The Great Reveal – Are You Ready To Be Shocked?

The Great Reveal

Are you ready for the great reveal? I mean, really ready?

We have been waiting, waiting, waiting for the arrests to be made public. We’ve waited such a long time. There is no doubt about it, we are more than ready for those who have committed crimes against humanity to be dealt with.

But now, as names will gradually be released… in fact the trickle could easily become a flood… are we truly ready for what we are about to learn?

The Reveal will be great

This is where it all starts to be released to the general public… what we have been waiting ever so long for.

You will notice these news releases do not reveal exactly what’s been going on. We wouldn’t expect that from the msm. But we are led to believe all this is to do with Gesara being enacted around the world. The old corrupt governments have to come down and then new good governments will be elected by the people.

Netherlands Government Resigns After Benefit Scandal

New York Times

Estonian Government collapses over corruption investigation

The Guardian

Italy Government on Verge of Collapse as Renzi Party Quits


Kuwait Government resigns en masse in challenge for new emir

Middle East Monitor

These are just some of the strange, and apparently sudden happenings around the world right now. There are many more. Governments are resigning, stepping down or people are even jumping out of windows!

Why would they do that? I mean, all at the one time.

What’s happening?

What are they afraid of?

This is because those who have committed crimes against humanity are finding they have no-where to run to. The ‘head of the beast’ was cut off mid last year… the headless chickens have been running ever since. But now, they’re about to drop as the last drop of blood has drained from them.

The gooey, dripping sponge

We think to ourselves… why doesn’t President Trump just go in and wrap it up? They have all the evidence they need… we’ve been told that many times.

The truth is they are going after EVERYONE! They don’t want to leave a single swamp rat in the swamp, as history has taught us, they could breed and gradually rise up again.

So it’s like a huge sponge has been run through the muddy, sloppy, gooey, gunky swamp. The Alliance have been squeezing hard on it to find all those still slithering around at the base of it.

How many indictments are there?

How many indictments are there? I’ve heard several figures… 120,000… 193,000… 600,000! And, each indictment carries up to 99 names in each one!

It doesn’t really matter what the correct figure is. Maybe none of them are, but the long and the short of it is… there are a LOT!

Here you can view some of the main names as they happen:

Now is the time to begin to wrap it all up

This is the time when the people’s names will be revealed. The Alliance have been busy on this over the past few years, and now finally, it’s coming out into the open.

Bishops and Nuns dying everywhere because of Covid!

Well, (cough into hand)… this is the official narrative. Can you read between the lines?

Crimes committed by people from around the world are going to shock us… no matter how ‘prepared’ we think we are. It’s so sad really, but very necessary if this planet is going to be cleaned up.

The Lord God is so obviously directing this show, as alone, humans could not do this. It is far too big. It’s taken the combined effort of many good people around the world including President Trump, the Alliance of thousands, and the digital warriors, all of whom just refuse to give up.

So now, the Great Reveal has begun. It has to happen so the masses can understand exactly what we have been up against… so let’s get it over and done with.


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