Signal App Required To Ride Out The Massive Storm

Signal app

We have be warned over and over about the need for downloading the Signal App.

There is a ‘storm’ coming and it will take out the Internet and all phone connections. Not a normal storm of-course… this will be as the White Hats/military are transferring us over from our current systems onto the new.

The Signal App will be our only communication method once our phones have been cut off.

Before the phones go down, we are expecting seven Presidential messages (7 ‘Trumpet’ blasts!) to come through on our phones… immediately after that, we are told, they will be cut off. These messages will be alerting us to the fact that we need to turn on our TV’s where all the channels will be down except for one. I don’t quite follow how this will work, but this is the information.

We are talking here of Internet/Social Media/TV etc. worldwide, with your phones losing service. No phones, no Internet, no communication outside of the Signal App.

Why should I download the Signal App?

The military have sent up Military Satellites so that the Signal App will work. It used to belong to the former CIA and is a highly encrypted military App. It’s very safe. The CIA, as we know, have been taken over by the White Hats and it’s all under their control now.

It’s chiefly for contact with family and friends. Once everything goes you will be concerned for your loved ones. You will be wondering if they are OK?

It will be a frightening time for those who have not been following what’s really going on. They won’t understand. In fact, many of those same people have been giving you a hard time as they don’t believe anything like this is coming. It will be wonderful to still be able to be in contact so you can help them through.

We must realise though that they too must have the application, it will not work only if you have it yourself. You can invite them to join you once it’s on your phone.

(Cue) says to download the App

Many are able to decode the messages received from (Cue). Some are so cryptic I wouldn’t have a clue what they’re saying, but others are very clear.

#1043 is one of them. It tells us quite clearly what is about to happen. Look at all those servers and social media programs that will be no more!

Why is this? Because potentially, they have been involved in crimes against humanity.

Remember, they put this out on 04/06/2018!

This has all be planned for a very long time!

Have you backed up your information yet?

Once again, we have been warned for a very long time to make sure that all your precious work has been backed up onto a separate hard-drive.

I would not go relying on anything cloud-based.

Apparently, everything is going to be wiped.

How do we know when this expected to happen?

The word is that when we have vaccination mandates worldwide with lockdowns we know it’s just around the corner.

Dates are often given, but cannot be relied upon. Things happen that can change dates. Do not let your guard down though or you may be caught unawares.

How to download the App

Signal must first be downloaded onto your phone before a desktop application can be used.
You need to visit from your phone.

Please note:

If you would like to be able to stay in contact with me through the blackout-EBS period, please click on the Contact button in the top menu of this page and send me your telephone number. Please include your country code.

It doesn’t take much to download the Signal App so why not get busy and do it now for your own peace of mind.



  1. am i understanding that at the moment signal works off the internet/cell data but when the internet is turned off the signal app will work via satelite?

  2. Hi guys I manage to get my signal app working. Can u invite me as I need to make sure it working under Tony cheers

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