Operation Wakeup – What Are The Lies Being Exposed?

Look here what has been written about Operation Wakeup by Ghost Ezra: 

“People often say, why not just jolt the sheep awake.

The wakeup process is very serious and delicate.

You are dealing with some big serious lies that will be uncovered.

– Cia
– Disney
– WW2
– 911
– Antarctica
– Vatican
– Mockingbird Mossad Media
– Dumbs
– Central banks
– Fed
– Synagogue of Satan
– Black Triangles
– The earth
– Royal blood lines
– Frazzeldrip
– Vril
– Adrenochrome … and much more.

Now imagine all this being downloaded all at once.

People would be in padded rooms or cliff jumping.

Yes, even conservatives who don’t wear masks fall into this category.

This has to be unwound delicately for your own sanity.

It’s coming out drip by drip.

Nothing at this point can stop it.

You may not understand the process, but you’ll end up respecting and appreciating it greatly.

The battle is won already, this is Operation Wakeup.

Pay attention to everything, but don’t let anything consume you.

Everything matters, and is connected in some fashion.

You can’t tell people, you must show them.

Decades of brainwashing is slowly being unwound.”

Operation Wakeup, Ghost Ezra: 

Come on, let’s get it out there!

It’s true isn’t it? Many of us feel it’s all been going on for so long that we feel ‘let’s just get it out there!’

Momentarily, we forget!

For may of us, we have had time to slowly absorb the details of what’s written above. Yes, it’s been one shock after another.

For many of the subjects, we’ve heard a bit and then couldn’t take any more. We had to go away and somehow come to grips with the information. Just too terrible… surely it couldn’t be true!

But then we learn a bit more, which built on what came before. Oh dear, it’s beginning to look like this has been really happening.

Imagine, as Ghost Ezra says, that within a week or more, we learnt about all of it. Sitting watching the tribunals taking place we see the confessions of those with crimes against humanity… all in our face.

Grumbles against the White Hats

I hear people growling about how things are being carried out. Grumbles against the White Hats. Blaming them.

If the White Hats are really in control, how come they are allowing people and children to die from the jabs?

It’s a fair enough question, I do agree. None of us like to think that innocent people are dying needlessly, especially if it’s an act of war.


A very difficult decision

We need to trust that the Alliance, the White Hats,, the Military (call them what you may) know what they are doing. Remember, they can see the whole picture, at least, the ones at the very top can. They have some very tough decisions to make and I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

I remember well when I heard President Trump say that they had some very tough decisions to make… very tough! They knew what the plan of the evil ones was, and somehow they needed to counteract their plan.

The enemy were going after us all… they wanted us all dead. All they intended to keep was about 500,000 to cater to their every need… zombies who would just do as they were told.

The Good Guys knew this!

In making this difficult decision:

  • Were lives going to be lost? Unfortunately yes.
  • Would children lose their lives? Once again, unfortunately yes!

They knew the evils had been working towards this goal for countless years and had got to a place where they could now fully carry out their plan.

It had to be counteracted… now!

Syringes and Poisons

Do not forget, we are in the middle of a war. Not a pretend war, a real war. Not with guns and bullets so much, but syringes and poisons. Strangely enough, people run from bullets but line up for poisons! That’s what brainwashing does… it’s very effective.

How this makes the enemy laugh!

Remember too, the enemy has the media on their side… that is a BIG plus. The media are out there pumping the narrative as we have all observed. They are complicit with evil.

Yes, this makes the whole thing much more difficult… until we realise…

We are in Operation Wakeup!

Most all of the job has already been done! What we are watching now is a pantomime play out with the intention of slowly, ever so slowly, to wake the people up!

Praise God, many, many are fully awake, but gently the rest of humanity need to be stirred from their slumber. Up till now they have been enjoying a nap in their little bubble, unaware of what’s going on in the real world.

The last to be go down and dismantled will be the media. That in itself will be an enormous wake up call.

We need to love people sufficiently to allow it all to play out.


  • being a good catholic and learning what has been going on behind the scenes… the depravity?
  • when all people of faith learn how their religion has been infiltrated by evil?
  • how much of the world will suffer when learning about the Royals… how will this affect in particular, the British, Dutch or whoever who so loved their royal families?
  • how people who sat glued to their telly’s watching man walk on the moon… will receive the news of their lies?
  • the people affected with 9/11 – how will they react when they learn the truth?
  • how people will receive the news that they lost their loved ones in needless wars… created by and for the filthy rich, to get richer, no matter what happens?
  • how people will feel when they realise their lives of hardship and suffering had nothing to do with lack! That we have been pillaged every day of our lives by the filthy rich!

I could go on and on, but that’s enough to get the picture.

Operation Wakeup has to be carried out in such a way that somehow people can learn the truth without rioting in the streets and/or committing suicide.

Love must rule and be foremost. One day we will comprehend why Operation Wakeup is being done the way it is.

Unfortunately, there are casualties in every war

Our hearts go out to all who have lost casualties in this war. A great many of us know of at least someone who has died needlessly. It’s heart breaking. But I can tell you, it keeps us working harder than ever to prevent as many as is possible to prevent.

