Australia – A Powerful Beacon Of Light For The World


Australia – a powerful beacon of light for the world!

I received this email from David Sorensen and knew immediately that I must put it out there. It’s hard-hitting, but I believe, hits the nail right on the head. Absolutely awesome!

Begin transcript…

Dear Freedom Fighters,

My heart goes out to all who are afraid during these times. Therefore I want to give a quick encouragement.

Please understand this is not the end of the world, but a very dearly needed rebirth of many good things in the earth.

Although we are seeing the rolling out of the insane plans of the most wicked entities in existence – both on earth as in the invisible realm – this is having a very different effect than they planned.

Recently I asked God about Australia…

I feel for the people in that majestic continent, who are being imprisoned by criminals who have no conscience and morals. The answer I got surprised me. This is what I heard:

“Great deliverance will come out of Australia for the rest of the world!”

That puzzled me at first, because you would expect to hear: “Great deliverance will come TO Australia!”

Instead I heard “… deliverance will come FROM Australia!”

When I started thinking about this, I realized that this is happening already. Because of the incredible tyranny in Australia, freedom fighters all across that continent are rising up to warn all of humanity.

Many of the best videos and posts that are warning the rest of the world, are coming from Australia, and they are going viral like crazy. Already a loud sound of truth, awakening and freedom is coming from this wonderful country.

What I want to show you is this: whatever the power of wickedness means for evil, is always turned around for GOOD. Always.

The more tyranny, the more freedom will come forth from that.

We see the same in Russia. After suffering under communism for decades, now the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is perhaps the loudest voice on earth against it! I will soon post a video on (I am in the car now – my wife driving) where you can hear Putin take a very bold stand against everything the wicked are trying to do. He speaks against tyranny, corruption, perversion, communism, etc. in a truly heartfelt and passionate way. Amazing.

The loudest voice for freedom in the world comes from the nation that used to be known for its tyranny.

In America we see the same, just as in the UK and Europe: innumerable people are standing up and saying loud ‘NO!’ against all these crimes.

While the majority of us have never been interested or involved in politics or our communities, because we blindly and ignorantly thought we were being taken care of, now you see something happen that will change history profoundly: all over the world the good guys are starting to get involved in schools, local government, media, health care, etc.

I just had a phone call with a physician who is preparing to build a hospital for the people, by the people. That’s one example.

Dear freedom fighters: humanity needs this attack by the wicked. We desperately needed to see this level of evil. For centuries it has operated under the surface, behind the scenes, without any of us having a clue. But it has been enslaving humanity for as long as the world exists. Now the time has come for this worldwide network of evil to be exposed, judged and cast out.

Superhero… come and save us!

This will not happen by some supernatural event where a divine superhero will come down and save us all. That wouldn’t help us.

Read this again: that would not help us!

Think about this: does it help a child if the parents always do everything for it? Of course not. A child reeds to grow up, learn to make the right choices, and become a mature, wise, pure and powerful individual who can build a life that will be a blessing for the world.

Our Maker is not interested in us sitting around, waiting for Him to fix everything for us. That leaves us like little children, who are not able to do anything.

If the bad guys are taken out by a higher power, without the good people learning anything, other bad guys will simply replace them and nothing changes. Because then we haven’t learned a thing.

  • WE have to change.
  • WE have to rise.
  • And WE have to take the reigns in our hands. Yes, WE have to learn truth and become wise.

If the good people on earth call the shots, there is nothing the bad guys can do.

Plain and simple.

It’s only because the good people have not been involved in that which matters in this world, that the wicked have been able to completely seize control over every aspect of life.

Just exactly what David Sorensen is saying!

Let me put it this way… listen carefully and please do not be offended by what I am about to say.

Please – please learn the critical difference between love, light, truth, freedom, healing, hope, purity and goodness… and the horrible oppression of man made religion.

I am not talking about religion, but about the basic foundation of our existence, which is the dimension of good and evil, light and darkness, goodness and wickedness…

When I mention our Maker, I refer to this realm of love that is the source of life, which this world needs. We have to say NO to darkness and evil – in all its forms – and wholeheartedly choose the reality of love and truth.

With that in mind, read the following:

Christ never intended to build a religion on earth. People turned his message into a religion, that completely twists everything Christ ever said and turned it into the exact opposite of what he meant.

What did he say?

Wait to be raptured away and leave humanity to rot in the cruel claws of the wicked, while you are safe and happy in heaven? NO!

This is what he said:

Cast out the dark and evil spirits. End all injustice. Care for the poor. Expose all wickedness. Heal the sick.

And he called that: REIGN WITH ME.


Understand this: the message for all of humanity is not to be religious and irrelevant and wait to ‘get the hell outta here’, but the message for all of us is the exact opposite of that:

We are to bring healing. Bring freedom. Bring restoration.

Be the sons and daughters of the Almighty that put an end to evil and bring the dimension of love and goodness down.

Religion turned that around and says: ‘Don’t try to heal the world, but wait to escape from it.’

