How To Prepare For Official EBS Soon Triggered Worldwide

In this article I’m going to cover a little information on how to prepare for the official EBS (Emergency Broadcasting System) that we are told is coming soon.

Many people have been asking me to give them specific information as to what we can expect in the near future. This is an interesting request, as we who are sharing as best we can, have to dig through looking under rocks to find what we hope is information worthy of note.

In many ways, I have not been able to give specific answers because we have’t been given any exact timeline.

So today I’m going to direct you to an article written by Judy Byington. Her writings are a compilation of what she finds across the Internet. It’s mainly not her thoughts alone.

The State of Emergency

A State of Emergency is being declared around the United States… it’s believed so far to be in 17 states. The State of Emergency will start in the USA and then reach out across the world.

This is all a military operation where much will be shut down and we’ll enter into the 10 days of darkness. This is also known as a ‘Blackout’.

People everywhere are being warned to prepare for such an event. If you haven’t already, it would be a great idea if you attended to it now.

So what do you need to do?

It’s recommended that each household try to have food and water on hand, together with all essentials… for 2 weeks.

What you need to do is think… what if I can’t buy ‘such and such’ for two weeks? Would I have enough on hand?

What if, for some reason, your taps didn’t run; the gas didn’t come through; electricity wasn’t available?

Would you be able to survive? So think it through, without panic, so you can think logically.

  • Fuel for the car – not wise to be caught on empty.
  • Food of all kinds – what if the shops were closed for 2 weeks? What do you need outside of your garden?
  • Water – what if the taps didn’t run? Maybe not likely, but what if? Where would you get your water supply?
  • Medical supplies – do you have sufficient medications to last for two weeks?

The truth is, you may not need it. We cannot tell exactly what will go down, and what won’t. In fact, it’s really difficult to advise. Maybe nothing will. It might just be the Internet and not more… we don’t know.

But you know what they teach the Boy Scouts… ‘Be prepared!’

Prepare for the official EBS

We will be advised when it’s to start through alerts coming to our landline phones and mobile/cell phones. This is known as the Emergency Broadcasting System.

Each country has it in place just in case an emergency comes and they need to alert people as quickly as possible.

This same system will be used for us.

What will happen during this time?

It is sometimes referred to as being a ‘blackout’. Normally when we think of a blackout, it means our electricity has gone down. I’m sure we’ve all experienced one or more of them.

I cannot say when it will happen, but from what we are hearing it could be very, very soon. I can think of many reasons why electricity going down would not be good, such as Nursing Homes, Hospitals etc. etc. Especially if it were to last for 10 days.

I don’t think it will include electricity, but don’t you think it’s better to be prepared. What if it does?

Meanwhile, all our TV channels will go off so there will be no watching the news to hear what’s going on.

Instead, we are told, that the new Quantum Internet will be sent forth around the world. This wonderful new system will provide us with censor free Social Media and fact-based documentaries. These will begin to teach us what our real history is, as much of what we have been taught is nothing but lies and deception.

It is believed, that during this time, they will run the tribunals of all those who have been arrested, tried and sentenced, belonging to the Cabal. These are the ones who have had tyrannical control of the entire world… up till now.

The reason they want to show us is to help us all understand where things have gone wrong, and why. It will be liberating. Finally, the truth will be revealed for everyone to see.

We can be thankful that the White Hats have worked tirelessly to bring down the Cabal. Their world is crumbling around their ears right now.

Wake up oh World, wake up!

Are you helping to spread the news?

Of-course, each person who is sharing this kind of information is also aiding this war. Isn’t it amazing we can sit at home, at our own computers, and be an integral part of helping to bring down the enemy!?

Everything is coming to an end as we knew it. The government, politics, financial, pharmaceuticals, social media, even the news media are all toppling over as we speak.

In their place, we can expect:

  • True and proper government… as it should have been
  • Politics with fresh new blood… people who actually care about us
  • The old system of finances will be no more as we experience the new Quantum Financial System
  • Big Pharma will also be no more and in it’s place wonderful natural healings and Med-Beds
  • yes, the list just goes on and on!

Judy also shares quite a bit of other relevant news… read and enjoy.

Click here to read all Judy’s current notes

As we prepare for the official EBS, please don’t be afraid when it all begins to happen. Because you are in the know, it will be important that you are there for others, especially the elderly, who may not have had any chance to learn what is to come.

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  1. Hi Marilyn. As a patriot and a researcher, I am telling the truth on all the news sites I use and YouTube when the globalist Google lets my comment stay, (very rarely now). We can pull together as a nation by proclaming the truth as much as we can and opening eyes as often as we can. This is how people are waking up. They are listening to their fellow citizens instead of the fake media. Go White Hats. Best minds on the planet. Thank you, Lord.

  2. I seen video today saying, in the next few weeks EMS will tell us what to do have 3 weeks cash and food and stay home and watch it unfold. It will only be on one channel.Also that as we speak they are going in with plains clothes and pulling celebs out of their homes kicking and screaming. That Trump won Arizona and Georgia.

    • It would be good Darla if we had the link to the video!
      Yes, I definitely keep hearing that it’s inching closer, so we must prepare. We shouldn’t put it off as we may be caught unawares. I’ve heard it said that once it happens it will be immediate.
      Thank you so much for sharing this information.

  3. Looks like we’re in the same boat … GOVERNMENTS WORLDWIDE act the same. The people gather to take back rights, our children and freedom. The control must be with us the people.
    The future looks so bright and nice that it dazzles.

