Amazing Med-Beds – What Happens When They’re Released Next Year

Amazing Med-Beds

I was watching a Charlie Ward ‘Question and Answers’ Video last night where a woman asked ‘My husband has MS. Would the amazing Med-Beds be able to help him?’

He answered ‘Yes, for sure!’

Charlie went on to say that they are ‘unbelievable and can cure almost anything!’

He couldn’t say much more than that, as although he knows much more, he couldn’t share because of an NDA.

For those who don’t know what an NDA is:

An NDA (also known as a confidentiality agreement) is a legal contract, which should be used when sensitive information needs to be shared between two parties. It ensures that the person or organisation who gains access to sensitive information doesn’t disclose it to a third party.

This prevents Charlie from sharing too much, as you can see.

So back to these amazing Med-Beds

What can we find out about them?

Do you remember President Trump made mention in a speech:

‘Within a year’s time or so, almost all hospital procedures will be obsolete!’

President Trump June 14, 2020

Wow, what did he mean?

We know the president is a very clever man and never makes mistakes with what he shares. Even apparent mistakes are actually coded messages for the savvy.

He was referring to the amazing Med-Beds. This technology has been suppressed for ever and ever. It’s been hidden from the public – ugh, can you imagine that? And even though they knew what they could do, and the countless lives they could save, they chose to hide it away.

Why would they hide these Med-Beds if they are so amazing?

One reason springs to my mind instantly. It’s obvious that Big Pharma would not want such an item out and about healing the people they were desperately trying to keep sick! They are making too much money off sickness and disease to fall for that!

The methods available to us for healing and wellness have been hidden for potential decades. It’s believed it could even be for centuries! Is it true or not, I don’t know, but it’s what they’re saying.

There are three different types of Med Beds:

  • Holographic Med Beds
  • Regenerative Med Beds – regenerates tissue and body parts
  • Re-atomization Bed Beds – takes about 2-3 minutes to regenerate the whole human body from head to toe.

This is truly an amazing technology and hard to get your head around. I mean, it sounds totally unbelievable! It’s like what they make movies out of, and you walk out of them saying ‘ha-ha!’

Could it be true?

Why is President Trump talking about them the way he does?

I’ve tried researching and I still can’t work out exactly what we are looking at. I know they are true as I’ve heard too many people talking about them. There are pictures of them too.

Movies have been made about them, and something I find interesting is the fact that all the ‘way out’ movies are usually based on truth. We think it’s all fiction.

There is a lot of talk about how the technology comes from Extra-Terrestrials. Quite honestly, that’s where it leaves me for dead!

I am not New Age. I do not believe in the New Age theory. But, I have to say that I’m open to the fact that there are a lot of things we don’t understand, and also… I don’t think everything is bad.

If these beds have the capability of healing bodies and repairing DNA, then I think that’s wonderful. Humanity has suffered for a very long time, and all the more because these technique’s have been kept from us.

There are a lot of incredible technologies that could have improved our way of life that we have not been allowed to use on earth. The ones who have been responsible for keeping it all from us have used it for themselves, deep down in their underground cities.

We have no idea really of how held-back we have been.

Wellness Revolution **Quantum Health** MedBed PODS

Look to the Future

Yes, let’s look to the future, rather than spending time being miserable for what we haven’t had. How about we look forward to what is coming.

It is said that these med beds will be available in every city. Does that mean they will be installed in every hospital throughout the land? In every country? Maybe this will be the case.

What about the need for vaccines? No… we will not require them anymore.

Cancer? Autism? All other diseases? Apparently, the med-beds are capable of addressing all these problems.

I’ve heard Charlie Ward say on many of his videos that diseases such as C[ancer, Polio, Aids and many more, were all diseases created by the D]eep State and Big Pharma! This is to keep us sick and using their drugs for ‘healing’ as they rake in huge dollars.

These people are truly sick. As each and every one of them is ferreted out of the miry pits they squirm in, don’t ever allow yourself to feel sorry for them.

What if you’ve had an organ removed from your body… a Gall Bladder for example? Imagine it being totally regenerated just like it was always there!

With this type of technology around, this is why there is a great need of ridding the earth of all the evil swamp rats. Imagine these wonderful technologies in the hands of evil people? It doesn’t bear thinking about!

Well I don’t know about you, but I’m more than ready to see these amazing Med-Beds being rolled out. Everyone would want to use one, that’s for sure. I really do hope that they are a reality. I don’t have any reason to disbelieve Charlie Ward and others I’ve heard talk about them, but you know… are they really true? Oh I hope so!

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    • Hi Sara, I do not believe the elites did have the medbeds, or if they did, it has all been taken away from them. They remained young looking from what they drank rather than from using a medbed. Once that ‘liquid’ was removed from them they aged at a terrific rate.

  1. Hi I have a friend who has stage 4 breast cancer and it is spreading so i surely hope these are available soon she has a 9 year old little boy! Also would my mom qualify for these medbeds she has glaucoma and before she discovered it she has a good bit of damage in her right eye would this heal her and restore some of the vision she has lost? I surely hope these beds are available soon there are so many i know that need them including myself!

