Now Why Don’t Sleepers Wake Up As Obvious Exposed?

Trumpet blasts

I have decided to address the fact of why don’t the sleepers wake up even though everything is so darned obvious to us. This is a question I’m often asked.

What we see in front of us (the awake) is like thunderous trumpet blasts, but still they (the sleepers) sleep on!

Have you ever heard trumpet blasts that can only be heard by a few?

  • In a theatre… can it be heard only by some?
  • Over in the park… can only a few hear it?
  • On a stadium… do most fail to hear?


Doesn’t happen!

The reality is that as trumpet blasts go out, unless you are deaf, you hear it! Everyone does! Actually even the deaf would know because they’d feel it in their feet.

So why don’t the sleepers wake up?

It’s so obvious, we say… why can’t they see?

For whatever reason, it appears they were not called by God to participate in this great battle.

We were.

Clues are being dropped everywhere!

Not a day goes by that we don’t read something, or see a meme, or watch a video, that there are not massive clues being dropped. We see it and can’t understand why the sleepers don’t wake. The awake want to pull out their hair in frustration.

We shake our heads in disbelief when what is so obvious to us goes straight over the sleepers heads… wake up, we cry!

Yes, we all want this over and done with… absolutely! We so look forward to ‘the other side’… but nevertheless you know, there is work still to be done.

Just looking at the strange masks many are wearing should be sufficient, but no… they can’t see it. And that’s just one of countless clues!

God is always right!

The Bible talks of the seven angels who were given seven trumpets. So there will be seven trumpet blasts. All symbolic language of-course.

And I saw the seven angels which stood before God; and to them were given seven trumpets.

Revelation 8:2

Let’s back up a little…

The angels have always known about the horrors that were going on secretly in our world, but they were instructed by God to keep it from us until the right time had come.

We don’t fully comprehend why God had to wait thousands of years for ‘the right time’, but what we do know is that the right time is now and God is always right!

Maybe God had to wait until He had enough people willing to stand up and fight.

We, the awake, have the Mark of God

Before the angels could begin their trumpet blasts, they were instructed to make sure all the ‘servants of God’ were sealed in their foreheads.

What is the ‘Mark of the Lamb?’

These servants come from every walk of life. This is described by the fact the Bible says they came from the 12 tribes who had been scattered all over the earth.

Do you know that this represents us? We are the ones who have received the seal in our foreheads.

Do I hear you complaining you can’t see the seal?

No, we can’t see it, but it’s really there. Those who have woken up have been marked by God to be part of this massive battle/war against the evil ones.

There’s not much talk about this particular mark although we hear so much about the ‘Mark of the Beast’. Strange really.

This battle is the Battle of Armageddon

Along the way, many ‘truthers’ have dropped by the roadside. These people pretended to be ‘on our side’ but eventually they were exposed. I’m sure this will continue to happen as the truth makes its way up before the light.

If you have been interpreting Armageddon as a battle being fought out on a piece of land somewhere, I encourage you to go look again. You will need God to reveal it to you.

– a final war between good and evil at the end of the world, as described in the Bible
– an event of great destruction

Cambridge Dictionary

It’s interesting that while many are awake, they together with the sleepers, are waiting for certain events to happen before the final battle occurs. Meanwhile, the Battle of Armageddon is well on the way.

It’s not a battle between countries, it’s a battle between, what we refer to, as ‘good and evil’.

There are ‘good’ people and ‘evil’ people in every country of the world. The word ‘good’ refers to those who follow God, or at least have a heart for Him, while the ‘evil’ people are those who follow Satan. So ultimately, the battle is between God and Satan.

Some could argue with me on this point.

10 As the Scriptures say,

“No one is righteous—
    not even one.

Romans 3:10

I know. I know. When using the word ‘good’ I’m referring to those who have not sold their souls out to the devil. I’m not talking about whether people are righteous before God.

The great destruction is not on us! This destruction is us destroying the evil ones. Yes, they have tried to destroy us but we are the ones who will ultimately destroy them.

Trumpet blasts are symbolic

Fortunately, we know the end from the beginning because our gracious God has given the happenings to us in His Book. We are coming through into a glorious place. In time we will look back on this dark time and only remember how we all played a part in rooting out the enemy. We will rejoice!

In fact, we are told in Revelation that we shall all have a certain song:

…. No one could learn the song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed from the earth.

Revelation 14:3

Can you imagine us all with our own special song?

No-one has been able to interpret the Book of Revelation because it’s remained sealed. Sealed from the eyes of our enemy.

Now, because the right time has come and it’s way too late for the N/W/O to matter that they can comprehend. Yay! It’s surely got them on the run, though many of them were arrested and taken away during White Hat Sting Operations, before they had a chance to know what was going on!

