Shocking! All Fresh Produce Is To Be Irradiated Now!

fresh produce to be irradiated

It’s a shocking fact that our Australian and New Zealand governments are now planning that all fresh produce is to be irradiated!

I have received an email from a friend of mine, Marilyn Vine, where she is pleading for people to stand up and rally people to fight against irradiated fresh produce.

Marilyn gave me permission to copy her email in full below, where it tells the whole story. She is an incredible ‘fighter’ and has fought for the well-being of people endlessly.

As you read through, she relates her experiences as to how she learned about harmful ingredients such as propylene glycol and sodium laurel sulphate. These are ingredients that cause immense harm and, can you believe it, are found in most personal care products used every day by most people!

She further goes into the fluoride fight that’s been going on here in Australia. Once again, most people use fluoridated toothpaste and drink fluoridated water every day without any idea of the harm they are causing to their body.

The email moves on to the ‘No Jab No Pay’ issue we are all faced with. How many of us are aware of the truth that we are not talking about a vaccine here? These current Co/vid shots do nothing to protect you from any disease!

As she continues, she ties it all together. Everything is related to everything else. How many are connecting the dots? Irradiated fresh produce is just another way to make sure we are poisoned, slowly but surely…

It all comes down to ‘depopulation… can you see that?

Irradiated Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce Is To Be Irradiated

From the heart – Plea for help
Sunday, 16 May 2021

From Marilyn Vine

This morning I awoke with spirit writing in my head again! All brought on by my reading the headlines a day or two ago that Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is planning to bring into law that:

All fresh produce is to be irradiated!

If you are not aware of the harm that microwave cooking does to your food, then you need to investigate. For those that won’t take the time to do this, then I will explain:

Microwaves irradiate your food and KILL ALL NUTRITIONAL VALUE OF THE FOOD YOU ARE EATING! This means that you might as well go and get a piece of cardboard and eat it . You will get as much of your nutritional needs as your body requires from this, as you will from your microwave foods.

I have been back in Australia for 27 years and have not used a microwave to cook with. I had one until it died. The only use was for heating wheat packs for Allan when he had SLE Lupus to relieve his pain. When it died it has not been replaced.

So why I am putting this dialogue together?

We have to stop FSANZ from implementing this policy of irradiated fresh produce!

The writing in my head this morning brought to mind a great many things and I apologise, no I don’t apologise, for the length of this article. It is time we all woke up and more importantly STOOD UP to stop many things being perpetrated. What I write will be mainly from an Australian and maybe New Zealand perspective of what I have seen unfold but it will touch lives in other countries as well as many of the things that have happened are international.

First off I am in my 79th year and I do not feel that I have the ability to start a movement to get people to rally and to stand up for their freedoms and their rights.


My Experiences

In 1996 I was educated on the harm that propylene glycol and sodium laurel sulphate caused.

I told the mother of my 1-year-old grandson and we went into the bathroom and checked all the products that were being used on Sam. Everyone of them contained harmful ingredients!

She asked “what should I do?” I said I know what I would do and she got a rubbish bag and threw the lot out and we replaced them with products that were not harmful.

My youngest son was 27 at the time and when I told him his comment “Don’t be bl…dy stupid Mum the Government wouldn’t allow that!”

He will be 52 this year and he still is not awake and I don’t waste my time in talking to him as he is not prepared to listen.

I experienced the same with my two sisters.

I am the baby sister by 10 and 12 years and I believe the feeling was – what does Mum and our baby sister know!

There is no point in wasting your time in speaking to people who are not prepared to open their eyes. My sisters now deceased, I loved them all dearly, and I love my son dearly and have to stand back and watch what unfolds.

Each week I have a skype call with him as he lives in the UK. I tried to talk to him about not getting the jab…

He had his first shot on 18 February and I didn’t ask which one. I just said “Oh Anthony!”, and he exploded at me and said he had to do this to retain his job. Retain his job!!!! He has been in lock-down and working from home since 2020, so what risk did he pose to his employers?

On 5 May he had his second jab. Last night I found he has a cold – didn’t appear to be too bad at this stage and I pray that he is going to be alright. I have asked for protection to be placed over my family, friends and others.

I asked my 5-year-old-granddaughter via her father whether they had done something. And this 5-year- old told me that they hadn’t because of COVID-19.



People who are awake know that the governments portray fluoride as a naturally occurring substance in nature. But the truth is that they do not use naturally occurring compounds in our water. It’s toxic chemical waste products which are known to contain cadmium, mercury, arsenic and lead.

In my journey in fighting fluoridation of Eurobodalla Shire, I found articles possibly back in around 2010 where in American they had found extremely high levels of arsenic and lead in their fluoride compounds which were coming from China. Way above the maximum legal dose allowed which if the truth be known this legal level was too high in the first place. In Massachusetts a fluoride plant had to close because it filled with a white substance and they were unable to identify it.