    • Hi Ashley,
      Unfortunately, no-one can say exactly when they will come out except it’s believed that once Gesara is officially announced they will be released.
      Soursop has a wonderful reputation. Look it up. Apparently tastes fine and does a lot of good.
      Yes of-course your mom will qualify for the medbeds. It will be worked according to the most urgent cases first I believe.
      I guess there’s hardly a person alive who couldn’t make use of them Ashley, but I do trust they are available soon for everyone’s benefit.

  2. The medbeds are already being used by military personnel here on earth while others continuously suffer every day. Why can’t extraterrestrials be benevolent and assist because like ETs themselves, not all humans are bad.
    Also, I would like to know where is Trump’s speech can be found he made on his birthday in 2020.

  3. WHERE are the med beds??? It’s almost 2023, I’ve been hearing about med beds for over 12 years now and have heard every excuse why we don’t have them.

    • Hi Charles,
      I don’t actually have a newsletter list. At this time, I have found it better for people to connect with me through Telegram. I post all my posts on Telegram. Just click on the link on the right hand side of my website and it will take you straight to my Telegram.
      Let me know how you get on.

      • I really think that now is the most important time for people to use discernment. These Med Beds are using AI and duplicating everything down to our consciousness, therefore creating a duplicate of each body that it scans. At first I was all for it until I started hearing more about it into depth. I am sorry but people need to not be so gullible to everything they hear right off the bat. It doesn’t matter from who or where the information came from. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and don’t agree with something that someone else says no matter how great it sounds. Are we not learning our lesson now about all the lies and deceit that we have been fed all of our lives. the 9010 Med Beds OS, go figure, that’s that’s the technology our cell phones have, not Alien technology. That is man made. Just don’t trust everything you hear. Especially now. My opinion it is a trick coming from the ones that were pulling the strings before, the cabal, the deepstate, the elite, etc…

        • You know what Lisa… you could be right, but you also could be wrong. I often say, time alone will tell.
          Many folks call the medbeds as being Alien technology… well I don’t. Once again, I could be wrong.
          I do know that there are many technologies that can and do aid healing, and have done for a long time… but they are not well known.
          The medbeds being part of that hidden technology… yes, I can accept that as a reality.
          As the evil ones are being eradicated on a daily basis, and if they were the first ones to have the use of such technology, I can easily believe it has now been taken over by the White Hats for the benefit of all humanity. I believe the Black Hats have already lost control and we’ll see that more and more as the days go by.
          Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us.

          • I was totally destroyed by big harma. Ruined my brain leaving my son without a functioning mother. These beds would be the only thing that could heal me. I’m only 43.

  4. We have a dear friend who has recently found out he has cancer in his pancreas, liver, kidneys and lungs. He is 64 and has no insurance so v they would do nothing. He is in George Town Texas staying with his sister Bevera Carruth. He is supposed to get insurance May 1st. He is very sick. Please help him. Thank you!

    • Unfortunately, when I wrote that post we were all under the understanding they would have been released in the next year. As it has turned out, they were not ready to be released, and are not to this day. I don’t believe it’s because there was any kind of holdup with the medbeds themselves, but the situation going on in the world was not at a ready stage.
      We are currently waiting for the right time which appears to be getting closer and closer daily.
      Meanwhile, this is not helping you, or your friend. I would LOVE to be able to say that I could help him, but that’s not the case.
      My personal belief is that his chances are much, much higher if he stays away from any hospital. What I would do is begin to search high and low on the Internet for natural methods to fight it. You just may be able to help him to stay on top of it until the medbeds are ready.
      Would you like me to add him to the prayer list we have going?

        • I don’t know! It’s a term we use to give us understanding of what we are waiting for. We all understand the light system… yes it’s amber and waiting to turn green.
          The medbeds cannot be released until it is safe to do so and those who are in ‘charge’ are the only ones who will know when that will be.

          • Hi Sean,
            There really isn’t an actually time frame. Many have suggested dates along the way, but those dates come and go.
            Rather it all depends on events. When certain events have taken place (and the dates for these events can change because we are dealing with military and in the middle of a war) the med beds will be released to the public.
            Basically, once Nesara/Gesara is officially announced (it’s already started here and there) they will them be able to release the med beds.
            It should, in actual fact, be quite soon.

    • I wrote a letter to Elon Musk….I told him that my 91 year old mother-in-law will die without access to a med-bed…he never responded, and she died on the 17th!

      • I’m so sorry to hear that Rich!
        Unfortunately, it’s not in the hands of Elon Musk… they can only be released once Nesara/Gesara is announced officially, which means that B/id/en would have to be removed or step down from office first before that can happen.
        We find it hard to comprehend what takes all the time, but I believe if we had any idea of the magnitude of the war/battle, we would begin too comprehend just a little better.

  5. Hi Marilyn, I’m blessed and excited to find your website. Have heard about these med beds and wondered if they will reverse the damage from the cvd ‘vaks eens’ ? meaning, the graphene oxide and spike protein damage. Thank you.

