Simple Questions And Answers Help You Make A Decision

questions and answers

Simple questions and answers we all need to examine to help us make a wise choice.

Listen, can you even imagine getting onto an aircraft that had not undergone safety testing?

I can’t!

It wouldn’t matter how many people of great authority told me that it would be safe to fly on, I would most certainly err on the side of caution.

And so would you!

What’s more, I wouldn’t want any of my family trying it out neither.

I would warn them. I’d say: “Hey, it’s got no air worthiness certificate therefore the makers of the plane have no responsibility of any kind if the plane ditches itself… which means, if you manage to live through it there will be no insurance to come to your aid’I? Don’t be so stupid!”

So tell me, why oh why, are people ready and willing to believe the ‘authorities’ about this j/a/b?

How about you take a little test to see if the j/a/b is safer than an untested plane:

Questions and Answers for a wise choice

First and foremost, I want you to know that they have not been able to isolate a ‘Cov/id-19’ virus!

So what exactly is this they are injected into people? How could they create something that works against something they have no idea of?

Golly gee! Doesn’t it make you ask questions?

What about the fact that at this point in time, they have no way of reversing the effects of it? Is that not a worry?

They are pumping into us GMO’s which is bad enough in itself, but aborted human or monkey cells? I can tell you I don’t want any of that running around in my system!

What about fertility? Many doctors are really worried about this… are you? You may think you are past that point in time, but what about all the young people?

We know that B/ill G/ates has made it well known around the world that he is into eugenics. This means reducing the population to a more ‘manageable size’! There’s so much more behind this… that’s not all he wants.

Another most worrying point is that everyday we receive news that yet another person has died very soon after receiving it.

That is just three of a whole list that just keeps on coming through.

Do you know that the death rates around the world have not changed over the past five years?

No, they are pretty much on average.

Death rates remain on par for past 5 years

So, where is the pandemic?

But these j/a/b/s are something else.

One of the most important things to remember is that the Cabal is haggling with Trump, the White Hats, the world-wide Alliance Team, to stay in power. But they have lost. Everything! The game is over for them.

The )jab( is evil and is being used to wake people up! Please stay right away from it.

We are almost there… hang in for a bit longer… consider deeply the above questions and answers and make a wise decision.


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