Eurobodalla Fluoride Issues Incorporated took Eurobodalla Council to court to prevent them from putting fluoride into our water. The grounds of our case were that we believed that they had not completed their environmental impact assessment as was required by law.

It took Justice Craig 19 ½ months to deliver our judgement against us. He said that he believed that these environmental assessments would have been done by NSW Health.

NSW Health said ‘No!’

One of the fluoride fighters in Queensland had written to NSW Health asking if they had such an assessment . She was told ‘NO’. To get our judgement to be released we had to write to the Judicial Commissioner to investigate. He
wrote back to us in December (I think it was 2014 from memory). They said “they were not satisfied with Justice Craig’s explanation and were planning to investigate further”. EFII wrote to them around June and did a follow up none of which received a response.

I had a computer crash several years ago and cannot find the letter that I received from the Judicial Commissioner which advised me that under legislation such and such


What has happened to transparency?

Our Barrister told us that we had no grounds to appeal the judgement as it could only be appealed on a matter of law and we had no such point to appeal on even though we knew his judgement was based on erroneous information.

All the fluoride groups across Australia have experienced this type of behaviour from our Government Departments.

I know that if we had all united as a single Australia-wide body, and if we had rallied enough people, and were in a position to fund a protest outside Parliament House in Canberra – paying for the groups Australia-wide to attend that this may have ended with a different story!

The lesson here is that we have to unite, stand together and speak up.

But to do this we need very strong people to spear-head the operation. Then we all need to assist by financial funding to enable actions to be taken on a united front.

No Jab No Pay

This legislation was put forward by Scott Morrison and passed into law under Malcolm Turnbull. I know of many people who were really upset about this legislation. They went to various lengths to have their children exempted. Some have resorted to home schooling. Home schooling does not give children the social interaction with their peers. This is an important part of their growth process.

In today’s financial world parents have become dependent on the benefits they receive. They could not afford to lose their benefits and again had to acquiesce to these draconian requirements.

Once again we should have had a strong person spearheading the whole of Australia to rebel against this legislation. offered you a free service to ascertain who you were and where your family originated from. How many of you took advantage of this service? Did you ever stop and think that this may have just been a ploy to gather your DNA?

I am sure that you will have read similar articles that I have which has said (and I don’t have authentication) that the DNA found from the PCR testing in the US has been forwarded to China. That China are using this DNA to make weaponized instruments to be used against the people.

Doesn’t this make sense to you in understanding what has happened in 2019/2020 and still unfolding in 2021?

Why did Australia’s Governor General declare a state of emergency when we had no reported COVID-19 cases Australia-wide?

The original pandemic which is reported to have been released from a Wuhan Laboratory was funded by the NIH. This was by Fauci, but in the US it obviously did not have the desired effect of reducing the population.

So we are now experiencing wave after wave of different – who knows what! This causes hysteria and fear driven by governments and the media.

More people are waking up. My understanding that here in Australia more and more people are refusing to be jabbed.

If you read the Reiner Fuelmich legal action to be taken in the International Court – he very clearly explains that it is not a vaccine as it does not come within the definition of what a vaccine is.

There are numerous highly respected professionals, immunologists etc who tell you the same thing.

A vaccine provides a protection to the issuer and vaccinator. If it is not a vaccine then this protection does not exist!

Now to our horror we are finding out that vaxxed people are infecting the unvaxxed!

For once I am recommending keeping your distance from people whilst out and about. Stay out of their air space. Their exhalation can be inhaled by you. How long this “shedding” continues after being vaxxed I have not read. I know with measles and flu vaccines that the shedding time frame is about 14 days as the vaccines contain live virus.

I have read, and again cannot authenticate this, that Russian doctors dissected 19 people who had died from Covid-19. What they found was that they had not died from this but from extended electromagnetic radiation. I further heard that arms and legs had been cut open to expose blood vessels that were shrunk and full of clots.

Last year I shared articles on how I believe it was 60 mhz of EMF that could inhibit the blood vessels from absorbing oxygen. How many of you are feeling breathless? This is a sure sign of insufficient oxygen in your bloodstream.

I have shared the Arthur Firstenberg’s newsletters wherein he has been advising of the large number of satellites launched by various groups on 3, 10, 23 and 25 March 2021. In the second last newsletter I shared around 16 April he said he had received over 1000 emails from people world-wide sharing theirs and their animals health issues. We are now being constantly bombarded by these satellites 24 x 7.

Stratospheric Aerial Spraying, or as you commonly know as, “chemtrails”

This aerial spraying has been going on since the 60s and over the decades the level and what they spray has been ramped up. Many people have been able to identify many things like barium, strontium, morgellon’s disease back in 2012, nano particles and nano particles combined with smart dust. The belief is that the nano particles are an involuntary inhalation on our part as the particles are so minute.