    • Hi Lynne,
      I’m also delighted that you found my website… 🙂
      You know, I really believe many will be helped and made whole again. I don’t know how the beds work except if God is behind them, how could He possibly not know what to do!
      Meanwhile, visit and read the last 5 posts for helpful information concerning this and more.

  6. How and where can I use a med bed? How much does it cost, I got hurt at work need to get better! 815-670-3509 had to quit my job because I could hardly walk? Please tell me where I can use this?

    • Hi Arlene,
      I’m sorry to hear of your accident. I’ve added you onto our prayer list so others will pray for you.
      At this point in time the med-beds have not been released for use. We need Nesara/Gesara to be announced and then we’ll know the war is over and evil has been dealt with. These beds would be horrific in the wrong hands.
      From all I’m hearing, it will not be long now.
      We have always been told that the price of them will be free. Realise of-course, we will be living in a whole new era with the prices of things being quite different to what we are accustomed to.
      I trust you will heal more and more each day.

    • Everything I have ever read on this subject suggests that the treatments will be free. If so, this will be more than wonderful and make it available to every single person worldwide. Of-course, it is expected that we will all be so much better off than we are now.

        • Hi Bill,
          I recommend you don’t try to do the maths when we don’t really know how they will roll them out. We don’t know how many they have already made, or have stock-piled. We don’t know even IF they are stock-piled! But, they may have already made millions.
          It is believed that the length of time for treatment is about 20 minutes. Having said this, it’s possibly many may only take 5 minutes.
          You see, we don’t really know.
          I’m quite sure they will work on a ‘most needed’ basis.
          We are all looking forward to them one way and another, but I’m sure people will be happy to wait their turn, especially when you see the needs some possess.

    • Hello Pastor Tom,
      Ive been following many platforms and channels to learn how to mitigate the effects of the spike proteins and the graphene oxide. If you contact America’s Front Line Dcotors they can prescribe the suramin, I believe. It’s
      Marilyn’s site describes the shikimic acid which is – i believe – the naturally sourced form of suramin. Here in the Northeast we have an abundance of white pine. I looked on you tube for instructions for making it, it’s very easy. The Chinese star anise herb was very inexpensive at an Asian food store. Dandelion leaf tea is produced by Traditional Medicinals brand, although it’s super easy to make if you have dandelion leaves, just dry them and pulverize or crumble them into a cup or a tea fob. I’d let it steep for 10 minutes in a covered cup. Also – extracts of all three are available at You can also make your own extract, too. Just go to you tube – it’s one of the world’s greatest classrooms. 🙂 P.S. I have a small coffee bean grinder that I powder my leaves with and have found a couple also at second hand stores. Praying you find what you need.

    • I looked it up and it is highly expensive and is said to be an injection but you can get it from pine needles. Pine needle tea, etc. The pineal gland looks like a pine cone which plays into spirituality and the pine tree is talked about in the Hebrew Bible. Our Bible is full of deceit and many books are missing from it. There is no coincidence it has 66 books. Remember what the Bible says, about the enemy. The elite are cloning people, killing and sacrificing people, using holographic technologies, hacking into people’s minds and controlling them through na on technology, etc. They have done it for centuries, just like in the days of Noah. I am curious to know where Jesus comes in to all of this? If we have Jesus, we don’t need this stuff, right? Maybe I am being disillusioned here but I saw another interview last week about a man talking about how the vaccine was “hacked” and also talking about the blood lines from cain and seth and how the people would need med beds to fix their bodies and dna, etc. I really believe in Jesus and that he will reveal himself to us if we are chosen by the Heavenly Father. I haven’t been able to see through my pineal gland so I am not sure if I have been chosen or not. Why say there will only be a little over 300 million people? I would really like to know how so many people know this stuff. The deep state and elite are literal fallen angels from the Bible and they mess with dna, etc and they use all this technology so I would be careful about who to trust and who is giving you information. Even the antichrist comes as a light but the true believers know. Just be careful. The deep “state” IS satan, Lucifer, their army of fallen angels, demons, evil spirits, etc. The babies being born to vaccinated moms are nephilim. Jesus is going to come back and he is going to destroy the evil that destroys the world and deceives the world. God Bless You.

    • Hi Richard!
      “C” is one of the conditions specifically mentioned. Potentially, it is believed there will be no more “c” in time to come.
      Can I prove this? No I can’t unfortunately. Although people have written quite some about the Med-beds, they have not yet been given the ‘go-ahead – green light’, so until then…

      • Do you know where Trump was talking when he made the statement,”Within a year or so, almost all hospital procedures will be OBSOLETE”? I want to read the whole speech or at least see the video so I can see the whole content of what he was talking about. Not that I don’t believe he said it, but I like to verify on my own when possible.

        • Hi Joseph!
          It came out of the speech he made on June 14th I think in 20120. We are over time I know, but if things could have moved faster (that means, if people would have woken up a lot faster) he would have been pretty much on track with the statement.

