Med-Bed Update – Being Placed In Every Major City Now!

med-bed update

As I receive so many enquiries regarding these I have decided to add this med-bed update for your information.

Unfortunately, I have no way of verifying this as being true. I have heard this kind of information shared from others, but I cannot give you the actual source of the information.

If there is any reader who has further information on this, please contact me.

It is also being reported that they are due for release in the second or third week of December, 2021. Don’t hold me to the date as dates have a habit of failing! I’m only giving you an idea.

It is being reported they will begin by being placed in every major city, in every country. They will work out from there.

Remember, although we may be aware of this technology coming, most everyone else has no idea. This means that there will not be a super tremendous rush to start with, as most have no idea of its existence.

Of-course, it also means that those of us who do know will have more than a fighting chance to get into one early, according to the level of need.

The writer of the above also is obviously German (I think) and so is talking specifically about that country. It doesn’t mean that they are not available already in your country.

We need to keep our ear to the ground. It’s very hard to get this kind of information when they are doing their best to keep it hush hush!

But, the information will come out and if I can confirm it I will certainly be posting on it.

So this is just a short med-bed update… hopefully more coming soon!

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  1. Arthitic bone to bone,missing cartilage knee joints, Repair underbite jaw with bad rotted teeth and missing. Abdominal aortic aneurysm surgery, Skin cancer over arms,
    back, legs . Prostrate surgery.

    • Jack, waiting for the medbeds is a tough one when we don’t know exactly when they’ll be ready for our use. Meanwhile though, you need to do some tough looking at your current diet. So many people can be helped just by altering their diet. Talk to me if you would like more help.
      Meanwhile, Jesus suffered unbelievably pain and suffering to gain health for us. As God made you, look to God to fix you up.
      At the same time, I do trust the medbeds will be here very, very soon.

  2. Marilyn Williams;
    I hope it won’t be to long for the Med Beds, I am 91 years old! I had NO shots. I had fallen & have arthritus in my joints & in a lot of pain, unable to walk without a walker
    or to get much sleep! I know there are a lot of people who are worse off than I am.
    Our Military,

  3. I think the one that might be the biggest scam might be Sky Prince. I got a post with a supposed update. What got my attention was she said she got her training on Venus!\
    Now I do think the true med-beds are coming but they won’t come till all the satanists are removed from positions of authority.

    • I don’t really like to comment concerning her. I too hear these things and sorry, but I don’t believe it. Maybe, just maybe I’m wrong… only time will tell. She does seem to have some good information though as long as you don’t fall for the scams concerning paying money up front, which apparently do not come from her.

    • James,just to help you, Skye Prince worked years for the SSP, Secret Space Program. She taught Spiritual Counceling and Medbed Technicians and learned through the SSP training. She was stationed on Venus for several years facilitating her work for the SSP. She was chosen by the Galactics and the Alliance,because of her past medbed training and experience,to be the leison on Earth to distribute information and preparedness to the public, while helping get the Medbed Centers up and running when the time and funding arrives! She is far from being a scam, but a great Humanitarian and someone of great experience and value.

  4. This blog post is from 2021. Clearly another scam.

    The only person I trust who ever mentioned MedBeds was President Trump during July 4th, 2020 celebrations. The video was on Youtube and for whatever reason, it was very hastily removed.

    This site and others like them (hopium sites, with idiotic names like “Princess High Pants of the Galactic Federation of Supreme Beings of Light”) are doing humanity a grave disservice and should be shut down – and punished – immediately.

    You have all given false dates and false expectations, knowing full well you what you were doing and that it was a lie.

    The latest scam came from Telegram (another platform that has been infiltrated with creatures from a cesspool of lies and misinformation) and claimed that MedBeds were released around the world in August of this year and gave an official contact email address to book an appointment as being a ‘gmail’ address.

    People just aren’t that stupid. The military that are supposed to handle the release of MedBeds do not use worthless google gmail accounts for something so important.

    • I agree with you Ray, there appear to be many scams out there. Anyone giving a gmail email address for their official contact should be an immediate alert.
      The medbeds I’m talking about are those that the military are in control of.
      Along the way we have been given certain dates, but for a long time now, we have realised all is event driven. When this happens, that can happen. If I’ve given dates before, I certainly do not anymore.
      Also, anyone offering medbed services in which you have to pay for an appointment, is definitely a scam.
      I appreciate your comments and hope you can see where I’m coming from.

      • I agree with you and Ray. I have been following info regarding med beds for years too. My understanding is that it is all events driven and it will all happen in God’s time, no one knows the date or time, only God. In the meantime, I stay away from doctors, as much as I can, eat healthier and try not to damage my body and or lungs any worse, taking vitamins and doing things to improve my health. Along with improving my spiritual side, DNA that we were born with, the holy spirit within all of us. Med Beds will only work if you believe in God, believe in yourself, that you have the power to heal your own body, mind and heart. This is a spiritual war, good vs evil. And evil has had a hold on us for so long, with misinformation and disinformation, that we have been fooled regarding everything, for so long. You have to break away from listening to negativity and fear. It’s all in God’s hands and if you believe in God, pray for forgiveness, be kind to others and forgive those who have been unkind to you, God will deliver us from evil, and restore our bodies to his image, with the help of the med beds.

