Germs Are Clean-Up Crews – How To Really Understand

germs are clean-up crews

Germs are clean-up crews! Do you understand that? If not, you need to take a minute to read this write up by Lorraine Day M.D. I couldn’t find it on any website so I’ve printed it here for your convenience.

She’s done a marvellous job, writing in language that’s easy to understand.

You need to read it and then read it again, so that you fully comprehend what she is saying.

I have added further links at the bottom so you can read the same kind of information from various people giving their take on it.

Germs are the clean-up crews

Germs DON’T cause disease any more than flies “cause” garbage!

Flies DON’T ’cause’ garbage … garbage ‘attracts’ flies!

Orthodox Medical Doctors and Scientists, and their NON-doctor agents like tech-heads Bill Gates, Neil Ferguson, and others, are so uneducated and uninformed, they don’t even understand that Germs DON’T CAUSE disease!

Unfortunately, virtually all orthodox doctors suffer from the same lack of understanding! Germs DON’T CAUSE Disease any more than Flies “Cause” Garbage.

Germs are the Clean-Up Crews

If you see a dead animal in the road and a vulture is eating it, the dead animal attracted the vulture; the vulture did NOT attract the dead animal. The Vulture is part of the “clean-up crew.” It did NOT cause the death of the animal. It is cleaning up the dead and rotting tissue.

If you have a garbage strike in your city, and you have a load of garbage in your front yard – waiting for pick-up – all sorts of vermin will be attracted to the dead tissue in the pile of garbage. The rats, mice, flies, mosquitoes, and other insects are attracted to the dead tissue in the garbage pile. They are the clean-up crew and come to clean up the mess. Remember, they did NOT CAUSE the mess – they are there to CLEAN UP the mess.

God has provided scavenger animals, birds and insects to clean up the dead animals and other decaying materials on the earth. If they weren’t here, everything that died would just remain on the earth, making it uninhabitable. The same is true for the ocean; there are lobsters, crabs, and other scavengers that clean up the ocean floor of the dead fish and sea creatures. Many of the scavengers also eat the feces of other animals.

That’s why the Bible is very clear that human beings should not eat scavenger animals (such as pigs), birds (such as vultures) or sea creatures (such as lobsters or crabs), because they are exceedingly filthy and can cause disease in human beings. God designed the same mechanism for our body: a “clean-up crew” The same mechanism works in our body. Our skin is covered with bacteria and viruses.

They are also in our nose, in our mouth, and in our intestinal tract.

They don’t bother us at all – UNLESS – we don’t get enough sleep, or we eat too much fat or sugar, or we are stressed, or we don’t drink enough water, or we don’t get enough sunlight or exercise, or any combination of these things. These are the factors – our lifestyle factors – that cause disease – the breakdown of our body tissues and the death of our cells.

This dead and dying tissue in our body attracts the “clean-up crew” which are the bacteria and viruses on our skin, in our nose, mouth, and in our intestinal tract. They then move in to CLEAN UP the mess, they don’t CAUSE the mess. They are there to CLEAN UP the mess. But when they throw the toxins from our dead and dying tissues into our blood stream, that is what can cause symptoms: a cough, a runny nose, nausea, diarrhea, a headache, or other aches and pains, and a general feeling of sickness. WE cause our OWN diseases by our lifestyle factors. The germs are there to CLEAN UP the mess.

The Germs did NOT cause the disease. We caused our own disease by our lifestyle factors. The germs are there to help CLEAN UP the mess in our body that WE caused by our own lifestyle factors.

Pasteur vs Bechamp

Two hundred years ago, this battle raged between two French scientists: Louis Pasteur and Antoine Bechamp. Regarding the causes of disease,

“The Germ is Everything; the milieu (the immune system) is Nothing.


On the contrary:

“The Milieu (the immune system) is Everything, and the germ is Nothing.


In other words, if one’s immune system is working properly because the person is living, thinking, acting, eating, and handling stress properly, then the germs (the bacteria and viruses) have nothing to “clean up” so the person remains healthy.

But if the person’s immune system is suppressed because he or she is NOT living, acting, thinking, eating, and handling stress properly, then the body starts to break down in certain areas, and the germs (bacteria or viruses) move in to CLEAN UP the mess. And that is when the person develops symptoms.

Bechamp was correct – but Pasteur fraudulently “won” the battle!

