Drain the Swamp Complete… Let the Good Times Role!

Drain the swamp

President Trump declared he would ‘Drain the Swamp’ and after a lot of very hard and dangerous work he, together with his incredible team, have done just that.

Disgusting Anti-Trump Memes

I see all kinds of memes and write-ups online, where people are saying ‘Ha, he said he would drain the swamp… but look at him now!’

I won’t post any of the images as I think they’re disgusting, but you see images of him drowning in dirty swamp water, or maybe just his hat left sitting on top.

These memes would have come about because the mainstream media continually pump out that President Trump is leaving the White House, so therefore they are now mocking him.

But, for anyone who has been doing any research at all, they know that President Trump is not leaving the White House, at least, not for another four years or so.

Update: We all believed that President Trump would be serving the next four years. All the evidence certainly pointed to that… but we didn’t comprehend the plan! At this point in time, President Trump is in total control of the military as the Commander in Chief. B/iden is the president of the old Corporation of the United States which is no longer in existence. He is playing out a role of stupidity, designed to wake people up. BTW, he is no more than an actor wearing a mask and saying what his script tells him to say! He’s good! Gives you a good laugh at times, or the creeps at other times. Sometimes he’s only CGI. The real B/iden is gone…

Arrests have already taken place

For those who only watch msm, they have no idea of the arrests of the dirty swamp rats that have taken place. But, inn the future, there will be a huge reveal. Many top and well-known names will be shown as being arrested and taken to Guantanamo Bay. I’m afraid, these names will shock the world!

In reality, these same people were all dealt with about the middle of last year. It has been kept quiet as many would be terribly upset to learn their favourite pop star, or movie actor/actress has had to be taken down for terrible crimes against humanity.

That can’t be true!

When I have mentioned this, I find people respond by saying… ‘But that can’t be true! I see them on television all the time!’

Unfortunately… it is true.

I cannot guarantee who or what you are seeing on TV, but many are saying they are clones. They could be, I’m not sure. Maybe they are body doubles. Other times they are no more than CGI (Computer Generated Images).

If you look carefully, it’s often quite easy to pick up that their ears are different… or another part. When you look at a ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture, you can see they just appear to be different. B]oris J]ohnson changed quite dramatically.

There was the one when B]iden was giving a rally speech (that no-one attended). There he was, making his points… when the camera switched to a side-on view… wait on, there was no-one there!

A lot of things go on and are shown in a different light owing to either photoshop or CGI. It’s so easy to be fooled.

In actual fact, there is a lot of technology around and in use these days that is way beyond what most of us understand. A lot of it has not been made public knowledge… for whatever reason.

‘Drain the Swamp’ has been accomplished

It’s more than time for the dirty, murky swamp to be cleaned out. I’m not sure that when President Trump went into the swamp he realised just how deep and far-reaching it was. I remember thinking he was referring to Washington DC, but it soon became apparent it was a world-wide swamp.

Heads of countries, or at least, those who have pretending to be the heads of countries and operating under the White Hats jurisdiction, will be now taken away.

Yes, the White Hats have been playing. Remember how B]iden fell asleep in the middle of an interview which earned him the nickname ‘Sleepy Joe’?

Update: The top people were dealt with but it’s taken time to gradually weed out all the rest of the minions… those who bow the knee to the top guys.

Each country will elect fresh new people to represent the people

Each country will then have someone put in place until true elections can take place. That person would have been chosen by President Trump, or maybe General Flynn or someone.

The new elections will be for each country to choose a member who will truly represent them, and will not be anything like the parties we have been experiencing. Should be a very interesting time.

Yes, it’s time to party! As we watch in awe as members that we have looked up to in our communities are taken away, we can be fully assured they will be replaced with good upstanding moral citizens. For too long, in fact, our entire life-time, we have been under the tyranny of these… I was going to call them people, but they don’t deserve to be called that!

While people have been complaining for the authorities to drain the swamp, it’s been accomplished right under their noses!

This is why you have to look beyond the fake news media who report nothing as it really is. What I am looking forward to is the fact that these people will also be taken down. So many of them have been anti-Trump and will not report anything good he ever does. They twist it to serve their own evil agenda… the NWO.

Many of these same people will be held accountable for treason… which carries the death penalty. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

We are moving into an incredible new quantum age. It will take a bit for you to get your head around how it’s all going to work, as it is for me.

I can only recommend that you research everything you can. You will need to open up your mind and be prepared to look at new information. Pray and ask for wisdom to come from God… He will show you… gradually as you can take it in.

Amazing Med-Beds – What Happens When They’re Released Next / This Year
Check out the new video by Jennifer Eason… worth watching and explains a lot.

The swamp has been drained and is complete… now for the Great Reveal… and then let the good times role!



  1. The truth will always seem unrealistic and hard to swallow. People who want proof of arrests, corruption throughout the world will always be the first to sling mud. These are usually people who never do their own research, don’t know where to start and believe everything that is in their comfort zone. The truth seekers and researchers are the crazies, the deluded ones, the conspiracy theorists. One day very soon I hope, the crazies will be seen as the normals, the ones who were brave enough to swallow that red pill and make their way down to that deep deep rabbit hole!

  2. Hi Marilyn. It is the greatest show on earth. I just want to double check with you and see if the list of all the deep state and celebrity were arrested and some were executed. Please confirm. The list of people that were confirmed dead was taken from the website called trumpeter – supporter of Trump.

    • Hi Berwin!
      I’ve seen that list as many of us have, but no, I cannot myself confirm it one way or another. I’ve heard others say, those who have contacts directly with military personnel etc, that it is true.
      I guess it’s the same with many things… until they are ready to to reveal these people, such as in the EBS (Emergency Broadcast System), or it is released to the news (for example Prince Phillip who is believed to have been ‘taken’ in 2020 but his death didn’t come out until 2021), we will just all have to patiently await the reveal.
      I agree with you… the greatest show on earth!

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