World Became Wicked Under Our Watch – What Was Missing?

wicked world

Our world became wicked under our watch! How did we let this happen?

Did you see the 2010 Australian X-Factor winner, Altiyan Childs’ video as it was making the rounds? It’s received 153,490 views so far, but it deserves a whole lot more. If you haven’t seen it, please put aside the time to do so. It’s very, very long, but contains the most amazing content. Many say they couldn’t turn it off.

We watched it over 3 days and were very glad we did. If you have not already seen it, I’ll place it here for your viewing.

Altiyan explains what method the evil ones used to infiltrate every part of our society. Our world became wicked right under our noses… they were there all the time!

Altiyan has placed his life on the line to bring forth this vital information. There are many who will not like its content and could wish to do him harm. Pray for the safety of both him and his family. God has used him in a big way.

What he has shared is outstanding. Congratulations Altiyan, we are so proud of you. Thank you!

The reason for my post is that I would like to bring out something that I think is really, really important, which you may have missed when listening to Altiyan Childs…

Our World Became Wicked As The Church Prayed For Escape!

Many churches teach various lines of thought concerning Revelations. One of the main ways they differ is whether Christians will be ‘Raptured’ before, during or after what is termed, the Great Tribulation. After the tribulation time comes a 1,000 year long period of peace.

Firstly, what is referred to as the Great Tribulation?

The Book of Revelations describes that in the ‘end times’ there will be a horrific period of time. It uses symbolic language. When read at face value, it’s very frightening. It reads as if this catastrophic time will be rained down upon each and everyone of us.

I no longer believe this teaching… more on it later. In fact, I have come to a place, through my research and prayer, where I believe the ‘Tribulation’ is happening right now!

In this respect I believe there are two sets of people in this world:

  1. The Globalists – and everything to do with them, and
  2. Us – the rest of humanity!

The Tribulation is happening to the Globalists… NOT to us! Right now! They are coming down big time! It’s all around us. Surely you can see it?

Secondly, what is referred to as the Rapture?

Being ‘Raptured’ refers to the sudden disappearance of the Christians as they are taken up to be with the Lord in the clouds… all together at the same time. Many Christians believe that God will take them out of the mayhem here on earth, leaving everyone else to suffer as they may. In fact, many Christians pray to the Lord asking for Him to come back and take them away as they are so fed up with life here on earth.

This sudden disappearance would mean that people driving cars, bus drivers, train drivers, plane pilots etc. etc. potentially could simply rise from their seats and be gone in a flash. This would mean the car, bus, train, plane would be left to its own devices… to crash wherever! Too bad for any non-Christian occupants!

So, the very act of the Lord taking the Christians out of a troubled world, would cause such devastation everywhere, all at the same time, to those who were unfortunate enough to be left behind. There would not be hospitals sufficient to meet the need… not at all.

Please think on this.

I’m sorry… I cannot believe in such a thing! My God does not work that way.

Personally, from all my research, I do not believe there will be a Rapture of that kind. After the 1,000 years of peace (the Millennium Reign of Christ) there is a period of time when we will be all ‘changed in the twinkling of an eye!” So that could be the Rapture I suppose.

Thirdly, what is referred to as the 1,000 Years of Peace?

This is a time where all the wicked will be totally removed from the earth. By wicked, I mean evil. By evil, I mean those involved in:

  • Satan]ic worship/sacrifice
  • Pedo]philia
  • Human & ch]ild s]ex traf]ficking
  • Ba]by farm]ing
  • Dr]ug trade
  • World control/enslavement
  • Evil governments
  • Evil Religions
  • The N]W]O… etc.

Once evil is no longer with us, meaning all the children have been rescued; underground tunnels blown up; all relevant governments brought down; all evil religious leaders removed; freemasonary dealt with; gold, silver and precious metal returned to the countries from where it was stolen, and all those possessed with demon spirit and causing crimes against humanity will be put to death. Humanity on a whole will go through 1,000 years of peace which will be the Great Jubilee of all Jubilees!

Humanity will still be humanity, with all our faults and failings, but this demonic evil that has destroyed lives for many hundreds of years will be finally dealt with and removed.

As Satan can only work through beings, once they are all dealt with and received their just rewards, his hands will be tied for 1,000 years. Revelations describes it as being bound and thrown into the Abyss, which is locked and sealed over so he can no longer deceive the nations anymore.


So How did our World become Wicked?

I am of the opinion that it is the kind of thinking that we would be removed from all the problems, that has allowed our world to come to the place we find it’s now in.

Christians are praying to be taken out, rather than rising up against the evil

Through the teachings received in the church, Christians are lulled into a place where they are convinced all these terrible world happenings have to happen, so there is nothing they can do about it.

Rather than fight against it, it’s more likely they call for prayer meetings to pray. This is good of-course, but they should be asking the Lord what He wants them to do about it! In general it’s believed that religion and politics are to be kept separate. As Christians, we have allowed the politicians to do their job, while we got on with the spiritual side of things. Meanwhile, they got away with doing whatever they liked according to their very evil agenda.

Sneakily the Freemasons have infiltrated every portion of society, including the churches. The NWO uses them to watch over us all and report back as needed. We’ve been totally unaware of them. Sure we’ve seen the Masonic Lodges and we’ve known it’s a secret society, but we just let it be. More fool us!

To name but a few Christians who got their hands dirty:

  • William Wilberforce (1759 – 1833) as he campaigned successfully for the abolishment of slavery.
  • Elizabeth Fry (1780 – 1845) who campaigned for better conditions in prisons, set up charities for the homeless and poor.
  • Florence Nightingale (1820 – 1910) Improvement of the standards of nursing, cleanliness and quality of hospitals.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. (1929 – 1968) and how he fought the African-American Civil Rights Movement. He didn’t say “Let’s pray” but he both prayed and did!

