Communism Or Democracy – Make The Choice – Stand Up NOW!


Communism or Democracy! Many people have no idea we are in the Third World War. Many are lost is the smog of the smokescreen that’s wafting around in every country, hiding the reality of what is really happening.

It’s not just communism that’s trying to grip the world in it’s ugly tentacles, but the cruel taskmasters of the One World Government and ultimately, the New World Order.

Although it’s potentially frightening, there is really good news. Read on, and be encouraged.

I watched a video by Tabitha, a Queensland nurse, unfortunately, I don’t know her last name. She speaks a lot of truth, and… she speaks from experience:

Begin Tabitha’s part transcript…

Because I did not comply

… from the 15th December I will no longer have a job, so now both my husband and I now we both don’t have jobs! Both of us!

I’ve been a nurse for 22 years and I enjoy my work and everything I do, but basically because I didn’t want to comply with the directives, I was told today I can no longer work.

Are we a democracy?

So this is the problem with what’s happening in our country. People think that this is democracy but it’s really not. During democracy people have the right to choose and in a democracy, the rights of an individual are respected and not violated! Basically now, both my husband and I we don’t have the right to earn an income, so how can that be in a country like Australia?

How can you not be allowed to earn an income? Just because I have a different opinion! I have a different thought! And have a different idea of what I want to do with my own body! How can that be?

People laughed at me

When I put out those two videos at the start of last year, one was calling for Dan Andrews resignation, and the other one was to Scott Morrison… people were laughing at me and saying… ‘What are you talking about? There is no communism is Australia. Nothing is happening like that in Australia!’

We’ve come a long way since then, from two weeks of flattening the curve, and now two years later, both my husband and I are out of a job!

In Communism, no-one is allowed to be an individual

This is what communism does! The rights of an individual in communism are non existent! You don’t exist in communism! Basically, the government decides what’s best for a society and what they want to achieve, and everybody has to do that. If you don’t comply, tough luck! You know, that’s communism for you. Tough luck, if you don’t comply you can go starve to death, do whatever you want.

There is only one lot in communism, no-one is allowed to be an individual.

Basically, when I was living in Romania during communism, people were even told what kind of haircuts they were allowed to have! Everything is controlled during communism, and I’ve been trying to tell people this, that there is no way out, and people haven’t been listening.

Haha… what are you talking about?

At the start of last year when I put out those two videos, I did gain a lot of support, but some of my friends were saying ‘Oh Tabitha, we are laughing at you… what are you talking about, Australia is a democratic country?’

Really? Really? That’s why they are shooting the people in Melbourne who are protesting, with rubber bullets? That’s why both my husband and I have lost our jobs because it’s a democratic country? Really?

People are saying ‘We understand where you are coming from, but we’re thinking you might have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. You’ve been through communism and now you are just imagining it! You think it’s happening here.’

Well how come… I’m 42 years old and I left Romania when I was 18 years old, so how come for the past 24 years, 22 years, whatever it is, I never said that Australia is at risk of communism. I never said any of that.

How come I just get up one morning and decide to say ‘Hey, watch out Australia is at risk of becoming a communism country?

I didn’t go on about stuff like that, this was just last year. For a long time I didn’t even care about voting. I didn’t even care about politics, and all of a sudden last year, I became a political candidate… and everything because I saw the danger of what’s happening in this country. I was trying to help and do my best to turn things around.

Can’t see past the smokescreen!

It’s time for people to wake up! I mean, we don’t have much time left. This is only getting worse and worse, and I think what people are not understanding is that they can’t see past the smokescreen. There is a smokescreen of deception. People can’t see past it and they think OK, it’s all this virus and whatever, and I’m all on for that. I don’t want to talk about Co/vid and vac/cinations, that’s your personal choice, do whatever you want, but the danger is what’s behind this Co/vid. What else are they trying to do?

If now you can see that some of the things I said last year came true, I want to share a few more things this time and tell you that no matter how much you comply, you won’t be safe from communism.

