Great Reveal Soon As We Overcome Evil For Good

great reveal

How soon before we see the Great Reveal?

People ask me… why is this going on so long? Why do the ‘good guys’ not wrap it all up? If the good guys are really in control, how come we are now seeing our children die?

These are all very good questions, and yes, they are questions you should be asking.

We think that all we have to do is put up with all the going’s on and wait for the Alliance/White Hats to bring it all to conclusion.

Well, let’s have a look to see if that is actually the case.

Whenever I hear of the White Hats from those who have some kind of connection with them, the news is always the same. They are working VERY hard doing what they have to do.

A massive undertaking

So what do we do? Do we sit and wait quietly while they are out there, putting their lives at risk, blowing up the D@U@M@B@S and flooding them with water? We know they are doing it because of the countless earthquakes taking place around the world with most all of them at the depth of 10k (5 miles) deep.

Have they completely finished the rescuing of the child**ren or not? I have heard that they had completed it… but maybe they’ve found more. These tun!nels run in all directions and at all kinds of depths. They have relayed that there are cities built under cities, built under cities. This is the most massive undertaking the world has ever seen.

Explanation of nefarious undergound happenings

If they have not finished, and by that I mean, if they have found more, do we want them to stop with them and just let’s get on with it? No of-course not! We need them to make sure they have every last one of them dealt with. If they don’t get them all we run the risk of them multiplying and rising up again in the future. NONE of us want that!

They MUST finish this job off completely.

We thought they had all been dealt with… unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

We have be warned over and over, that there are 10 days of darkness coming – the Great Reveal!

Does this mean the sun will not shine?

No, not at all. It’s not talking about that at all.

The darkness is referring to the fact that ALL communications are expected to go down. This will include… Mainstream News Media, Internet, Phones etc.

It is expected that we will receive 7 ‘Trumpet’ blasts (Emergency Broadcasting Messages – EBS) on our normal mobile/cell phones which will alert us to tune into our TV at that time.

Our phones will work for emergencies such as 000 (999) only. We’ll also be informed that the Signal App, (military encrypted), will be the only App available.

The Internet will not work during this time. In fact, nothing will work. You will not be able to draw out from an ATM. With no Internet, the shops will not be able to do business.

We don’t know the exact time… but it is coming!

In preparation, stock up on food

During this period of down-time, seeing that we don’t really know the full extent of it, we have been advised to stock up. Just for a period of time like up to three weeks or so.

Think through all your necessities and make sure you have sufficient of them for the duration. Medical supplies, food, water, etc. etc. Lights. Toilet paper. Just think… if the electricity went off, what could I (or could not ) use.

Look, if it turns out that for some reason they don’t have to take away everything, it will not matter as you can use it up ‘after the fact’. It’s so much better to be sure than sorry.

I think it’s very wise to have some cash on hand. Maybe there will be stalls or even some shops that will still operate by using cash only. I don’t know, but it’s a thought. Try to withdraw some cash and stash it somewhere safe. You just may need it.

What will we see on our TV? The release of the Truth- Great Reveal!

This is when they will totally get everyone’s attention. No other channel will be working… only one. On this channel, they will be playing three explanatory movies, eight hours long (3 x 8 hours) on a continuous loop for the 10 days. (24/7 for 10 days) The loop ensures it will be playing in every time zone world wide.

The topics will cover the arrests of all those who have committed crimes against humanity, the tribunals, explain all about the fraud, corruption, and the pe/do/phil/ia. All this we have been learning about will be relayed to all people, everywhere.

You most probably have many questions that you haven’t found anyone can answer for you… this may be your chance! In this great reveal, it will all come out.

We need this! All of us have so many people who still to this day, do not believe. There is so much we could share, but often don’t, because they cannot receive it at all, therefore they call us names!

It’s getting closer every day…

While all this is going on…

The Alliance will be taking down all our governments and any outstanding criminals not already dealt with. We will all be under Martial Law.