    👋🏻 Hi from Europa

  4. Hi Marilyn….I got a question about the vaccine…I’ve read that the vaccines that are out aren’t even FDA approved or tested on animals..why are they still pushing it for people to get with some major side affects is this all part of the pantomime…I’m confused

    • Hi Jerome,
      You are quite correct about the vax… they are not FDA approved and there is no current animal testing performed. Apparently when they did test them previously, all the animals died.
      Humans are the test.
      So how does it relate to pantomime. These vax are real and potentially deadly! The problem is that because people believed there was a pandemic, they all screamed out for protection so they can all get back to their old lives… or so they thought.
      The Black Hats are pushing the vax hard… and until such time as the White Hats can bring out into the open what these guys are up to they have to let them.
      Many would not have believed Trump if he spoke against the vax, so part of what is going on is that he had to step aside and appear to no longer be in control, while they put out as many pantomimes as possible to try and wake people up.
      I cannot pretend to fully comprehend everything that is going on, in fact much is still a mystery, but we have been told to ‘trust the plan’. This means, we need to trust that the White Hats know exactly what they are doing and are in ultimate control under our God.
      Our job is to alert as many people as will listen to the dangers of the vax. In doing so we will be responsible for saving many lives.
      We are still all under evil governments… we are not free yet. The White Hats are trying to show the people how life would be under them… to make them think… to cause them to rise up and cry for no more. Only then can they expose the bad and fully sweep in the good.

      • I’ve consulted several doctors regarding the vaccine, as in my primary care doctor, and several neurologists. All of them have the vaccine, which I continue to refuse despite my wife and one of my daughters getting it. Originally, Dec to Feb, I was considering it, but the more I read and heard away from MSM, no way. I can’t believe the docs keep pushing this. How can I be so smart?

        • How wonderful it is Greg that as you’ve continued to learn it’s changed your mind concerning it.
          What worries me is all those who just blindly believe the doctors and take it, believing they are doing the ‘best for humanity’.
          Why is it that some of us are so aware, while others are not?
          Why is it we’ve been awakened while others snore?
          All we can do is trust that God knows what he’s doing… and Trust the Plan

        • I have spent time trying to find official mortality data for the US. It has been hard as some sites, maybe not official ones, continue to try to offer up 500K+ deaths from Covid. That isn’t true. Some people died from Covid, but not in the numbers portrayed. As near as I can tell, the US death toll for 2020 was not that different from 2019. You have to separate who died from Covid and who died with Covid. Lots of financial incentives to report death from Covid.

          • Hi Greg!
            Yes, there is a lot of disinformation, that’s for sure. It’s a full time job just trying to decipher what is really so.
            With this war going on, I’m guessing it will continue to be that way until they can declare the official victory.
            Everything I have heard has suggested that the death rate has remained approximately the same to the last 5 years.
            As you say, with all the financial incentives available, it will always be hard to tell.
            Anyway, what is ‘Covid’? They have NEVER been able to isolate a virus…
            Thank you for your comments… much appreciated.

  5. Hi Marilyn..Have you heard anything about indictments against Donald Trump lately..I saw video about it ..then I looked it up on DuckDuckGo and found some that they really don’t give you a yes or no …confusing

    • Hi Jerome!
      All I can say is to remind you that it’s all pantomime!
      The Dee/p Sta/te are kicking and screaming in their tantrum on their way out.
      They will do anything to place DT in a bad light.
      They, and the news media, have been doing it for a long time, so they are very good at it.
      I don’t think I’d be bothered worrying about it.

  6. Hi another question for…I was reading where they brought in New Zealand troops to be a priority for vaccinations here in Canada. Would this have anything to do with martial law when it goes worldwide or is this just another theatrical thing going on or is it real for the vaccine?

    • Hi Jerome!
      I hadn’t heard of this at all so I can’t really comment.
      I did find this so maybe it’s what you are referring to.
      The NZ prime minister is pushing hard on the jabs so it doesn’t surprise me.
      What are NZ troops doing in Canada anyway? Quite possibly real by the sounds of it, but still part of the pantomime.
      Anything to keep us all distracted while they finally set up the QFS and work on the vote recounts.
      If you learn anything more, please remember to share…

    • Hi Betsy!
      Charlie Ward and others are saying that the laws they are passing are just to increase the pantomime in the hope that they will wake people up.
      Maybe they may be enforced, but illegally.
      Anyone standing against them would win.
      Remember, they are all operating illegally as the country corporations world-wide are all defunct.
      That will not stop them from making all kinds of insidious laws.
      It is believed that the White Hats are in control.
      They are the ones who are orchestrating what the Black Hats do.
      Don’t forget… make it look so bad that people begin to say “Whaaatttt – this can’t be right!!!”
      It’s kinda hard to get your head around it and this is why we have been asked to ‘Trust the Plan’, because it’s easy to be side-tracked into thinking the world has turned up-side-down.

  7. Hi a question about when the QFS when it kicks in …I watched a video on Charlie Ward and he said that when the QFS kicks in that the covid and the mask wearing would be gone and that we would be able to travel around free without this crap going on…any thoughts on this

    • Hi Jerome!
      Yes, Charlie Ward has always maintained that as soon as the truth comes out including the start of the QFS, that covid and all related to it will strangely disappear!
      I read something this morning, unfortunately cannot remember where, that said that the WHO have asked the CDC to declare that the covid is over because the CDC have been found out for lying about it. Not sure if it’s true but I do think it will ‘just go away’ when the time is right. I’m not sure all people will let it go immediately though, time will tell.

  8. Thank you for the info. I’m so ready for this. God is good. Thank you to all involved in saving us from evil.

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