Vaccine Centres Cease Now! – Powerful Demands By Australians

Vaccine Centres

Australians issue demands to their local police stations demanding that vaccine centres cease and desist with immediate effect!

This includes mask wearing, social distancing and the coming against all crimes against humanity.

First we saw in the United Kingdom, where the police stations were served a similar document to the one below. All of us have seen how that, together with the huge Law cases, it caused the British Government to go into a meltdown. All their vaccine centres and all related to it was to stop!

We could hardly believe our eyes… was this really true many asked?

So, how do we lawfully demand these vaccine centres stop business?

As a result of that, the Velvet Revolution here in Australia, has arranged for groups to attend our local police stations. It had already begun in other states and now it’s Tasmania’s turn!

Three different locations around Tasmania were chosen, to serve the following script regarding this international crime:

Yesterday, Tasmania became active in serving Police Stations using this same script. It was agreed that groups would convene in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie.

Arrest Warrants, Charge and Summons Sheet and International Common Law Court documents served to Australian Police


About 20 people gathered and walked around to the Police Station. Just two of them went inside with the intention of inviting a constable to come on outside.

These two wore masks into the building… not because they wanted to, or felt they had to, but once an interview was set up, one of them politely asked the interviewing officer if they could go outside so they didn’t have to wear masks.

Fortunately for them, he agreed.

This meant they were able to proceed through the above script without so much as a comment from the officer. On finishing the officer receipted the paperwork for them.

You can view it in progress here on FaceBook if you like.

Good job Lonny! Well done… we are proud of you.


At this stage I have not heard how it went in Hobart.


This was the group that my husband and I attended. All up, there were just nine of us.

Unfortunately for us, we ran into difficulties right up front, as the police officers continued to interrupt every few words into the script.

The first officer heard only the first line before waving to the other officers to go back inside. They just left us standing there in the rain!

After a time, another more senior officer came out. It was easy to see that he thought he’d have this all wrapped up very quickly… “What can I do for you folks?” he asked.

Once again he interjected almost at every word! Just the first few sentences got them going. From where I was standing, what with the rain and the wind trying to lift me off the ground, up, up and away… I really couldn’t hear what they were saying.

Although they tried to hand him the information to take and read, he refused. The long and the short of it he, together with the other officers, all went back inside and that was that.

What could we have done better?

We all walked away and gathered again in a nearby coffee shop. A lively discussion ensued as they hashed back through what was said, and what they could have said, etc.

  • We felt that the police reacted to there being so many of us, even though it was only nine, coming to report a criminal offense. It seemed to put them on the hop right from the start. They appeared to be on super alert and a bit jumpy. Yes, we believe they were quite nervous and intimidated.
  • It was decided that maybe the next time maybe only three would attend. One to read out the Notice of Charge asking them to investigate, and one to act as a secretary and take down name and badge numbers etc. As there needs to be two witnesses, maybe just three people present maybe the way to go.
  • The woman reading the script had a very soft voice. Maybe she deliberately kept it soft so as to not come across as confrontational, but maybe it would be better to have a strong, even a male voice maybe, so the police didn’t just think they could simply brush us off.
  • We do not believe these police had ever been confronted by a group of people who had a pretty good understanding of Common Law before.

Such high spirits

What was so good to see was that no-one felt like they didn’t succeed. Everyone remained in high spirits and through the sharing, there was much positive gain.

When at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

There is no way these folks won’t be attending other police stations to deliver the message.

Should there be less people or more? Would a really big gathering of people cause the officers to stand up and take notice?

I guess only time will tell. But the good news is this… even if just one police officer accepts the paperwork, he has to report that up the line. Eventually, it will end up at the very top.

But… it would definitely be good to have them receive many of the same, and I’m sure that’s the plan.

Australia has shown itself as being more difficult in a lot of areas, but the Common Law is the Common Law and a time will come when they too will have to close down all the vaccine centres and stop this crime against humanity.


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