Amazing Suppressed Technologies To Be Released Now – 6,000 Patents

Amazing Suppressed Technologies

As we continue to watch the United States of America and their election fiasco, something else is about to happen! Very soon, quietly and in the background, suppressed and amazing technologies are being released!

Did you know that there are more than 6,000 patents that have been hidden away? The D]eep S]tate were planning something else for us… and it wasn’t good.

Why were these amazing Technologies suppressed? To what end?

The reason given was ‘they are a detriment to National Security’! Of-course, if this was really so, then best they remain right where they are… but if not…

Amongst many others, there are:

  • Sonic Healing Machines
  • Free Energy Devises
  • Anti-Gravity Machines

I don’t know exactly what these things will mean to us. It appears that our method of travel is changing. For example, I’ve heard them say we won’t have the need for roads anymore! It is expected they will be dug up and replaced with grass. This of-course, is much kinder to the planet.

Underground Magnetically Levitated Trains

The trains the corrupt people used down in the underground tunnels were magnetically levitated. They moved at enormous speeds, cutting travel time way, way down. It is estimated they moved at more than 2,000 km per hour!

How They Connect Wicked Secret Underground Cities?

Read more of the details here:

How they connect wicked underground cities

But the purpose of this post is not to endeavour to explain all the wonders of suppressed patents, not at all. Rather it is to alert you to the fact that once Nesara & Gesara are implemented, these amazing suppressed technologies… these patents, will be released for the public.

Executive Order signed – Nesara quietly released

Back on the 2nd November, 2020, President Trump signed an Executive Order that is believed to have quietly ushered in Nesara. If this was left to us, we would want all the bells and whistles, and arrange a big party! But that’s not the way the president works.

When you read through Nesara, you see it talks about the 6,000+ technologies that are ready to come out. They are on the way and we are going to see soon what it’s all about. I don’t know how quickly they will come into being, but it will still be exciting experiencing them, one by one.

We must remember we are in the middle of World War 3

In fact, this war is the worst war the world has ever known. Yes I know, most of us have no idea it’s going on at all, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

Once again, quietly, he has taken the next move. It’s like a chess move that’s been very carefully planned out.

Charlie Ward relates that President Trump plays 5D Chess. He can play five games, at the one time, and win them all!

As a very successful business man, each move he makes is carefully calculated. It’s just the same in running the country of America… careful and calculated.

The war has been won. How do I know? How long can you live once your head has been cut off?

The tipping point was back when President Trump (and his Team) took out the three pillars of evil… the City of London – royalty; the Vatican – Pope and Bishops, and the scum running Washington DC.

Head of the Beast Removed – Running Like a Chicken!

Prior to that, they removed the ‘head of the beast’ when they took out the 13 Phonetician bloodline families.

Since then, one by one, and sometimes in huge groups, they are taking down all the rest of those involved in horrific crimes against humanity.

No other President has taken on the D]eep S]tate

There is no other president in history who has taken on the D]eep S]tate. They have ruled the world since forever, but not any longer! Praise God!

We need to be ever so grateful that we now have someone who is fit for the job. None of us could ever have taken it on. It’s not just for America, no indeed never forget that! It’s for the whole world.

And listen, even President Trump and his mighty Team would not be able to succeed if the whole operation was not being orchestrated by God. It is the almighty God who grants them the protection and directs their course.

Who have they been fighting? So many… Congress traitors, Hollywood, Wall Street, Foreign money, all the Media propaganda, the CIA, FBI, DOJ and RINO. Not to mention all the pedophilia, drug cartels, etc. etc. The war is spread all over the world.

Fighting in one country is bad. Fighting worldwide is enormous!

So this is why there is such a war taking place… good versus evil; God versus satan, in the real sense! And guess what? We are on the winning side! They are just busy mopping up the rest of the dregs so we can get on with a whole different lifestyle.

The swamp rats are so busy running around doing their ‘thing’ that they haven’t even realised the ‘head of the beast’ has been cut off. They don’t even realise who the beast is!

Hopeless to release incredible technologies with the likes of them around.

We are just about at the end, and very soon there will be the great revealing of who did what, and what punishment they received.

