No Trespassing Allowed – Revealing Everything You Need Against Lies!

no trespassing

Do the police, or anyone else for that matter, have the right for trespassing on your property?

I have been transcribing a partial video which contains very valuable information.

#1 – Partial Transcription
#2 – Partial Transcription

So today we move forward with Episode #3.

No Trespassing!

… Begin partial transcription…

Leslie: So just going back a step right… you mentioned about the trespassing. So can people put a Notice of Trespassing on their front door or window, or whatever, so that they (the police) can’t come into the property? Does that stand up anywhere in court?

Alex: Absolutely. Unless they have a lawful reason to enter your property which means, ie. you’ve committed a crime or they believe you’ve committed a crime.

The old standing of Common Law is: a man’s home is his castle.

Which means they have no authority to enter.

Now it’s quite simple, if they want to serve you papers they can mail them. They can send them through the post. They do not have to come onto the property and so if you’ve got notices saying that they are not allowed to be on the property, then they are trespassing willfully.

If people need a copy of that I can provide a copy of Trespass Notices that you can forward onto them.

Supplied by Council and Government Watch Australia

The MAGISTRATE’S COURT v the Magistrate’s Court

Leslie: When you go to the court, the flag at the back, if it has a gold point on the top of the pole, or a gold tassel on it means they are at war with the people? Is that right?

Alex: Well, they already are, but the thing to understand is this… this is what most people don’t know:

The court room ie. the space is set up by an act of government.

  • Okay, so the Magistrate’s Court here in Victoria , the space, is in lowercase letters.
  • The people who are administrating that space is a corporation called the MAGISTRATE’S COURT in capital letters.
  • The capital lettered MAGISTRATE’S COURT has no authority granted to it by the Magistrate’s Court Act.
  • They are simply renting the space to carry on their business. That’s what people don’t know.

‘The safety net’

Leslie: Just going back to the safety net and how people can protect themselves. Nobody wants to wear this damn mask. The majority of the population does not even agree with what’s going on, but they’re petrified of getting a fine.

We’ve got signs up from small businesses that are going bankrupt. We’ve got signs up outside their businesses saying you have to be double jabbity-jabbed to walk in and look at their business, and yet everybody’s businesses are going down.

So what’s your thoughts on that? How do we help these small businesses to conquer this?

Alex: Great… I’m glad you asked me that question because this a really important one and I want people to listen carefully. The legislations, the mandates and all of this stuff are unlawful anyway, but they only apply to the business.

So let’s say you’re a hairdresser or something else. What you do is your business gives permission for the living man or woman to use the space as it sees fit for subsistence because it’s a not-allowed to operate. No worries. Right so you open your doors.

If the police come along, say;

“The business is not operating! I, as a living woman, am carrying on actions for my subsistence. Here’s a letter from the business allowing me to use the premises. Giving me authority. So the business isn’t operating. The living man or woman is operating!”

Leslie: So, you’ve just transferred that from a corporation to a living person?

Alex: Yep,

Leslie: So with regards to that, can they put a Trespassing Notice on the front of their doors as well for the police?

Alex: Yep.

Supplied by Council and Government Watch Australia

Do we have to pay for these aids and templates?

Leslie: People are asking me if you ask them to pay for them?

Alex: I don’t charge people for anything. I don’t think it’s right to charge for them unless they want your time to do something. I’m not about going and standing in court for people, because I can’t anyway. I’m about helping people stand in their own strength. The best way to do that is to provide the documents and everything for them. I think there’s a fundamental problem with anybody who charges any amount of money, for any documentation, or anything like that. Especially when they don’t back it up.

Supplied by Council and Government Watch Australia

‘Claim of Lives’

Leslie: You mentioned about the ‘Claim of Lives’. Now what’s your thoughts on that? You’ve talked about the dead person and living person, so let’s just investigate the ‘Claim of Life’ and what’s your thoughts on it, or experience?

Alex: A ‘Claim of Life’ is you standing there as your Claim of Life.

Have you been there, but you need something on paper to give you that standing in their system, because a living man doesn’t exist on a piece of paper? Even if you sit on it!

I mean, I’ve taken in a copy of the Birth Certificate to the police station and said:

“I understand that you want to serve papers on this person.”

Then I stand back and watch while they read the orders from the paper and then at the end of it I say:

“Are you satisfied that you have served the person on that document?”

They say “Yes”.

So I’ve got proof that they served the person not the living man. It’s got nothing to do with them.

… End partial transcription…

As you can see, this video contains wonderful and helpful information regarding trespassing and so much more. Episode #4 is coming… look out for it. Meanwhile, utilize what you have been learning for your benefit.


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