          • Ummm…..I would think nothing would wake people faster than this technology ACTUALLY coming out and doing what some people are claiming it does! Pretty common sense

          • Yes, I hear what you are saying… but what if, in letting them loose now, some of the evil got their hands on them? What damage could they do?
            Nope, let’s clean up the evil and then put them out everywhere…
            Of-course they are full-time using them even now on behalf of the rescued children… we just have to wait our turn.

        • He supposedly got covid and went to walter reed hospital. He was on the news, ik n a room with 3 drs, introduced the Drs. And they were standing beside a med bed. Trump got the honor to use one and specifically said they had been hidden from us and soon they will be released.

          • Hi Marilyn, I forgot to mention in my previous post that has to been listed, my husband is a Veteran, his left arm amputated, has ASpondolitis, RA, heart stents, and currently battling stage 4 cancer…He wants to be in a medbed so bad! I pray this happens soon and that I will receive an email on the latest location and how to sign up…thank you!

          • Hi Pam!
            Thank you for contacting me. Meanwhile as we wait for the med-beds to receive the green light, I have added your husband on to our prayer list here. I trust the beds will be available soon.

    • Charlie Ward = Sociopath and a Pathological liar. Anyone who believes anything Charlie Ward and his peanut gallery friends i.e. Simon Parkes and Robert Steele needs to be institutionalized.

      There may be such a thing as MedBeds, but they aren’t coming anytime soon. Funny, that they are suppose to heal everything and regenerate an entire human body but cant reverse the damage from a vaccine. Talk about comedy central. You have no idea what you are talking about and just reiterating junk you’ve consumed from the likes of fake news peddlers like Charlie Ward and his friends.

      • Hi Shawn!
        I’m so sorry you are obviously getting around with your eyes firmly closed. There are many ‘telling the same lie’ as you say. No-one asked you to read these ‘lies’… it is your own choice! Do yourself a favour and don’t read any more.

      • Wake up Goofy ! Smell the coffee.
        Soon you’ll be feeling like a complete Numbskull when medbeds are announced near and world wide .And for CW you’ll owe him a huge apology too.

      • Totally agree with you Shawn, this is the biggest load of rubbish I have ever read, along with most articles on this site. Preying to the people who are vulnerable, promising them healing and no more debt with the ridiculous Nesara/Gesara nonsense….the hope of a Utopia. This site is causing everyday people to lose sight of reality and I am not blinkered, just a realist who is sick to death of these fake sites fooling people. I won’t be reading any of this lies anymore

  7. I would like info regarding MedBeds healing in my area (Austin, TX). I am 66 yrs old, many health problems-diabetic 2, degenerative disc disease, neuropathy, osteoarthritis all joints, thyroid, Low bone density, depression, ADHD, eye & hearing problems, plus overweight 100 lbs. Would I qualify for healing in a Medbeds soon?

    • My dear Jill!
      I am quite sure that once they become available in your area you will be a high priority!
      Please keep your ear to the ground as to when the green light switches on.
      When I hear, I will post.
      Take care…

      • “Charlie Ward said” blah blah… “Trump said” blah blah…

        The image on top is not a medbed, it’s an artist impression.

        Don’t expect them next year and stop listening to Charlie Ward, he’s a hopium dealer.

        Hopefully in our generations medbeds will become available.

        • Hi Greatreject!
          I’m well aware of the artist impression. These things are being held very close to their chest in these days until the time is ready.
          Let’s agree to disagree on Charlie Ward and Donald Trump…

  8. I’m worried about the DNA damage done by ‘the Jab’, will the Medbeds be able to reverse DNA damage, as it uses your DNA as a reference. Might be a problem if your DNA has been changed?

    • Hi Bjorn!
      It’s a very good question! I have heard that the damage cannot be reversed, although I’ve heard they’re coming up with something that maybe can.
      I guess it’s just one of those things we’ll have to wait and see.
      Terrible situation, don’t you think?

      • Yes, its a terrible situation. Its a race against time with more and more people taking ‘the jab’ and the Medbeds still so uncertain.

    • I’ve heard of a lady named Christen W. saying a “little cure” suggested for the vaccinated (like myself) in a little spray bottle called “Nano Soma” which has a potent ingredient called policosanol which triggers the body to heal itself and rid itself of diseases, heavy metals, and DNA disturbances (including nanobots) while restoring the DNA by self-reference to it’s original DNA blueprint and fix the damage done… Dr.Richard Presser stated in an interview that policosanol is a nutrient older than life itself as an other-worldly particle that serves as the key to life and it has been forgotten for thousands of years… It’s natural found in unrefined plant foods like sugar cane, rice, peanuts, apples, and more. I heard Dr. Presser stated that the Cabal may have underestimated what the policosanol may do to help trigger our bodies to become truly active and rid of the threats though they pushed the vax….

      • I pray this is a cure/fix as know one who has taken 2 jabs and a family member who believes in the jab and neither would listen when I sent proof /vidoes to watch an listen to from beginning and now?and believe in science but doesn’t relise the lies and poison gates have created to depopulate and lies of fausies and one other who had fingers on this scsmdemic.

  9. So fake. They can’t tell you when or where they well be released, who is making them, any patent info nor a single scientific paper on them.

