Pledge Allegiance To Free Your Own Mind And Body

pledge alligance

Start today and pledge allegiance towards freeing your own mind and body. The whole world seems to be against us ‘we the people’ by insisting in every way it can that we must all submit and take the ‘jab’.

This post is designed to encourage everyone to do your research before simply accepting it as something you have to do.

Be true to your own body. In the same way, be true to your own mind! You have to live with the decision you make.

Here is a list from March 4th, 2021 show all the adverse reactions people have been experiencing:

This is off the UK government website and doesn’t come anywhere near what it would be worldwide. Do you really want to risk any of these disorders?

Brave doctors speaking out

Why do doctors risk everything by speaking out? Think about it. If you are one of those who are willing to accept what the media are saying as truth, I’d ask you to very carefully consider why so many doctors are so concerned.

They risk losing their license and who knows, even prison time.

Well respected Dr Mercola, who has a huge online following, is one of thousands of doctors and nurses speaking out, begging people to research before submitting.

If you get this ‘Eugenic’ V/a/c/c/i/n/e. China and Google cash in! By Dr Mercola

Follow the money

Follow the money! If you are ever wondering what is behind anything, simply follow the money. These people are set to create enormous wealth if they can manage to get this j/a/b into you.

They will do anything, and stop at nothing.

There is no way they are going to allow anything to come between them and the huge dollar signs they are on the verge of creating.

You see, once you have the first one, of-course, you will need a second one. In fact, it will be ‘in your best interest’ if you have it annually, or maybe even more regularly! People like B/ill G/ates finds it very hard to wipe the grin off his face when talking about these things… I’m sure you’ve noticed.

They have been working on this for years… it’s all been planned. The so-called v/i/r/u/s was set loose amongst the masses at the appointed time… and pushed and pumped every inch along the way by the media, to create as much fear and propaganda as they could muster.


One leads the way to the other

So you will willingly submit to accepting the vaccine. Yay!

Forwarded through Telegram

There is much more to this than most people realise. ‘Covid’ was a means to an end.

Let’s look at some of the amazing ‘benefits’

  • It will not stop the mask wearing. Why? Because the mask wearing has nothing to do with the v/i/r/u/s! It’s purely to see you submit. Sure too, they understand that as people breathe in their own toxins, that it will make them sick… which they then can call ‘c/o/v/i/d!
  • Social distancing will still be enforced. Why? Because social distancing is nothing to do with the v/i/r/u/s! It’s more on submission and they prefer for you to be apart so they can more easily identify you through their tracking devices.
  • Hand sanitizing will still be necessary. Why? Because most of them contain toxic ingredients which in time your body will need to detox from… with symptoms just like c/o/v/i/d!

Our bodies need to detox

When I say the symptoms are just like the v/i/r/u/s, it is because it is! Bodies need to detox if they are being poisoned, which most of us are. When we are subjected to:

  • Sprays on our fruits and vegetables,
  • Toxins such as fluoride and chlorine added to our water;
  • Geo-engineering in the air we breathe;
  • Most personal care items contain very harmful ingredients;
  • Artificial colours and flavours adding more toxins to our bodies;
  • and the list just keeps on keeping on!

Unless you are doing everything you can to avoid as many of the above list as possible, your body will eventually become so toxic that it has to undergo a detoxification. When that happens, you get a ‘cold’ or the ‘flu’. That’s what it is.

If you treat your body in the right way, and don’t fight against it with pharmaceutical pills and potions, it will soon right itself again.

Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made. The belting it can continually take is amazing, and it will rise again towards health.

As we pledge allegiance against it, we then allow our bodies to look after our health. Let your body do what it does best… protect us through our own immune system. Get sunshine daily when possible. Cut the junk food. Eat what God provided for us. Exercise.

Beware of the sinister

But we are living in times where many sinister experiments are against us.

Do you know that the ‘Covid-19’ virus has never been isolated. If it has never been isolated, how can they produce a (vac) against it? It’s not possible.

And they haven’t… that’s the point! They’ve never managed to do it before, and they sure haven’t done it now, no matter what the news media tells you.

These injections they want us all to take are not designed to protect against disease. That’s not what it’s about at all. It’s designed to connect you to an artificial system so they can control us all, that is, all those that remain and don’t die from the injection. It’s all a very big part of the Cabal’s enslavement plan.

I’ve seen it called the ‘quackcine’! What a great name… I like that.

Once you’ve had the quackcine, you will always require updates. It’s like Windows… always another update… it never ends. Which one will be the straw that broke the camel’s back?

Don’t let them bully you

Don’t fall for it. They are using lies and deceit to draw people in the direction they want, and from what I’m seeing, it’s working.

But wait a minute! As it appears the governments around the world are putting the hard word on their constituents to submit to the dreaded j/a/b, please remember that it’s all smoke and mirrors.

If you submit, the outcome can have dire results, but if you realise that the White Hats are showing us exactly happens under a NWO controlled world, the penny drops and understanding comes.

When President Trump was still ‘officially’ in power, he could have told us until he was blue in the face what kind of world we would live in, but unfortunately, there were so many evil people in government positions, on both sides, that he was up against a rock and a hard place!

He had to withdraw… and allow the world to see for themselves. Are we seeing? You’d better believe it!

Pledge allegiance

Be true to your own body. It doesn’t need poison and strange substances injected into it… and certainly not for the good of our health!

As I have said many times before, you will be able to stand up against the tirade of propaganda if you do just two main things:

  • Switch OFF the television and thereby stop listening to all their fear-mongering
  • Do some digging of your own. You don’t need to believe me… I’m just the messenger girl! Find out for yourself. I’m just helping by pointing you in the right direction.

Don’t forget… ever… that the White Hats are in control. They have this. Soon and very soon, the world will be exposed to the great revealing, showing us exactly what President Trump, the White Hats, and the worldwide Alliance Team, together with the military, have been warring against, and working on our behalf to free us all, from the dominion of satanists who have been ruling our world.

How To Understand The Lock-downs And 2nd Virus Spikes

How to understand the Lock-Downs and 2nd Virus Spikes – What the White Hats are doing!

Years ago they made a pledge of allegiance to take them out. Now it’s our turn…

As we all pledge allegiance to our own bodies and minds, we will be drawn together as one, and in doing so, we will strengthen and encourage one another. We all need it, that’s for sure.



  1. I recently learned Dr. Mercola removed his data from his web site. Seems he or his family has been threatened. Not sure, but not good news.

    • Yes, Virginia… Dr Mercola finally was forced to remove certain data from his website. He stood actively against it for a very long time, but the death threats etc mounted so much in the end he had no choice.
      It doesn’t mean he will not still be a very active participant in the Co/vid debacle.

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