New World Order – Plan For Totalitarian Prison Busted!

New World Order

It only takes 12 steps to create the totalitarian prison designed for us by the New World Order. Read through what their plan was for us, and rejoice in the fact that they have been brought down and a bright new future awaits us.

Remember, ‘The war has been won’! When you see President Trump dancing on stage, it’s because he knows the end result. Why? Because they have ALL the evidence required to bring down the swamp rats.

What we are now watching is a pantomime playing out before us. They’ve had to do it this way so they can catch them all in their traps. Slow and steady wins the race.

Never give up and never lose faith. You may not understand, but you are on the winning team.

OK, this is what they had planned for us…

1. Create a Problem

  • Take a flu-like illness with very common symptoms, that can be easily treated and a 99.97% recovery rate.
  • Call it COVID-19.


It’s essentially like a mild/bad dose of seasonal flu. Like the regular flu can be dangerous to people with weak immune systems or serious underlying health issues.

No mention in the mainstream media about how to protect your own immune system by building it up using good food, vitamins and minerals.

It’s designed as the first step towards getting you to take the vaccine.

Listen to solid scientific fact. It’s got nothing to do with a boogey man virus waiting to jump out at you the first opportune moment…

2. Provoke a Terrified Reaction

  • Use the mainstream media to provoke massive fear.
  • Ensure daily reporting of any death of someone ‘with’ COVID as being a death ‘from’ COVID.
  • Report all ‘cases’ even though most people have none or mild symptoms.
  • Bribe scientists with grants, and doctors with bonus payments, for supporting testing and vaccinations.

It has been easy to see the massive fear that COVID has produced. Most everyone embraces it. They might not like it, but believe they ‘have to do the right thing’.

For anyone who is determined to do their own research, evidence can soon be found that clearly shows the media are keeping the fear levels up high.

This is because they are owned and controlled by the Deep State… the very ones who are instigating this 12 step plan.

The New World Order expect us to obey… nothing more… nothing less!

The world needs people who will stand up and be counted. It doesn’t need a mob of sheep who just follow the masses.

New World Order
Origin unknown

When you understand all what I’m printing in green throughout this post, it will bring you such peace.

Learn to say no!

3. Impose Lockdowns

Impose national and local lock-downs. Commence the ‘Great Reset’ to transfer wealth and power up to global corporations and the financial elite:

  • Destroy small business
  • Strengthen global corporations
  • Cause a massive rise in State debt to international financiers
  • Push cashless payments

We are in a war between Good and Evil…

I’ll refer to the Deep State/New World Order as the Black Hats. They are the ones who are pushing this narrative so they lock down communities because it continues to push the fear up to a higher level.

Meanwhile only the giant corporations are making a killing and benefiting from the fact that all small and family businesses are not allowed to open.

Who owns the giant corporations? You guessed it! In many cases, it’s the D]eep S]tate Cabal minions of the NWO!

The good guys are the White Hats. This is the fully international team led by President Trump. There are times when they will make use of the lock-downs as it suits their needs.

To begin with it had much to do with rescuing the children from their underground prisons, but now I believe it’s got more to do with the countless arrests they need to make.

The Black Hats don’t just give up… they fight with everything they have. They are running scared and very heavily armed.

Locking down and declaring curfews are good ways to keep people at home and safe during these shoot-outs… if they become necessary.

4. Exaggerate ‘Cases’

  • Use totally unreliable PCR tests to massively exaggerate the number of ‘cases’ or so-called ‘infections’ among healthy people who have no symptoms and cannot spread any infection.

The tests they run come out as false positives all the time. Countless people have ‘tested out the theory’ by sending in all manner of fruit and animals to be tested. Guess what? They all come back as positive!

They cook the numbers to say whatever they need them to say. It’s so easy… how would any of us know?

The media continue to talk about the ‘cases’ or ‘infections’ to keep the narrative going that convinces the masses we are in the middle of a pandemic.

Why are they sticking the swab so far up your nose?

If the ‘disease’ is so easily spread through droplets from your mouth, what’s this all about?

Many claim it’s because they are collecting a DNA sample from you. This sample can be used for cloning. I’m not sure about that, but nothing would surprise me anymore!

There is so much proof of this. The PCR testing was claimed to be unsuitable for Covid testing by the very person who created the test! Doesn’t matter… they use it anyway.

Tested Positive to Covid-19.  New World Order hoax.

No more people have died during 2020 than did any other year. They have simply put everything down to Covid. It appears that no-one has died of old age, which in itself has to be a miracle!

Why have they been doing that? Because the hospitals receive massive payouts for every ‘Covid’ case that enters their hospital, or ends up dying. It’s a total scam!

Doctors Speaking Out About the Covid Hoax

All this ‘pandemic’ or should I say, ‘plandemic’ will go away just as soon as President Trump is settled into his next term, together with Nesara / Gesara. People will then realise he has been fighting for the people all along.

5. Mandate Face Masks (by New World Order minions)

  • Promote fear and to signal public compliance by mandating masks.

