Have Faith in God Entreats President Trump

Have faith in God
Official White House Photo by Joyce Boghosian)

Have faith in God entreats President Trump in one of the many rallies he’s participated in as he comes up for re-election. Here in the video we see him relating to God as ‘his boss’.

I know many good Christian folks who are unsure about President Trump, whether he’s there for ‘good’ or whether he’s part of an evil plan.

I believe, one of the main reasons is because most people rely very heavily on the ‘news’. They tend to believe whatever they hear come over the airwaves as absolute truth.

Why would they lie?

One person said to me… but why would they lie?

They have many reasons for lying to us. The most outstanding reason being that they (that is their bosses… the owners of the media) are seeking to have complete control over us.

Unfortunately, most people have never spent the time to truly research Donald Trump. They don’t know what he stands for, and what his accomplishments are so far to date.

Some point back to his younger days. Is what they’ve told us true or false? Who would know as we cannot expect to hear anything of true substance about him through the media.

Let’s face it, he wasn’t elected president, and leader of the great nation of America, because of what he has done, or not done, in his personal life. We all know he is a powerful businessman. He’s proven himself over and over again since being in the presidency.

Have Faith in God and Examine the Bigger Picture

Whatever your thoughts on his past, we must remember that there is such a thing as forgiveness! Look, we need to look at what he is doing now, not what he’s done.

We need to get over our personal likes and dislikes and spend time examining the bigger picture.

Now as an Australian, I can understand that people feel it’s not our problem. We have our own politics to be concerned about.

In a way, this is true. But in the bigger picture, no, it’s not true. Whether we like it or not, what happens in the United States, will affect us… wherever we live.

This coming election on the 3rd November has nothing to do with parties! Nothing to do with Republican or Democrat! It is a fight between good and evil. God’s way or the devil’s way.

Whatever your feelings are, you need to be praying for God to have His way. Be prepared to stand up for what is right and good.

Shown in a Bad Light

One of the worst facts is that the mainstream media will only ever talk about President Trump if they can show him in a bad light. All the good he accomplishes is never aired.

This is because there are only about six individuals around the world who own all of the mainstream media. Television, newspapers etc… and all six are part of the cabal.

When you want to bring in one world government, it’s important to own most all of the media. This is so you can spread the propaganda far and wide. You need all countries to be able to receive the same ‘so-called truth’ together at the same time.

Now unfortunately, that’s not the only problem, all the main social media platforms are also owned by the cabal. This is why they are not interested in showing anything that goes against their agenda. Anyone who is endeavouring to get the truth out there is being shut down. This is especially until after the elections on the 3rd November, 2020.

Research what is really going on

Because many people are not hearing what is really going on, they have a very tainted opinion of President Trump. I find this very sad.

I started off by not knowing hardly anything about him. The more I’ve learned, the more I believe he was appointed by God Himself. For this time… for the job of ‘cleaning out the swamp’. What he, and his 8,000 strong team of the Alliance, have accomplished so far is nothing short of amazing.

In the near future, President Trump will be introducing Nesara/Gesara. He is bringing into being so much good. Stand with him as the New World Order do NOT want this to happen.

Have faith in God entreats President Trump to the people at the rallies. May I also entreat you to have faith in the plan! What is happening around about us now is all going according to the plan. In the near future we will be out the other side in a much better place. the good news is that we will be minus all the wicked people who have only had evil in their plan for us.



    • Yes indeed Bruce! God protects His own. It takes faith to step out, and certainly one President Donald Trump is stepping out. The minions are on their last legs… their time is almost up. Praise God!

  1. Yes I’m not into Politics big time but have been following Trump since he became President in 2016. Firstly I couldn’t believe a Businessman was US President and wasn’t sure about him. After some research and digging down the Rabbit hole my mind has changed I love this great man. He’s very clever and has shown the world with his great alliance what awful corruption there is and how entrenched it is. I’m English and am well aware how important American politics is to the rest of the world. It amazes me how many people are still comatose but when Disclosure happens this will be like icy water being thrown over them whilst asleep. Thank God for the awoken souls, the White Hats and all Military. We owe you a great deal.

  2. This article makes me very happy. Though I have known for some time, that President Trump was sent by God to sweep out the evil, it is always grand to hear it again from others. President Trump’s drive, and work ethic is incomparable. Somehow this man produces magic in no time flat. Thank you for cheering me up! 🤗

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