Everybody suffers in communism. I’ve been through it myself and I’m telling you, everybody suffers in communism. Unless you are at the very top level, one of the elite’s than you might be spared, but even then, you’re not spared because you are basically selling your soul to the devil, so you’re not spared even then. But everybody suffers during communism.

Goals of the United Nations

So what happens is, well, here are the 17 goals of the United Nations, you can look it up, World Economic Forum, do a bit of research, this is what they want to do, OK?

  1. Welfare dependence. That’s why they are destroying all the businesses, they don’t care if people are unemployed,, they don’t care.
  2. Genetically modified food.
  3. Forced vaccination.
  4. Mass indoctrination, which you can see is clearly happening. The propaganda of lies, it’s terrible.
  5. Destroy the family.
  6. Rationing the water supply.
  7. Smart Grid surveillance.
  8. No property rights. So you think you are happy in communism if you’re not going to have any property rights? You think because you complied and took a vaccine it’s all over? This is far from being over. This is just getting started. Nothing is over. The agenda is still marching on, nothing is over.
  9. Slave labour.
  10. Communism.
  11. They want to have prison-like cities.
  12. One world currency.
  13. Energy rationing.
  14. Controlling wildlife.
  15. Controlling resources.
  16. Perpetual war.
  17. On/e Wo/rld Gov/ernment.
  18. N/ew Wo/rld Ord/er… which we keep hearing about. It’s already there, they are already saying it… just slipping it out. All the N/ew Wo/rld Orde/r, this and that. You already start hearing it.

The evil plan

This is what they are planning for us guys, and you can’t go saying just because I took a vaccine this is all going to go away! None of it is going away.

So every aspect of your life will be controlled by the government, every single aspect of your life.

Do you understand?

Everything you have will be taken away whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated; whether you are left-wing or right-wing, it does not matter.

The reason I’m putting out this video is because I’m trying and I’m hoping that people will wake up and see past the smokescreen. Because, we can’t do anything about it if we deny the truth. If we are constantly living in denial then we can’t do anything about it.

End part transcript…

They plot for evil… but God plans for good!

Marilyn’s thoughts

What you have just read is ‘their’ plans for the world… and it’s a reality. It’s wise that we have a comprehension of what their plans are, so that we can rise up against it and say… We Do Not Comply! We say NO!

There are few of them, around 3,000 billionaires, who want to own the entire world just for themselves. They want to own everything… the land, the water, the air, you name it, they want it.

These demons are against every single one of us. There is no love spared. Their greedy lust exceeds everything.


There is a God in heaven, and He has a plan!

He has organised His people here on earth to carry out that plan, and, we are right in the midst of it right now.

While there are around 3,000 of them, there are around seven billion of us! They may have the money, but we have God on our side.

The other good news is that most ALL of these people have already been taken down and dealt with. No, we hear very little about it at the moment, but we will. They are just waiting for the right time, God’s time, to bring out the exposure, the Great Reveal. It’s almost upon us.

Don’t be fooled by men and women running around wearing masks pretending to be someone they are not.

It’s just a matter of time…

Posted 18th January, 2021… it’s still coming…not long now…

Continue Tabitha’s transcript…

Acknowledge the truth!

So the first step to overcoming this and putting a stop to this evil agenda is acknowledging what is happening. It’s acknowledging the truth. You have to see past what’s happening… by this time it’s two years… they told us two weeks to flatten the curve!

It’s been two years now. People have lost their jobs. They have no more human rights.

Australia is no longer the Australia that you used to know, and that you used to love. So we need to wake up to the truth and acknowledge what is happening.

