Face Masks – How To Play Them At Their Game

face masks

An interesting excerpt from the video I’ve been transcribing. Some further info on face masks and how to play them at their own game.

Here are the first three excerpts I did from the video https://fb.watch/aEnzkEfRXh/

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Now to continue with the transcription of the video found at https://fb.watch/aEnzkEfRXh/

... Continue transcript…

Shopping Centres and Face Masks

Leslie: Just going back to the shopping centres too ……. with regards to the shopping centres and people walking in there without a mask on but then the shop owner doesn’t let them in.

They don’t know the rules and regulations of the world clearly, or with the process. because they’re not versed with it.

How does the average Joe Blow get around that?

Because you know we don’t… according to professor Judy Wallyman, she says that the carbon dioxide that comes out of your breath can actually cause more problems to you sucking it back in.

So I’d like to know more information on how do we actually educate these people, or what’s the process? How do we get around it?

Alex: Look, it’s like putting locks on your doors… that doesn’t stop criminals from breaking in and stealing things from you! The police are still going to act. The courts are still going to lie and cheat. But it comes to the end of the pathway when you get your remedy.

So you’ve got to be patient in this and allow them to commit as many crimes as they want to in the process.

When it comes to the so-called virus, most people would be aware that in fact the virus was created and patented many years before it supposedly came out. And there is no evidence to support any of the claims.

What to ask a policeman when approached for not wearing face masks

So the simple thing for you do is say:

“Yes fine that’s no problem.” (Then go on asking… )

  • Can you provide me with an independent scientific study under microscope analysis, that this so-called virus exists?
  • Can you then provide me with evidence that it’s transmissible?
  • And can you provide me with the evidence that significant numbers of people have actually died of it to justify a pandemic which means supplying autopsy results, not just from Australia, but from around the world?

See none of these documents can be supplied. So what you’re doing is you’re demanding that they substantiate their claim.

Now if the policemen turn up, say:

“You will be required to provide these documents. I’m just letting you know that. You can do whatever you want now but when the matter goes to court, you will be required to provide these documents.”

People have put in FOI to the government and every single one is coming back saying they have no evidence.

Absolutely NO evidence!

Troy: This is what people need to understand is that there has been no isolated specimen of the virus whatsoever that’s been proven worldwide. There’s been nothing in relation to it at all. ………. you still need to do your due diligence, do your research and study… knowledge is power. Knowledge is extremely powerful.

Just a few who were talking out about this way back near the beginning. Countless thousands have now added there voices to the mix.

Another incredible video by Rolf Krahnert. You can watch it in it’s entirety here https://vimeo.com/403121047 or pick up on the main of what he’s saying by going to this post of mine:

Scroll down the page to ‘The Covid-19 Virus’ heading…

Arrested for what!?

Alex: ……………………….Yes…. and what they do is get the not very smart police, then say they’re going to arrest you. You say:

“What? You’re arresting me for a statutory office? You’re arresting me and depriving me of my liberty for something which only has a fine as a penalty?”

Leslie: Well the thing that I always say is it’s like with Bunnings (no offense to Bunnings) but the Bunnings manager comes up to you saying ok, I’m going to fine you for not wearing a mask!

It’s the same thing to me. It’s a corporation, so it’s no difference.

McDonald’s managers coming up and fining you for not wearing a mask, or going to a protest.

It is the same thing because they’re a corporation!

(Leslie is saying that police, Bunnings, McDonalds, or any other corporations, have no rights to enforce mask wearing… because they are a corporation! – Marilyn)

A Notice of Liability or… Warranty of Vaccine Safety

Alex: One of the things that I’ve suggested to people is ask them quite simply to sign a Notice of Legal Liability that they will take all responsibility and liability if anything should happen to you as a result of wearing the mask, and they won’t do it.

(Marilyn – here is a legal document regarding the legal liability of face masks… given only as examples for your information:)

I had a woman who worked for the government and I said, you know what you could is is do that, put the mask on and half an hour later, collapse. From then on they’re fully legally liable for all of your medical conditions, your trauma and everything.