But looking hard in the face of this, the reality is, it was either all of us or some of us.

The White Hats are working as fast as they possibly can. They know with each delay, more lives will be lost. I can imagine that weighs heavily on their hearts… they are men and women with families, just like us.

Our job is to assist the White Hats in the only way we can… by continuing to share, as gently as we can with others to wake them up. We are as much a part of Operation Wakeup as anyone else.

Please forward this post everywhere you can think of. My posts, and of-course the posts/videos of others you see or read. Don’t let the information be dammed up by you… keep them flowing downstream until they reach all people who need to see or read them. The more you do this, the shorter the time will be before it’s all over.

Keep the faith

Meanwhile, do not be fearful. Everything is not as it seems. One day you will look back and realise you were part of the greatest war of all time, and you’ll be please you did your bit.

Keep your faith levels high, your vibrations, your energy… call it what you may, but for the sake of humanity please do your part. Pray in faith believing.

God has already won the battle, but He wants us to stand up and do our part in Operation Wakeup!

The Devil had a plot, but God has a plan!
It wont be long now… keep the faith!



  1. Hi there, Marilyn
    I came to what seemed to be simple realization that this is, indeed, a Spiritual war and Jehovah God is our mighty General. We have so many great people working for our good and we are so thankful for them all. Including you, Marliyn. God WILL have the last word, He will finish this.
    Yes, we will keep the faith.
    God bless all,

  2. Thank you Marilyn. I found your column very interesting. I would like to receive your emails. I would also like to forward this information plus Barry Wunsh’s prophesy to my friends. Thanks again Joyce Stephenson.

    • Oh it’s great to have you here Joyce! By all means, please feel free to share whatever you like. We need to get this information out far and wide.
      At this point in time I do not have an email list happening, choosing rather that people join me on Telegram. There we can chat and relate together and it’s where I post all my new posts.

  3. So much to be said. GOD is helping me with every word I type. There is Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles everywhere. In our food, on the ground it is sprayed by Chem Trails (recently heard the Chem Trails now belong to the white hats and are spraying Ivermectin) and in the jabs and the Covid nose tests. There is a Class Action lawsuit that will help those of us who had the PCR test. The PCR test is the long and painful wand they put in our noses to see if we have Covid. This is NOT a test for Covid. It is for putting a micro chip in our forehead. I bought the TESLA BIOHEALER for Adults. It is a 16 oz can that has natural healing. It is a very small MED BED in a can. It costs $600.00. It was the best $600 I have ever spent. My husband does not believe the facts I tell him on what is really happening in this world. BUT he loves the TESLA BIOHEALER. My sister bought one too. She is a stage 4 cancer survivor. After her Chemo and Radiation her body changed. Her knees and feet were in constant pain 24/7 for over 14 years. The “can” took her pain away within a few days. Her one toe overlapped her big toe for years. Very painful. It also was put back in place by the “can”. I had surgery for a prolapse bladder, The surgeon did not give me enough stitches. The “can” is slowly closing and giving me the support I need. Please read all the information before buying the Tesla. It tells you so much. The best part of the “can” is we are all detoxing regularly. It is very important to remove all the “garbage ” we are breathing and eating. I have also found that cilantro is very good at removing the metal in our bodies. I eat it fresh daily. About 10-15 pieces. Also try this for covid or for protecting you from Covid. It is called TRY/BLUE. Both of these products were suggested to me by Shari Raye. FANTASTIC. So much on the internet about detoxing and helping you with pain. Also I want to pass this along for Autism. One dose of SURAMIN has been around for almost a 100 years given to kids will have them speaking in sentences within 9 hours. The doctor’s name is DR. SILVIA THEOS. Forwarded from LooPrM(MRPOOL)DIGS’. Very sorry for this lengthy comment. So much more. I have been following the Military and Trump for over a year. Much love and faith to all of you. Stay STRONG !!

    • I just found your website (8/29/22). I’ve been awake for 2 1/2 years-Right after the US elections were stolen. I too am awake while my family and friends s l o w l y awake from their deep slumber here in socialist NY. I recall my shock and disgust upon learning about the tunnels,the satanic abuses against children/humans, frazzledrip, historical lies, etc. I do believe even with the slow drips and EBS it will be quite shocking. I feel like I’m living a double life, one in the matrix and one in reality. My family and friends still believe MSM lies- If it’s in the news/newspapers, then it’s true. I’ve almost given up on trying to convince them otherwise. Now, and then, I will slip something in like today I told my husband and mother that President Trump will be arrested soon based on bs espionage charges. I want to tell them something that has not happened yet so when it is in the MSM news I will be believed. It’s so hard to know what is really going on and watch how the sleepy sheepies take in every lie! However, I understand you just can’t hit them with all the truths at once. I pray all the time for this horror show to end already! Thank you for letting me vent!

      • You are more than welcome to vent! There comes a time when each of us need to do the same. Once you see, you can’t unsee! It then becomes amazing that others can’t see what you are seeing.
        Yes we live in strange but exciting times… we look forward to a different world while others panic over stuff we know isn’t even true.
        Thank you Linda for sharing what most of us are feeling and putting into words.

