The Great Awakening Happening Right Now As Evil Exposed

The Great Awakening is happening right now and yet many are oblivious! I am often concerned that so many people do not seem to comprehend the depth of what is going on around them. This post is my endeavour to share…

It was first brought to my attention by Charlie Ward who, as he had be forewarned, took it upon himself to share far and wide. His intention was to bring understanding, and in turn, to bring peace to the hearts and minds of the people.

As we prepare for Nesara/Gesara, we move into the Great Awakening. Gradually more and more comprehend what’s going on.

But Charlie shared there would be diversions… lots of them…


What were the diversions for? Well to start with, Charlie had been told there were two currency resets in play. They were:

  1. The Great Currency Reset – this is where you will own nothing and be happy! (run by the evil Globalists/Black Hats)
  2. The Global Financial Currency Reset – & the Quantum Financial System – this is for the benefit of the people (run by the Alliance/White Hats)

Actually, to begin with when Charlie was told, he really didn’t take any notice. Certain country ambassadors he was working with told him on three different occasions what the intention was. He was told it would involve a ‘virus’, 5G, BLM, even an alien invasion! It wasn’t until he started hearing about the Corona virus that he realised that what they had told him was coming to pass. It had started.

Agenda 21

The Globalists were intending to depopulate earth and bring in full control of those who are left. If fact, their plan for the remaining people to become their slaves. Their currency reset, of-course, was all geared towards ‘all for them and nothing for anyone else’. Very frightening!

The Alliance knew of what they were planning, so they planned one that was ‘for the people’ and to bring everyone out of debt slavery into a prosperous life.

This was all part of their Nesara/Gesara plan. Unfortunately, they tried to bring it into fruition back in President John Kennedy’s day. The evil ones assasignated him.

Black versus White (the Awakening opens our eyes)

The Deep State GlobalistsWorldwide Allliance – Nesara / Gesara worldwide
We would be their slavesFreedom for all
Own nothing & be happy!Homes & land available for everyone
DepopulationAs God intended
Great Currency ResetGlobal Financial Currency Reset
Total food controlFood available for everyone
Debt slaveryProsperous life
Horrific rituals honouring SatanAll honouring God
Total pharmaceutical drug control & sicknessWonderful new technology healing all
Taxes on everythingIncome Tax free
Licenses required for everythingNo licenses on anything
Taxed to the hiltOne tax only on new non-essential items = 14-17%
War around every cornerPeace on earth between all tribes and countries
… and so it goes on and on…… and so much more…

This is the fight we are fighting right now! We are in the middle of World War 111 while many have no idea. It’s amazing how many people side with the enemy because they don’t know who the enemy is!


The next time they endeavoured to bring in Nesara/Gesara was on the dreadful day of 9/11. In fact, it put the whole plan back by 20 years.

Here we are in 2021, twenty years later, and the plan is to bring it forth once again. Those of us who know this is what they are trying to do need to pray! They have to be so super careful as they don’t want to lose control again.

The Globalists must be eradicated

Meanwhile, as they were working towards this end, they had to also defeat the Globalists. My goodness, so much to learn during our awakening!

There was much to be done. The Alliance were aware of the horrendous underground tunnels and cities containing millions of trafficked and farmed children. These poor children, (and other females and males) were being used in science projects, satanic rituals and all manner of evil things. The Alliance had to free them. Of-course, we didn’t have any idea of all this! The pain we felt as we learnt of this during our awakening! We were totally sickened to our stomachs. We didn’t want to know, but realised we had to know… we had to face it.

OK, so this was not an easy job. I mean, those underground were not just going to give them up… they would fight to the bitter end.

Then started the lock-downs. Why? Was it to prevent people everywhere from contacting the dreaded ‘virus’? No, not at all. These lock-downs were to keep the people safe as the military did what they had to do. During lock-down periods there would always be lots of aerial activity going on above. No-one could understand why, but this was the military in action.

Millions of children were rescued. Many came from a depth of 10 kilometres underground where most of the cities were located. In the endeavour of rescuing them, when bringing them up to the surface, unfortunately many of them died. This was because most of these kids had never seen the light of day. It was heart–breaking! Not that they had any life down there of-course as most were locked in cages.

Normal? What kind of normal?

