How To Understand The Evil Plan Versus The Alliance

How to understand the evil plan versus the Alliance’s plan. To explain, I’ve used one of my Telegram member’s comments. She was venting at the time which is sometimes really good to do. From it I created the following headings:

This government must be removed…

Let us take a look at the reality. The government referred to here is the United States, and it’s the current government she’s referring to… in which J/oe B/iden is the sitting ‘president’.

As for him, we are to believe that the real JB was ‘dealt with’ last year, or maybe earlier. The JB we see now is made up of three different actors wearing masks. Such a strange man don’t you think? Really, when you realise it’s a part being played out, it can be quite funny. Many examples of strange happenings that make you go “Hmmm…’!

That’s exactly what it’s designed to do. To make you and everyone else ask questions. Surely no sitting president would really carry on like this!

Sometimes it’s not more than CGI to make it look like he’s doing certain things. We are really so easily fooled aren’t we.

As we are sitting here reading this, this government and every other government around the world, is being dismantled. Can’t happen too soon!

Trump won, we know it!

Yes of-course he did, and guess what… he has always been there. He’s there right now carrying on official business like always, behind the scenes.

The election was a trap! The De/ep St/ate took the bait, hook, line and sinker! Tru/mp caught the swamp! As it drained, more and more creatures were revealed!

SB and others – forwarded by James Jarvis

It had to be done this way. All the evil plan will be revealed in time to come.

We are being reminded to stay calm and allow what has to be done, to be done.

I really feel the vaccines were part of the election steal

Yes, and I personally wonder about that… really, I think it goes a whole lot deeper. The ‘election steal’ was planned as part of what had to happen.

You see, although this all goes far, far deeper than any of us can comprehend, the Alliance needed Trump to ‘step aside’ and allow JB to pretend to carry out the official business. One day we will catch on to why.

If President Trump had told the masses of what a presidency would be like under such evil, and had come in to fix itl, he would have been looked upon as a dictator. No, the people had to see and experience the pain.

All what is happening is certainly causing much pain… right down to the loss of loved ones to a bio-weapon jab. Such terrible pain.

But, as people feel the pain they are rising up against it. This is exactly what the Alliance need and want… first for us to catch on to what is going on and secondly, to rise up and say NO MORE!

Reduce the population to reduce support for Trump while opening borders

I believe it’s more than that! The D/eep S/tate planned this very evil plan a long time ago. What they intended was almost total depopulation to around 500,000 only remaining. Those ‘lucky’ ones were to be their robotic slaves to attend to their every need.

This is why they ‘released a so-called virus’ to convince the masses the only way to get back to normal was to take the ‘jab’ which is the bio-weapon. It works not only on those who take the jab, but passes on through shedding to the unvaccinated.

Remember always, it is NOT a vaccine. That’s just what they are calling it because over the years they have taught us all to believe in the principle of vaccines. We think they protect us… as they laugh behind their hands!

Fauci lying

Next time you see F/auci up there lying to the world, remind yourself of this. It’s not him! He’s gone! Check out photos you find online of what the real F/auci looked like, compared to how this one now looks. Come on!

Once again, it’s an actor wearing a ‘similar’ F/auci mask… but somehow they got bits and pieces wrong… strange about that. Do you think once again it’s a deliberate act to cause us ask questions?

So if he’s an actor, he’s simply reading from a prepared script. When he leaves, he takes off the mask and lives his normal life. These guys go through wearing ankle bracelets and moon boots so we all think they are the real thing. All they have to do is take off their mask and jewelry and go home, while we are left to believe they have arrested them and taken them away.

High gas & grocery prices

Part of the pain we are all to experience. This is how life would have looked under the corrupt governments of the future, if they were allowed to continue their evil plan.

At this point in time, they’re doing and saying whatever they are told to. They are all under Alliance control.

Did you hear that? Alliance Control!

Yes, we are left paying the high prices… but it’s just for a time. Sometimes it’s hard to comprehend why they have them saying and doing what they do… we don’t understand because we only know the tiniest bit. Those that see the whole picture know why they’re doing it this way.

Apparently it has to be done this way. It’s because they need to keep the narrative going so they can continue to grab all the rest of the swamp creatures lurking around in the murky depths. It’s as they scrape the bottom getting rid of all that sludge they pull out the last of them.