    • wow, so how is it that people put their faith blindly in greedy men an not God who created you and is the source of all true healing? You do realize that the Tesla biohealer junk is just another manipulative greedy scammer now utilizing your distrust of mainstream medicine/ healthcare to bastardize alternative healthcare for their gain, right? You have just bought another flavor of poison! Anyone asked what exactly is in the tin can? “Life Force Energy” is not an answer. God can not be contained in a tiny tin can, seriously?! The air we breath can not be contained in a tin can. Biophotons, the supposed science these quacks are claiming are in these cans/ beds are created by DNA in cells of LIVING beings, so would someone like to explain how there are living beings inside a sealed tin can that can create an exponentially more amount of so called “life force” than the ocean?! or you, for that matter? You are living. These cans are not. Putting your faith in dead lies will get you nowhere fast. These “devices” have not healed anyone, are not FDA approved (registered just means they filed a patent but no investigation to efficacy was done), and are making these evil “inventors” rich (Liu is prob funding the chinese govt with your help so they can enslave you soon) while dying people desperately give their money away… money that should go to their children and grandchildren to better their lives. These men have not presented any logical scientific evidence/ backing for their claims and use disclaimers all over their products and marketing to get away with their scamming; playing God is a risky business… Let the universal life force law of karma, God’s will, be done! Health Wealth Happiness ARE your birthrights FROM GOD!!! Not tin cans and evil manipulative greedy men!

  4. Dear Marilyn,
    Once again, I want to thank you for your articles. Also, your excellent writing style makes them easy to share to others that may be less informed/awake as I am. You are a blessing to so many

  5. Hi Maryilyn,

    It’s been some time since I last wrote you. I have great faith, but also great sadness. You are a voice of reason/sanity in all that is occurring in our world. As I believe I have shared previously, my wife/partner of almost 40 years has been distancing herself from me, due to my perceptions/awareness of world events. Your operation Wake Up post is spot on. There are other issues in her eyes, of course, but forgiveness is pretty simple with all considered. Yes, I’m awake and she is not. She is a regular MSM viewer, which means there is nothing I can say/do, but continue to watch us be more and more separate. You are no more privy to top intelligence data than I, but I will ask. When, When can news of the evil of the world be shared? A day, a week, years? I understand how some will go nuts, but those of us awake are going nuts with all of the division between people. When? It’s so hard.

    • Hi Greg, good to hear from you again!
      I really feel for you… it’s a very difficult situation many of us find ourselves in.
      How long will it be? I wish I could tell you tomorrow! But I can’t. All I can say is that I believe it will be very soon… hopefully within weeks, not years!
      It will not be a good time even though we are all hanging out for it to happen. What we have learnt over many years they will begin to hear about within days.
      Just don’t give up mate! Keep the faith. We all need to be keeping the faith together, or keeping the energy levels high. It’s really important that we do.
      One day this nightmare many are experiencing will be over.

    • Hi Greg,
      I am experiencing the same thing with my husband. I’m 65, he’s 61, we’ve been married for 34 years. I could copy and paste your story and title it “My Most Recent Year With My Husband.” It was have something to do with being willing to think forvyourself, or maybe how badly brainwashed one had been. We are noth born again christians, but there are differences in christians as well. I do think our level of spirituality is relevant too in all this. I have been reading, reading and sharing to close relatives, about 8. Of course my husband is excluded from this. He gets angry when I reply to his comments about the latest absurdity he saw on Fox News. Believes nothing I have learned. Main reason? Because it’s on the Internet. Yes, he’s pretty brainwashed. He’s got it backwards. I have learned ed much since God jerked me awake the day after the election. It wasn’t just a mental awareness, it was spiritual, and I took offvrunning, and Hecshowed me where to look and who to believe and who not.

      • Hi Nancy,

        I just found your message. Sorry it took me so long. I am trying so hard to maintain with all that is going on as I have shared a few times with Maryilyn. I’m so weary and aware. There is so much division in the world. I believe and have learned of many horrible things that have been occurring for so long. I questioned myself, but I kept confirming it over and over. Still, I think to myself, how could this be. My wife and I continue, but I don’t know how much more I can take with things at a standstill. She continues to be highly irritated with me for not taking the vaccine. I started to share a little of what I believed/learned, which lasted a few seconds. She regularly takes in MSM, which I struggle with. WHen can this be destroyed, or taken out for all that they share that is so wrong?

  6. Hi i live in Albury New South Wales Australia closest main city would be Melbourne second Sydney have a lot of friends that have taken the jab in including a female that i have a sexual relationship with but i am not vaccinated , just read a post that 2 b people are dying the next 12 months should i be worried and a miracle would save us guess med beds would do it?
    love and light

    • Hi Claudio,
      They are saying that a lot of people will die because of the j/a/b/s because of the blood clots etc. I can’t tell you if it will really be this way or not.
      If you have not been experiencing any shedding from your partner, that’s a good thing but many do have a bad time.
      The med beds are supposed to be able to help with this situation.
      Wonderful to hear from fellow Aussies!

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