Just A Smokescreen – It’s Nothing More – Please Don’t Panic!

People have been panicking over the past 12 months or more. Fear has been ruling in their hearts and minds. But please remember, most of what we have been experiencing is nothing more than a smokescreen!

Right from the start Charlie Ward said he was told there would be:

  • A Virus designed to bring down the world’s economy (Pandemic / Masks / Social Distancing / Lock-downs)
  • 5G
  • Aided by Riots (Antifa / Black Lives Matters) & the mainstream media (propaganda / lies / deceit)
  • with an Alien Invasion if they deemed it necessary!

He was told this back in 2014, 2018 & Nov 2019 because of the work he was doing transferring gold around the world.

Once the virus began (virtually simultaneously around the world), he began telling just 37 subscribers (he now has over 10 million) what he knew. People were beginning to panic and he felt it in his heart to share so they wouldn’t be frightened.

A Smokescreen & Distractions!

His message was:

All of this is a smokescreen, a distraction, while they bring in the Global Financial System worldwide.

Dr Charlie Ward

Now, even though he told us this way back in March 2020, it’s taken quite a bit to comprehend as we were being taken through the daily MSM propaganda. Many, many people stopped watching the news as they couldn’t stand the continual references to the ‘pandemic’ one way and another.

My personal experience, as one who had not been an avid news watcher for many years (I used to call it “Happy Hour!’), is that if there is anything really newsworthy being reported, you soon get to hear about it.

Meanwhile, the leaders of the various countries’ governments always projected much fear for the ‘terrible situation’ they found themselves in, and how we were all going to have to follow their orders if there was any hope of seeing ‘normal’ ever again!

They too were following their own orders… or else!

Something we have to realise is that all these government leaders were only following the orders they had received. You see, they had all been hand-picked by the Cabal (rigged elections) which is the only reason they were in such positions of power. If they didn’t follow the Cabal’s orders, they would soon be removed… or suffer an unfortunate experience… if you know what I mean.

I had always wondered why they would make big promises during the pre-election phase, and then go right against it just as soon as they were ‘elected’ into power????

Anyway, these people now found themselves between a rock and a hard place!

Actors, doubles, clones, CGI for the pantomime smokescreen

Back in 2016 when President Trump took office, one of his first accomplishments was for him to undergo a world tour. He visited all the countries and presented the leaders with dossiers of information that the Alliance (White Hats) had collected on them. Shocked leaders realised that all their misdemeanors were not only known, but documented against them. They were goners!

Given two choices:

  1. Confess and admit, and then help to dig out all those related to their crimes. If they agreed to do this, they would be allowed to live, at least for now, OR
  2. Come with us to Guantanamo Bay right now and face trial and judgement.!

This began a lot of squealing which aided the Alliance to uncover much more of the filth from the swamp.

It is believed that quite a number were taken to Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay), were trialed and have already left this earth. As these were high profile people, they now have body doubles, or actors in masks, potential clones, or are nothing more than CGI images (such as the Pope giving his Easter speech), to keep the fact hidden from the general public.

The more I think about this, the more I believe these things are a White Hat operation… a smokescreen, granting them time to fully implement the Global Financial System.

But those who are taking notice, can see many clues in this regard.

For example… the so-called president B]iden! This, I believe, is an actor wearing a mask! I could be wrong… only time will tell. There are many, many clues that this ‘person’ whoever he is, is acting a part.

Are the White Hats just having some fun along the way?

The real Biden versus the current Biden. Peer through the smokescreen… what do you see?

Don’t worry, he is not in control! It’s all just a pantomime.

History has proven itself:

  1. First came the virus – the first part of the smokescreen

2. Aided by the continual fear-mongering of the news media. Virtually all subjects were somehow related to the ‘dreaded pandemic’.

Who was it advising the governments around the world?

Amazingly, although the WHO and CDC knew that masks were of no use, they suggested that all governments enforce that people, right down to our little babies, should wear them!

Who are the WHO and CDC?

