Learning How To Beat The System

how to beat the system

Together we are learning how to beat the system. We have all been caught up in a system of fraud for a very long time, but as you follow through my posts you will learn how to beat the system once and for all.

In my last post we were talking about the hoax taking place regarding our Birth Certificates, and what to do about it. How to begin to remove yourself out of the system. This is the post:

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I’ll continue to transcribe this video https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?ref=watch_permalink&v=3233076706913623.

Continuing transcript…

Alex: So their system is not about justice.

Their system is a game between who produces their case better!

So what you have is once you’ve got your safety net of all of these documents you are then in a position when if you get some sort of fine or some sort of accusation, you say, yeah, yeah, do what you want. They will send a fine addressed to the fiction.

(Alex is talking about documents you can download from my last post above to begin your journey:)

Alex continues: And from that moment on you can bombard them with documents like Notice of Mistake; Notices for Better and Further Particulars. demanding that they provide the proof to substantiate their claim.

A dead person doesn’t have a voice

Leslie: As I understand it, because they want you to be a ‘dead person’, when you go to court, you don’t have a voice. Is that right?

Alex: Yes, because a ‘dead person’ has no voice! Can’t be listened to.

Leslie: Can’t be listened to! That’s the whole idea from the start?

Alex: Yeah, because they then twist the trust seat. The judges, or the magistrate, is supposed to be the trustee. Not the trustee of your Birth Certificate, it is actually the Registrar General in the state where you were born… that’s who the trustee is, and you are the beneficiary.

But what they do is twist things around to make you the debtor. And so the judge, or magistrate, assumes a false and unlawful position because you don’t know any better, and they simply railroad you because you’re ‘dead’.

Leslie: Does this include everything, including the ATO?

Alex: Well the ATO is a corporation and it’s totally voluntary whether you want to pay tax or not. There’s High Court rulings on the fact that the ATO has no authority.

(Note from Marilyn: I tried to find this but got lost in all the legal jargon, therefore I am unable to confirm this one way or another. Of-course it makes sense that if the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) is a corporation, it is not owned by the government, so why should we be paying taxes to a private corporation?

In the new Nesara/Gesara, we will be paying a 14% tax on non-essential new items only. This will be more than sufficient to runour countries.)

Nesara/Gesara – what’s coming…

How to beat the system… they need a contract to do business with you!

Leslie: So just touch base a little bit on that for the people that are unaware of it, because we know that if they do an ‘ABN lookup’, they find that even the New South Wales Police Force, Victorian Police Force all have a ABN and register for GST.

Alex: They are all private corporations, and the only way they can do business with you is if there’s a contract.

Leslie: So with regards to the contract… say for instance… if a police officer walks up to your door and says to you I’m handing you a fine, or a notice, or an infringement notice – or an invoice as we should call it… or for not wearing a mask, then what do you do?

What grounds, or what do you do to prevent that, or how can you actually not accept that? Because if you accept it, as I understand, you are in contract with them.

If you accept it, you have contracted!

Alex: If you take it, if you accept it, you have contracted. You would then have to be going down the pathway of saying that they’re committing a fraud. Which you can do… it’s not problem. The simplest thing to do if police come up to you is to say…

“Have I committed a crime? If I haven’t committed a crime then you have no business with me. You’re to leave the premises.”

Leslie: What if they don’t? What if they just leave the paper work there?

Alex: They can leave the paperwork to houses to their content, but never open the door to them.

They’ll say… ” Just open the door, we just want to talk to you!”

NO! Don’t open the door. Tell them “I can hear you fine.”

I’ve got videos of myself doing it. I’ve had the police at my door on numerous occasions, and they finish up having to talk through the door.

Beat the System

Quite simply, you inform them they are trespassing and to leave, and if they don’t leave you then inform them that they’re willfully trespassing, which is a serious offence, and you always make sure you get their names… and in writing.

Obtaining identification

Leslie: And if they’ve got a mask on… I understand that with the police and their ID’s and stuff like that, they do just have ID’s. They don’t actually have badges anymore, which is an identification, because they are a corporation. So if they don’t have it on and if they’re going to go for the people for the march or for the protest, and they don’t have them on, how do we get that? Like there’s no way….. (Sorry this was not clear!)

Alex: I’m not 100% sure what the circumstances are in other states, but in Victoria, whenever they challenge you, you have a right under Section 456AA, I think it’s subsection 4, to demand their:

  • name
  • place of business
  • rank

in writing immediately, and if they don’t do that, they’re in breach of the Crimes Act. That’s Crimes Act, Section 456AA. I’ve done this. I’ve said to them to do it straight away.

They say, I will give it to you later.

I said “So you’re refusing to give it to me now?”

They say: “I will give it to you later”

So I say “So you’re in breach of 456AA which is a serious criminal offence!”

See now once they’ve committed a serious criminal offence, everything that they do after that has no standing.

End partial transcript…

Victorian Crime’s Act

S. 456AA(4) amended by Nos 37/2014 s. 10(Sch. item 36.12(c)), 45/2017 s. 15(4).

    (4)     A person who is requested by a police officer or a protective services officer under subsection (1) to state his or her name and address may request the officer to state, orally or in writing, his or her name, rank and place of duty.

S. 456AA(5) amended by Nos 69/1997
s. 22(13), 37/2014 s. 10(Sch. item 36.12(d)(i)), 45/2017 s. 15(5).

    (5)     A police officer or a protective services officer who, in response to a request under subsection (4)—

        (a)     refuses or fails to comply with the request; or

        (b)     states a name or rank that is false in a material particular; or

S. 456AA(5)(c) amended by Nos 37/2014 s. 10(Sch. item 36.12(d)(ii)), 45/2017 s. 15(6).

        (c)     states as his or her place of duty an address other than the name of the police station which is the police officer’s or the protective services officer’s ordinary place of duty; or

        (d)     refuses to comply with the request in writing if requested to do so—

is guilty of a summary offence punishable on conviction by a level 11 fine (5 penalty units maximum).

Crime’s Act, Victoria, Australia (Please check what this is where you live)

As we continue looking into all this we will gradually learn hot to beat the system. It’s time for us to be the living souls God intended us to be. Watch for my next post where will will continue…


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