Medbed Scams! Beware Of The Dirty Little Internet Hoaxes

medbed scams

We need to be very careful regarding medbed scams. Unfortunately, they are going around everywhere.

I have no reason not to believe that medbeds are coming out for the benefit of humanity. But please beware of the scams.

Here is an email I received just this morning from a KC who is in severe pain, which obviously encouraged him to reach out to Skye Prince in desperation.

I just wanted to share with  you my experience in attempting to get an appt. schedules for a med bed.  I contacted the med bed center listed on Skye Prince's website/Telegram account.
I have been trying to get a session scheduled since March. Finally, I had appts. scheduled for April 4 and May 5, but before I received final instructions and an address, they kept asking for more money:

First was the $300 application fee. 
Then the $1500 insurance fee (supposedly refundable). 
A $2500 fee. 
Then a $500 per session accommodation fee (I needed 2 sessions) for a total of $1000. 
Later on, at the end of May, they said the application fee had expired and I needed to pay it again, $300. 
Finally the bombshell: they said the accommodation fee ($1,000) had expired, even though I did not use it, since I never had a session. 

It certainly was not my fault I did not receive a med bed treatment. I have practically begged them to schedule me since I am in extreme pain from a degenerated disk and sciatica, among other things. 

I refused to pay the additional $1000, and I have heard nothing from them since. 

Is this one of the medbed scams?

While reading this email, my heart fell! Oh no!

All along we have been saying that the medbeds are free, and yet we see sites wanting payment after payment for all manner of reasons.

Could this be true? Do they really require all these other payments so that you can then use the medbeds for free?

Scams, scams and more scams!

Has the green light been switched on?

So it’s time to use a little bit of critical thinking. What have we been told to look out for?

  • Will the medbeds be released in a world that still contains evil minions running around?
  • Have we been told they will come out under J/B’s watch?
  • Isn’t the technology being used for medbeds, part of NESARA-GESARA? Has it been released to the public yet?


  • Do we still have lower level evil minions running around? YES!
  • Has J/B been removed from his fake office? NOT YET
  • Is NESARA-GESARA public knowledge? NO

Am I saying that all the last of the minions will be taken out before the medbeds will be released? Maybe not completely. The job is more than massive and potentially they might still be digging them out for months or years to come.

But, the medbeds will only be fully released when it is safe for the Military Alliance to do so.

From what I’m hearing, it won’t be long before the removal of J/B in the public’s eye. I certainly hope so.

Although NESARA-GESARA is being gradually outworked around the world, it’s not at this stage, public knowledge.

As everything is building up to the most amazing climax the world has ever seen, we can anticipate the release of the medbeds to come very soon. But as everything is ‘events driven’, there is no possible way of putting a date of when this will happen.

A list was put out that we have to see the public collapse of:

  • Stock Exchange
  • Banking system
  • Housing market
  • Food chain

All this will be accomplished behind a lot of distractions. Be aware, if it’s in the news, LOOK elsewhere to see what’s going on…

  • Arrest and removal of the B/i//d//e/n family
  • EBS (Emergency Broadcasting System) also know as the EAS (Emergency Alert System)

I have no idea if this is a specific order or not. It doesn’t matter. It is a list you can tick off in your mind as it goes public.

After this is when we can most probably expect NESARA-GESARA, the medbeds and whatever else.

I definitely smell one of the medbed scams!

My poor dear email contact continued…

I smell a scam. 
I asked for a refund. 

Contacted Skye Prince for help with a refund, and she deleted me from her Telegram account. 

I wouldn’t mind betting that Skye Prince knows absolutely nothing about this. Once the scammer realised that someone was on to them, they’d be quick to delete.

The question here is, was it Skye Prince’s Telegram account?

I seriously doubt it. How easy it is to open up a Telegram account under any name you choose. I have people impersonating me on Telegram. Only the other day someone contacted me to ask me if they had been chatting with me! No, I hadn’t seen anything from that person. Of course there was something a little strange in the way the scammer spoke that made her ask me that in the first place.

