Med Bed Update – Exciting and Close – Hang On People!

I have promised to update on the Med Bed as further information comes to hand. In reality, there is a whole lot of information given on Telegram, but in many ways, I don’t know quite what to make of some of it. Therefore I hesitate to use it in updates.

Meanwhile, I’ve been to Operation Disclosure Official and found some wonderful information. I cannot vouch that everything written here is absolutely true and correct… but it does give you something to think about.

Med Bed Technology

The Med Bed uses a technology to transform your body to its optimum health by using the original codes in your DNA.  This technology has been tested. 

With this technology, our society will move to focus on wellness rather than illness in the medical field. 

There will be no reason for any industry to profit from illnesses. 

With the Med Bed, every human being will be able to freely restore health and live a healthy life into older ages than we’ve recently been able to experience. 

This technology has been available for 50 years and is perfectly safe.  The Secret Space Program has successfully used it over the last 50 years.

We have been hearing for years that the ‘health’ industry will be moving away from illness and into wellness. To be honest, it was pretty hard to see. How could doctors begin to provide true health advice without undergoing a whole lot more training? Would they be happy to do this? How would they leave behind the huge kick-backs they receive for prescribing pharmaceuticals?

But these days, we can see it! Hallelujah!

Specialized Healing Centres

Med Beds are being set up in specialized healing centers. 

Initially they will be available away from the current health care system.

When the med bed technology is disclosed, hospitals and Big Pharma will be phased out.  This is because our medical system will no longer be based on illness, but on wellness.

It’s interesting that they won’t be using hospitals as we know them. Where will they be? We don’t know yet.

Can you imagine hospitals and Big Pharma no more?

Of-course, it would need to be gradual as people are reliant on them at this time… but imagine a world where we no longer need to rely on them anymore.

People pay huge sums of money to stay in hospitals! And as for the drugs… the mind boggles at the amounts people have to pay.

There will be no cost to use the Med Bed

The technology will be completely funded by the White Hats/Military.

There will be no cost to use the Med Beds.

They will be available to the public free of charge. 

The cost of the Med Beds will be paid by the Military and White Hats.

Come on! No charge at all? Yes, this is what they promise us… we can hardly imagine!

You and I need to realise that the White Hats have been working away behind the scenes for anything up to 15 years! Long before any of us had any idea.

They’ve got this!

The first appointment will be a consultation

Each country will have a central center for people to book an appointment. 

The first appointment will be a consultation which will involve a medical history and full body exam. 

Then the patient’s information will be entered into a quantum computer in which the computer will decide the urgency of the patients’ medical needs. 

A nearby center will be scheduled based on that assessment.

You see that? Each county! It’s getting more interesting, isn’t it!

Is this worldwide? It appears so. I’ve heard they are rolling them out all over the place, so it’s looking good.

Although each of us want to jump into one at the first opportunity, I do think it’s great that the system will be able to say who should be first… who has the greatest need.

According to an estimation, they are being produced at the rate of 1,000 Med Beds per day… that’s 365,000 per year… and we don’t know how many they’ve already made.

Under heavy military control

It is anticipated that appointments will start mid-January 2022. That date may change due to military activity.

Initially, the Med Beds will be heavily controlled by the military for a time period, so the technology does not get abused. 

There will not be any preferential treatment because of status in society.  All people will be treated fairly and beds will be available first for the people who are in critical need.

At first I heard the Med Beds would become available the second week in December… here it is saying mid-January 2022. I guess really that makes more sense as there are still a few more ‘happenings’ to take place before they could release them.

Whatever happens, we DO NOT want this incredible technology getting into the hands of nefarious people. Who knows what sort of damage they could do. Yes, we do need ALL the evil eradicated first.

I really like the fact that it doesn’t matter who you are, you will not receive treatment before anyone else. Just think about this… no amount of money can get you up to the head of the line!

How will we know when they are ready?

When the Med Beds are released, a national call-in line will be set up for people to book appointments.

OK, so for whatever that may mean… when they are ready we will know.

Further info:

  • Medical Staff
  • Centres
  • No Cost for Training
  • Team – what’s needed to set up a Med Bed Centre
  • Treatment preparation and expectations
    • Initial appointment
    • Sessions
    • Preparation for a Session
    • Priority
  • Treatment abilities
    • Health Benefits
    • Regrowing organs
    • New bones and healing
    • surgery
    • VAX damage
    • Heart patients
    • Addictions
    • Dissolving of surgery added pieces
    • Chemo
    • Allergies
    • Dentristy
    • Overweight
    • Vision and Hearing
    • Scars
    • Schiziphrenia
    • Autistic
    • Orth
    • Depression
    • Improvements
    • Perfect health
    • Heal the mind
    • Vitality
    • Issues from birth
    • DNA
  • Additional physical changes
  • What is excluded
  • Timetable of treatment
  • Age regression limits
  • Pets
  • Lifespan etc…

All this information was gleaned from:

Go there and learn more of the intricate details presented. As I say, I cannot vouch for this… it is simply for your information regarding the Med Bed Technology.

They are working hard at it
God is providing help

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