    • It is my hope Whatatay, that what I write causes you to do your own research. I do not expect you to believe everything just through reading what I say…
      Just be sure to look deeper than what the MSM are saying or what Google might present.

      • I am a 62 year old man with health issues like I have an ileostomy so no colon and rectum have diabetes and other health issues but have them under control also I have Crohn’s so I am very interested in the medbeds.My understanding I can be cured so I would interested very much.appreciate an additional info when it will be open fir the public please keep up to date thank you sincerely peter j hollohan

        • Hello Peter!
          At this time I’m not aware of anyone taking appointments for the med-beds. I know they are supposed to be being rolled out around the world but they do not have the green light yet. You see, they have to make sure all the Dark Hats are taken care of so that the med-beds don’t end up in the wrong hands.
          It shouldn’t be long now and when I do hear of something more specific, I will definitely post on it.
          I trust you are one of the first on the list!

          • Is there a list to get on? If so please share, would love to get on that list. Too many issues to mention.

          • Hello Joni,
            At this point in time I have not been made aware of any appointments being taken, anywhere. What I have been told is that although the Med-beds are being rolled out world-wide, they are pretty much all waiting for a green light before they are allowed to begin with them.
            If and when I hear anything different, I’ll be sure to post.

    • Hi Laslo!
      Yes, I am aware they are computer generated images in the most case. Just trying to give us an idea.
      I guess they are holding photos of them very close to their chest until they finally release them for use.
      We are in a war, so things aren’t always as we would like them to be.
      I wouldn’t lose hope, as there is much written evidence concerning them, even if they don’t describe them or how they are built. It must be frustrating to the Ca/ba/l to know about them but not know how they are made etc… or something like that.
      Do we care about that? Nope!
      Let’s continue to fight the good fight with hope in our hearts. 🙂

      • Lying for $$ is not very kind. You are elevating yourself on the suffering of others. I wait to see evidence. You should be embarrassed. The presenter in this video is incoherent and deeply misinformed.

        • You are being rude at best! Why don’t you keep your negative comments to yourself because you will feel silly when they finally get released. I choose to stay positive. They are being used on the children who were found in the DUMBS. Then the Veterans will be next.

        • You Don’t know squat about new technology by your Rude comment Eddy! If you can’t say something Nice keep it to yourself Please as Marylynn is trying her Best to Keep us informed to what’s to come in future thank you very much Mr know it All Nottt!

  10. Dear Ms Williams,
    I just heard about these Med Beds about 3 or 4 months ago and I thought, How amazing!!! I have been suffering with a number of health issues for a very long time and I am wondering how long will it be before they make these available to the public? Do you have knowledge of this? Thank you.

    • Hi Gary!
      My understanding is that they are already being rolled out around the world. It will take time for them to go into every city etc… but it is happening.
      I also believe that although there are apparently many out there, they are all waiting for the green light.
      The White Hats are making sure they’ve got all the evil people dealt with as they must not end up in the wrong hands.
      Similar to the Quantum Financial System. It also must not end up in wrong hands so they are being very careful there too.
      I think the RV and QFS will happen, together with Nesara/Gesara… and that will be the green light.
      How long… could be days… weeks… maybe a couple of months… just my guess-umation!
      I trust you will find one in the very near future Gary!

      • I am only passing through this earth Hebrews 13:14-16. Heaven is where my citizenship is Phil 3:20.
        When its my time to go, I know where Ill spend eternity. Its getting too crazy here. Maranatha King Jesus

        • I watched it and the technology is very intriguing but it was really destroyed by the speaker’s comment that he doesn’t give an F about killing little embryos. He doesn’t give an F about whether or not the baby should be protected . Hes fine with opening the door to this hell as long as he can get the technology for his own use. This is just like the German nazi doctors who did experiments on twins and on pregnant women and committed crimes against humanity. this is the point where we have to say no and tell our friends and everybody no it is never OK to kill little babies even embryos. They are the littlest babies.

  11. Hello, I have a mommy that became a paraplegic when she was 38 years old when she was hit by a drunk driver. Will the med beds be able to help her in anyway. She is now 78 years old. been paralyzed comes with many complications as the years go by. I just hope that the med beds gives us some more time with her feeling better.

    • Hello Mary!
      Really, I don’t want to give you any false hope, but then again, I really want to give you hope!
      From everything I’m hearing about these Med-beds, I believe your mother will receive a greatly improved lifestyle.
      How far it can go, I cannot say, but any improvement is going to be wonderful… I’m sure you’ll agree.
      What they have been saying is that if you go in to them believing for a great result, they can work wonders. Go into them being very skeptical, they cannot help you that much.
      I would work on building your mother’s faith levels.
      Bless you both. I will be very excited to learn the outcome. 🙂

  12. I have a grandson with duchenne muscular dystrophy. I am praying that this is true and the medbeds will help him ??

      • That is not an answer. If the beds will not cure MD just say so. I have lost 2 brothers 1 sister and a daughter to an unidentified type of muscular dystrophy. People don’t realize most cases are not grouped with diagnosis closes to the degenerative presentation. Most don’t have a true diagnosis, so just tell the truth.