No-one else can answer as me! But they try to… fortunately people that have an idea of who I am usually smell a rat and often contact me to confirm it or not.

But scammers are out to get you one way or another. Because Skye Prince is ‘out there’ with a lot of information (I’m not confirming what she says, remember), she would have dozens of imposters making out they were her.


$4,300 gone on another scam

In total I paid $4,300, and I have had no correspondence from them since. 

I guess I have been a fool; I have been scammed and I am out $4,300, at a time when I have financial challenges and cannot afford the loss.

I do believe that the med beds are for real.

I guess I just have to wait for a public announcement and try to schedule with a legitimate med bed center.

My experience certainly makes me wonder about the legitimacy of Sky Prince.

KC could not afford to pay out all this money. I seriously doubt he will ever see it again.

But then again, I do have a thought:

When I responded back to KC I was reminded that the QFS is mirror imaging all bank accounts. The (Quantum Financial System) QFS would know where that money went to, and why.

Is it reasonable to think that in due course he could be refunded?

I’d like to think so, but it is just my thinking. I do not know for sure.

The long and the short of the medbed scams

Be careful!

Please do not part with your money on medbed scams without first checking and double checking if it could be the real deal. Talk to others. Ask questions.

I quite understand why KC parted with his money in the hopes of obtaining medbed treatment as soon as he possibly could. He’s is great pain. He needs help now!

This is just one of maybe countless other medbed scams out there waiting to take your money. While I have no reason to not believe that the real medbeds are on the way, meanwhile I do know that there are others out there who have developed their own style of medbed.

How good, or not good they are, I cannot say, so this is not a recommendation. It’s just that potentially others have managed to bring out their own private version sooner than us waiting for the military version.

In most cases, and probably all, as these are privately owned, there would be fees to pay. If you have the money available to try them out than why not? It’s up to you. Just as long a they’re legitimate.

So we have three different kinds:

  • The medbeds that President Trump told us about… the ones that will be operated by the military.
  • The privately owned variety.
  • The medbeds that don’t exist that the scammers are putting out there!

Please choose wisely and don’t choose the third one!

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  1. I have read something about SP and my heart is telling me something is off with her . I have been following her for three or four years now , she said one time she was a RN,but one day she talking and she said she was not in the medical field ,so she couldn’t tell someone about what she was asking . That’s what made me suspicious. If I’m wrong I am sorry but I have been scammed before and it’s hurts to find out people have taken you for a fool .

    • Hi Judy,
      I have to admit I’ve also found some discrepancies… but not really sure. I don’t wish to put down any truther because there are enough ‘others’ to put people down without us turning on each other.
      I do not follow SP although have listened on occasion.
      Just be ever so careful with whatever you do and check and double check everything. 🙂

  2. Hi Marilyn –
    What is belief? – From looking it up it seems to come down to accepting something to be true WITHOUT seeing proof.
    What is proof? – generally indisputable undeniable evidence attesting to a claim or fact. For example: proof of residence could be one’s utility bill with one’s name and address on it.
    Believing someone lives at a certain address could be based on an observation of someone just going into a house. That observation doesn’t ‘prove’ it.

    And even the above discussion can have discrepancies.

    So how can we really know the truth? Here’s a link to Gregg Prescott’s site examining the veracity of Nesara/Gesara, and medbeds…

    Aside from it’s mention of extraterrestrial entities, it sure seems to negate any reality whatsoever to medbeds. I sorely wish this wasn’t so…

    kindest regards, gene

    • You know what? I don’t bother reading information of this kind. It’s always so tiring to wade through things that are written from a negative perspective.
      Just keep your faith up.
      Look to God, not man. Man will always let you down, but God never does.
      Be encouraged and determined. Believe and see the salvation of the Lord.

  3. ERROR: Your comment appears to be spam.

    Please go back and check all parts of your comment submission (including name, email, website, and comment content).