Face Masks – Play at their own game…

Troy: A little bit more on that… as Alex says it’s a game, so if you want to play by their rules… you can also go down the path of:

Under the OH&S Act, (Occupational Health & Safety Act) every situation that requires a mask requires a risk assessment to be assigned with that mask. Training must be provided and everything like that… so wherever it’s mentioned, whether you’re in a shopping centre or anything, you need to ask for the Risk Assessment to prove that you need to have the mask to start with, and then further on down the track we’re in the courts, once you go through all that rigmarole, you actually ask for the Risk Assessment to be provided in relation to the fine of the mask itself.

There are a lot of different options you can go down to try and play them at their own game.

Alex: Troy is spot on here and I talk about this. You know… gather your evidence. Ask for a:

  • Risk Assessment if you don’t wear a mask?
  • What’s the Risk Assessment if I do wear a mask?

“I don’t understand! I don’t understand!”

Leslie: (paraphrased) What do you do if you’re in Woollies and the Security Guard pulls you up?

Alex: You say:

“I can’t understand you with the mask on. Sorry I can’t understand a word you’re saying! Can’t hear you!

For those who are listening this is a very important phrase:

I don’t understand you’ does not mean ‘I can’t comprehend you’. It means, I do not stand under you!

So when you say ‘I do not understand you’ and you’re dragged into court… keep repeating it, Add Nauseum, because a magistrate is not allowed to proceed if the accused does not understand… meaning does not submit to their authority. So you repeat it add nauseum… I don’t understand. I don’t understand.

Troy: …….(He is talking and happens to say)…” avidafit with the paperwork on being a live person…”

No such thing as a ‘live person’!

Alex interrupts: You cannot be a live ‘person’! It’s like you can’t be a ‘sovereign citizen’! They’re contradictory.

You can’t be a live ‘person’. A ‘person’ is a fiction. ……….

Human… a human is a hu/man… a shade of a man.

  • It’s a lesser part of a man! (You’ve got to go into their papers to understand all of this.)
  • A human has no rights.
  • A human is an animal…
  • a sub-person
  • In fact, according to them, a monster.

So when people are crying out for human rights, what they are really saying is that they want to have no rights at all.

I want to have the rights of a fish or a half a cow or something.

You’re a living man or a living woman… end of story!

This is why they’ve gone down this process of trying to change the gender, everybody into being something else, because the minute you claim to be something else, you are not a man or a woman and have no rights.

Leslie: So does this mean that you’re talking about if you get the jabbity-jab that means that they actually own you because they’ve got that virtue of the serial code on you?

Alex: If you get the jabbity-jab, what it does is changes your DNA. It’s gene modifying, which means they now own you, copyright wise. Therefore they have the same rights over you as you have over your cat! And if you want to put your cat down, for whatever reason, you can legally do it. If you’ve had the jabbity-jab, you are now a copyrighted entity and they can kill you lawfully and legally if they want to.

Girl: This would make sense why they bought in the 1,000 guillotines?

Alex: Yep!

… end transcript…

Well here we go! So many people wearing face masks when it’s all so totally useless. I trust this info has given you more insight into what it’s all about.



  1. Confusing in-system mess. It’s pointless to try and understand the system because those who write the rules of the system are above the system. The system rules don’t apply to them, neither do they apply to you as you have never agreed to them. The idea of ‘silent consent’ is also nothing more than an in-system rule. So don’t be fooled by that notion of having to opt-out when you never opted-in.

    Any rule/law or whatever written down must be signed by someone. What gives this individual the right to do so? Usually it comes down to something like god’s grace. So how about when you’re confronted with some rule or regulation you go down to the core of the matter and dispute that someone else had authority over you. Let them prove this “god’s grace” thing for instance. And if there’s money involved like a fine for instance, fine them back with a larger amount by “god’s grace” if you will.

    • I believe the ‘rules’ that they write are designed to wake people up. They make no sense whatsoever. I feel it’s a script written by the White Hats and given to actors masquerading as people who ‘used to be’. This is their way of gently waking people, making them think ‘huh?’
      Nothing else makes sense to me. The ‘rules’ are always ridiculous!
      We have stupid half rules here in Tasmania… this person needs to wear a mask but that one doesn’t etc. etc. etc. Stupid to say the least… no, it’s all a part of the pantomime in my estimation.

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