        • Hi Denise!
          I’m sorry, but I cannot be specific one way or another on what conditions can or will be cured by the med-beds. There is just not enough information out yet concerning them. From what I have seen, they are supposed to cure virtually everything. Is this true? I cannot say. I wish I could be more specific for you.

        • Your barking up the wrong tree girl.You’ll have to ask the correct person for this as merylynn is only trying to show us ,tell us what’s coming .She’s not the inventer or how it works
          Please apologise to her for your mistake and rudeness!

  13. I’m all for natural remedies..all my life. Food is our medicine. Pure food, that is. I would like to know more about MedBeds.

  14. I have an auto immune disorder I stopped my weekly injection because I don’t want to be dependent on it. Hearing this Med Bed gives me hope and I’m so excited, can’t wait for this to roll out. Thanks so much for the information.

  15. Yes go watch amazing Truth from him and many others including Mal who worked with Trump an charlie freak an a lot of other good people.Let’s Wake up the world & fight for our freedom and rights together in every country

  16. Will these medbeds be placed in the hospitals that become obsolete?As ours here is haveing a big addition added on and if not doesn’t make since to do this big part added on as very costly !?
    Hope they become available to every town through each province/country very soon in 2021 here.

    • Hi PE!
      I understand they could well be added into hospitals, especially at the beginning, but I’m not really sure. There will be some very big changes take place because as you say, hospitals as we know them, may well become obsolete. The addition could just be the outworking of the D]eep S]tate’s minions following their orders to further the DS
      plans… trying their darndest as they are on their way out!
      Yes, the knowledge that I have received certainly suggests that they will be rolled out as you say, as there is a huge need for them everywhere.

      • DS Don’t deserve the air they breath Period!Lock them All up an let us live with good health, happyness and Peace to all on Earth very Soon and bring us All the med beds we need and deserve afte r
        eons of slavery etc. Let God do his work with those Evil Things that have brought us all harmful and unhappy years of loosening loved ones and suffering!

  17. Marilyn, I have been awake for a while, and am hoping to have more wake up, including those within my own family. I can’t believe the hate that I have seen for P. Trump. I’m aware of the fact that some military approached him within the 2nd Obama Admin. to get him to run. Run he did. Fraudulent election 2020-no doubt. The plan is incredible at taking out the evil. I can’t wait.

    I have a daughter with a rare brain cancer. I hope that I’m understanding the potential for this to be removed. Thank you, God. I, myself, have a neurological issue that makes walking increasingly difficult due to spasticity in the lower extremities. Would love any information/time frames, etc. I live in the Denver, Colorado area and believe I read/heard of large numbers of MedBeds waiting to be deployed. How would one know? Can you share?

    • Hi Greg!
      Dr Charlie Ward said the other night that apparently they can cure virtually anything except stupidity! Sounds good to me. I would love to be able to provide timeline for when they will be available but all we have been told is that they will be rolled out just as soon as they have all the Black Hats dealt with. By the sound of it, that time is very close. I believe that once the roll-out begins, it will be very quick. It’s obvious they have been mass producing these beds for quite some time and I’m sure they would be anxious to get them to the people at the first possible moment. Just hold on in there and trust God.

  18. When will we see incanada BC as need asap for so many in Canada also.Cancer and other diseases and skin conditions to just name a few we all need helpwit an throw pharma out for good.Just think no more will be stuck with kemo poison or pills etc for $ for pharma cashing in on deaths.

    • Hi PE…yes they are very much needed everywhere around the world. People are wondering how long they will have to wait. I am of the understanding they are ready to role out worldwide. Presently they have been using them for the rescued children and for those who were involved in the rescues and saw such horrific things.
      I’m hearing that there are others around too being used…
      As soon as Nesara/Gesara is announced, the beds will become more available to everyone… without cost… this is my comprehension of what’s going on anyway.
      Just as soon as new news comes out I will be letting you know.
      It’s wonderful to think that soon Big Pharma will be lying belly up…

      • I am a MRI Technologist and my dream is to become a MedBed technologist. How? I want to shre on the joy of healing and wellness not the pain, sickness and death that has been instilled upon us.

        • Hi Carrie!
          Wow that would be fantastic! I’m sure once they are rolled out you will find a way. Just keep your ‘ear to the ground’ so that you can know when they come to your area. i will post on it just as I hear one way or another. They say they will be rolled out just as soon as they are sure they have ‘them’ all arrested. Good on you!

        • I think that would be a dream job too. My granddaughter is studying in your field too, hope this will put you at an advantage before others for the job.

  19. Are you people starting to fall for his lies again..I looked all over the web and cant find anything about a cure all or cons..But looking on the bright side..If you send him $25.00 he will send you all the infomation..For a extra $10.00 ..he will send you a injection so u can inject the inside of your body to get rid of Covid.

      • Any idea what the cost is on each medmed as understand there is 3 different medmeds and where are the sold?Where does one contact to purchase ?is it in USA or where? Just curious as how they are obtained in each country that needs them?

