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What we have all been so unaware of, down through the ages, is the Birth Certificate hoax! We all thought we had to register all births with Births, Deaths & Marriages as a matter of course. It kind of makes sense doesn’t it?

But now that we have become aware of what ‘they’ have been doing with them, it makes us very hot under the collar.

Below is a kind of transcript of about one third of a video, one of my friends sent me a couple of days ago… (thanks Annie!). Incredible information that we all need to be totally aware of.

I’ve not tried to do it word for word, (not that it’s far off), as typing what people say exactly doesn’t always make for good reading. I will put the link to the video at the bottom of this post.

I couldn’t find their full names anywhere but picked up it’s Yort, Leslie & Alex. It’s done here in Australia, but the information is relevant worldwide. Leslie is the interviewer. Unfortunately I couldn’t grasp quite a bit of what she said. Alex provides most of the information.

Birth Certificates

Alex: When a woman has a baby and the child is born, she names it. Now, let’s say she calls it ‘Mary Jane’. She has the right to name it because she’s the co-creator of it, and the simple way that law works is that whoever creates, owns.

So when the biological mother and father create the child, when the child is born, the mother names it… ‘Mary Jane’. The state has no claim over it whatsoever. At that point, ‘Mary Jane’, and let’s say that the family name is ‘Smith’, the baby is given the appellation of ‘Mary Jane’. And, that’s what she’s known as.

Now what happens then is that the mother usually has to birth the placenta. When the placenta is born, now the placenta and the baby are joined as one, they’re the same DNA when they’re in the womb, and the baby is dependent on the placenta to receive everything. Okay?

So when the placenta is cut off, it’s severed and cut off, and it’s abandoned. Therefore, under Maritime Law, the state salvages the placenta. It weighs it to give it physical presence. The Birth Certificate is actually the registration of the placenta… the same DNA, but cut and severed.

This is why they then create the Trust Account which relates to the placenta of which you are the lawful beneficiary. You’ve been the beneficiary of the placenta from the time you were conceived.

So the Birth Certificate does not actually relate to you. It relates to the placenta!

The Trust Account that they create for it, (well actually they create three trust accounts which are the three different capital-lettered names) and then add in the family name… but it’s a surname. (Going back to ancient Rome, the surname was a name they put onto you to bring you under their system!)


Alex continues: Well it goes back to all of the stuff that the Vatican created. Now the Vatican owned everything for ages… and still do own a lot of things. The most important thing to know about the Vatican is that in 1302, the Pope, created a papal bull called the Unum Sanctum. In that the pope claimed the ownership of every soul on the planet for the church!

What is the Unum Sanctum?

The Bull ‘Unam Sanctam’, in which Pope Boniface VIII asserted his rights against King Phillip the Fair of France, is a landmark in the history of the doctrine of Papal Primacy.

The 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia says: “The Bull lays down dogmatic propositions on the unity of the Church, the necessity of belonging to it for the attainment of eternal salvation, the position of the Pope as supreme head of the Church, and the duty thence arising of submission to the Pope in order to belong to the Church and thus to attain salvation.

In the writings of non-Catholic authors against the definition of Papal Infallibility, the Bull … was used against Boniface VIII as well as against the papal primacy in a manner not justified by its content.

The statements concerning the relations between the spiritual and the secular power are of a purely historical character, so far as they do not refer to the nature of the spiritual power, and are based on the actual conditions of medieval Europe.

‘Unam’ is frequently quoted, and misquoted, by anti-Catholics trying to prove that Boniface VIII, and Popes in general, are arrogant and evil men, intent on extending their own power.”

Medieval Sourcebook:
Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam, 1302

Under their rules if you do not deny it, you accept it

Alex continues: Now under their rules if you do not deny it, you accept it!

This means that every soul on the planet, if they don’t rebut the Unum Sanctum, are actually claimed by the church and so they have a whole lot of rules and regulations to bring people under that.

For instance, if you are a citizen, you’re at the bottom of the tree. The hierarchy goes:

  • God, Allah, the Creator, whoever you want to call it, Universal Creator… creates the soul.
  • Now your soul is only answerable to your creator.
  • But the soul comes into a physical body and that physical body is given the name by your mother so it can function in it there.

