Choose Your Side – The Line Is Drawn – Easy Test!

Choose your side

The time has come to choose your side! Who’s side are you on? Are you prepared to stand up for what you believe… and say so?

Read down through this list carefully. Is there really anything you can find that you disagree with?

Author Unknown

I think it’s a little obvious that we are looking at two different kinds of people and belief systems. As you scan down through the list above, does it become obvious who’s side you are on?

What do you agree with, and what is definitely not what you stand for? It makes it easy to choose your side.

Never before have we had the opportunity to watch a real live movie such as this!

Firstly realise that we are in the middle of a huge, real life movie, playing out before our eyes. They are trying to wake up the masses.

B]iden, and all his fake Executive Orders he’s supposedly signing, hand over fist, is to show the world exactly what they had in store for us all… not just America!

It’s designed to show us all clearly what they intended for us. Moreover, it’s designed to cause us to rise up against all the tyranny. Of-course, not violently, but never-the-less, not to stand for it anymore.

Each country needs to be looking at their own situation as we are all in pretty much the same situation as America. Fake elections together with being led down the globalist’s agenda.

So, what are we going to do about it?

Whinge! Complain! Woe is me! … OR
Learn from the movie we are all watching and begin to take a stand! Not only for our sake, but for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

If we allow Satanism, via the NWO, to fully take control… need I say more?

This is what they had planned for us

A movie keeping us sitting on the edge of our seats…

I can’t tell you when the movie will be finished, but I like what Charlie Ward says, ‘I know the destination but I don’t know the journey’!

Really, for those in the know, it’s like a wonderful movie taking many twists and turns. You know what I mean… keeps you watching keenly… trying to work out the next move, and why they did that.

What sort of a movie would it be if you knew from the beginning how it would end? Wouldn’t it be boring if it moved through predicable scenes, ending just as you could see it was going to?

No-one said it would be easy, in fact, we have been told we will go through a very difficult period!

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy. Why the White Hats are doing it this way, I cannot tell. At the very best of times, we can only see a tiny little bit of the puzzle.

We are right in the middle of what was referred to as a ‘very difficult period’. There are a lot of uncalled-for attacks on the truth community are the present, with social media channels closing them down everywhere.

Also, we have not been hearing from our commander-in-chief… he’s had to be quiet… possibly as the fake impeachment proceedings were held… not sure.

Who is in charge? Who is directing this Third World War?

Remember, this is global, not just the United States!

People are asking… where did Trump go? Did he concede?

Well actually no he didn’t… never. He stepped out of the show… for a time.

People are so caught up in all the propaganda of the ‘new president’ that they’ve forgotten to watch for all the ‘telling’ details. They are now asking… did President Trump achieve all the above and leave it to us to sort out the rest? No!

He knew we would never be able to sort it out. He wouldn’t be able to sort it out on his own neither.

It’s taken a massive secret group of around 8,000 people to work on this for years and years. This group includes top military officials from around the world all working closely together, as well as those we refer to as ‘White Hats’ or the Alliance. I don’t know who they are.

We are given clues though… through the military agent known as [Q]. The mainstream media have tried to defunct it as being nothing more than a conspiracy theory!

But those who have followed and are able to decode what the clues mean, know very differently. It all comes true!

Let’s test – Are we awake or still sleeping! Time to wake up and choose your side!

It’s sad you know, but while ever we remain fast asleep with no idea what is going on in our up-side-down world, it means we are allowing the corruption to continue by default.

Looking at these events below, let’s see who of us are ‘aware’ and who are still ‘unaware’? ‘Eyes opened’ versus ‘eyes shut’ and fast asleep?

(This little chart was made by SantaSurfing… thank you Santa!)

She was explaining the difference between how the “Aware” see things in comparison to how the ‘Unaware’ see what’s going on.

Event Type: Dems

The Unaware think it’s the real Joe Biden… the real Nancy Pelosi etc. etc.

The Aware see body doubles and masked people. They recognise the original people have been arrested and/or dealt with.

Realise that we are watching the playing out of a movie as the White Hats, for reasons of their own, need to keep the narrative running.

Event Type: President

The Unaware believe the elections were real and that Joe Biden is the real President.

The Aware know, but don’t quite understand, that President Trump is still in control.

Event Type: Impeachment

The Unaware believe that it’s an actual event… it’s really happening and maybe with good cause.

The Aware are watching the movie that has to play out. They realise it’s fake.

Event Type: Affects of the Impeachment

The Unaware believe it’s going to affect Donald J Trump.

The Aware know it’s going to expose the crooked Congress.

Event Type: Twitter

The Unaware are busy over there questioning each other about the outcome of their new president. What’s he doing? Why’s he doing it? etc. etc.

The Aware see over on Twitter that it’s a Liberal Love Fest. Most all of the Anons have been removed… mostly Liberals left.

Event Type: Research

The Unaware rely on the News Media for their research. They don’t question what they hear coming from the telly or on Social Media. They hear and believe!

The Aware are busy digging and doing their very own research. They choose to not listen to the News Media as they have found it all to be lies.

Author Unknown

Event Type: Paedophilia

The Unaware simply ignore most references to it. Goes right over their head.

The Aware are shocked and horrified as paedophilia is exposed. They are aware and busy helping to expose more of these creeps.

Riot on 6th January, 2021

The Unaware believe the Trump supporters were responsible for it.

The Aware know that it is a set up. I’ve heard it said that there were about 100 reporters in there at the time… how come, if this is true?

Event Type: Progress

The Unaware see very little progress taking place. Confusion reigns.

The Aware know that every day progress is being made towards a certain end.

Event Type: Joe as POTUS

The Unaware are watching and seeing Joe destroy America… one Executive Order after another. Each one ‘signed’ brings more destruction.

The Aware understand that the fake POTUS is appearing to destroy America. Therefore the White Hats (and all those ultimately in control) are allowing the pantomime to play out so as to show all the unaware what their fate would be like, if he really were their president.

Anons need to keep the faith as it’s playing out. It all looks very real. Remember he’s fake. He wears a mask. He’s playing a role. It’s just for a time. We may not understand there plan, but we need to pray and stand strong.

Much greater than who is president!

This whole thing is so much greater than presidential elections. It’s not Trump versus Biden… it’s good versus evil… God versus Satan. It’s about the Bloodline families (Deep State) who desperately want to control the world versus the ‘Good Guys’!

Just remember… God wins!

In conclusion, it’s time to make a stand. Choose your side!


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