“The Best Is Yet To Come” – Revealing the Truth

The Best if Yet to Come

“The best is yet to come!” This is a phrase often repeated by President Trump and those who are following events closely.

It’s definitely not a time to be afraid. Please, don’t be scared, as although the ride may be a little bumpy along the way, the end result will be well worth it.

Watch the Pantomime Play Out

The Best is Yet to Come

As Charlie Ward continually says, everything behind the scenes has already been done.

What’s happening now, is we are watching a pantomime play out.

Whenever the latest news is released for the general population, it’s already old news! Gradually we are learning of the things they, that is, Trump and the White Hats Team, took care of a long time ago, but are only now making it public.

They put out many coded clues along the way, but unless you were following those who could decode, you would have no idea of the hidden meanings.

This game of 5D Chess they appear to be playing takes brilliance at the highest level. Every calculated move is made only when they already know what the next ten or so steps will be.

It’s above my head really, but I do appreciate the fact that they know what they’re doing.

Fight the Good Fight of Faith

What is important though is that we, that is the digital warriors, keep up the good fight. So, how can we do that?

First and foremost, prayer is so important. We need to pray for the military to be kept safe, together with any of the others organising whatever has to be done.

We want to see a full cleansing of the irky, murky, dirty, slimy, disgusting swamp creatures! After going through all this, the last thing we want to see is even a remnant left in the pond.

The best is yet to come

These scum-bags are not always obvious for us to see, as we have been mind-controlled for too long.

Out of the goodness of our heart we give to charities such as the Red Cross.

We hear of the plight of unfortunate people and of-course, we just want to help… so we give. Unfortunately, the Red Cross is a Rothchild entity, so our money just lined their pockets.

This is the reason we rely so heavily on the Team of White Hats, being led by men like President Trump and General Flynn, as in many cases, we don’t even recognise them.

‘The Best if Yet to Come’ – Drops of Information

We need drops of information that they give us, so that we, the digital warriors, can flood the Internet and call them out. We have been informed that it really has helped as we do the best we can.

Not always easy of-course, as the Tech Giants hate truth, and will do all in their power to take it down. They are trying to block all communication between us, just the same as the Communists do.

What I love is, the warriors just keep on popping up again and again, exposing and pulling down those who have continually held our heads under water and sucked our very life blood. We are so tired of being manipulated and controlled by the Globalists.

This Third World War, is the citizens of humanity, against the Cabal!

We all have the Same Enemy

All over the world, we have the exact same enemy, and that enemy can be summed up in one, no, three words… the Deep State or, the New World Order!

There is so much attention given to the Chinese at this particular time. After all, China as good as owns Australia, and I’m sure it’s much the same around the world. They have our attention because the Chinese have infiltrated every high place in corporations and governments. They are everywhere. (Revelations 17:1)

It must be stated here that I’m not talking about the Chinese people. They are as lovely as anybody else. When the name ‘Chinese’ is mentioned, it’s referring to the Chinese Communist Party only.

We heard just recently that the CCP had infiltrated American soil. Of-course, we know that President Trump knew what they were up to and took the appropriate action.

Their intent was to take over the country as they want to dominate all countries around the world. OK… so they’ve been doing a good job of it too, slowly but surely.

So Who is our Enemy Again?

But there is something we must remember to ask ourselves… ‘who is our enemy’?

Once again… our enemy is the NWO!

They have paid the CCP to do what they’re doing. Maybe they’ve been promised that they will be the dominating power of the world… (as they chuckle behind their hand!)

It’s imperative that we look deeper than just to the CCP. Yes, they have been in bed with the Globalists, and do whatever is asked of them to do. Just like the ‘prostitute’ or ‘harlot’ we read about in Revelations 17!


We are not looking at normal warfare here… far from it. It’s truly God versus evil. He is behind it all and orchestrating Trump and the Team so they know what to do. Also, He has orchestrated the Great Awakening so that millions of people around the world are gradually becoming aware of what is really going on. On these, He calls to pray and fight the good fight of faith.

So you need to choose whose side you’re on… if you are not for God, than you are against Him. If you are not for Good, than you are for Evil.

Please realise that the Globalists funded both sides of the previous world wars. They simply pitted one against the other, then stood back and laughed as the whole world fought it out.