        • Hi PE!
          No, not really. I have heard they are around one million each but I do not know how true that is.
          I also do not know for sure, but I did hear that President Trump organised them to be built in the USA and that they would all be shipped out from there.
          I have been trying to find out why the Netherlands has them operating but they don’t appear to be anywhere else. Curious.
          The med-beds have been in use for quite some time though, on behalf of the rescued children.
          When I find out definite answers to your questions I will post on it.

      • Oh no you won’t be the first one in line. You will have to beat me. I have stage 4 non hodgkins lymphoma with maybe a year or two to live. So it’s one thing having med beds available and another getting my turn to use it if I live that long.

        • hi Gary. I had non Hodgkins lymphoma too 23 yers ago. I healed myself with juicing , meditation, reconnection to nature and much more but no conventional approach. I have written a book available on Amazon…not really wanting to use this place to advertise it but it might well be useful to you? I have put my diet and everythin that helped heal me in there. Rabbits don’t get lymphoma/Kissing my cancer goodbye. cathie grout. Don’t believe doctors and their prognosis. They know very little about the human spirit or our magical bodies.

  20. I am very interested in the question about med-bedz fixing dependency disorders. It would be life changing if true. Where do you believe they will be deployed? How would someone gain access to med-bedz?

    • Hi Joe!
      Yes, wouldn’t it be wonderful! I don’t know what the full run down is of what they are supposed to be able to do, but from what I’m hearing, anything is possible.
      The information I have received from intel concerning them is that they will first be released in Texas, supposed to be in March, then following that in Florida. I’ve not heard anymore than that at this stage.
      Once they become available I’m sure people will be alerted to it.

      • mas de 6 meses de esto y muchos mas de otros comentarios, pero la situación es la misma, no hay nada a la vista, que lástima incluso años pero parece que no hay realidades, por lo que nos informan mal

        • Translation: more than 6 months of this and many more of other comments, but the situation is the same, there is nothing in sight, that pity even years but it seems that there are no realities, so we are misinformed.

          Answer: One thing we must realise is that we are in a war! These things that are talked about are coming to pass. We cannot give dates as we do not know exactly when, but it’s all coming. If too much information was given out, the enemy would be able to stop it. It’s the same with everything…
          If we could inform you better, we would. Reality is on the way but we must be patient with the White Hats and let them complete what they have begun.

          • Just read a post tonight and Hope it gives others Hope this will end for the evil that’s happened to all the World

            Under Gesara if Governments of the world did not work for the People,they were being removed by the Military
            Under Gesara all Nuclear Plants must be shut down
            Hope this month of September for Gasara !

          • Thank you PE for this. Yes I agree, this is what is to happen. You may notice that it has already started to some degree even though Nesara/Gesara has not been officially announced.
            If world governments do not keep the agreement they will be taken outside of world trade. Trump instigated this on his world visit to all countries. Governments are designed to work FOR AND ON BEHALF OF the people as civil servants. We the People are their boss! Doesn’t much look like that at the moment does it? We are in our full rights to dismiss them at any time. LOL

    • Jack Blades 2/20/21 Please Reply
      Wed, Feb 24, 6:28 PM (7 days ago)

      Hello Joe , God bless you and your team for all you are doing for Humanity !
      I am a 84 year old Veteran and Trump supporter with bad painful knee joints, extensive skin cancer, Hernia and arthritis living in West Palm Beach Florida.
      I have heard that a Med Bed will come to Texas and Florida in the near future.
      How do I sign up for the wait list scheduling for treatments ?
      Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

    • I am to believe that it will help with all manner of conditions. I have also been told that you will need to go in to it with a strong positive energy. It will not work so well if you are negative or non-believing. Sounds to me to be like faith… And Jesus said unto the centurion, Go your way; as you have believed, so be it done unto you. And the servant was healed in that hour. Matthew 8:13

  21. I have worked inside big pharma as a senior HR executive. I can tell you big pharma will NEVER permit the general release of this technology as it would be an end to medication manufacturing and global sales. Big pharma has behind the scenes power that you would not believe. Sorry. This will NEVER happen on this planet! NEVER..!!

    • Hello Claire!
      Yes, I understand everything you are saying and that’s how it has been… but! I think time will tell that things have changed, and changed quite dramatically. Big *Ph/arma* are all a part of the D/eep S/tate and they are being brought down. They will not be in a position to ‘permit’ or ‘not permit’… it will not be up to them.
      It’s time for the good of the people instead of only the good of ‘them’.

    • Claire, you’ve clearly never been ‘in the loop’ of knowledge outside of your own tiny little drug world and whatever the mainstream media has fed you.

      It’s irrelevant what ‘big pharma’ like, dislike, will or won’t allow. They’re utterly powerless to stop this and everything else that’s about to happen. Nothing can stop what’s coming.

      Their owners/CEO’s and most of their R&D teams have been or will be executed for crimes against humanity shortly. They have knowingly and willingly created and profited from the misery and suffering of humanity.

      They – and the limp-wristed, sycophantic medical profession that rely upon them for the lifestyles to which they’ve become accustomed – will cease to exist.