So, it’s no longer sealed… it’s there for us all to read and interpret as it lines up with exactly what we’re seeing in this day. It’s not above our ability to comprehend because we can see everything that book describes being played out before us.

If only the non awake sleepers would go read the Book so they could wake up!

Of-course, these last days are mentioned in many books of the Bible, not only in the Revelation.

It’s been given to us in a symbolic language, and I believe that was because God was not necessarily keeping it from us, but from the enemy!

Now we need to know, as this is the time!

Don’t ever be fooled… our enemies know the Bible, even what is in books from other religious groups.

So who are fighting in this mighty battle endeavouring to wake up the sleepers?

The digital soldiers, as we have come to realise, one way and another, what the enemy has been involved in since… forever. It sickens us to our stomachs, so therefore we do whatever we can to alert others to come join us in the battle.

The servants of the living God (also referred to in the Book of Revelation as the 144,000 – not an actual number but representative) have been given a very important job to do. We have all been called to fight the good fight of faith and see the enemy destroyed.

Fortunately, we know how this battle ends because we’ve read the Revelation given to us by John. But it doesn’t mean we can sit back and take it easy. No way! This battle takes us all!

Some have created channels on Social Media. Others create their own websites and share to their following. With all the videos, posts and memes you can muster, the information has been spread far and wide.

Think of men like the late Dr Rashid Buttar who spoke out so fearlessly. Still a relatively young man with his life snuffed out. I must confess, I’m still hoping to hear he was taken into witness protection. Only time will tell.

But, let us not take anything away from the Worldwide Military Alliance who are physically going to war against the evil ones. These men and women risk losing their lives, as many have done, throughout this dreadful battle.

When you responded to the angel tap on your shoulder, why didn’t the other sleepers wake up?

If a trumpet blasted out over a city during the night, not everyone would wake up. In fact, really only a few would wake up.

If a train rumbled by and blew its horn… most would continue sleeping.

When a fierce storm blows its fury during the night, many people don’t know anything about it until they see evidence the next morning.

Not everyone wakes up.

When the trumpet blast went out, symbolically speaking, the blast went out to everyone to wake up. Everyone had the same chance, but only a certain number snapped to attention.

Are you the only one in your family?

Fortunately, many husbands and wives have woken up together, but it isn’t always the case. I speak with many folk who have their whole immediate family against them. They feel so alone. Why were they the only one to respond? Why does it come across as obvious to them, but their family members can’t see it?

But they are not alone. People from all over the world heard that trumpet blast go out, while the vast majority stayed fast asleep.

But you must never forget, if you are the only one in your family who seems to comprehend what is going on, you are one of a very special group of people, called by God.

Yes, others can join us at any time, and are most welcome. We need every single person to come and join with us in the battle to end all battles.

I can’t tell you why it was you who woke up and not your partner. Why you are the only member in your family who can see, I cannot say. Apart from the fact that you were chosen by God for this time.

Yes, even you, whoever you are. If you are reading this post and have some idea of what the war is about, you have been chosen to join in the fight. Whether you woke up right at the first, or only just woke up last night. It doesn’t matter… you are being called.

Do whatever you can to spread what you have learned. It will not always be easy. Family members can be some of the worst as they need to hear what you’re saying from the television before they can or will believe.

We’ve all found it a tough journey, but that’s the way it is

We keep hearing about the EBS (EAS) coming out. Yes, we expected it to come out long ago and here we are all still waiting. All I can say is that it’s a lot closer than it was before. 🙂

But, when we are all sitting in front of our TV’s watching the explanations coming out, you (that is, you who did wake up) will be in great need to aid the previous sleepers.

People are going to say:



How come?

Together with a million other questions.

Some may be very upset, especially as it begins to dawn on them the reality of it all.

We will be required to remain calm. We need to try and comprehend what it must be like for them. You and I have woken up gradually, they will be getting all this information over just a number of days. Maybe 10 days, they tell us.

Saying “I told you so” will not cut it, no matter how tempted you are. Being loving and understanding is what will win. We are all in this together.

Seven text messages from Tru/mp

It is believed that we are to receive seven messages from DJT before our phones become disabled. Here is a message found on Telegram:

Seven trumpet blasts in the Revelation… seven messages from DJT?? Interesting. 🙂

So, whether you heard the trumpet blasts years ago, or have only just come to the realisation, spread the news. Many say it’s already too late for more sleepers to wake up, but truly, don’t give up trying.