  5. I have been pretty uplifted with Charlie Ward, President Trump etc…
    There are so many families suffering. My family gene is Huntington’s Disease. My father passed from it about 14 years ago at age 62. My Brother passed away from it 2 years ago at age 54. I am now 54 and I have a 43 CAG. I am now going into middle stage. I have movements (just started taking Aestudo for it. Several other meds did not work. It is worst known neureo-degenterative disease. It effects brain sister possibly has it. I was like…med beds will save me…over the past two years, hope kinda turns into depression.
    I try and be is hard to so with no med beds etc… If you guys can get me fixed through the med beds…I would glad to be med-bed operator. It just seems the more I try to pull myself up, next day, no new, no news etc. There are just so many of us suffering. Peace, Ted

    • Oh Ted, my heart goes out to you! You are trying to stay positive while being surrounded by negative happenings.
      I know it does seem like forever for the medbeds to be released, and all we can do is to continue to believe that they know what they’re doing for the best.
      I’m totally sure they are aware to the great need of so many, so for them to be holding them back, there has to be a very good reason for it.
      I believe they are a gift from God to humanity. It’s the same God who can heal your body without the need of any medbed… don’t forget that. He’s already paid the price on your behalf!
      Would you like me to add you to our Prayer Vase so others can be praying for you? Please let me know if so.
      Turn your eyes to the One who created you and talk to Him about it… He knows exactly what you are facing.

      • Can you tell me where and when medbeds will be located in Kentucky and southern Indiana? My husband has congestive heart failure, type 2 diabetes, deterioriated disk in his back, and other maladies too many to mention.

        • I’m sorry Carolyn, but to my current knowledge this kind of information has not yet been released. It is believed they won’t be released until the ‘green light’ is flicked. This means, when everything is ready to go. I believe it will be done very professionally and we will al be able to know exactly where to go or what to do.
          Would you like your husband added to our prayer list?

    • I hope you are stilling hanging in there Ted. I know 2 years can seem like a lifetime. I have had COPD for about 10 yrs now. Thanks to doctors misdiagnosed me when I was in my early 20’s. Treating me for asthma and telling me to quit smoking. I quit for 9 years and would still get sick every fall and spring, ending up with bronchitis and or pneumonia. Constantly using inhalers and on steroids, that never prevented or stopped the illness and only got worse. Finally, when I was 65 years old with COPD, a pulmonary doctor said she didn’t think I had asthma but had bad allergies. That she understood how doctors made the mistake since the symptoms were so similar. Now I just take an over-the-counter allergy pill that stops all the symptoms before it turns into bronchitis or pneumonia. Now that my lungs are so damages, I still have to be very careful, everything affects my lungs, dust, pollen, cold air, perfumes, you name it. I am now 70 years old, and have slowed way down, can’t even sit outside many days, it gets very depressing, but I just find things I can do to keep busy and stay positive. God choose us to be here, at this time, for a reason. I am bound and determined to stick around long enough to find out why. I am not afraid of dying, if I am not here when the med beds come out, that’s ok too, but I am doing my part, physically, mentally and spiritually, the rest is in God’s hands. I will pray to God to give you the strength too to hang in there, I feel it won’t be much longer. Keep the faith, God bless you!

  6. I understand that some Med Bed users, in the beginning, can volunteer to make a VLOG of their experience from start to finish in an effort to help people who may be interested comfortable with the idea. I would like to be one of those people but don’t know how to apply for it. Who can I contact about this?

  7. I’m so thrilled to be here to see this. I feel somewhat like Jo except I’m 10 years older. I stand on my feet all day doing hair (21 years and counting). Love my clients that have been with me for most of those years, but having back, shoulder and leg issues. Tired mentally and emotionally and physically. Need a break. Then start with a lighter client list. Lots of deny, vision, hearing and severe back issues (partial spinal bifida from birth). It would feel wonderful to wake up and not be in pain.
    Happy for all the children and our Military. They need them so desperately. God bless all of them.
    It’s such exciting times but trying as well. Our Nation needs our prayers.
    Thank you for sharing all of this with us.

    • Yes, we are all fortunate to see such technology come out at this time Carole. It sounds like you would enjoy a ‘rest’ in one of them… I trust it’s not too long before you can.
      There are so many problems out there and people really are suffering, more from the treatment they receive than from any original ailment. It’s time for change.
      I’ve just added you into the Prayer Vase so people can pray for you. Check the front page of the blog:

  8. Hey Marilyn

    I’m Isabelle from Sydney Australia- I know there’s so much information about the medbeds and Nesara Gesara, even my psychic told me.

