering until I posted her own post back to her saying this is whom I contacted…she has not replied as to whether or not it is a scam…pls beware ppl…

    • You are quite right Roxanne! Thank you for sharing this information and hopefully people will see it and take notice.
      There are NO FEES required for the true medbeds!
      Anything else is from those who are trying to get in on it and make a lot of money before the true ones are released.
      There are various technologies currently available, but they are NOT the medbeds!

  5. Hi Marilyn,
    A lot of the Governments of the world need to be stood down, as many of our so called Representatives for, “We The People,” are Deep State advocates, who are running with the foxes and hunting with the hounds – if you know what I mean.
    The US, EU, British and Irish Governments are all corrupt, many of these so called employees of, “We The People,” are Billion and Million aires – Many don’t need to work at all and these are the Despots who need removing from the planet for retraining on another Third Density Planet where they are provided with the necessities to live until they have abandon their egotistical ways and learned to love through the oneness of the love and light of the one true Creator!
    Humanity will be given help from our Celestial Brothers and Sisters to enable Gesara – Nesara when the time is right, you might see two people walking along talking and in the twinkle of an eye one will be gone! This is what will happen – those that are left will continue with their lives in the oneness of the,” I Am That I Am.” People are relying too much on these new technologies promised by the White Hats. Firstly they need to wake up and smell the coffee, as it could be years before the people of the new 5 Density Earth will have access to these Technologies. I recon it will be 2025 before it become possible to have use of these devices and only if World Peace is achieved and all Dark Forces are removed from the New 5D Earth.
    Thank you, Peace Love and light to all.

    • We all try to think forward as to when and how things can come into being etc. But the truth is, none of us know. Those that potentially do know are keeping it close to their chest.
      According to what we hear, they are very close to removing all the heads of corruption worldwide. How long it will take to root out the minions, we’ll have to wait and see. Maybe they will be gone too.
      I don’t know if they will receive a retraining of any kind.. if they have committed crimes against humanity they will pay the price… but I hear what you are saying.
      We all have different ideas of what is going on but there is only one truth… which I believe will be revealed when the time is right.
      Thank you for sharing.

      • You said military has control. Do veterans have preference right now? I have a disabled Vet Marines (husband) and MSG widow (mother) that I would sure like on the list. Who could I speak with or could you forward information to them? I take care of both of them.
        Sure would like more I formation as they are both willing to undergo the medbed process.

        • Hi Amber…
          Yes, according to the information I’ve received, the military do have control of the med bed situation.
          No, they are not being used for veterans, but rather, they are being used for the rescued children from underground etc.
          They are also being used on behalf of those who have gone through unimaginable situations involved in the rescues.
          When they are ready… that is, once Nesara/Gesara has been called, people with the most serious needs will go first, including those born with disabilities, or those with disabilities serving for their country.
          There is no particular list that you can join at this stage. I will be posting, as others will, once they are ready to go, but I’m sure it will become common knowledge at the time. You will then need to go and be assessed.
          I hope this help you… all the best for the future.

    • How can I get on the list to use a Med Bed? I’ve been told I need hip replacement from a fall at work on cement floors? Fell on both knees bone deteration and bone spurs?
      Arlene Caraway

      • Hi Arlene,
        At this point in time there are no lists. When they receive the green light the word will go out. I will post just as soon as I hear. First you will undertake a consultation and be assessed and then according to your need you will be slotted in. I believe they will be catering to those with the greatest needs first, which I’m sure we all agree is the best way for them to do it.
        Meanwhile, they are continuing to make these medbeds and shipping them out to every city around the world. I guess it will be major cities first and then out to the regionals.

    • It’s becoming closer and closer Jan! They will not be released until after Nesara/Gesara is announced and fully implemented… according to my sources. They are currently being rolled out into every city around the world at the rate of about 1,000 per day.

      • Hi Vicki!
        I trust the medbeds will be available very soon. From everything we are being told, this is the case… but we cannot put a date on it.
        Meanwhile, would you like to be put on my Prayer List for others to pray for you all?

  6. Hello Marilyn, I would appreciate your adding me to your prayer list. I had Cobidjust over a year ago. Surprisingly I zipped right through it, thank God and since I have COPD I had shortness of breath. Now, I have the long Covid and experiencing extreme shortness of breath. Yes, the med bed will help folks with terrible problems and people will be taken care of at the descretion of those with the knowledge none of us have. Just as it should be. God blrss you, Marilyn

  7. How do you know who the really sick, terminally ill people are?
    My doctor doesn’t know how sick I am because I am too sick to leave home to get my blood tested. I refuse to be without family support when in hospital so I am not going to the Emergency Department. Some hospitals won’t allow the unvaccinated to enter, so no cancer treatment.
    Please sign me up to get FREE soon! Free of drugs, cancer, renal transplant and heart failure. Oh to be full of energy and health for once in my 72 years. I am Canadian with so much living to do.

  8. I’m from Australia and have spinal cord damage resulting from a car accident 35 years ago. I can’t walk or use my upper body. I have lost feeling my body.
    I’m really excited about the medbed . Do you know if I will be able to walk again Marilyn?

  9. When the Med Beds arrive in Tasmania will you be using one for your Son Trent in the hope to eradicate his spinabifida? It would be marvellous to see photos of him healed

    • Hello Tom,
      I have not gone into intricate details with the med beds as I have no way I can vouch for all the details. But, on my posts (I have written about 10 so far) I do link through to information others are giving.
      I just went through just now, and added to the end of each post the link to adding your name to the list for med bed training.
      It is believed they will gradually be rolled out into every major city around the world, and then hopefully on to the rest of the cities as they are being produced and the people trained in their operation.

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