Tested Positive to Covid-19 Causing Panic and Mink Slaughter

Tested Positive to Covid-19

Minks tested positive to Covid-19 in Denmark, beginning in June 2020.

Mink slaughtered in Denmark

Denmark has approximately 17 million minks in the country, and once the positive tests started coming through, they claimed they would kill all of them.

Thankfully, sanity broke out during the eradication campaign, and they stopped the slaughter after 2.5 million were killed. Some report that 10 million have already been killed, a few reports are at 15 million… I trust those reports are incorrect.

You just have to enter ‘2.5 million mink slaughtered’ and there are a lot of sights reporting it… and elsewhere worldwide.

Covid-19 Tested Positive – False positives!

Be aware please, that these so-called positive tests are actually false. ‘The virus’ is not jumping into all the world’s animals, or anything else. Please remember that the same person who created the virus test, also stated that it was not suitable to use of ‘Covid-19’… but they do it anyway… to create fear.

It’s all about creating fear, and to bring you into a place of submission to their ‘virus answer’ which is the vaccine of-course.

Read the rest of this post with that in mind!

Mink slaughtered in Netherlands

Meanwhile, over in the Netherlands, they were also finding mink were testing positive. This meant that 570,000 mink were slaughtered!

tested positive to Covid-19

There have been many mink killed in France, Greece, Spain, Sweden and the United States also.

Lions, Tigers and Leopards

tested positive to Covid-19

Can you believe there have been tests run on lions, tigers and leopards too. I bet you can’t guess the results, can you? You’re right! Yes, positive!

Cats and Dogs

tested positive to Covid-19

So, if animals in the wild, or maybe in the zoos, have managed to test positive, what about our close friends, the little kitty and his doggy mates?

Apparently, there have been so many people testing them that the CDC had to set up a website to cater to the need of positive testing animals.

What to Do if Your Pet Tests Positive for the Virus that Causes COVID-19

I’ve added this link in for only one reason… so you can see for yourself that it’s really there. I am NOT suggesting you follow it.

These also tested positive to Covid-19

I think it would be helpful to my readers to understand that minks were not the only ones that tested positive. for Covid-19.

tested positive to Covid-19

People were becoming suspicious. Many were wondering about the validity of the testing process.


Someone took a swab of a watermelon and sent it in to be tested. Guess what? It came back positive!


Another with a papaya… yes also positive.

Goats and Quail

Various people sent in swabs of goats, and quail – they all came back positive.


What about the Austrian MP who demonstrated in parliament by testing a glass of coke. It came out as positive. Now this video is seen all over the Internet and of-course, the Fact Checkers jumped on it straight away saying how incorrect it was.

I cannot guarantee either way, but it is interesting. Actually, I’d believe the video before I’d believe the fake Fact Checkers any day!

See MP run test with Positive Results

When Crazy gets out of Hand…

If people run tests on fruits, vegetables, animals or whatever, and are doing it because they are suspicious of the Covid testing process, that’s one thing. But if they are testing their animals (dogs and cats for example) as they are afraid they may have contacted the virus, it just goes to show the level of fear that has been perpetrated throughout society.

Many have lost sight of what life is all about unfortunately. Listed above are just some of the aspects of life that are common to us all.

There is no need to be afraid of contacting a virus as our body is already full of them. They are a part of our make-up and a necessary part of life.

Maybe I could have added to the list ‘Life is… Viruses!’ It’s true.

Stand up against the Hoax

Anyone who has done any research at all knows full well that the virus propaganda is to feed us full of fear so that we will obey the commands of the NWO. If you don’t know that, please do your research. You don’t have to believe me… go find out for yourself. It’s not hard, not at all.

For further information please see ‘Take Back Your Health’

Whilever they are convincing us that everything around us has tested positive to Covid-19, they can control us. Doctors, at the risk of losing their licenses, and scientists are now speaking out against the planned pandemic… the more of us that jump on the bandwagon, the sooner sanity will prevail.


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