How To Use The Powerful Terahertz Therapy Device

Terahertz Therapy Device

Although one of its many names is Terahertz Therapy Device, please be aware that this is not some kind of medical machine with magical healing properties!

In itself it makes no claims, but used correctly on your body it can help your body to help itself.

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So once you receive the delivery of the Terahertz Therapy Device, you open up your box and then what? Let’s have a little talk about how to use this nifty machine.

  • This therapy is non-invasive.
  • It produces no radiation.
  • It penetrates 20-30cm into your body.
  • Your cells are stimulated.
  • Pain is relieved.
  • Relaxes your muscles.
  • Your circulation is improved.

It’s a very safe therapy to apply to your own body to allow your body to heal itself.

Above all, it can do no harm.

I have another testimony I can share:

My wand came just before I left on a holiday, so I didn’t really get into it until I returned. One of my first challenges I had was a trip to the dentist when a root had to be pulled.

As you know, injections given for back teeth are gruesome! The needle seemed to come out my jaw! The nurse held my hand and I can tell you I was very thankful to her.

In actual fact, on that day I had two separate injections as they gave me one on another tooth and then decided it didn’t need any treatment. Not happy! 🙁

Anyway, enough about that. I remained completely pain free for about three hours, then it began to wear off. I had made a decision I was not going to take any painkillers, in fact, I was going to test out the wand!

So I began to wand my jaw on and off during the time they tell you to take paracetamol and Nurofen together for the pain. The long and the short of it is that I had no pain whatsoever. There were times I could feel the injection points, but not pain.

I can only say that I believe the wand saved me from the pain I normally would have experienced. Over the days, the healing of the area happened very quickly too.

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OK, more about how to use it…

There are three different settings and this is how I describe them:

  • Warm and softer blow rate
  • Medium and harder blow rate
  • Stronger heat and harder blow rate

Remember, I’m still learning. In fact, I have a lot to learn I’m sure, but I can learn as I go. As I learn, so can you! 🙂 Hopefully some of my information will help you to decide if you should purchase one of your own.

Good information to know before you start using the Terahertz Therapy Device:

  • Drink two cups of warm (preferably structured) water before your treatment, and two cups of warm water when you finish. This is to thin the blood.
  • It is fine to blow yourself through clothing, although direct skin contact is good.
  • Be patient for results. This Terahertz Therapy Device (or any other for that matter) does not heal you. It simply gets rid of any built up bad cells and allows the good cells to bring healing. You may have had much pain for many years so don’t expect it will go within days. It may, but be persistent and allow your body to heal itself.
  • It flushes away toxins and dead cells and allows better blood circulation. This in turn carries more oxygen around the body, and of-course, carries nutrition as well.
  • Your organs become nourished and so begin to function correctly. This is when your pain will begin to diminish.

More general information

You can look online and you’ll find all kinds of information that will help to train you in its use, but I’ll just share with you what I’ve been doing.

You hold the wand so that the blue light hits your body and is roughly 10cm away. On the highest setting it gets quite hot, so be careful. You can hold it further away, or turn it down to a lower setting.

It penetrates between 20 – 30cm deep. This means that you can use it on the front of your body and it will pretty much go right through. If you are a bigger person, then front and back would be good. Maybe ask someone else to do the ‘harder-to-reach’ bits.

Before you start, drink two glasses of warm wanded (structured, charged) water. Remember, this is to thin your blood.

The protocol I’m presently following:

  1. Feet
    • Sitting on the lounge, I start with my feet, first one and then the other for about 1 minute.
    • I usually twist my legs so I can wand under my feet too. Feet are important because they contain many, many reflex points as in Reflexology.
  2. Knees
    • Then I do my knees. I go in little circles round and round.
  3. Groin
    • As I’ve had bit of a pain in my groin, I wand back and forth across my thigh joints. I also wand my inner thighs going from one thigh, up and over to the other one.
  4. Small Intestine
    • I find this by going round and round my belly button.
  5. Large intestine
    • Take the wand upwards on the right side of your abdomen, across the top under your rib cage and then down the other side. Over and over.
  6. Liver & Gall Bladder
    • Holding the wand so that it catches you on your right side under your breast/chest. Move it back and forth.
  7. Heart
    • Point the wand towards the centre of your chest/breasts. Move it side to side.
  8. Thyroid
    • Wand your neck from side to side.
  9. Hands
    • Using a circular motion, move the wand over your hands, first one and then the other. Make sure you cover well the entire hand and wrist area. (They also contain reflex points.)
  10. Underarm
    • Raising your arm, point the wand to your underarm. Use a circular motion.
  11. Face
    • You may wish to turn it to a lower setting, but wave the wand back and forth across your face. Close your eyes. It feels so lovely! Point the wand towards the centre of your forehead where your Pineal Gland is.
  12. Head
    • Wand around your head, letting it catch your ears and generally all parts.

When finished, drink two more glasses of warm wanded water.

Some pertinent tips

Keep it simple and enjoyable

The basic idea is to do your whole body in a more structured way. There doesn’t appear to be any correct method that I have seen. I do see people have different ideas, but I don’t think, at this stage, it’s that important.

The devices sound very much like a hair dryer, in fact, I’m quite sure you could blow your hair dry in a similar fashion.

But try to make your time a little more special. Don’t rush your treatment. Maybe put on a video with beautiful, relaxing scenery. Whatever suits you.

Start with less rather than more. You can always build it up as you progress. Become used to the Terahertz Therapy Device gradually.


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