There was much talk and discussion going on about the dangers of 5G and BLM. Together with this, we started to hear that the only way we could ever ‘go back to normal’ was to be vaccinated.

The more we all learned about the old normal, the less we wanted to go back there. But for others, they longed for the old normal to come back. They were more than willing to take a jab if they could just get on with their lives.

But for those of us who were hearing and seeing the depths of the corruption, we had no desire to go back. We knew we had to fight through and come out on the other side. It was like we were together in a very dark tunnel, but we could see the light at the other end. We just had to get there!

The Great Awakening

There was such a great need to come to the tipping point, that is, where there were more awake than asleep. So we tried to tell everyone…

Gradually we all found how hard it was to open the eyes of those around us. How many times we were accused of being ‘Conspiracy Theorists’? Those who didn’t bother to spend time researching but rather sat in front of the television each night making sure they caught the latest news, generally did not accept what we were trying to tell them.

This has brought great heartache, as what was so clear to us, others couldn’t see it. The reality is, our job is to share the news, but it’s the Lord who opens eyes. It is not up to us to spend time worrying that we are not being believed, but rather to be prepared to speak whenever the opportunity arises. Yes, we pray for those we have shared with, but the rest is up to the Lord.

Still and all, many thousands began to join the Awakening. Little by little. Sometimes they jump in boots and all, while others take much time to consider… and then start to do a little research for themselves. It is not our job to convince people. We can present the facts, but that’s all we can do. We need to simply encourage them to research and find out truths for themselves.

Gradually the D[U]M[B]S were emptied and then blown to smitherines!

How hard was it to learn about these places! To me, it was one of the most incredulous parts of our Awakening. As we followed people connected to the military etc. and had ways of showing us what was going on, we learnt the depth of it all. One of the best in this that we have followed was Gene Decode. We learnt an amazing amount of information through him. Do I agree with everything he says? Actually no I don’t… but so what… we take what we can accept and leave the rest for the moment.

Many times we heard of earthquakes happening. Here in Australia, whenever we heard of a new one we always checked its depth. Guess what… 10 kilometres! We knew the military were hard at work.

Glob/alists indicted everywhere

During our Awakening we gradually began to learn that all governments everywhere, were part of this world-wide elitist club. Slowly but surely we came to the understanding that when we had cast our vote, it counted for nothing. Those that we had believed in, were a part of the abomination. Governments and even church leaders, we began to understand, were working for the dark side! Hollywood was completely dark… the music industry, the movie industry, even big parks and old time movies by people like Walt Disney were filled with satanic hand signs and meanings. It was everywhere.

For some of us, we have learnt about this gradually, especially how all these people did whatever the dark side wanted, as they pursued their careers seeking fame and fortune. My heart cries out for those who potentially will learn it like a ‘smack in the face’. How will they ever manage?

The Election Fraud and horrendous changes in the government

How many have understood that the election fraud and all the massive changes (for the worst) made by the incoming government in the US, were all part of the plan? What an Awakening that was!

Donald Trump knew there were too many people who could not/would not believe him. If he tried to tell the world what state they would be in under the control of such an evil government, they would simply laugh. He had to make a very hard decision on which way to go. He, together with the Alliance, (a world-wide group of 8,000 who stood with him) made the decision to go the way they did.

This meant that although President Donald Trump won the election hands down, he would step aside and allow JB to pretend to run the government.

Firstly, let’s be clear on how they knew Trump won the election. They had the Quantum Voting System set up to run alongside the Dominion Voting System. They sat in a room and watched the fraud take place.

Don’t think for a minute that President Trump was sidelined with the election results. He knew before the elections even took place what was going to happen. How did he know? Because that’s the same way they run elections all over the world! It’s always decided before the elections who would run the country, and always whoever the Globalists said would do it. Always! I think they had a bit of fun just watching it at work.

Once more, this provided plenty to talk about and discuss right there… another massive diversion!

Meanwhile the work went on…

Rescuing the Children

All I’ve mentioned above was a massive diversion to take the attention off the fact that the military were going deep underground and rescuing children from these abominable places. What wasn’t understood was the fact that connecting tunnels travelled worldwide connecting these dreadful cities, one with another. Extremely fast trains moved between the cities carrying children.

