End Times For Evil Cabal – New Freedom For Humanity!

Do you know, when you hear of ‘the end of the world’, it’s not talking about the end of the earth, or of humanity? It’s talking about the end times of the evil Cab/al!

Did you get that? Did that sink in? Not the end of humanity – no!

It’s ‘the end of the world’ for those who have been ruling over us for a very, very long time, and causing endless heartache and mayhem.

This is the time when the evil Ca/bal have wrenched from their clutches, all the power they’ve ever held over us.

We have all lived with it all our lives, but none of us comprehended what was really going on. Our eyes were closed. We were sleeping while they caused mayhem after mayhem, and we didn’t even realise what they were doing!

Think of all the wars, and think of all those brave men and women who went to fight those wars. What was their driving force? Of-course, it was the love of their country, and the belief they were saving their country from evil.

Little did we know that the wars were financed by the dark side… both sides of the war! They pitted us against each other by telling us lies which we all believed!

Constant Fear Pushed by the MSM

We didn’t know that virtually every news media was owned and operated by a select few corporations who controlled the dark side’s narrative. They were able to relay messages to the entire world according to what they wanted us to know… or not know.

We were nearly all brought up in such a way that we believed if you didn’t watch anything else on telly, you should at least watch the news. But years ago I decided no more! I couldn’t stand the constant barrage of bad news that came at us, every evening.

Once ‘Cov/id’ came on the scene, it’s been a never-ended barrage of ‘Covi/d-this’ and ‘vac/cination that’. They tell us how we have to accept the jab otherwise we will never return to normal. They hold it out there like a carrot. Funny thing is, or should I say, despicable thing is… there is no end, and no end is planned. They WERE leading us into a horrible place where the human population was lowered dramatically, and those of us who remained would be their slaves.

I don’t believe God intended us to comprehend Revelations… until He was ready

Although at times throughout history, the people were very aware of the human sacrificing, we in this modern age thought that was a thing of a gruesome past. What we didn’t know, was that it had never stopped… it just headed underground.

Down there they could do whatever they wanted, knowing that we who lived on the surface of the earth had no idea.

But a time came, when the time was right, that it’s all be brought out before us. We, over a period of years, have been learning about the never-ending horror stories happening underground, and on the surface… but hidden from us.

How unbelievable it has been to come to the realisation that all this has been happening right under our feet! As we began to alert others, they found it hard to accept it as truth. Tunnels running deep underground right around the world! Not possible, I was told.

Symbolism of the Book of Revelations and the End Times

People who read the Bible have been mystified by the Book of Revelations. Most of the teaching and training concerning it teaches that during that period of time on earth it will be exactly as is written in the book.

Making it so much easier to understand

Personally, I always struggled with it. Why would a loving God just about completely destroy the world before coming back to live here? How does that make sense? Couldn’t He deal with those who needed to be dealt with without destroying everything?

Why do we all have to suffer through such a devastating time? Is it because God finally got so mad He’s almost out of control?

An ‘Out of Control’ School Principal ‘Whack! Whack! And Whack Again!

When I was in Grade 5 in Primary School, we had a Principal that was just like that. Each day upon arriving at school we had a special swing board that contained three written out problems for us to solve before recess time. But you know, it wouldn’t matter how hot the day was, as we would return after recess, we’d all put jackets on.

If it turned out that we couldn’t solve a problem, and maybe didn’t understand what the Principal was trying to teach us, he would become livid! So having our jackets on, protected us from a whack-happy Principal. He’d lose it with frustration if we couldn’t solve those problems! He would race down the aisle, slapping each student as he went. Whack, and whack! Whack! First one side and then the other!

We all would try and sit at the back of the class because we knew he would run out of puff around the sixth whack! LOL

So, is God like that? Has the time come where his frustration has got the better of Him? Has God Finally Lost Patience? Is He coming now to whack us all? Like the School Principal, he whacked everyone within his reach… even if they had got the problem solved correctly!

God Has Shown Unbelievable Patience

So, after displaying patience for all these generations, has God finally run out of patience with us and is ready to whack anyone and everyone?

No! NO! Oh NO! Definitely not!

There is no end to the patience of our God. He loves us all so completely and has forgiven each and everyone of us who have asked. But not those who turn their backs on God and instead worship Satan through blood sacrifices of innocent children and other humans. These people have invited demons to come in and rule their lives. God has to punish that and eradicate it from our earth.

