Psychological Warfare Is Being Waged Against You – Break Free!

psychological warfare is being waged

Have you found yourself panicking with all the current happenings in the world? Do you know that psychological warfare is being waged against you? It’s time to break free!

There is so much disinformation being spread around via the MSM that it’s brought many to a place of fear and panic. Even when states declare there is no longer any requirement to wear masks, and that businesses can open up again 100%, many people cower in fear and wonder if they will now ‘catch the virus’!

Question everything

Truly, we have come to a place where we have to question absolutely everything.

As I was studying to become a Nutritional Counsellor, I had to reference all my work by going to government, medical or scientific websites. This was to ‘prove’ the point!

But, as I have continued on my journey, I found out that many of the medical papers, scientific papers and government websites, have been altered to project a certain narrative.

This became very upsetting to me. What can I believe, I cried!

Back then, I knew the narrative was set up to train us in a certain way of thinking. I rebelled even then! But I had absolutely no idea how deep it went. Even now, I think we are only just scraping the surface.

As we question… think!

It’s time to put on our thinking caps! You know something is not right, so question it!

Psychological warfare

The problem is that the people at the top are all part of the agenda that is not working for the good of humankind. They are working towards a O]ne W]orld G]overnment where they desire to depopulate the masses, saving only a percentage to act as their slaves.

Satan’s Dominion

Of-course, it’s being led by the devil himself. He has only one thought in his head and that is to be God. This is his sick way of trying to accomplish his mission.

Satan – How He became the god of This World
(I think this is a good explanation and something many would never have thought of.)

It must make him very annoyed that he is not omnipresent (being able to be in all places at all times)… but working through people, he is trying to accomplish it the best he can.

We have to say that the little weasel has done a pretty good job of it. He had his minions infiltrating every nook and cranny of society.

But, the devil is set up to lose! God wins! It may look like the devil is having his day, but God is so far above him in every way, he has never stood a chance!

This doesn’t mean that we have not suffered under brutal attack all the days of our lives, but in many ways, the strange thing is we have not realised it!

How to counter psychological warfare waged against you

In the post below I give some pointers on how to counteract the continued blast of disinformation we are being fed on a daily basis:

We are being bombarded daily!

This goes far beyond C]ovid, or even the j]ab they are threatening us with. Well before this was ever heard of, we have been suffering in many ways.

You see, they have worked stealthily, slipping in new laws surreptitiously. Gradually, ever so gradually, things around us have been changing. New laws have been implemented which makes way for the real law they are aiming to bring in… always with their agenda in mind.

New strains! Really?

So to continue with their narrative, they have concocted up new ‘virus strains’. Think about it, if you were them… how easy it is! They don’t even have to provide proof of any kind… simply mention it and most of the masses tremble in fear.

They love it!

The fear creators

The amazing thing is that they were unable to isolate the ‘first virus’, let alone come up with another!

Are you still not sure as to whether ‘the virus’ is real or not?

See what these doctors have to say about it:

These guys are putting their livelihood on the line!

Right in line with this is Dr Tenpenny:

A simple way to understand!

Psychological warfare is being waged against you as it’s designed to keep you in a place of submission. As the MSM fear-monger us with many horrors, this is how they manage to control us. We must all stand against the psychological warfare by realising that’s what it is. It’s not more!



  1. I’ve been trying to open the eyes of my pastor about covid but he’s being willfully blind and stupid or he’s trying to convince me I have a bad heart and soul because he’s going pray very earnestly about both of them. I do know that before he was a pastor he was a pharmaceutical sales rep for 8 years and his wife was in the medical field some how. Should I give up on him or expose him as a fraud. I need advice on what to do or say to him.

    • Hi Denise!
      Good on you for trying! We all have people we want to awaken to what is going on… some will and some won’t.
      All you can do is pray for him to see the truth. I think maybe his background does work against him.
      I would hesitate to expose him as a fraud as it’s not completely evident.
      Really, you are better to love them both and pray… and leave it to the Lord to sort out. After-all, it’s His battle, not yours or mine, just be willing to be there for them when the time is right.
      Once everything begins to be exposed, you may be the very person they turn to for help in understanding.

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