Are you preparing for shock?

Hey, but rest in peace! We know the end of the story – God wins!

First get rid of the Low-Life, then the releasing of wonderful, amazing suppressed Technologies

Keep the faith! Continue to believe! Pray like your life depended on it… for the safety of those on the front-line of the battle.

We need to stay low and out of the way. General Flynn and his Team are currently visiting many countries of the world to remove those who need to go.

It’s dangerous work for them and they need to know we are all with them in spirit and upholding them as they work.

Now, with these scumbags removed, President Trump is lining up to bring out these suppressed technologies. It’s amazing! Things we could only dream of, in fact, couldn’t even imagine! Can’t wait!



  1. The Most “Suppressed Technology” is the Power of LOVE within you to heal yourself and help others thrive, the Planet and Nature kingdoms unconditionally and equally provide us with ample free foods, pure water, fresh air, amazing trees, mountains, plains and forests. Right now it is all about the environment and recognizing that we share this planet with many life forms and we are all connected.

    When it comes to “AI” always use your inner wisdom and inner knowingness we can use “AI” to uplift, inspire and spread fun entertainment, universal healing frequencies, uplifting music and Christ Conscious Tools based in Unity and Oneness for the healing of our planet, the environment, flora, people and animals. However the True Power of Spirituality and Consciousness has nothng to do with “AI” it is free from Creator SOURCE Love and resides in the frequency of Love 528 hz and 963 hz are Miracle Love Tones found in all of Nature and humans True Divinity as Stewards of our planet, the environment and one another.

    These are exciting times. Thank you, Marilyn Williams, and all on the Frontlines and Behind the Scenes. Please also consider we have evolved out of Slavery as a Planet and Can Make the Leap to using Plant Sourced Resources whenever possible. Trees, seeds and flora create Infinite Abundance and Prosperity for all populations, species and kingdoms to thrive including the oceans, rivers, lakes and streams. We are connected to the health and well-being of the Planet and everything in the Universe and Cosmos operate harmoniously … The Earth is designed to be a Flag Ship Planet filled with diversity, awe, beauty and wonderment … on the surface, inner subterrain cities that are benevolent and Agartha a thriving utopia within the Hollow Earth. Admiral Byrd brought forth the Cures and Green Energy in 1947. He was followed by Valient Thor from Venus. Truthful Disclosure will reveal many planets are already thriving peacefully for many millions of years and now Earth is being welcomed to do the same and enter into the Federation of Peaceful Planets. It won’t take long at all. Radiation can be cleaned up very quickly in a manner of minutes, hours, days. Pure Water is precious and can heal the entire body, mind and spirit. Water can pH, neutralize and energize the body into its Divine State. Veganism or Plant Based is highly recommended for health, for ethical reasons for the planet to thrive as a Living Paradise. An Intergalactic Society supports the evolution of all creatures and species as Divine.

    • I agree with some of what you’ve said but each to their own on the rest. I do believe a time is soon coming where we will all find out the truth… absolute truth! I can’t wait for that as I believe every single one of us are going to learn where we had it wrong.
      Bless you…

  2. HI MARILYN, the most suppressed technology in the US is low energy nuclear reactions, now that huge geological deposits of hydrogen like Rydberg alkalis have been discovered the condensing of Ultra-dense hydrogen onto catalyst metals can be achieved electrochemically by the TON!!!

  3. How can I find a medical research team who know the 6000+ patents that have been hidden? Not just know the fact of Nesara but what patents will help a person who has a specific medical problem via the new patent.

  4. Thank You for all of your hard work. The world needs this type of info to hope for a peaceful, kind and loving future.

    • Thank you Patrick!
      I know I often point out bad things that are happening in our world. It’s unfortunate, but necessary. I like to show how, although we have to go through these things, there is something so much better than we could have ever imagined waiting on the other side.
      We need to keep our faith levels high and be patient… because it’s a-coming!
      Thank you for your kind words.

    • Hi Deb!
      I’m not totally sure, but once they are rolled out it will be big news.
      I have been told they will first come out in Texas (potentially March) and then it will be Florida (potentially April) next.
      As soon as I know more I will post on it.

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