  1. Marilyn, I love your site, obviously. May I have permission to post excerpts from your website in some of my Twitter/X replies? I’ll make sure to provide your links along with disclaimers to the effect that this is an excerpt from (link here). I won’t plagiarize like someone else I won’t mention (President Biden) without you knowing it, lol. But seriously, it won’t be very often, but sometimes people are so hung up with the minutiae they can’t see the forest for the trees and you give such a wonderful explanation of the BIG picture and how things effect us within this context. It seems there are many who are shouting “the front door is on fire” when it should be “The house is burning down!”

  2. In my opinion, the biggest reason why sleepers won’t wake up is that they don’t read the articles that truthers put out. 99% of the people I know aren’t on social media so Twitter posts, TikTok, Telegram all go unnoticed. The only thing they listen to is the news on MSM. If they DO hear or read disclosure, it’s immediately brushed off as conspiracy theories (which many of the “fact checking” sites are quick to discredit or basically confirm as fake news).

    Regarding the predictions of EBS, internet/power down, etc… I think there’s a lot of fear mongering going on there to create drama. Think about it logically. If the internet goes down, all commerce stops and businesses suffer. All communications go down and this creates mass panic (despite what might be broadcast on their phones or TV re: EBS). No power? Traffic lights not working/accidents/traffic chaos. All businesses and offices are rendered non-operational. Think of all the food spoilage in grocery stores, restaurants, residential homes. People can’t cook and eat properly. Hospitals couldn’t function, people would die. It’s just NOT a realistic scenario. The consequences of such drastic measures are endless. Unless the switch over to Tesla/Starlink can be done within a matter of hours, this simply won’t happen. Also, I HIGHLY doubt that the energy companies are willing to go from ripping us off to not making any money overnight. The transition has to be gradual to allow people to adapt. I wish it would happen overnight 180degree change but there’s too much red tape built into our society for this to happen overnight.

    Lastly, this is not God’s battle and it’s not in “God’s hands”. This battle is in the hands of humanity. ONLY humanity can save itself and move forward. If humanity doesn’t learn, no amount of saving will make a lick of difference. People will repeat the same mistakes, old ingrained beliefs will perpetuate and we’ll be right back where we left off. People have to stand up against the corruption and stop complying and feeding the “system”. Sitting back and waiting for some external entity is not going to cut it. People need to reclaim their power and stand up for what’s right – otherwise they will continue being victims. Complacency will get us nowhere.

    • In my opinion, the biggest reason why sleepers won’t wake up: I totally agree. I sent information to my family members that I felt was quite legitimate, but the refusal to read was strong!
      Regarding the predictions of EBS: I hear everything you are saying, for sure… but I think it’s going to take something as major as that to wake up the sleepers. I believe those in charge, and in control, would realise all the things you pointed out. They would have something in place to cover every possible scenario. I’m also sure, that if it turns out they can find a better way, they will do that. If it would be better to be long and slow, I believe they will take that route, but meanwhile… many will die. They will have to choose the best of a number of bad ways, in my opinion.
      Lastly, this is not God’s battle and it’s not in “God’s hands”: In this I totally disagree! But at the same time, I agree with you! 🙂 The point is… I have no doubt that God is in charge and leading the battle, but He always works through people. He doesn’t do it for us. Yes, we have to stand against the corruption and stop complying… 100%. Sitting back waiting for God to do it will never cut it, instead, we need to tune into Him so that each and all of us are doing our part.
      Thank you for your thoughts.

      • The bottom line is that none of us really know how this will play out, except for a small few who are “in the know” (Military? Alliance? who knows? Even the higher ups in the military are on a “need to know” basis and most are clueless to the “Plan”)

        When all this is said and done, I think the biggest “problem” the world will have is that nobody (as in the every day person) will ever trust any authority figure ever again. Not government, not institutions, hospitals, doctors, military, state officials, letter agencies, legal systems, media, high tech, corporations, food suppliers, NOBODY. And that’s going to be a whole new battle for them. They’re digging their own graves by dragging things out and allowing people to suffer and die.

        Meanwhile I continue to do my part silently…

        • I hear you Lightworker! What I believe is that it’s taking this long because the job is SO huge. Every part of society, in every country, all needed to be taken apart… at the same time! I tell you what… I wouldn’t like to have to see to that!
          I’m so glad that God is in control of it and because of that, it will come to pass.
          Maybe what people need to realise is to not follow blindly ‘authoritive figures’ as they have done before. They need to learn to think for themselves and trust their intuition. So with this in mind, I’m not so sure it will take as long as we think it may.

  3. As always, this is really beautifully written. And yes, all bad things will come to an end. Good knows the difference between good and evil, while evil doesn’t care or doesn’t know. Good is light and healing, while evil is darkness and destruction. That’s why good will always win and already won. And more good news, more and more sleepers are awakening to the truths of our world:

  4. I have learned to expect that most people are not on the same wavelength as me; therefore, I no longer drive myself nuts with frustration over it. I have no hard feelings. Arriving at this stage has taken years, though.