    I’m 39 and had a mildish medium stroke last year, I’m at roughly 80% recovery after a year and really waiting for these medbeds! I’m just wondering as I’m very new to all this, how do we really know all this is really coming when you hear it’s all just a conspiracy? (omg) I do partly believe I’m just hoping some kind of real reliable sources will come forward is all. I’m just looking for answers and you seem a nice reliable person

    • Hi Isabelle!
      Ah, I trust you won’t have to wait too long for your turn. As they continue to put out more and more it will be easier of-course.
      Meanwhile, I just added you into the Prayer Vase for people who love to pray for you.
      The more you hear it’s a conspiracy theory, the more you know how true it is! These ‘fact checkers’ are a joke… big time!
      Just be aware that we are in the middle of a huge war. Information can’t always just be shared around… we have an enemy with big ears. You need to learn to trust your own intuition. You can’t rely on believing me or anyone else… God will open your eyes and heart to hear and understand truth.
      Thank you for calling me a ‘nice person’! I do the best I can. I try to rely on God for guidance and I believe that those who need to read my pages are the ones who find them. I’m not worried about trying to reach the whole world.
      You are welcome to come back to me any time…

  9. Thank you Marilyn for the nice reply. Someone must of read my post because a few
    days ago on Bitchute – a different website, information was mentioned the age someone can retire will go back a year for about 10 years and this will start
    by 2022. Lol, if your up there in age already, so a lot of good that’s gonna do! (If it’s true). It seems information given to the messenger on some websites unfortunately are retracting the jubilee of Nesara Gesara.
    But whatever may be I am still going to pray for the med beds to come around soon
    for many. And pray for a full recovery on the rescued children and adults who have suffered severely. And pray for the military people who rescued them plus
    for the terminally ill. God Bless You TOO!

    • Unfortunately Jo you can’t believe everything you read. There is much info out there as we know… but where does it come from? Who said it’s going to be that way?
      I really hesitate to say something that doesn’t come from a line of trust, and even then it has the potential to be wrong.
      But your a good soul… because whatever does happen you will still be in there praying for the best for all these people. That’s wonderful.
      Let’s just pray that the one’s that are organising things are in touch with the living God and it’s being done as He says.

  10. Hi Marilyn I have a question. For those of us who do have life threatening diseases (I’m one of them) and have suffered greatly for decades, our bodies are tired and want to retire, enjoy life a little. Some of us don’t want to work anymore because we suffered for so long and so much. But of course with the old system we couldn’t retire with the little chicken feed our government wanted us to live on. So we kept on working and getting sicker and sicker. I will be 59 soon and I don’t want to continue on with a slave driving job anymore that does more harm to me physically and mentally. I was ready to apply for disability just to rest my body,(which is very exhausted) and mind/spirit and not have to worry about getting infected over and over with covid or any other contagious ailments from my co-workers, (it’s a big office over approx. 100-150 people). From what I’m understanding with the med beds that may heal some of us – afterwards we are expected to get right off of disability and go back to work!!. For God’s sake don’t we get any type of break? So there we go again. More stress, more stress of looking and applying and working. Very seldom do we find a job that suits us. I’m too old and tired to go through that again. With Nesara Gesara we will finally have funds to enjoy the remaining of our lives. Maybe some of us will go back to school, since we never had an opportunity to do so before or with Nesara funds we will get the opportunity to buy a house for the first time or even fix up our old one. That alone will keep us all busy with our own personal time and projects.
    What I’m saying is we want to be free from the slave driving system and some of
    us may not want to continue to work anymore. Since we worked and suffered with our ailments for so long, some of us just want to enjoy the fruits of our labor for once. With the funds of Nesara is that possible to do so?? Why are we expected to keep on working forever??? We all have personal interests and hobbies and for some never had an opportunity to explore before. That’s what we want to do. For my own growth I want to continue on with educating and exploring, why does it always have to be going to a job? I don’t want to do that anymore. Right now retirement is 65 – 67 years old. With Nesara Gesara will they lower the age?

    • My dear Jo!
      I can tell you are more than fed up! Tired, exhausted and just want some of your own time.
      The good news is that is what it is all about!
      The Med-beds are a part of Nesara/Gesara… a wonderful technology that has been kept from us, in the same way as they have robbed us so that we have been forced to keep on working forever.
      Nesara/Gesara is a Jubilee! Freedom! You will have the funds to do whatever it is you desire and there will be no more having to work just to survive.
      There will still be plenty of jobs to do of-course, but people will fill those jobs because that’s what they like to do.
      I want you to take a deep breath in, and out, in and out! Then… realise good news is coming.
      I wish I could give you exact dates of when and how but as we are in a war against the Ca/bal etc. it is not possible. Just know… it’s coming and coming soon from all I hear.
      Bless you and may you know true health and healing and much enjoyment in your life to come.

  11. I am more than excited they are going to be available (sooner than I though), but sad that I won’t be getting to one in a major city. I feel I am in need of one (not life threatening) but I either have a pelvic bone injury, or it’s severe osteoporosis which seemed to suddenly start 2 years ago. Extremely uncomfortable and my balance and my walking is affected so much so that I choose to sit more than I should. I used to be much more active. I am 65. I know there are 3 different kinds of beds.

    • Just hang on in there Nancy! There are all kinds of things coming out… in fact some of them are even out now… things that use Tesla technology. When I learn more I will share on it. You may very well be able to receive help even before you hop into one of the beds.
      Meanwhile, I have added you into the Prayer Vase for people to pray for you.

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