That mindset was introduced into the church by the wicked, in order to make the good guys the most ineffective of all humans in existence. ‘Run around in circles in your churches, being totally irrelevant to the real world, while the wicked rule and reign in the courts, governments, health care, entertainment, technology and so on.’

Key sentences in the Bible were strategically mistranslated to create the illusion that the purpose of believers is to wait for an easy escape, so they would be rendered 100% ineffective and irrelevant to the rest of the world. A very cunning but sadly effective strategy.

Look at it this way: there are more churches in America than anywhere else in the world. You find a church on every block, and often multiple churches in one street. Yet in general all these Christians have zero influence in our governments, media or the major industries.

The highest seats are all occupied by criminals. Because they don’t focus on ‘fleeing this world’ but their focus is on conquering the world.

While the command given to the children of the light is: make all the people worldwide into children of the light. Bring love and truth to every nation worldwide. Cast out darkness everywhere. You are a royal people, sent to proclaim hope and life to everyone in the world.

The essence of the good news is not: believe so you can have an insurance for the after life. No. The message is: believe that the dimension of love is among us – called the kingdom of God – and bring this dimension everywhere.

We are the people called to make a difference. To be the ones who transform every aspect of our world. To bring heaven on earth, and put an end to every expression and working of hell – to use these archaic terms.

It’s only – think about it – because the good guys haven’t been doing this, and have instead been standing at the sidelines while the dark entities flooded the world – that we now have this worldwide network of criminals.


I am generalising of-course, as there are always good people who oppose evil. But I am talking about the majority.

We have believed the lies that governments care about the poeple, that health care agencies care about us, that food companies care about us, that pharmaceutical companies care about us, etc. While their only interest is always to abuse humanity for their own enrichment and power.

Humanity cannot and may not be dependent on humans to care for them. We need to rely on the only One who is trustworthy, because he is pure love.

We have to rise up in the reality of this love and bring major deliverance to our world.

For too long humanity has been enslaved and we loved it. As long as we had some semblance of comfort and freedom: give me a pizza and a movie and I’m fine.

That’s not who we are meant to be.

In this current world crisis, where humanity sees the true face of those who claim to care for us, and sees how we are being abused, deceived, stolen from, imprisoned, we understand that we have to change.

It’s easy to say the bad guys have to be removed. What good does that do? Lock up one bad guy, and ten others come in his place. Don’t be fooled.

The heart of the problem is not the existence of bad entities. The true crisis is the absence of the good people.

Instead of sitting in church all the time, we should be waging war in politics, media, hospitals, schools, where we say NO’ to insanity and corruption and demand justice, truth and good.

If the light shines, there is no darkness.

There are way more good people in this world than bad ones. But the bad guys have told the good guys they have to stand aside while they run the show. ‘You just wait for heaven dude, let us bring hell here on earth.’

That is the problem.

This world needs righteous judges. Not the corrupt judges that now claim to serve justice while they defend all criminals, in return for a child they can abuse and dollars in their bank account.

  • ONE single judge can put an end to tyranny.
  • ONE single Sheriff can arrest a criminal governor. Why are they not doing it?
  • and ONE single mother can confront the entire criminal school board about their insane practices that are destroying the children.

Stop depending on others.

Rise up and be the answer this world needs.

That’s the good news.

Our salvation doesn’t come from a supernatural dictator who comes down from heaven and kills the bad guys, so the good ones can continue their immature, lazy and selfish lives.

I am speaking bluntly now, and please don’t be a offended.

But Jesus NEVER said he would come down to be a dictator who forces humanity to be ‘good’. What nonsense! Yet most Christians believe that very thing. Christ will return, kill all the unbelievers and force his reign on all humanity against their will, and that will be ‘peace’.

Since when does an enforced dictatorship bring about a better world?

Love can never be enforced on people.

The change must come from WITHIN the hearts of the people. They have to discover true love, healing goodness, liberating truth, and so on. When people experience this true love and goodness, they gladly step away from the realm of darkness.

That’s why Christ said: My kingdom is not visible for the eye, but it’s within you.

He works in our hearts, makes us a dwelling place of love, and then changes the world through you and me, as we are sent as ambassafors of love.

That’s how the wicked also operate. They invite demons during satanic rituals, they get possessed with the dark entities, that then begin to rule the world through them.

H/ill/ary C/lin/ton wrote in her autobiography what a thrill it is to feel demons enter her body, during voodoo rituals. I kid you not.

They understand how the invisible dimensions enter humans and work thorugh them.

They don’t wait for a supernatural demon to manifest visibly to overtake the world, instead they allow these entities to enter them and work through them.

We have to become vessels of the other side, where we dedicate ourselves to the Source of Life, Healing and Truth to fill us and make us doorways of deliverance for the world.

God lives in us. We don’t wait for a new stone temple, but we are the place where the Almighty chooses to be. In our hearts and lives.