      • AMEN !Can’t Happened SOON enough !
        Thier turn to Go DOWN execution style!What they deserve Big Time for all the deaths/suffering they have created for eons!

    • Oh Really Clair,wow you have no Faiththen!
      Trump and his team are Draining THE Swamp.Watch Out .Checkmate!It Will Happen and no more POIson pills etc. Natural remedy’s And medbeds.It Will be heaven on Earth girl!

  22. Marilyn, you should go on the Charlie Ward show. His audience is 9,000,000 people and he loves Medbeds and wants to know more about them. He’s on BitChute. Just google him.

    • Hi Glenn… LOL!
      I love Charlie. I love the way he brings everyone back to plain common sense. Always instills a peace. He is always so clear and doesn’t rattle on about a lot of ‘out there’ theories which make you go ‘hmmm!’.
      Of-course, some of these theories could be quite correct… who am I to say… but just give me Charlie!
      Thank you for your kind words.

    • Yes go watch amazing Truth from him and many others including Mal who worked with Trump an charlie freak an a lot of other good people.Let’s Wake up the world & fight for our freedom and rights together in every country

  23. Why is canola oil bad? A genetically modified product, canola oil is a Canadian invention that’s backed by Canada’s government, cheap to manufacture, and many packaged or processed foods contain it.

    Canola oil was first created in the early 1970s as a natural oil, but in 1995, Monsanto created a genetically modified version of canola oil. As of 2005, 87 percent of canola grown in the U.S. was genetically modified, and by 2009, 90 percent of the Canadian crop was genetically engineered.

    • Thank you Glenn for this very good information. I try always to avoid Canola Oil even though it’s in such a lot of food. If you are eating out it’s almost impossible. They like to add it as a ‘healthy’ oil… in bread… ugh… so much.
      I advise everyone to try and avoid it.

      • One can avoid If the food product has on labels but we can’t trust if labels have all on them that are suppose to have these days.We’ve avoided Best we can for years Now!Gov.should make all ingredients Be on labels all the time for consumers safety and health or be banned the products from our stores shelfs to being sold to us all.

        • Yes PE… I agree with you. Not a lot of people read labels but for those that do care, labels are very important. If the government was really looking after us as they claim, they would do the right thing and make sure everything is labelled correctly.
          Thanks for sharing this.

          • If only more people would realize ingriedents such as corn syrup,fruitose and many more ingredients in a lot of our food ,beverages and snacks are cancer causing .All those so called snack etc. ,wow read labels people stop buying an stop those company’s from getting rich off deaths and sickness to our health ,

  24. This is totally awesome but here are a few questions low metabolism and weight gain or people with drug addictions and with draws trying to get off go through the worst sickness ever in their life or how about brain and gambling addictions? these are human behaviors yet some are afflicted with medical issues. What can help cure these?

    • Hi Brenda,
      It’s great that it has caused you to ask questions! It shows a thinking person.
      There are many questions that could be asked, and of-course, there is no way I could even begin to answer them. I have not seen one personally.
      I am still trying to get my head around the fact that such wonderful healing beds could really be true!
      Those that watched Star Trek or the like, apparently have seen this kind of bed in operation. I have always regarded such things to be purely the wild imaginations of certain people, and not more,.
      But these days, I’m open to the fact. President Trump certainly must have been talking about something quite amazing when he made the statement that ‘Within a year’s time or so, almost all hospital procedures will be obsolete!’
      Only time will tell for sure that this is what he was relating to.

    • It’s possible the Medbed might help or even cure some of these conditions because among other things it’s eliminating toxins and poisons that contribute to these conditions. They’ve been putting substances in foods that cause people to eat more and slow down our metabolism making them fatter.

      • Hi Glenn,
        Yes, and doesn’t that sound so good. People could go into the Medbeds and who knows what they might leave behind when they come back out!
        I truly look forward to them cleaning up our food supply… what a huge difference that will make.
        Can’t wait!

  25. I have wept so many tears of joy at the full down fall of killing Western Medicine and Big Pharma! I have been sounding the death alarm on them for 30 years now! The MedBeds will change EVERY ASPECT of humanity! Those told they could not have children…now could choose to start a family! Imagine the way it will change even your local friends and family-who is sick that will no longer be? Holy Wow! Bring on the Light Healing of our Jubilee Future!

    • I agree! My mind wanders over the many new possibilities and it tends to boggle! Won’t it be wonderful when good natural medicine is the norm again. Imagine them being taught in the schools that eating good healthy food IS your medicine! Thanks for leaving your thoughts… so much appreciated.

      • Hello!! I just wanted to say that the company Merck is now gearing up to make natural remedies, knowing full well that drugs are on their way out!! So my meaning is, this must be true about the world heading towards a more natural approach to health!! I am excited as all of you are on all this!! Yeah!!!

        • Hi Ravina! Thanks for contacting me via IM! Nice to meet you.
          Isn’t it amazing that natural remedies are coming into their own again? It’s wonderful and I can’t wait for it to happen! If this doesn’t make people question what’s going on I don’t know what will.

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