Lies And Deceit Keep The Narrative Strong And Alive

Lies and deceit abound! They cause all kinds of mayhem. It’s this kind of narrative that causes states and countries to go into lock-down, causing businesses to fail and endless heartache for many.

Unfortunately, most people believe, because they have been told by the media, there is a virus rampaging through society indiscriminately killing or making people very, very sick.

Those who have been doing their own research and therefore not relying on the msm, know things are not as the present narrative says it is. Fortunately, there are many, many doctors now speaking out against it, trying to enlighten people to the truth.

For example…

The government enforces PCR testing, and then the media blast out the horrid news that ‘x’ new virus cases have been found. This is fear-mongering at its best! The ‘officials’ act quickly to ‘stop the spread’ and lock-down areas. This can be even if they find just one new case… it can send an entire state or city into a state of emergency.

But are they working off tests that have been scientifically proven to work?

I would like you to listen to Dr Samantha Bailey explain how PCR testing is virtually useless.

Behind the PCR Curtain with
Dr Sam Bailey

Dr Sam Bailey, Christchurch, New Zealand

You can watch her eye-opening talk here for as long as it remains on the channel.

Typical Fact Checking

It’s interesting to note, that because she is on Youtube, with a large following, the fact-checkers have arrived on the scene.

As those from the truth community know full well, it’s only truth that requires a fact-checker. Youtube and other social media’s are full of totally incorrect information which the fact-checkers leave well alone.

If you speak out in any way against the mainstream narrative, you will be denounced as incorrect… it’s just the way it is… at the moment.

Once you have listened to Dr Bailey, please check out what all these other doctors are saying concerning it:

Understand what a virus really is

There is so much evidence out there but just as in the case of Dr Bailey, the fact-checkers try to rubbish everything they say.

I wrote this post some time ago. It’s one example where lies and deceit is being used to keep the narrative alive and well that we are dealing with a dreadful virus, the likes of which has hardly ever been seen before!

Time to wake up!

It’s time we switched off our telly and began to do some real research. stop listening to their fear-mongering. The time for expecting to hear the truth from the MSM is over. They are on the team that wears the black hats… and they don’t have any desire for you to know the truth.

Time to choose which team you are on!

And what about all those nasal swabs? Have you ever thought about it? Are you prepared to allow them to insert a swab so far up your nose, it can cause bleeding, or more? Really? Truly, it’s horrifying!

Is there more to the nasal swab?

How many people have refused the test and still been told they are positive? Or what about all the goats and watermelons that test positive… and so on?

When will we wake up that something, or many things, are not right?

The virus would go away and so would all the Lies and Deceit

Just imagine for a moment that there were no television or social media. Would you even know that this so-called ‘vicious virus’ was attacking the world?

Maybe occasionally you would come down with a cold or the flu… but you wouldn’t panic, would you? A day or two in bed while your body rights itself could be all you need. This is where your body is undergoing a necessary detox , that’s all it is.

But you wouldn’t go and stand in a long line of other people, coughing and spluttering, to have a test to see if you had the dreaded virus. It wouldn’t occur to you because you wouldn’t even know it was supposed to be around.

Some people, when going through flu symptoms, do actually end up dying through complications. This is where their body is already severely compromised.

It’s a fact of life that people die.

I’m so tired of the misinformation, aren’t you? Why do none of them talk about the need to build your immune system? Most people wouldn’t have a clue what that means, or how to do it… so sad.

To aid your research

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The lies and deceit will go away just as soon as sufficient people have woken up to the fact they are being lied to. This is why I keep posting. I am endeavouring to do my bit towards enlightenment. You too can help by reposting what I write. Thank you!


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