Charged Water With A Terahertz Wand For Better Health

charged water

This is part of a series I’ve been writing concerning the Terahertz Wand. The recommendation is that you drink two glasses of warm charged, (wanded, structured) water before you use it.

Today, we’ll take a look at how you do it.

You may be asking “What is charged/wanded/structured water?” so I’ll explain first.

Using the wand, you can charge the water which causes the clumping of water cells to separate. This allows the water molecules to absorb directly into the cells of the body.

Your level of hydration will vastly increase and these wonderful charged molecules of water will assist in the detoxification of your body. Your cellular functions will function at a much higher level too.

Drinking this charged water, especially warm, together with the use of the wand, enables your body to heal itself with some pretty amazing results.

Scientific Video explains

First up, because the water doesn’t actually look any different, can we be sure that there have been any changes made to it.

There is a good video that explains all the science behind it, but I don’t recommend you watch it unless you’ve got a scientific type brain. The main thing to realise is that the water has been charged and becomes more absorbable by your body.

Don’t bother watching unless your brain is geared towards scientific explanations

Just trying to keep it lighter and easier for you. 🙂

Water that is untainted potentially already holds its structure. High altitude glacial water may not need to be restructured. But it’s not too hard to imagine why water in general could use a real boost!

Testimony re Charged Water

I went to a talk on structured water last November by Harry Rhodes in Northamptonshire England & was so pleased I did.

He offered prick blood tests for the brave to see their own blood on screen, I was one of the participants & was shocked to see how sluggish my blood cells were, how dis-formed they were but most shocking I had small blood clots present. I then drank half a glass of structured water & re did the blood sample and boy what a difference, both red & white cells were plump, boy-ant & moving freely & rapidly & no sign at all of the clotting I’d seen a couple of hours before. Harry’s team we’re on hand to answer questions & I brought the simple kit to start structuring my water.

All my water firstly goes through a gravity fed filtration system, then I fill up my vortexer and spin the water for 60 seconds then pour it into a second vessel, the hydrogen cup where it charged for 3 mins, then it’s ready to drink.

My dogs only drink this water as does my parrot. My oldest dog, Horace is 19 & had started to cough & pant a lot ( a sign of heart problems) but since only drinking the structured water both symptoms have stopped.

I even did a test on the dogs offering them a bowl of tap water & a bowl of structured water, they wouldn’t drink the tap water.

I’ve been structuring my for almost 6 months now.

CM – England

How do I make Charged Water?

There are videos online that suggest you hold the Wand above the water, turn it on and blow.

I almost immediately became most concerned by this. What if you dropped the Wand in the water? Don’t they always say not to use a hairdryer or any electrical item near a bath or wash basin… or any open water?

Of-course they do. It just isn’t safe.

What if someone’s attention strayed and they accidently dipped the wand into the water.

iTera put out some really good information, and I learned there that you don’t have to do that. Thank heavens, I thought!

Their suggestion was to fill glass bottles, any kind would do, and then put the lid on. Once capped, all you do is lie the Wand beside the jar/bottle, switch it on and point the blue light towards the jar.

People have their different ideas, but I’d like to err on the side of caution.

Various ideas concerning how long to charge the water

some say, if you are charging water in a one litre container, you wand it for one minute. In fact, you give one minute for each litre… so six litres would be six minutes.

A good idea is to place a couple of jars side by side. You then point the Wand at them and the energy will travel through the first bottle into the second one.

Another idea is that once the water is charged, it’s charged! You can’t charge it anymore. I’ve done some rough testing on this and tend to agree at this point. I will be doing more testing, but this morning I charged about a 5 litre jar of water and found that after one minute it was testing charged.

I will update this when I become more certain.

How long does the water remain charged?

In my research, I found that charged water lasts for between eight to ten hours, so you would need to keep that in mind as you make your daily supply.

Some have said that once the water is charged it will remain charged. Once again, I’m no so sure about that. Some testing I did suggested that the water had completely lost its charge after about 10 hours. I’ll update after some more testing.

Another way to charge your water is using the EMF Shield + Earthing Card

I spoke about this here:

A review on just two brilliant technologies

All you need to do is hold the Card under the water as you run it. The frequency from the Card will enter the water. Almost sounds too good to be true, but it works!

This makes me think that if the Card can hold the frequency just with water running over it, why would the Wand take so long? That’s just me thinking!

Do we just use tap water?

I don’t use tap water for anything other than washing my dishes! I have a reverse osmosis under the sink which gets rid of all the nasties. Not everyone has one, so obviously you would use the best water you can. Hopefully you either filter or purify your water.

It is a fact that most water filters do not remove the fluoride out of the water… a very toxic substance which doesn’t belong in any water supply. Please remember that.

Here are some other ideas for using charged water

(The following is from Quantum Science Energy with some of their thoughts on Terahertz Charged Water).

Water that has been exposed to wanding/charging/structuring tends to taste better. Here is a list of what I use my Terahertz water for:

  • Watering my plants
  • Rinsing my Hair
  • Dehydration before and after workout
  • Cooking
  • Brushing my teeth
  • Using in my diffusers with aromatherapy
  • Using in my sauna water tank
  • Feeding my animals, water bowl
  • Washing clothes by hand, dishes, general cleaning with spray bottle.
  • Fish tank
  • Hydroponics
  • Baby bath
  • Water bottles
  • Herbal Teas

At this stage, I have hardly done any of these with my charged water. I’m interested in my dog’s water bowl, that makes sense; using for aromatherapy; cooking etc, but of-course, I do drink lots of it during the day.

I do hope these posts help you to decide whether you would like to own one of these Wands, or the EMF Shield and Earthing Card.

As I said, the medbeds are coming but I cannot put a date on it anymore than anyone else. It could be next week, or it could be in three months. If you are in pain, you certainly may experience a real lift with these devices to help you in your wait.

Give the Wand, the Card and this charged water your consideration, and remember, however your water is charged, it is one of the main health benefits you have.


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