Lock-downs had come into play and ripped around the world. While the world’s majority believed the lock-downs were put in place to stop the spread of the ‘virus’, we learnt through research, that the lock-downs were to keep people safely at home, as much as possible, and out of the way of the fire between those involved in the tunnels and the worldwide military going in. Obviously, the satanic worshipping demons were not going to just give up… they fought hard. Everything they had worked toward over countless years was being destroyed and they weren’t going to take that lying down!

Bringing in the Quantum Financial/Voting/Healing/Education Systems

And at the same time, quietly in the background, they were working diligently towards the bringing in of the Quantum systems. Quietly. Gradually. As they needed to work with all the banks around the world, it was a massive job. They worked so much undercover that even the banking personnel didn’t understand about the new Quantum system and how it was taking over the old, illegal system. It was that quiet!

But for those of us who have delved into the depths of what was going on, we heard. Yes, we understood it was coming into reality and simply had to be patient. Our Awakening kept us patient as we understood what was to come.

We All Need To Rise Up!

The fact is that while ever people continue to conform to the restrictions placed upon them, the longer the whole saga continues. As we stand against it we are helping those on the front lines of battle to overcome. All our countries have been under the jurisdiction of the Deep State Globalists, so we are all in exactly the same situation. They made their own laws and couldn’t have cared a less about our Constitution.

Those who love President Trump, love him to bits. But, we have to remember he is the president of the United States. I’m in Australia… he is not our president. We cannot wait for President Trump to come and save us!

I have no doubt whatsoever that he’ll return and start once again to turn the US around. Meanwhile, all other countries can learn from what he does, and from what he has already done. We need to rid ourselves of all the evil out of our own government and look for those who can and will lead us according to Common Law.

Worldwide Rallies

So to this end, Worldwide Rallies have sprung up all around. Last Saturday, July 24th 2021, rallies took place in countless countries. All together at the same time. 12 o’clock midday. Melbourne, Australia Valence, France Paris, France

This brought out all those who had not yet entered the Awakening that we were not doing the right thing… for heaven’s sake… these people are spreading the virus, they believed! Of-course, those doing their research know that this is far from the case, but who can convince them? Only the Lord!

So… the ‘virus’ / elections / vax / and countless other red flag events have been to be a diversion, while…

The arrest all of the satanic globalists / rescue the children / stop all human and drug trafficking / clean out all the evil from the face of the earth, AND bring in the Quantum Financial System while…

Preparing this world for the most wonderful time ahead…

This is the most wonderful part of our entire Awakening. Realising, a wonderful time is ahead for us all! But really, before that can happen people are going to have to comprehend what has been going on in the world they called ‘normal’. It was far from normal. It was like the pits of hell itself, we just couldn’t see it.

We were all brainwashed by the media who were pretty much all on the dark side. But we didn’t know! Belief was strong in the medical profession, the government and even the media. “Why would they lie to us?” is the question most asked as we share the truth.

ALL those who knowingly were involved in crimes against humanity, not only governments, but the media, medical profession, church leaders… whoever… will pay the price of the death penalty if found guilty.


  • The satanists/freemasons/secret societies/globalists/elites/Deep State/ Illuminati will all be completely dealt with. Remember, crimes against humanity come with an automatic death sentence.
  • Satan, the devil himself, will be locked away for 1,000 years.
  • All debt slavery will be gone.
  • No more homeless people with homes for everyone.
  • No more working for a pittance in a job you despise. Instead, work at what you love to do.
  • Healthy eating with no more foods designed to make us sick.
  • Wonderful technologies to heal the sick and infirmed.
  • Children playing in the great outdoors.
  • New government, fair and for the people, will spring forth.
  • No war. If a country declares war they will be removed from the Nesara/Gesara code and unable to trade with anyone. So peace will reign.
  • The list is very long… this is but a sample.

Once Nesara/Gesara is announced and let loose on our world, life will be completely different.

Imagine this place? Can you imagine it?

Jubilee at its best!

1,000 Years of Peace

The Bible calls this period of time the 1,000 years of peace. No more satanic worship – all gone! With no-one left around to feed the unquenchable desire for the sacrifice of children etc. Satan will lose all his power. The Bible tells us he will be locked away for 1,000 years.

1. And I saw an angel coming down out of heaven, having the key to the Abyss and holding in his hand a great chain.

2 He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil, or Satan, and bound him for a thousand years.

3. He threw him into the Abyss, and locked and sealed it over him, to keep him from deceiving the nations anymore until the thousand years were ended. After that, he must be set free for a short time.