This is not a scary thing. Martial Law will be with the good guys, so don’t panic. In fact, they will be going around handing out food packages to those who are caught unawares, as many will be.

What is the trigger supposed to be?

Vaccination mandates worldwide with lockdowns. What exactly will this mean? I don’t know but I guess we will find out soon enough!

After the 10 days of darkness, what then?

We will enter into a completely new era. The old will be gone and the new will have come.

The old of the list below, that has held us all captive for so long, will have gone:

  • Governments
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Trade
  • Commerce

These will be replaced by a totally new system. This system will be the Nesara/Gesara of peace and prosperity.

The new gold backed currency will be in operation.

Will it all happen overnight? Somehow I doubt it. I think we will move forward at a more gradual pace, but never-the-less, always moving forward into a better place.

Personally, I believe we are moving into the 1,000 years of peace that the Bible talks about. This is a time where our enemy (the devil himself) will be locked away for 1,000 years.

Think about it! If he’s locked up, he’s no longer causing havoc.

Now, that’s exciting! This takes a bit of getting our head around.

At last!

When will this great reveal happen?

We have all been expecting it to happen for quite some time, but by the look and feel of it, it truly is imminent now.

The schedule is for it to happen during the month of January 2022! Oops, we are there now! In fact, we are half way through! If it is to happen this month it will need to happen within the next two weeks.

Look, don’t be upset if it doesn’t happen during this month… no need! They need to make sure that it’s completely safe in every way before they release this information. They need to know they can nab the last of ‘them’ without them taking off into hiding. Who knows what else they need to have in place?

Precision and Perfection! This is exactly what they need. Let’s just get behind them and wish them well in their endeavour to change everything in our lives for the better.

No bad-mouthing. If it doesn’t happen, pray! It simply means something came up and I’m quite sure they will appreciate you continuing to keep your vibrations strong and positive with prayer and thanksgiving.

God has already won this battle. We just need to see it play out.

Meanwhile, what are they expecting of us to do?

Share, share and share again. Keep my posts moving. Not only my posts, but anything else you come across that people need to see to aid their comprehension of the times we are living in.

Stand up at every opportunity against any or all tyranny. Complying with mandates only causes a longer time before we can finally come through this.

This is what the Alliance are calling upon us to do, because every single little thing we do to stand against whatever we possibly can, helps them to achieve so much more quickly.

Great Reveal coming soon

The Lord doesn’t do anything without first revealing it to His prophets first. You may be interested in reading this: The Great Reveal by Chris G. Bennett

I find it interesting that this prophecy was written up here on November 21, 2021. He said January 2022. Will this finally be the great reveal through the Emergency Broadcasting System?

Only time will tell.



  1. I found this blog by accident. Grateful I Did. One question I have is= Does public water systems need electricity for delivery?

    • Hi Gene,

      Without really researching this, I believe they do.
      We have been warned to have a backup water supply for a period of time if possible.
      My thinking is that the electricity will not be off for an extended time (although I cannot confirm this). I believe they will try to switch us over to the new system within a few days so that electricity and water will be restored. But maybe it might last a few weeks although I doubt it.

  2. “ We will enter into a completely new era. The old will be gone and the new will have come.” Sounds like the Millennial reign of King Jesus. It cannot happen without Him, mankind has never had the ability to bring worldwide peace. Only God can do that. I pray that more and more will see that and repent.

    • I could not agree with you more Kris… this is exactly where we are headed in my opinion. True peace without King Jesus is not possible.
      At the moment we have to go through this very difficult time as the world is being rid of the real evil-doers…

  3. What about those who dont have Tvs?
    also what will happen to our money in the bank durning those 10 days Will we lose it or Will it be safe

    • #1 No TV: Good question. I’m sure they’ve thought of it though and have worked something out.
      #2 No you will not lose any of your money, either than or any other time. The QFS already knows exactly what you have where. But during the 10 days you most probably will not be able to use a bank or their ATM’s so will be wise to make sure you have some cash on you to cover about 3 weeks all up.

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