Interesting Magnetic Madness Strikes The Arms Of The Jabbed!

Magnetic Madness

Don’t you find this interesting? Magnetic madness striking the arms of those who have taken the jab!

Magnets sticking to arms on the Co/vid injection site

Now, is this all true? You have to ask yourself.

We see so much CGI going on, but really, would all these people have gone to the trouble, or have the ability to create CGI images?

Somehow, I doubt it.

Of-course, we don’t know which of the injections may be causing this. Do they all?

“They are injecting nanotechnology into people, or simply said: tiny robots!

Dr Carrie Madej

Magnetic nano technology in your arm!

Really, does this not bother you?

Magnetic Madness strikes again and again!

If this has happened to you, please share in the comments below. Let’s hear from those who’ve had the experience.

The crazies continue…

In addition, this video is also interesting. As you watch you will see her open a new shot box and take out the paper which usually lists all the potential side-effects. The funny thing about this is there is nothing written on this huge piece of paper.


How strange.

What is going on?

Is this all just more pantomime?

We don’t really know how many are dying

The sorry thing is that people are really dying. It’s being related that only 1% of deaths and adverse events are reported to VAERS. Their death figure sits around 4,000+. If that figure is only 1%, what if we were to multiply it by 100 – we would get 400,000 deaths.

Could that even be near? Surely not!

If that is so, or even if it’s way, way below that at let’s say 40,000… and it’s not being reported to the general public… what a HUGE crime against humanity!

From shutdown to enforcement

I remember when it was something like just one person died from a sickness which was believed to be from raw cow’s milk here in Australia. They stopped all of Australia from being allowed to drink raw cow’s milk as if it were a deadly poison! You have to own your own cow if you wish to drink it.

One person!

The whole of Australia was shut down from drinking this beautiful health food!

That was a crime against all Australians.

But ‘many’ people are allowed to die through these jabs, while the governments continues to enforce it.

Your very life depends on it!

They are all going down

The good news is that although many lives will be lost, and that is truly unfathomable, all those who are involved in enforcing it will be jailed for a very long time.

Therefore, we need to continue to pray that those responsible for the magnetic madness will very soon be dealt with.


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