But that could be different to what the soul is.

  • The people create government
  • The government then creates persons
  • And included in persons, are fictions like: subject, citizen, mister, titles, anything like that are fictions and you’re at the bottom of the list!

Prima facie evidence

Alex continues: …. Obviously you’re already a living man or a living woman. I mean it goes without saying, it’s what’s called prima facie evidence.

Prima facie is a Latin word, used to mean ‘at first sight’ or ‘on its face’.

Prima facie evidence is evidence that, on initial examination, appears to sufficiently corroborate a case as to warrant its hearing. In common law jurisdictions, prima facie evidence is that which unless rebutted, would serve to prove a particular assertion.

In most jurisdictions, a prima facie case must exist before proceedings can commence to contest it, and lead to a judgment.

Prima facie evidence

Alex continues: However, because their system only exists on paper, if you have nothing in writing in their system, you don’t exist, you have no standing.

So it’s important that you create a series of documents that makes it very clear, what your standing is in their system.

Now they will try to tell you that the Birth Certificate is that, because they don’t want you to be a living man or woman. They want you to be the ‘dead person’ so that they can control you.

That’s why the Birth Certificate is so important to them.

But what’s interesting is all the Birth Certificates say that this is not proof of identity, because it’s now proof of deception!

So unless you have something contrary to that in their system you have no standing

This is why you need an affidavit of yourself as a ‘living man or woman’. I’ve created one of these which has been very successful and served it on all the relevant organisations. They don’t like it at all because once you’ve got that it’s like you’re safety net to start walking on the tightrope of their system.

Leslie: Well that’s amazing how you say that because 99% of the time if you go for a bank mortgage or if you go for registration or a license, you have to take your Birth Certificate as proof of your ID!

Alex: Yeah, because they’re in on the fraud. It’s the same system, and if you actually go to a bank and say to them… “You’re asking me to provide a fraudulent document as proof? Where does that put you?”

Driver’s License Hoax

Let’s say they take a Driver’s License. Now when a Driver License is created, they take your photo then add it to the fiction, and then they put a copy of your signature. Now that’s fraud!

But then they say they want that as proof of who you are!

So what in effect you’re doing is when you show your Driver’s License, or a Passport, or anything like that, you are consenting to be the dead fictional entity! Which means you have no rights!

I’m happy to provide the affidavit. I give them to people free. I don’t believe in charging when you’re helping your fellow man out who’s been wronged. It’s quite an extensive affidavit which goes into rebutting many, many things that they claim, including the presumptions of courts and the presumptions of law – it covers everything,

They don’t like it in their system. They’ll try to avoid it as much as possible. But once it’s there in their system you have standing in their system, because their system, the court system, is not allowed, and are not permitted and cannot deal with the living man or woman. It only has, say at the magistrate’s court level, authority to deal with the fiction. And this is where the deception is coming in.

An affidavit for a mother or father

I do have another affidavit for a mother or a father to fill in which rebuts the whole registering of birth.

So if you have your affidavit, and you have an affidavit of your mother and your father which rejects the registering process, and you’ve done the registration of yourself with one of the Common Law sites – like the International Common Law site… as a living man or woman, you now have four or five documents that are from independent people that all support you as a living man or woman.

All they have is a Birth Certificate which has been fraudulently constructed and used.

…. end of the partial transcript of

Common Law International

Who can apply?

Any man, woman or child born in any Country.

You will receive:
  • Hard copy of your Certificate of Live Birth
  • Non Fungible Token (a piece of blockchain that only you can access and to upload your Certificate of Live Birth)
  • Basic Common Law training which will activate further and future initiatives.

Please note it is $100 USD per Live Birth certificate.

Go to:

10/7/2023 Update: The above link no longer works. You can try this site below. It does not cost anything apparently:

On the other hand, someone just told me that all they did was write to the hospital where they were born. They requested: ‘Source document of live birth’. Not sure if there was a cost as I didn’t think to ask. But, they received the required live birth document back.

Affidavit Templates

Here are the templates supplied by Council and Government Watch Australia

I do trust you have found this information truly helpful and that you will go and register your Live Birth if you have not already done so. Do not just rely on your Birth Certificate any longer. I will be transcribing more of the video soon as it contains so much useful information.


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