We have locked ourselves away within the four walls of the churches. Most Christians only associate with their like-kind and don’t involve themselves in the worldly things! To a degree, this is quite understandable. But this protection from the ‘real world’ means outside of the nightly news broadcast, we have no idea of what is really going on.

Now people are learning everywhere that the news broadcasts only tell us what they want us to know, and lie about other issues, keeping it hidden from us. They use propaganda where they repeat over, and over, and over, and over what they want us to think and believe. When you are awake to it, it’s mind-numbing and cannot be tolerated.

Meanwhile, the evil ones got about their business, both underground and above, without too much interference from anyone.

Good Is Supposed To be Ruling The World, Not the Wicked!

Unfortunately good is not ruling. We hear so much about our politicians and church leaders being involved in pe/dop/hilia that it makes our straight hair curl! We elected politicians into power (or we thought we did… all elections were rigged!) and then left them ‘to do their job’.

So evil came in (like a flood) and ruled our world. We the People are supposed to elect people into power to work on our behalf. They are to work according to what our original Constitution declares. Everything has been back-to-front, but praise God, it’s all coming to an end!

Think carefully on these potential meanings
Think on this! Once you work out who the ‘Beast’ is… the rest of it somehow falls into place. Not all at once, but careful meditation and prayer asking the Holy Spirit to lead you…

But we haven’t had the Great Tribulation yet!

Many declare this, as I did… I don’t anymore! We have all suffered greatly from the tyranny of the C/a/b/al. Most all of us unaware until our eyes flipped open!

We have been learning about the horrors happening around the world. Much of this is happening underground, but at the same time, horror after horror has been going on up here on the surface.

If you were to ask the rescued children have they been in tribulation, what do you think they may say? Of-course, you know. They have been caught up in the worst horror story, the most fearful nightmare we could ever imagine!

People worldwide have been in enslaved in debt, in most cases, never having sufficient for what they need. People are hungry, homeless, living on the streets in appalling conditions.

Back when I used to watch TV, I always thought how terrible it was they were offering Backpack Beds for a safe, dignified night for the homeless! How safe would you feel in there? Really, is this the best they can do? Not a home where they can lock themselves in at night?

Now I know these conditions have been around for a very long time… all of them. We have just witnessed them getting worse as our Royal Families paraded around in untold luxury! They could have answered the appalling state of affairs and never missed a beat, but it was all planned to be that way. All for them… very minimum for us.

It’s Them – The Globalists/Satanists the tribulation is for… not us!

But the truth is… the tribulation is for the Globalists, not us! Not us! No, not us!

Awakened people right around the earth are working very hard to spread the news about the wicked in the world, exposing the evil every chance they get. This is the Great Awakening! It’s here folk! I trust you are not missing it as it’s the greatest show on earth!

Revelations is not so much about what Satan is up to, but what the Lord God is up to. God wins!

I believe we must answer the call to fight the good fight of faith right here and now. Together with Christ we’ll see the end of the N/W/O, the Ca/bal, the Sa/ta/ni/sts etc. They are the ones the Lord is eradicating from the earth we live on.

I just want to say that although many are under the belief that what’s up ahead is very, very scary, the reality is they are taking Revelations too literally. It’s written in symbolic language and therefore has different meanings to what we would normally assume.

“The revelation from Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John,”

Revelations 1:1

God is not going to rain down upon us with every horror dreamed up. He is really upset, that’s for sure, but not with you and me! He is very upset with the wicked world though!

Who are the evil?

  • C/a/b/a/l
  • Glo/bal/ists
  • NW/O
  • De/ep St/ate
  • Ill/umin/ati
  • Sat/anis/ts
  • Cann/iba/ls
  • Ba/by Sac/rif/ices
  • Chi/ld Traf/ficking
  • Hu/man Traf/ficking
  • Dr/ug Traf/fickers

You get the picture of our wicked world! I’ve used every name I can think to describe that set of demon possessed ‘people’. All of this is because they have sold their souls over to Satan and now worship him through the sa/rifi/cing of innocent children.

The devil has a thirst for blood, and in particular, the blood of babies and young children. These ‘people’, in the selling of their souls for the sake of money, power and fame, enter into rituals that turn the stomachs of decent living people.

Altiyan Childs brings out the finger signs they proudly display, which tells us immediately who’s team they are on.

These are the ones that the horror stories of Revelations are for! They are the ones that the plagues set out in Revelations will come upon. It’s not us! No!

Listen, we can see it happening to them right now! Tell me if this is not what we are observing? There is no way they can escape what is coming to them as God sees all. He has his faithful people working with Him to bring about what these ones deserve.

The Book of Revelations is in action right now. The end of the wicked world has come for all those devilish, evil people. The end of the world has NOT COME FOR US!

The end of the world has come for the Cabal! We are watching it happen!

We are on the winning team

So… do NOT be alarmed. God leads and directs through PEACE. Allow peace to rule and reign in your heart. All will be well with you.

It’s like we are in an old jeep bumping along an old bush track! We are being tossed about because we don’t always understand what’s going on around us. But learn to ride with the bumps, knowing that God is in control and He’s leading us to a wonderful place.

So I don’t wan’t you to misunderstand Altiyan Childs… the bad bit is for the evil ones, the good bit is for us.



  1. How to completely eradicated money and evil to bring a lasting peace, harmony and love to the entire world where everyone’s needs are met without the need for money or evil rulers. Jacque Fresco a visionary social engineer envisioned the perfect future world of advanced technology without money, politics, poverty, wars or outdated religions.

    • That’s definitely ‘way out there’ Robert! For most of us it’s hard to imagine such a world because of the slave mentality. But the more we envision such a future, the more it will come into reality.
      Thank you for sharing such information.

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