This world needs love, that come to them through real people. Truth that manifests in you and me. Goodness that is proven by acts and not words.

Hear my heart please.

We may all differ in our understanding of who the Origin of Love is.

That’s because the cabal has created as much confusion as possible about this.

But Christ was very clear when he said that He came to do: make us children of the Most High and send us out to heal the world. Bring the dimension of goodness everywhere we go. Starting in our own life and environment.

And that is what I see happening worldwide. This whole crisis is shaking hundreds of people awake. We understand WE have to stand up.

This world is not going to become better if the good people do nothing, while the wicked are tirelessly labouring to enslave and destory this world.

We need to stop being consumers and babies, and become warriors who daily connect with the One who is pure love, learn how to live in this wonderful dimension and then release that amazing force of healing all around us.

That is our destiny. Not waiting for an escape.

Rise up! Take your poisition. Learn truth. Allow the pain of humanity to break your heart, so you will do anything to save the hurting children. And become a warrior that will not back down from these demons, but that will destroy them.

The world is waiting for you and me.

People of love and truth, rise up and change this world.

That’s the answer.

And that’s what is happening.

That’s why there is hope.

Australia, I pray for you and I hear that you will be a beacon of light for the world. May this encourage you. The tyranny will fail and the people of Australia will be awake and build a better world.

This is the time where the wicked expose themselves and the rightwous wake up and arise to take their place of authority.

New media are being born, new health care is being set up, new politics is being formed, etc.


In His love,
David Sorensen


End transcript…

Marilyn’s thoughts

I forward this on as an encourage to the men and women of Australia, but also for every single person that reads it from around the world.

Australia, in itself, is no more important than any other country and I wouldn’t like to try and make out that it is. Instead, Australia because of it’s physical position in the world was obviously considered to be a great place for ‘them’ to carry out their nefarious activities.

All the while, we had no idea. We, in fact, always felt that most of the world’s problems were overseas. Really we have felt safe and secure, and tucked away across the seas, far from the trouble.

‘They’ tricked us bigtime!

But we now know and it’s causing people all around our great country to rise up against all this tyranny going on in Australia. We are particularly proud of the good folks in Melbourne. They have been put a truly rotten time, but never-the-less, they are coming out in the droves.

Yes Melbourne… and Perth too actually, you are leading the way for all the other people of Australia… and then on into the world. Thank you!



  1. Marilyn, you are certainly right that this is the age of deception. Indeed our Lord Jesus Christ warned us when he answered his disciples questions about the end of the age by saying “take heed that no man deceive you..” Matthew 24:4. However, I believe we need to be careful about inserting that deception into the written word of God lest we begin to doubt His very message. I also disagree that those who believe in a “pre-trib” rapture are waiting for “an easy escape” whilst doing nothing in the meantime. That assertion is not scriptural. Our Lord was very clear that He expected His servants to be busy with the tasks He assigned to them when He returned. What are those tasks? Saving souls primarily but also feeding the poor, protecting widows and orphans and declaring His truth in the public squares. These objectives and a belief in being ‘out of the time and place’ of God’s wrath, as promised in several bible verses, are not mutually exclusive. It is our blessed hope. We are also called to fight the spiritual fight with “weapons that have divine power” 2Corinthians 10:4, but it is Christ who will destroy the “lawless one with the breath of His mouth” 2 Thessalonians 2:8. Yes, it is the Lord’s battle against His enemies and it will be His victory; and ours through Him. So, whilst it’s clear we need to be awake to world events and fight with the authority given to us through our Saviour, we also need to be focused on Him and His word as given to us in His holy book. Blessings.

    • Hi Kris, thanks for your input again. 🙂
      I think when we read an email such as this we have to pick up on the spirit of the email rather than get too caught up in the finer details. I truly believe he was generalising in that when he said people weren’t doing anything but just waiting to be raptured, he meant the majority.
      We have to admit that we have let the side down in that all the important jobs in society are ALL being run by the Ca/bal. Where on earth have we been? Why were we just so trusting to believe they could and would look after us.
      Well time has proven that was never their plan or their intention…
      We have seen how they have twisted the truth here there and everywhere… we see it even currently with the j/ab. People are being submissive because many of them truly believe they are doing the right thing for humanity. Meanwhile, ‘they’ are laughing!
      I have to also add that there are many who are doing amazing work on behalf of humanity… totally agree, but you know what… the Ca/bal are happy whilever we are feeding the poor and all our other good works. I’m not saying ‘they’ make it easy, but ‘they’re’ happy just as long they ultimately have control over us.
      But it’s all coming to an end. I truly believe the reveal is just around the corner. We are hearing more and more of people who have been judged and are no longer with us on this earth… soon it’s to come out fully to the public.
      Christ is definitely leading the battle while we are His foot soldiers here on earth. We certainly all need the spiritual armour as we live in dangerous times. But God supplies.
      After the 1,000 years of peace, Jesus will take care of satan forever with the breath of His mouth… as you quoted.

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