Hazardous Mask-Wearing Stops People From Critical Thinking

To be able to use critical thinking, you need fresh air because it contains oxygen that feeds your brain. Mask-wearing stops the ability to think so people are more apt to follow the crowds rather than stopping to ask questions.

The people of each country are responsible for what goes on in their own country. In all of them, the governments have been totally corrupt. They have all involved themselves in crimes against humanity. But the Alliance/White Hats/Worldwide Militaries are expecting us to open our eyes, see what is really happening, and rise up against the tyranny.

They require that of us. The more that become aware, the easier their job becomes.

We are NEVER going to go back to the ‘old normal’. It will not happen. After all, how many of us really want to go back there? That was a place where we were all slaves to the system and didn’t know any better. We thought it was the way it HAD TO BE!

Because they had us locked into this way of thinking, it allowed the C/a/b/a/l to walk all over us. They figured they could make whatever rule they desired. Meanwhile, it was all those rules keeping us in a slave mentality… while they laughed.

An example…

Yesterday, my husband and I travelled to the city. Along the way, we came upon road signs telling us to slow down to 80kph, 60kph, 40kph. This was on a highway of 110kph. That’s OK, we thought because we realise the roadworks need to be done.

But what happened was this… we travelled at those speeds, like the good kids we are, and then out the other side, but didn’t see a single work truck. Nothing! No-one! How stupid it was to see all the traffic on both sides of the highway, slow right down to a snail’s pace… for what?

I remarking to my husband that it’s just the same as the C/a/b/a/l, they make all the rules just to see if we will comply!

They love us complying! There doesn’t have to be a reason for it. They can even fine us for not complying… I mean, how good is that?

People complying through fear

On reaching the city we saw people everywhere wearing masks. Now here in Tasmania, the current mandate is that you must(!!!) wear a mask when entering a store, or anywhere where people are gathered together inside. But they have NOT mandated wearing masks at all times… nope!

I’m guessing, but about 60-70% of the people we saw walking around the streets were wearing masks outside, or driving in their cars, many times without anyone else with them. We saw elderly people who were finding it difficult to walk as it was, let alone wearing masks.

Over 22 countries have proven beyond a doubt this truth

Who is to blame for this?

Is it our tyrannical government? Actually no… each and every one of these people were to blame for their own actions and choosing to breathe their own toxic air!

It’s summer here now, so we should all be enjoying the sunshine and the fresh air. But no, many people are so fearful of ‘what’s out there’ that they cover up (their own choice), to breathe their own toxic air back into their lungs.

There is a video showing on Telegram of this fellow who ran a test on the dangers of mask wearing. He was able to prove that by about the third breath of breathing in his own toxic air, this meter rang out the alarm! I’m not sure what the meter is called.

Breathing your own air is responsible for chest pain or headaches, brain fog is another… yes, slower reaction times, risk of a stroke, impaired concentration, convulsions, increased respiratory rate, tachycardia… oh and so it goes on…

It’s bad enough people are wearing them inside, in other words, are complying to the mandate, without running around the streets wearing them. We’ve seen people wearing masks, jogging along our own local walking track by the river… I mean, really!

It’s past time for people to use critical thinking! Oh that’s right, I forgot, when people wear masks they lose the ability to use critical thinking… so there goes that out the door!

So why do they insist on mask-wearing?

Is it for the benefit of our health? This is what they would have us believe. We have to protect both ourselves and others from the dreaded C/o/v/i/d/!

But I truly believe there is a much more insidious reason for mask wearing. It’s got much more to do with obedience! They want us to comply and be obedient to them. They love that! It’s a token of submission. It also conceals the face, or the identity of the person.

Corona-Initiation Ritual: Mask-Wearing (Censorship, Submission, Dehumanization, Alternate Persona)

The Great Work – This is a short but great read

Satanic rituals use masks as everything they do is anti-christ, or anti-God. You can read more about this at: https://christianobserver.net/mask-wearing-and-satanic-rituals/.

Do you not think that what we are experiencing at this time is anti-christ? Even an unbeliever would agree that if Christ represents all that’s good, this is definitely anti-christ!

So when will it stop?

We could stop all this nonsense in a single day if we chose to do so.

If every person decided they were no longer going to obey the mandate of mask-wearing, what would happen?

Well, if the people obeyed the signs at the front door saying you must wear a mask, all the store owners would no longer have any customers! They’d look outside and see the throngs of people walking by, but not one coming into their store. They’d be forced to take down their signs insisting on mask-wearing.

The shops and streets would then be filled with happy people, all with a gleam in their eye. Business would pick up and all would rejoice.

But won’t we all be fined?

Nope! The police would also be so happy to be rid of their masks, they’d be rejoicing with you.

Instead, all the people would come against the pathetic government and hold them under citizen’s arrest!

I’m dreaming!

Yes, I guess I am… unfortunately. But really, it’s this easy.

So what do we do?

We keep on sharing the truth wherever we can. Find articles that so clearly state the dangers of mask-wearing. Breathing our own air is actually the least of it. What about the graphite oxide found in many of them?

All this has nothing to do with the health of anyone. If they cared about our health they’d warn about the junk foods and drinks everyone is consuming, and so much more.

For a good, informative read, go to: https://www.shawntrautman.com/masks-and-critical-thinking/

As we come to realise the real agenda that’s going on ‘behind the scenes’, let’s speak out about it. You can do that by simply forwarding on this post, yes it can be as simple as that. Imagine if we all sent the post out to five people!

Mask-wearing is the pits!



  1. I was asthmatic when I was younger so that’s my get out clause for not wearing a mask and I have prescribed inhalers. Also bought myself an exempt tag on a lanyard which I’ve seen quite a few people wearing. The blue masks suffocate me so I bought 3 or 4 washable scarf like masks much better and wore a clean one everything, this was before I bought the exemption tag. My Dr even told me he couldn’t give me exemption!
    Glad to see in my local supermarket more people than not are Not wearing masks. Counted 5 sheeple on my last visit. As I finished young lanky lad came rushing down the street with sun hat on and odd mask like a bra cup right up to his eyeballs, surprised he could see where he was going.

    • Oh dear… the sights you see!
      We’re finding still a lot of elderly people are wearing masks, and many, many Asian people, young and old, all religiously wearing them when out and about.
      It was good you got an exemption anyway.

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