  5. Dear Marilyn –
    I have the most beautiful, caring, responsible son in the world. He’s the same as a parent, provider and husband to his beautiful wife and children. He’s most thoughtful towards others and takes his responsible teaching job very seriously.
    But he’s a humanist; God is not part of his vocabulary, but merely a nice ‘tribal’ myth… This is very hard for me to write. He only believes in ones own abilities to succeed and would never give credit or thanks to a higher power. Lord of the rings is more important than Jesus Christ. Regarding the subject matter you’re currently on, I cannot open my mouth about anything but what the MSM espouses. I am a poor ‘deluded’ old man (respected though).
    I have gone wrong somewhere along the way and am paying for it now. Knowing that you are a firm believer in the Lord, please ask Him for mercy on my son and his…
    Your choosing this subject is most applicable at the moment and surely touches many, many people. Thank you Marilyn for being here for all of us.

    • Hi Gene… your comments have really touched my heart. Thank you for your honesty in sharing with us.
      I’m not so certain it has anything to do with going wrong along the way. Most of us are experiencing difficulties sharing with our young or our elderly. It’s just all so foreign to them. Particularly the young who live quite comfortably within their own little bubble. Their computer freezing and causing problems is just SO frustrating and so upsetting!
      A day is coming dear Gene, where the Bible says ‘every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! Whether they like it or not, it’s well on the way to that time.
      Just remember, your son and his children are not your responsibility… they are God’s. I often remind the Lord that a particular battle is His and not mine. My part is to stand in faith believing. Yes, speak when an opening arrives, but no matter what you are facing, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord!
      I will certainly be praying for you as the Lord prompts me to.
      I appreciate your kind words, that’s for sure.

  6. Hi Marilyn,

    Me again, though it’s been a little while. In my family of 4, I’m the only one who knows. I’ve tried to talk about things, but it simply created great grief/trouble. I’ve bitten my tongue for some time. In my many prayers, I believe God said, “Keep your mouth closed, I’ve got this.” As someone has said, sometimes you can’t tell people the truth, you have to show them. I don’t know if relationships will ever be restored, though the truth is the truth. It pains me greatly thinking about this . I was simply trying to take care of my family because of what I know that they don’t know. All of the talking simply lead to anger w/o resolution. The MSM news shows continue to spew so much false information, as in “conspiracy theorists,” “white supremacist,” “MAGA racists,””get your vaccination,” etc. So much ridiculous information, which fuels great division among all the people. This is what has been occurring for so long, which has been a part of their plan.

    Though I voted for Trump twice, I knew none of all that was so bad until January/February of 2021. I then fought depression/sadness/great frustration upon beginning to learn what has been occurring for so long. Thank you to the digital journalists out there telling the stories/giving information to the people. It truly is good vs. evil and it has simply been a matter of infiltration over a long period of time, little by little. Based on all I know the US does not need any more democrats, or republicans. We need Americans!

    I’ve taken in several videos of Dr Rashid Buttar. He was brutally honest with what he believes is happening. I’m really scared about this. Prayers continue. I hope he has been taken to a secure location, rather than being a victim. I do believe good people have been taken out because of all that is so bad. I wonder if I should be doing more myself, but I don’t know what that would be. I’ve shared with a few people cautiously what I know. I have made a difference for some. I agree that when the EAS occurs, you can’t walk around saying I told you so. All that is occurring is so massive across the world.

    I will continue to stand as strong as I can. There is a triune God and I will continue in faith and with my prayers.


    • How wonderful you have heard the Lord say those words to you. Yes, I believe He’s been busy saying those same words to many of us. How annoying it is to me to hear someone go on and on about the dreadful ‘c/o/v/ v/i/r/u/s’ and how careful you have to be… blah, blah, blah, blah! To sit and listen is very hard to do at times, but unless the Lord opens your mouth…
      Once the EBS / EAS goes forth they will learn what you tried to tell them. Pray that you will handle it all as God wants you to.
      There is much negativity around as people share the potential of what could happen to a great many people. None of us know what may be floating around inside of us, as the jabaroos were only a part of it. BUT we have God! How many times in the Word did He tell us to ‘fear not!’. No matter what… we need to ‘fear not’!
      You are strong. Gosh, you’ve come this far so you can run the rest of the race.
      Always remember, the battle is the Lord’s… not ours! We wouldn’t know where to begin to deal with something this big… but God can/is doing it with nothing more than a flick of His fingernail.
      That’s our God!!!
      Bless you for sharing with us again. Any who read will relate to what you’ve said. We need always to stand together and encourage each other. Bless you!

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