    • Hi JW,
      There is nothing I do that checks your comments for being spam. Maybe there is some algorithm in WordPress, I don’t know. I haven’t had anyone else tell me of this problem although it could have happened and they didn’t bother to contact me.

  4. Hi Marilyn
    I recently received an email from a gmail address (MedBedTeam.US@ offering me an opportunity to make an appointment for a med bed evaluation. They say all the right things until they ask for $350 to schedule it. (They also use the official US Quantum logo on their email header).
    Would you call this a classic scam?
    I’d like to know if there is law enforcement to contact to catch these scammers.
    What’s your suggestion for me? I have a string of emails that led up to them wanting payment now to confirm my appointment. I live in Alabama and they say there are 10 med bed centers. Once I pay, they say I will receive a letter confirming location and details.
    I’m not sending any money. But I do want to expose these theives. Any ideas?

    P.s. I am a retired Fire officer of 30 years so I’ve been around. Look forward to hearing from you if you have time.

    • Oh dear… Stan I certainly would keep right away from it.
      I would call it a definite scam. That is the same email address the person I wrote about received.
      I would take a copy of all the emails and go to your local police station. Yes I know, we’re hearing they’re corrupt too, but they may go after a scammer, or at least direct you who to go to as they may not work with the online.
      Your information lines up with what they told me in the article above, so please don’t move forward with it, no matter how desperate you are. You will only end up losing a lot of money.
      I would be extremely interested in what the outcome is if you do go to your law enforcement agency. Please update us.

    • Got scammed by Medbed. Was doing it to see if it was true and test it out for my chronically sick friends. Got an appt, paid the $300, then $1500 so called insurance fee. My $300 has been reimbursed. Still waiting on the $1500. As soon as I questioned other people’s posts with horrific stories, they kept insisting I send a copy of the $1500 confirmation which I refused. Haven’t received a return comment yet. Why isn’t an investigation being made about these scammers preying on desperate people?

  5. Anyone who is awake or believes med beds will come out once ebs has been activated should know they are not ‘out’ yet so how can people fall for this? I understand desperation but everyone knows you never hand over money without seeing the goods!

    • Hi Rain… yes, I guess it shows just how desperate many people are. Trouble is, it all sounds pretty much the same… and with all the promises of them coming, it’s hard. We need to trust it’s all going to work out in the end.

  6. KC should try grounding/earthing. It’s free and has produced results for many people. Also try a TENS machine. Used for over 20 years, has helped many. Helped me with an abdominal issue a month ago. Fairly low cost. I would find a wholistic/natural health practitioner who can assist in discovering why the spine is degenerating. There might be a toxin, a postural issue, or a dietary element missing.

    • Thank you Judith! See KC, there are people out there who can and will help you. This is God working through His people for the good of all.
      I 100% agree with what Judith said. 🙂

  7. IMHO, until it is officially announced from Trump – AFTER he is RE-instated. OR JFK Jr or even RFK Jr -it’s all Bs. They’re real, though, the chamber Jay Leno was in after his car caught fire is proof. It’s been all drips thus far. However, they have not been released to We the People, yet. To me, it doesn’t make any sense, for the White Hats, to not do some kind of announcement beforehand. Knowing it’s suppose to be free and bring the corrupt healthcare system down in the process 🙂

    • Yes Bobbie! We may not comprehend why they do things the way we do, but afterall, we only know such a little. They see the whole picture. We just need to continue to have faith that what they’ve told us is true and it’s a-coming soon! 🙂

  8. I am so sorry KC was heartlessly scammed. I know and feel the desperation, and I think there are many of us who are having a tough time waiting, fiercely praying to have our once-active lives back. We are the ones most likely to be taken advantage of. On a positive note, I believe help is near.

    • Thank you Andi! I agree with you, I too believe that help is near. We must keep believing this and holding on. Once this time comes, KC will soon forget what the scammers put him through as he will receive more than sufficient. This is not to make light of his desperate need at present. Our hearts and thoughts go out to him.

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