It must be hard for Him because he loves them just as much as anyone else… but they have stepped over into such evil that cannot be allowed to continue. The time has come.

We are watching it all with our very own eyes! Day by day planes carry more and more of these evil ones to their tribunals where they will receive their deserved outcome. I will explain more of this in future posts.

So, it’s not us He’s dealing with!

But… He has had enough of the Cabal! That evil, satanic, ritualistic-loving, blood drinking, murdering Cabal. Those who have stood over us and kept us enslaved in debt with no way out. Those that infiltrated every part of society so they could ensure their rules were in play towards their ultimate agenda… World Control with Satan as God… or so he thought!

We Need a Fierce Desire to Understand

Once you open your mind afresh and ask the Holy Spirit to direct you, He will guide you into a whole new meaning of Revelations. Remember, comprehending Revelations was locked up until the time of the end… now!

That was my experience. Becoming obsessed with a fierce desire to understand what the book was all about. I read and read it, together with searching out other scriptures. Still completely unsure, I then decided to search out what others were saying on the Internet. Of-course, I knew what I had been taught in the past, but I asked God to show me if that was how it really was.

Many Christians are looking for a Rapture that will remove them from the scene. That is not something I believe anymore. Even though I had been told that we have to go through all the horrors of Revelations so that God could have for Himself a perfect bride. I thought about that a lot. I thought, what sort of a man would it be that put his potential bride through the most horrific circumstances to test her out and to see how perfect she would be? And… only then could he accept her as his bride!

If we heard of such a man doing this, wouldn’t he be brought before the law? Wouldn’t he be jailed for life for committing such a crime?

So my search continued… I wanted to comprehend the End Times…

I received a lot of help through Melissa from Freedom Force Battalion. She was the one who began to help me see.

When I first heard her speak I reacted quite strongly against some of the things she was saying, even though at the same time something was jumping on the inside of me.

So I continue to study Revelations and to read Melissa’s book. The penny started to drop. She taught how virtually the whole of Revelations is symbolic, and once you understood the symbolism it all fell into place.

Read this Book in the Light of what is happening all around us… you will be amazed!

These days, I become more and more convinced as I see what is going on around us.. And guess what… I’m full of peace! No longer do I dread ‘the end times’ thinking it’s all going to be metered out on us. There is no horrific time for ‘us’ but we are privileged to have a front row seat watching it happen to the Cabal. They are all coming down and in the very near future, there will all be gone. They all will have been carted off to face military tribunals and their own very deserved fate.

Once all the tribunals are completed, then the public will get to hear about them. It’s the way the military works.

So although we still do face hardships, especially through this ‘Covid’ nonsense brought on us by the Cabal, we are not facing what most Christians believe is up ahead of them. Praise God! The world is not coming to an end… it’s having the evil rooted out of it and 1,000 years of peace is up ahead.

So you are completely sure, I’ll repeat is once again. We are not coming to the end of the world, we are watching the world end for the Cab/al!



  1. It is the book of Revelation. No “S” on the end. It’s a single revelation to the Apostle John of many events. But may I add, your article was great!

    • Hi Priatepilot,
      Yes I know. I guess the reason I did that was because, looking back, I have always called it RevelationS. This being the case, I didn’t pick it up when I was reading through my work. I will take the time to remove all the ‘s’s from within the body of the posts but not sure I can do anything about the headings. We’ll see.
      Thank you for pointing out to me.

  2. Marylin

    Are you familiar with Anatoly Fomenko and the 1250 years of missing history? Are you familiar with the Tartarians, mud floods, and the ancient free energy associated with these buildings that are all throughout the world. Tartaria is the missing link hidden from our history.

    • Yes Les, I have watched a whole set of videos goin through a lot of stuff. I’ve just got it sitting on the shelf at the moment.
      It’s very difficult to decide what is truth and what isn’t.
      I found quite a bit that made sense to me but other parts I’m not so sure.
      The set of videos I watched left much unanswered. Yes I know it was designed to make you think and I believe that’s great. I hope when people read my posts that they THINK… they don’t have to agree with everything I’ve written, but to THINK and wonder and then research is most important.
      I believe in the not too far distant future, truth will begin to come out where it will be provided by those who have no other agenda than to bring forth truth. I look forward to that day.
      Meanwhile, thank you for sharing what you did. You might like to add to it as people generally would have no idea of what you are talking about.

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