Do the government own them? Actually no, they ‘re private businesses with Bill Gates right behind them chatting in their ears! This is together with other unsavoury connections:

Masks, although they do not work for preventing against a virus, (it even says so on the pack), simultaneously around the world they were implemented. The smokescreen continues to thicken! Improper PCR tests were instigated and all kinds of nefarious actions began:

The dreaded 5G

3. 5G

5G had been installed and was being turned on in certain places. This was never intended to be just a method of communication, but a tracking device. It’s evil whichever way you look at it!

Right at the beginning we saw people dying in the streets of China. They were supposed to be falling over dead on the spot from the ‘dreaded virus’. How much of this can we believe? Some say it was because of 5G and really did cause them to die.

Was it, or not? Was it all just a show to build up the fear levels around the world? Were they just actors falling ‘dead’ for the camera? These are the questions I ask.

Actually, I wouldn’t put it past them to use 5G on them and kill them dead on the spot. Only time will tell.

Riots wreck havoc

4. History has also shown us that riots broke out. Although they were projected to be the ‘Trump supporters’ by the MSM, the reality has shown us that it was indeed An/tifa and B/L/M. Paid rioters sent in by the C/linton, Sor/os foundations to bring trouble and unrest… and to place blame where it didn’t belong.

An Alien Invasion

4. Alien Invasion. As was told to Dr Charlie, they would stage an alien invasion if it became necessary. This was to mean, if the people around the world didn’t submit to what they were being told to do… wear the mask (submission), social distance (easier for them to track us) etc.

We wondered how they would do this? In fact, we all imagine men from outer space arriving in some manner. Dr Charlie now believes that maybe it refers to the ‘alien invasion’ coming into the States from Mexico. But, we cannot know for sure at this time.

Let’s get back to ‘Normal’ again…

One that I don’t remember Dr charlie mentioning in the early days was the [jab]. Maybe I have just forgotten. But as far as the evil D]eep S]tate are concerned, the vir/us was to bring us to a place of accepting the [jab].

Once we begged for ‘normalcy’ they had the solution!

Of-course, anyone reading my pages would know that it does not present us with a solution. Far from it!

Beware of Vac/cine Lies Coming From Media Hype

It is not a ‘vac/cine’ as we understand them. No! It’s designed to bring us into submission to ‘NWO’ so they can use us as slaves. Beware! People are really dying.

Are we on the other side yet?

Well, as we can see, we’ve been through it all. The big question is “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”

The Quantum System has been switched on and is working right now according to Dr Charlie Ward. I will talk more about this in my next post.

From everything I’m seeing, I think we are just about there.

Will all this other drama just go away once the new systems are in place?

I have reason to believe so. Although people who have been running scared may have a little difficulty accepting that it’s all gone away, I don’t believe it will take too long.

We will never go back to the ‘old normal’. That has passed and gone. As the smokescreen clears away, we will enter into a completely different ‘new normal’ that will surpass our wildest dreams!



  1. Hello, Marilyn! I’m curious about one thing….if we are to have a blackout for around 10 days how will we see the EBS on tv? I had considered buying a generator since food will spoil quickly but don’t want to buy one if the power grid will be ok I’m sure the white hats have a good back up system, at least I hope so as so many woukd perish in summer heat with no relief

    • Hi Judie!
      That’s a good question really, one we have all considered. There seems to be some doubt about how long the actual electrical blackout will be. Some are saying it could only be for a few hours, or few days at the most… but the actual time we will be required to remain at home could be for a lot longer.
      If they transfer us over into the new Tesla system, our TV’s etc will work. But because they will require all to watch, maybe only the one station will come on.
      It’s all just a little bit of a mystery as they really don’t tell us much.
      I’m hoping the power will only be off for a very short time because of the very fact you are mentioning. Not everyone will have a generator, and generally they are so loud that it will alert the entire neighbourhood that you have one going. If they are running out of food they may come knocking on your door. Just stuff I’ve thought through.
      Then, as you say, there are those who would suffer greatly with either the heat or the cold. I guess we could all mainly manage for a few days but 10 days could cost lives. Let’s pray the white hats have thought it all through.

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