We see prices rising as ship loads of various foodstuffs lies rotting on the ships moored outside the ports. Remember President Trump wrote an Executive Order that prevented trade with any country found to have interfered in the election. This is what we are seeing right now.

It’s about life & death, about freedom

Yes, that about sums it up! Life and death! Good versus evil. God versus the devil.

God has chosen an Alliance to lead the battle between good and evil. They are carrying out His work, while we… the digital soldiers keep posting and sharing with everything we have.

Once they have completely cleaned out the swamp, they can then allow it to fill again with fresh, clear running water. Oh, it will be a beautiful place. Gorgeous white sand and azure blue water. How different it will be from the black ooze of the swamp! Let your imagination go as you visualize such an amazing place.

It will be freedom unlike we have ever known. To this point in our lives, we have only ever known slavery, even when we thought we were free.

They stole the election and they are stealing our lives..

That was completely their intention… to steal our lives. These cruel and evil people who have been in control of the world for a very long time have no love in their hearts for any of us.

All they see are people they can use to further their own desires.

They want to kill us.. 🥺💔. They are killing America..

Yes, they certainly do want to kill us… they have a very evil plan! They would remove us off this earth without giving it a second thought. We are nothing in their sight.

They are certainly aiming to kill America, but not only them, all countries worldwide.

Meanwhile they have their plans of escape in the underground where they figured they could live out their lives until it became safe to come to the surface again.

See, they even act like slimy swamp creatures slithering around in the muck! All their preparation plans being carried out, out of our sight. They’ve been preparing for many, many years… the cities underground.

The evil plant spelled out

Remain calm… try not to stress

This sometimes can be very hard to do. If you have lost a loved one for example, through the the jab, it becomes inconceivable to you that we are living through a period of necessary hardship.

We are praying for a quick end… that we come out of this tunnel of horrors and into the light very soon. Good people care about other people.

The Alliance and the White Hats would bring it all to an end this very moment, if they only could. Of-course, we do understand they are dredging out the swamp so thoroughly that there is NO WAY any of those evil creatures remain. If they were to remain, even just a few, they are so evil that they would in time rise up again and the world could be revisited again like it is at present.

No, they all have to go.

I am being encouraged to believe that we truly are nearly there. Any day now. But if it’s weeks, or even a few months, we have to continue to trust God, open our eyes and rise up against the tyranny we are experiencing. God is in total control.

One day soon, it will all become clear to us. We will see the evil plan totally destroyed and enjoy a whole new world.



  1. Uh… I don’t see the connection of the above to the navigation bar “Body Doubles – Clones”?

    Nevertheless, just type the words “dopplegangers contest” on Utube. It’s fascinating.

    Also search: Identical Quadruplets. Adorable.

    • Hi again!
      Well it’s there! If you look under ‘Fau/ci lying” you can see where I talk about this particular thing.
      Yes, there is also the possibility of using look-alikes. For example, they used a look-alike for HC where she was a good 30 cm/1 foot shorter than the real one. It was a bit of a laugh really. Either that, or it was a short actor wearing a mask. Who’d know!!!

  2. Well done for posting up to date Nesara / Gesara and keep up the good works Marilyn. Im from Adelaide (Australia). As I understand these corrupt pollies wont get away lightly when Nuremberg Trial 2 coming up in 2022 but no date set yet and is this really happening that Hollywood been removed too due to sick Andrenochome

    • Hi Tone,
      So good to hear from any fellow Aussies! Thank you for contacting me.
      You are quite right… there are a lot of people who need to get down on their repenting knees otherwise their future is not good.
      It will be interesting, and hopefully not too shocking for us all, when it finally comes out.

  3. Wonderful indeed. This is refreshing. My question is that, is the top apex gone? Black Pope, white Pope, grey Pope? Because these are the rulers of this global evil cabal.

    • Hi CNRMO, The rulers of the world under satan himself, were the 13 bloodline families. I believe the Grey Pope headed them up, although there seems to be some discrepancy between the Black Pope and the Grey Pope. Actually it doesn’t matter either way, to my knowledge they have all been removed. The Alliance took them out as one of their first moves to clean up this earth… you can read about it here:
      Many of the Ca/bal have already been removed and what we are now seeing are actors playing out their role. Apparently this is to allow the Alliance to dig out all the rest of the lower Ca/bal members.

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