The Deep State Globalists have been behind:

  • Global Warming
  • World hunger
  • Population control
  • Eugenics and Sterilization
  • The Great Reset – where we would own nothing and be expected to be happy about it! Totally enslaved.
  • Black Lives Matter – which has not helped any black lives, only hurt them. It’s not about the black community and does nothing for the black people.
  • Rigged elections for many, many years to ensure they had the people in ‘power’ who would best suit their requirements… selling out our countries and bringing us to the brink of total enslavement to them.

It’s a total Luciferian Agenda, as Lucifer is ultimately behind the Globalists – the NWO.

The Deep State, the Media and the Democratic Party have all been in bed together. This is not to say, that many Republicans are not sharing the same bed too! All will be revealed.

Did you see this video before? If not, check out how they all rattle off the same dialogue… ‘Cocky want a biscuit?’

Just like the Cockys, repeating everything they’re told!

This massive world shaking is sifting out all the bad, and in the end, only good will remain. We are coming out of the Dark and entering into the Light, no doubt about it.

Time to Take a Stand because the Best is Yet to Come!

It’s time to take a stand… are you for, or against. The truth is, if you are not sharing the truth, as it really is, you are unfortunately a part of the problem.

I encourage you to hang on to your hat and buckle up… the ride may be a little bumpy. Pop some popcorn and settle back to enjoy the show… the pantomime that is playing out before you. You will never, for as long as you live, experience again what is happening at this present time.

What an exciting time to live! But don’t watch the mainstream media, as it will fill you with all kinds of fear. Dig out the truth from those you trust, as truth brings with it peace. Praise God for that!

The best is yet to come! Absolutely, and without any shadow of doubt! It’s coming. In fact, it’s almost upon us. President Trump is promising a very Merry Christmas with Nesara & Gesara. Can’t wait!



  1. HI Marilyn,

    Thanks for your reply. Yes I didn’t realise there were so many Bio labs worldwide. I started to read about them, these people are absolutely horrendous. What their plans were for the population are beyond evil itself. Everyone was slating off Putin just as they have done with Trump. I was then reading about the Neo Nazis who have been in the Ukraine for the last 8 years raping and killing. I believe Putin is a white hat but I have a question as to why Putin left it for so long knowing these poor innocent people were suffering atrocities at the hands of these Nazis.
    I also read that Ukraine was independent of Russia since 2014 but apparently this is not the case, the document for their independence was never signed or sealed so the people were lied to. Russia was basically policing its own country as Ukraine is still part of Russia.
    Just makes me wonder if the Concert being held in support of the Ukraine crisis is all about fooling the public with all the hype and the celebrities/singers appearing and whether this money is going to the Globalists as they must be getting desperate for funds now for their next evil plan. I don’t trust any charities anymore and think a very small percentage goes to the cause.
    As you say all we can do is continue to keep faith and hopefully the last of the scum will be flushed out.

    • Oh yes, any concert being held in support of the Ukraine ‘crisis’ is more than likely Dee/p Sta/te. But you hear it everywhere… poor Ukraine! Yes, it’s awful what has been going on over there over these past years, stuff we had no idea of… but praise God that He caused Russia to come in and put an end to it.
      Why did God delay? It’s a question I’ve asked many times… especially when thinking of the plight of the children. We just have to trust that God knows best and that He had perfect reasons for what He has done.
      We read in God’s Word that He sent out His angels (God’s messengers) to wake up the people from the 4 corners of the earth. Do you think we are living in that time? People from all over the world have suddenly woken up to what is going on! Then those people have got busy waking up others…
      We don’t understand God’s timing but all we can agree on is that it’s perfect!

    • The real Putin is long gone with an actor put in his place. Look at a photo of the real Putin compared to the actor. The real Putin had a hard-looking face, while the actor is younger with a sweet face.

    • Hi Caroline,
      I guess we need to look at the facts. Every country worldwide has signed off on the Nesara/Gesara agreement. This means no more war!
      But, we hear a lot about a fake WW111 having to play out before our eyes. What does this mean… only time will tell.
      There is some very real stuff happening over in the Ukraine, much that needs to be cleaned up. Apparently it’s very involved with lots of twists and turns.
      All we can do is continue to keep the faith and not become frightened no matter what they say is actually happening.

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