Revealing The Real President Trump – Why You Need To Know

the real President Trump

Mel K, (I don’t know her full name) is a wealth of information. What she doesn’t know about current events in both America and worldwide, is hardly worth knowing! But one of her main attributes is the fact that she has personally worked for President Donald Trump and knows first hand the real man.

Mel is a proud patriot and had the great fortune to work at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort. 

An avid researcher and lover of history, Mel is a true investigative reporter who brings passion, context and personality to her work. She currently lives in NYC, regularly reporting from the front lines of the Manhattan Apocalypse

Mel K See her on Bitchute

It turns out, from everything she has to say about him, he is a very different man from how the media portray him. They have painted a very false image.

May I ask…why do you hate President Trump?

The world seems to be full of ‘Trump haters’, well that’s what they’d like us to believe anyway! I think, those who are ‘in the know’ think quite differently.

But never-the-less, there are still people in every country around the world, who appear to hate quite fiercely. Maybe they are jealous of his money and his love for beautiful buildings. Who knows?

It’s so sad really, that a man who has given so much would need to undergo so much hate against him. When speaking to some of these people, I like to ask ‘What is it about him you don’t like?’

I find most struggle to put into words what it is they dislike. Some mumble something about him being a bully; a racist; don’t like his tweets; or they don’t like his hairstyle, and so on, but when questioned further nothing of substance seems to be forthcoming.

  • Bully – he may appear to be a bully to those who he knows are on the dark side, but other than that… I don’t know of a time, do you?
  • Racist – Dark people are singing his praises. Don’t take any notice of ‘B]lack L]ives M]atter’ as they are hired by white people. In fact, all funds given to BLM ended up funding the B]iden campaign. Are you asking questions yet?
  • Tweets – This one is really funny. While people are running around calling out the president because he doesn’t know how to spell, the rest of us are laughing because we know he’s tweeting code language! Haha!
  • Hairstyle – Ugh! Hate this one… how many other hairstyles are there in the world that you don’t like? It’s a great reason to hate someone… not! Have you ever noticed that sometimes his hair is golden, but another time it’s silver? Have you any idea what that is about?

News Broadcasts Orchestrated

I know the vast majority of my readers can see through all this, but the unfortunate thing is that the masses around the world have been persuaded to see him in a bad light. They don’t know it of-course, simply because they have no idea that the news media would lie to them. If it’s on the television, it must be true.

It’s very dangerous thinking!

Start at 2.08

Propaganda is everywhere… it’s coming from the mainstream media, and the government.

Maybe you haven’t noticed this, but virtually every news broadcasting channel have the exact same news, at the exact same time. Really? Is this being orchestrated or what?

This video clip was made a couple of years ago, but truly it’s exactly the same today:

Also, many people will tell you that you can’t believe everything on the Internet, but if it’s on the news, well that’s different!

So, what is there to like about him?

It turns out, the man has a lot to like about him. Let’s look at how MelK sees him:

  • Very approachable and easy to talk to.
  • He never forgets a name. Wonderful attribute.
  • Birth dates are always remembered.
  • You can be invited to share lunch with both himself and his family.
  • Those that work for him, never want to leave. He makes you feel appreciated in your job. So, what does that tell you?
  • He is so interested in all his employees, from the highest paid to the lowliest maid or gardener.
  • Looks you straight in the eye… a sign of a straight man!
  • Always interested in your point of view. Asks everyone what their opinion is.
  • Gives many opportunities for you to improve yourself and only fires you if you cannot give the best of what you are capable of.

That’s an incredible list just to start with. Mel goes on to say that as a father, he is so in love with his children, grandchildren and is close to the whole family.

‘Oh, he’s only a pretend Christian!’

I’ve heard it said that he’s a ‘pretend Christian’. Why do they say that? He attended the same church in Palm Beach for 30 years. Mel knows this because her parents attend the same church. It’s a long time to pretend.

He is so open to prophetic words and prayer. He knows that without God he can do nothing.

Have Faith in God entreats President Trump

Something else she made mention of is that he doesn’t have a lot of time for moneyed people. As a billionaire, this is not what you’d expect. She said he’d rather go talk to the construction workers, or the people on the ground where the real work is done.

Humanitarian to the core

President Trump has done more for humanity than almost any other person:

  • Visited every country in the world with each one of them capitulating to him. Many governments were involved in crimes against humanity. Now they have chosen to either work directly with the Team in uncovering the sources of evil, or off to Gitmo they went.
  • He has cut, and is cutting, peace deals like never before.

Never before has this been done, but of-course, you don’t learn this from the mainstream media. No, they just find something bad to say!

He’s no longer just the president of the United States, but currently is the president of the entire world.

It’s not that President Trump will remain as president of the whole world. He’s not interested in that. He (and his Team of 8,000) are working with each country so that when they finally take out each and every government because of their crimes against humanity, there will be people in place to ‘hold the fort’ until new elections can be organised.

The Real Reason for Hate

President Donald Trump stands against everything the New World Order are trying to implement. They have spent centuries working on their plan… but then along came Mr Trump.

They say he’s a bully, but look at the endless bullying he has received. It will never stop while ever they, the NWO bullies, think they have a chance.

But they don’t stand a chance. Donald Trump has been orchestrated and put in place by Almighty God for such a time as this… and truth wins.

They thought they had us ‘in the bag’ but fortunately for all of us, the bag had a great big slit down the side of it! Thankfully, and just in the nick of time, Trump and his wonderful 8,000 strong Team, together with all the patriots around the the world, have put a stop to all their plans.

Of-course they hate him! Every one one of them… right down to the last little criminal minion working on the NWO’s behalf.

Full of Appreciation for the Real President Trump

But people in general love the man, because they are full of appreciation for what he is doing.

You may ask… ‘But what has he accomplished? I don’t see much happening?’ What’s he’s accomplished.

He doesn’t need your dislike, hate or disdain. He requires your prayer so that he can get the job done. This is whether you love him or not, as he and the Team work together to create a better world for us all.

You know how much crowd support means in sports games, well it’s the same in this… he needs to know we are with him… all the way.

Really, there is so much good that could be written about President Trump, but what I’ll ask you to do, if you still find hate in your heart, is to do your own research. There is so much to find, but you must go deeper than most media outlets. Youtube is no longer a source of truth as they have taken almost anything pro-Trump down. Please don’t hesitate to read more of my posts. They are aimed at helping you find your way.



  1. Thank you for this space. Not sure if my other message got through I have over 100 windows open posting against several Demonrats. I’m on the front lines of this 5th Generation Warfare in WW3 against this massive and relentless propaganda machine. This group of people that seem to be spread so many lies and misinformation. It’s amazing to me that people still believe everything they read and hear in the mainstream media. It’s really frightening how much negative press there is against President Trump. I love your section, “Revealing The Real President Trump – Why You Need To Know”. I would like to tweet some quotes out of this space, would that be OK? Anyway, President Trump is the current 46th President of the United States as far as I am concerned and the puppet that was installed in the White House is a squatter.

    • I’m sorry for the delay with my reply Oscar! I’ve been transferring computers and running into a bit of strife. Oh well, guess it happens to us all.
      Oscar, you are more than welcome to use any of my information to keep it moving one way or another. All I ask is that you point it back to the source. I’ve had some who take my whole p0ages and say it was them who wrote it. I don’t appreciate that.
      But keeping it moving is EXACTLY what I want.
      Thank you!!!!

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