When they add the smart dust to the equation this too is inhaled. Guess what – this makes our bodies more receptive to the effects of the electromagnetic frequencies!

I believe it was around June or July 2018 I was reading that Bill Gates – yes Bill again – was funding a program called SCOpex where the research was being done through Harvard University.

SCOpex plan was to produce a “chalk-like substance” and for this substance to be sprayed over the entire world. The aim was to block the sun from reaching the earth.

This will result in a lack of vitamin D to people, animals and plants. Without Vitamin D you won’t survive. It will also block the sun from reaching the oceans. This in turn reduces the level of oxygen manufactured by these oceans. The level of oxygen in the oceans I understand dictates the amount of water released by them and thus our planet will suffer massive drought.

I saw the headlines recently that I believe it was Sweden who has refused to take SCOpex on board.

What have the Australian and New Zealand, and other governments around the world, done?

I know from my own personal experience of where I live that we have had massive sprayings for quite some considerable time. My sky is either totally white or grey. I see the impact it has on my solar system to generate power into my battery.

My friend Jenny and I see the end result on the harm to my vegetable garden and my fruit trees. We have to work hard in putting fulvic acid back into our soil, however it takes about 3 weeks before we see the result of this. We have to work much harder to be able to produce good food ourselves.

In speaking to a friend in the South Island of New Zealand she too has confirmed the massive spraying she had experienced and the effects on her garden and fruit trees.


So why is our Australian Government allowing this to happen to its people?

Bringing about a world-wide food shortage

For years I have read of draconian actions taken by police, etc in the United States in various States. Prosecuting people for growing vegetables in their front gardens, coming in and destroying vegetable gardens in their backyards. Going to people who produce natural milk and destroying all the produce on their shelves, even if it is not milk and taking their money effectively shutting them down.

Here in Australia with the lockdowns and other actions the government has taken has prevented our farmers from being able to harvest their crops and get them to market. Many have had no option but to plough good food back into the soil. Financially this is unsustainable and so what is going to happen – we lose our food producers!!! I know I am seeing the effect of this on the escalations in the price of fresh produce.

For well over five years I have been reading about food shortages to occur worldwide! However, I believe in 2021 we are actually starting to see this happen, even more so in the United States than in Australia.

FSANZ and irradiated fresh produce

So folks I am going to ask you:




I personally will do whatever I can to support them and spread information but I cannot take on this task myself.

Folks there are so many things forced upon us! We have stood by and let them happen:

  1. The farce of climate change.
  2. Implementation of Agenda 21 which became Agenda 2015 and now Agenda 2030. If you are unaware of what the key points of Agenda 2030 are then please email and I will send them through to you.
  3. Implementation of Codex Alimentarius coming from Belgium. Designed to make the required daily intake of various nutrients below the level that the body needs to sustain itself. To stop people having access to vitamins and minerals. Enabling companies who in reality are subsidiaries of the Pharma Industry to manufacture synthetic forms many of which are either totally ineffective or outright harmful.
  4. Vaccine passports – you may be interested to know that Dr Richard Day in 1969 – yes folks 1969 – published notes from a meeting and guess what – travel restrictions was one of the criteria! Again if you want this document email me.
  5. Australia’s constitution being ignored and us being governed under treasonous laws and legislation, many of which are designed to erode our freedom. I hear the pain in the emails that Dick Yardley sends me and I share with you. He asks me when are people going to wake up and stand up and demand that our Constitution be reinstated and that we stop being governed by corrupt institutions.

My prayer is that some people take this on board and find inner strength to stand up and help us all fight what is proposed on the food irradiation and so many fronts on the vaccine restrictions that are being imposed.

Marilyn Vine
Live a life of unconditional love, peace and joy

Healthy Money Vine

Marilyn Williams’ thoughts…

I’m so glad you read the whole email, now become a post on my site. She really knows what she is talking about and needs to be listened to.

Irradiated fresh produce is yet another ‘way’ they plan to depopulate our supposedly overcrowded world.

Don’t believe what they are saying. There is just one thing that they – the Globalists, are very, very good at, and that is lying. Oh yes, they are top of the class when it comes to that!

Is our world overcrowded?

It’s said we have somewhere between 7 – 9 billion people living on earth. Even if that is true, we know there is more than sufficient to feed each and everyone of us.

After all, they take good food and dump it in the sea rather than allow the prices to drop!

I’ve seen it where an Internet friend worked out that potentially we only have 2 – 3 billion people on earth at this time. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but what I do know is that all this talk of too many people living on earth that has to be reduced is nothing more than the One World Government flexing its muscles to bring in their draconian measures.