Revelation 20:1-3

He will no longer be around to bother us… what an amazing time is up ahead! We need to hang on. When things look like they couldn’t possibly get worse, pray! God is at work. The Jubilee of all Jubilee’s is coming.

But meanwhile, there’s much work to be done. Continue to share. Share this post… everywhere. Be part of getting the word out. People need peace in their hearts, and the only way that will happen is as they experience their own Awakening! You see, those who are peaceful are those who have experienced the Awakening and know the fullness of what is going on.



  1. The meaning of Agenda 21 means the globalist agenda for the 21st century which began in the year 2001. That is why the globalist Luciferians conducted the 9/11 ritual to begin their satanic agenda for the 21st century.
    It will not end good for you new agers, hell awaits those who follow false gospels.

  2. This Does sound wonderful, almost too good to be true! They keep announcing a date, then recanting.

    Am wondering if this is just a fairy tail to soothe the sheep..due to stolen election, and Biden running America into the ground ?

    • Oh dear, I know how you feel Kay! Could it all really be true?
      The main thing is not to be hung up on dates. No-one knows the dates except maybe the ones at the very top organising it.
      Don’t worry about Biden… he’s fake. It’s just a pantomime, or what I’m beginning to call it now, a documentary. We are learning facts about how life would have been under such tyranny as we are all seeing.
      The break-thru will come and then we will begin to comprehend what it was all about, but meanwhile, buckle up and stay calm.
      All will be well in the long run.

  3. Thank you Marilyn for sharing your knowledge and your excellent ability to communicate. I recently found you from a Telegram Channel posting one of your articles. Your work is so appreciated. I read other blogs of this nature as well. Yours is well written and easy to understand so I can share it with others who desparately need to learn the truth. May God continue to bless you, your life, and your work

  4. Marilyn, you are a wonderful writer! You’re easy to understand, thorough, well versed and has humor and the word of God!! Keep, keeping on!!

    • Hi Ric!
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m very happy you find it an easy read. I try to keep it simple as you say, and not go so deep our eyes glaze over.
      As I write, others must share my posts. We need to get this information out far and wide and therefore all play our part during this amazing time.
      Thank you again.

    • It is ok to heap praise on Marilyn but it is not all her own work. A divine hand has a part to play. She has been chosen to spread the word. In time her work will be known throughout the world.

  5. What happens after 1000 years past?
    Will we be forced into another never-ending dark age???
    Will new cabal will arise to power that defeating them is impossible?
    I say satan must be destroyed at all costs.

    • Hi Firelight!
      Oh it would be so horrible if we were then again plunged into another dark age!
      However, according to the Bible, after the 1,000 years Satan will be let lose for a season. Even after all what we have gone through there will be some who still choose his ways. Basically it’s to weed them out. After that short time, he will be then done away with for ever.
      Satan is the ruler of all those on the dark side, there is no doubt about that. He thinks he will be God. Really, he is so conceited he thinks he can outwit God!
      But not to be the case.
      After the final defeat of the devil we will enter into a completely new age… a new heaven and a new earth, together with our new bodies.Death will be completely defeated.
      We are a privileged people to have a front row seat in the most amazing time of all history. We not only get to watch but to participate!
      I know it doesn’t always feel like it, but trust God and trust those he has spear-heading moving from dark into light.

        • Hi Donald,
          What do you see that time as being? What will happen? Really scary stuff for us? Or is it really scary stuff for the evil ones? If it’s for the evil ones, isn’t that happening all around us now? God is not going to indiscriminately reign His anger down upon us… He loves us so much He gave up His life for us. Is He going to throw mountains into the sea, turn 1/3rd of the sea to blood etc. etc. etc. indiscriminately upon whomsoever He will?
          Oh, I just mentioned a clue… do you know what it is? 1/3rd!!! Have you noticed all the many mentions of 1/3rd in the Word? 1/3rd = 33% = 33 degrees!
          What does 33 degrees remind you of?
          You’ve got it! I know you have!
          The Freemasons!
          It’s code language.
          It tells us exactly who is behind all the evil throughout the world.
          It’s not what God is GOING to do… it’s what the evil people have ALREADY done!
          When you can see this it is so exciting.

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