I’m not saying this to bring fear into your heart

I’m not saying this to bring fear into your heart. This is not about fear. I’m not afraid. I know that God is with me. I know that God will provide. I’m not afraid. If I was afraid I wouldn’t even be doing this video if I was afraid. God is with us no matter what happens and we know the final outcome. We know that satan is going to lose. This is the problem, he knows he’s going to lose! He knows he’s going to lose… he knows the Bible. He knows what’s happening and he’s getting really, really scared. That’s why evil is increasing in the world. He wants to do as much damage as he can before his time is up.

So I know that we have the victory, and I know we are on the winning side, one way or another, but it’s not helping anyone if we live in denial.

Maybe I’m preaching to the converted because a lot of my friends do know the truth, but I’m hoping that if you guys share this video, some of the other ones will wake up and acknowledge what is going on in this country, and once we realise what’s happening, the second most important thing is prayer.

The second most important thing is prayer

Just praying against the enemy and saying no! You have no authority in this country… no authority in this place. Jesus is King over Australia! This evil agenda will not succeed in Australia.

This is the kind of prayer we need to pray in unity as Christians, but how are we going to pray this prayer if we don’t acknowledge what is happening?

This is the problem… we first need to wake up to the truth before we can pray against what’s happening. After that, spending time in prayer is the most crucial thing.

And then after that, supporting everyone else who is fighting for freedom.

The Freedom Movement is great but we are still not united

One of the things that I keep on saying is that this freedom movement is great and it’s growing by the day. I’ve seen it grow. It’s amazing! Last year it was just a few people turning up for protests and now we have thousands and thousands of people turning up.

But the problem is that even within the freedom movement, we are still not united. I have been posting today about the fact that we can’t split the votes. When it comes to election day, we can’t split the votes. We have so many little minor parties that people are voting for. We don’t have a movement until we are united as a movement in who we are voting for. Because, if we split the votes into five or six, then we’ll have no chance of winning and we’ll be in the same position in the next election. Labour and Liberals will win again which are just two wings of the same socialist bar. To win this we need to unite together. That’s the most important thing is unity. If we’re not united we can’t win this.

We are one people. We are all wanting the same things, going to the freedom protests and whatever. I ask them, who are you voting for? Well, one is voting for One Nation, one is voting for United Australia party, one is voting for Australia One… or one is voting for a different one!

No more politics! Yay! Just genuine leadership

Let’s have just one party and win!

Well, we are not achieving anything and this is my concern… yes, we have started a movement but we need to be united in this movement if we want to win. I would say to all those parties, the leaders of those small parties that have popped up recently, it would be great if you guys really cared for this country at this crucial time, if you could just unite together and form a coalition because we don’t need a hundred different small minor parties, we need one party! One strong party that’s going to win because basically what happening is we are just dividing the votes, dividing our time, dividing our efforts, dividing the money that could be invested into the one party to do well, and confusing people with that many parties.

I’m challenging those leaders, either pull back out of the race because it’s better to have just one party than have so many, or join together. Drop your ego. Drop your self interests. Really care for what’s happening to this country and join together and let’s win this thing. Let’s all put in the effort and let’s win the next election and let’s bring democracy back to Australia.

But while we are still divided it’s difficult.

End part transcript…

More of Marilyn’s thoughts

I believe everything Tabitha is saying is absolutely true and correct. I hear her. But… yes, there is a but…

According to what I have heard, once Nesara/Gesara is instigated, ALL political parties of every kind will be asked to stand down… bar none!

If this is correct, we will have to start over and choose our government.

I do not believe the main parties such as Liberal, Labour or Greens will still be around to tell the story.

The whole set up will be so completely different that it’s hard to comprehend how it will be.

This is the same no matter which country… this is not just for Australia.

Watch Tabitha’s full video

I truly believed this video was worthy of being transcribed because what Tabitha is saying is true enough. I don’t know if she realises just how much has been going on behind the scenes though, but she does have her head screwed on the right way.

It’s people like Tabitha speaking out against the communism regime… the New World Order, who although they were once thought to have lost their marbles, time has proven the truth of what they are saying. Thank you Tabitha for being so brave and sharing with us all.


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