History has shown Bechamp to be correct (although orthodox medicine refuses to admit it), but Pasteur worked for the government, and his belief was the basis for the Billions of dollars now made by Big Pharma developing thousands of deadly, but very expensive, drug medications which NEVER cure the disease because they only “treat” the symptoms of the disease. And some of Big Pharma’s largest money makers are
vaccines. So, Pasteur’s incorrect ideas have triumphed! Pasteur has been lauded and applauded for his work, but unfortunately, it has led to a massive increase in sickness of the population of the world, and to millions of deaths from drug medications and vaccinations in both children and adults.

So all one has to do to stay healthy, is to learn how to live, think, act, eat, and handle stress properly. Diseases – ALL diseases, including colds, the flu, heart disease, cancer, Parkinson’s and every other disease – do NOT “fall from the sky” nor do they “just happen” nor are they genetic. We give them to ourselves slowly, one day at a time, by the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress.

Doctors are taught that many diseases are genetic – including cancer. But if cancer were genetic, then our great grandparents would have had to have as much cancer as we do now in order to pass it down to us through our genes. But they didn’t! In 1900, only 3% of Americans had cancer. Now, over 50% of Americans will develop cancer in their lifetime.

The Good News is that since we gave our disease to ourselves, WE are the ONLY ONES who can cure our disease – – by CHANGING the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress.

Doctors work at the WRONG END of ALL Diseases, including can/cer!

Doctors work at the Wrong End of ALL diseases, including can/cer. They (doctors) try to POISON out the tumor with Deadly, Can/cer-CAUSING Chemotherapy. Doctors try to BURN out the tumor with Burning, Cancer-CAUSING Radiation. And Doctors try to Cut Out the tumor with Mutilating Surgery.

But NONE of these get a person well. Yes, some patients will survive these horrific “treatments” but they are NEVER really well because the “treatment” has done so much damage to their immune system, they often from other diseases. And they have to keep returning to the doctor every 6 months to a year to see if the Cancer has Returned! And often it Does!

Chicken Pox example

If you had an 8-year old boy who was very sick with the chicken pox and he had chicken pox marks all over his skin, you, as his parent, would NEVER take him to a surgeon and ask the surgeon to cut out all the pox marks in the boy’s skin, “so he would be well.” That would be stupid! You would KNOW that the chicken pox marks are a RESULT of the child’s sick body, and when the child’s sick body got well, the chicken pox marks in his skin would automatically go away.

In other words, the chicken pox marks are a RESULT of the child’s sick body. They are not the CAUSE of the child’s illness.

Cancerous Tumor example

The cancerous tumor has been CAUSED by a sick body – it is the RESULT of the person’s sick body – whether or not the patient “feels” sick. Cancer, and all other diseases, CANNOT form in a body that has a properly functioning immune system.

Instead of trying to KILL the tumor, one must DEPRIVE the cancer of the things that it needs to grow, and that can ONLY be done by CHANGING one’s Life-style factors: the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress. Once we get our body well, with a properly functioning immune system, by CHANGING the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress, then the cancer will be DEPRIVED of what it needs to grow – and it will DIE, and be resorbed (absorbed) slowly by the body.

There is ONLY ONE way to Cure Cancer – and every other disease – and that is to have a properly functioning immune system, which is the RESULT of CHANGING the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress.

For more information, see website at


Listen to what other doctors are saying about how the germs are clean-up crews:

Thousands of Doctors are now Speaking Out!

Here are just a few extras…

We have been misled. The masses are still being misled. Now that we comprehend, we need to share this news far and wide. I believe this article telling us the germs are the clean-up crews is some of the most important information people everywhere need to hear.

I advise you read and learn.



  1. All this about germs being the cure for out sickness is interesting although I don’t know if I believe it. I do believe in a good immune system as a cure-all to a proper body function and a life style of sunshine & exercise. I walk, but the #1 thing that I do daily is to take the right vitamins to supplement my cell health be eating well, and eating Zink, Vitamin C, D3, Spirulina.

    • Haha John, you and a lot of others!
      Took me sometime to really get my head around it but I do now… makes sense.
      It’s great that you are caring for your body the way you do. It’s so important, and all the more important in this day of poor food quality.
      You are to be congratulated!
      Thanks for sharing.

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