Spread this message far and wide

I do believe people must come against these things. No more trusting our governments to do the right thing by us. The time has come to rise up!

As Marilyn says… are you prepared to spear-head against the evil in our governments to stop this irradiation of our fresh produce?

But at a minimum… please share this page… everywhere. That will be accounted to you as ‘doing your bit!’

Let’s do whatever we can to stop irradiated fresh produce both here is Australian, New Zealand and every other country of the world. What they do to one, they will do to another. They do not see us as separate, but just one world-wide group of people they wish to be rid of ASAP.

Let’s let it be known that ‘We the People’ will not stand for having irradiated fresh produce! No! We will not!

Don’t let them get away with it – Stand Up!



  1. They been saying for two plus yrs end to happen may be never its a bunch of hog wash I’ve total lost faith they say they have arrested many cabal with no proof anyone can make a list when I see proof the I will believe enough said…..Gene K …….

  2. Thank you for all your hard work to educate us on the evils we have been entangled in for centuries! I look forward to the day it ends and we will find out all the hidden truths. I will send your website to all my friends and
    relatives and nay sayers!

    • Thank you so much Pam. You are doing the right thing by keeping my work moving… moving. Not just my work of-course, but any you feel to. We must continue to do all we can to spread the news far and wide. Bless you!

  3. I have noticed since moving to Georgia in the USA from Tennessee, I cannot grow anything in my garden. I assumed it was from pollution because I am 15 miles from the world’s busiest airport. I also watched doctors from both Emory and Kennestone Wellstar hospitals, murder my mother. They tried 6 times, which I caught and was able to prevent. However, the 7th time they snuck into her hospital room when I had fallen asleep in the chair. They changed her BiPap settings to the strongest setting the machine had. The setting was made for a 7-foot tall man, my mother was 5 feet tall. They changed her oxygen from 3 to 8.5. and overdosed her on oxygen while they exploded her lungs. The hospitals are murdering their patients. I also firmly believe in the Agenda 20/30 plot. It makes perfect sense. What better way to reduce the population than to pass gay marriage and make abortions seems as simple and affordable as going to the dentist to have your teeth clean. These pedophiles running our nations know all too well about “priming”, and “desensitizing”. Just tonight, I watched on the media how so many were melting down this week over strict “heartbeat” laws preventing abortion from being used as birth control. The brainwashed mass was actually on TV saying, “It should be my choice when to have a baby or not”. I was shocked. It is NOT your choice when to have a baby. It is God’s choice, and God’s choice alone. God has been removed from everyone’s everyday life to the point that generations, from those born in the 70s and after, really do not know God nor have a personal relationship with him. The satanist rulers of this world, have been successful by removing God and replacing him with the love of “money and self”, the “flesh”. You see, it all really does tie together. We have government agencies created called “Department of Family and Services” stating they are here to protect children. Yet, they destroy children. They pass laws that you cannot spank your child. They open jails for children, when children are caught not behaving because they make the cost of survival too high for one parent to be able to afford to support the family. They have praised divorce. They have made it law, that you inject chemicals into your babies the day they are born, or it is medical neglect. If you disagree, they will kidnap your children and terminate your parental rights, and sell your children to the next bidder. Our Federal Government in the USA pays, not less than, $35,000 per child to the department for emergency removal of a child from their parents. Another $20,000 PLUS to terminate their rights. Another $45,000 plus to adopt the child to another family. The foster care families get 4 times as much money to over medicate your child and that is called “High level of care pay”. Children are a BIG cash-paying business. All these incentives to destroy the family and child, and not one cent to help keep a family together. Yes, it is called “Child Protective Services”. Don’t even get me started on the fact that rape is actually legal and no one cares about the survivors. Laws are passed to “protect and serve” us, yet no one enforces the laws. It is all a big show, the “smokescreen”. I have been praying and praying for mass arrest, major changes, and for the world to be free’d from this torture. I have yet to see anything take place. Alternative news claims it is happening behind the scenes, yet not one drop of proof. I wonder sometimes if this whole “Dark to Light Movement” is not just a bunch of crap to keep everyone under control that would stop the satanist cabal from killing everyone/ Only time will tell.

    • Hi Melanie!
      I’m sad for some of the horrors you’ve been through, but I’m so glad you are awake and can see what’s going on.
      Do not give up on your prayers Melanie… this is not the time to allow negativity to enter. Keep the faith.
      At this point in time you have not got to see a whole lot because never forget, we are in a war. Much has to be accomplished in secret. But keep your prayer ‘faith filled’ and I truly believe we will see what we have been believing for.

    • Translation: the world is going badly and you explain it perfectly, we must react quickly and say no.

      Thank you Jolly… you are SO right! We are proud of the way you French are pushing back and saying ‘No!”

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