In reality, cloth masks are totally ineffective against any virus.

Prolonged use of masks actually increases health risks due to lack of oxygen, breathing in waste air and promoting fungal infections.

The plan with masks is to dehumanise us. Unless we comply with their wishes they will endeavour to force us into submission… mainly through fear. Fear of the virus and fear of law enforcement.

Are they concerned that it’s actually not lawful? Not at all. They make their own laws which has nothing to do with constitutional rights.

If we don’t wear a mask we are accused of ‘spreading the virus’! The truth is that if the masks actually worked, they’d have nothing to fear!

It stops us being able to see one another’s facial expressions, and dumbs us down. Like having a hand over our mouth to shut us up.

And… to top it all off… did you know that wearing a face mask is exactly what they do during their satanic rituals?

It’s all part of the NWO’s plan to cause us to be submissive to whatever they tell us to do, so then we will do the next thing they require… and on and on.

Masks are just one more way they can divide and conquer the masses. Black versus white. Christian versus Muslem. Male versus Female… it’s us versus them, once again.

Reality Check:

Look, if a mask, and a supposed virus, were enlarged under a microscope, trying to stop the virus from going through a mask would be pretty much the same as trying to stop a mosquito from flying through a wire-netting fence!

6. Impose Contact Tracing

  • Normalise surveillance.

Get people to accept having all of their personal movements and contact with people tracked, recorded and analysed.

Gradually, ever so gradually, they want us to become familiar with the tracking so that we completely accept it. It’s just one more way they move their agenda forward.

The New World Order love to know everything we get up to.

Won’t it be wonderful to be free again!

7. Impose Health Passport ID Systems

  • Introduce ‘Health Passport’ apps for smartphones as a form of bio-metric identity card.

This is to monitor and control people’s freedom of movement and ability to access education, employment and all types of services.

These will become a global digital identity system that will be compulsory for us to go anywhere.

Similar to number 6, but more in-depth.

Apps Now Being Developed for Global Vaccine Passport

Although the NWO had full intention for this to take place, the new world we are entering will not have any of this kind of control.

8. Activate 5G Microwave Networks

  • The 5G networks allow constant gathering of huge amounts of personal data from smartphones and all internet connected devices.
  • They massively increases the amount of high-frequency microwave radiation that can reduce blood oxygen levels and trigger COVID-like respiratory symptoms.
  • 5G illnesses will be blamed on COVID to justify vaccinations.

They have always told us the 5G is just the next level of communication technology. We’ve moved gradually through the ranks 3…4… now on to 5G.

But it’s so much more than just better phone communications.

It’s all a part of the New World Order’s agenda to ultimately control us, a weapon and surveillance tool, under the disguise of communication.

5G towers will be converted to become free energy towers through the Nesara/Gesara Act.

9. Impose Mandatory Vaccinations

  • Mandatory vaccination will generate massive profits for Big Pharma corporations.
  • These corporations have 100% legal immunity for all injuries and deaths.
  • Vaccines will erode your natural immunity, increase sterility rates and promote global depopulation.
  • New DNA and RNA vaccines will create genetically modified humans bio-engineered for obedience, sterility and easy control.

The uninformed masses are screaming out for a vaccine. Can you imagine how delighted the NWO folk are when they listen to us?

They have fed us such a complete lie and it’s been really working for them.

From my research and nutritional studies, I cannot see how it is possible to not get ‘Covid Symptoms’ after accepting the vaccine into your body.

Vaccines in general, erode your natural immunity. It may not happen straight away, but a time will come where your body will undergo detoxification which carries with it the same symptoms as ‘Covid’. In fact, the ‘Covid’ symptoms are just your body going through a detox.

This happens naturally to us all unless we are in tip-top health. Living in the world we do, it’s virtually impossible to not gather an incredible amount of toxins in our body owing to the chemicals in sprays etc. etc. etc. that’s used everywhere.

But every time a body goes into detox it’s automatically claimed to be Covid. People don’t realise that.

Studies Show that Vaccinated Individuals Spread Disease

Don’t worry!

There will be no mandatory vaccines under Nesara/Gesara. President Trump will never force vaccines on any of us. He may very well be coming out with a vaccine, but you can bet it will only do you good… be therapeutic!

Much of our current food supply will be stopped as it only builds fat, unhealthy people. The poisonous sprays they use, the shelves lines with junk food…all of it will be replaced with food that actually builds health.

10. Create Cashless Economy

  • Cash allows people to shop in privacy.
  • With cash the State does not know what, where or when you buy something.
  • A cashless economy means a total loss of financial privacy as all purchases can be constantly monitored and controlled.
  • Access to digital finance can be withdrawn from anyone who dissents from officially approved purchases, views or behaviour.

The NWO want a cashless society. We only have to think for half a minute to realise just a little of what that would mean to us!

They have been planning the Great Reset. Trust me, this is opposite to what they make it sound.

There are two ‘resets’:

  • NWO = The Great Reset
  • President Trump and the Alliance = Global Financial Reset and Currency Revaluation.

The New World Order love the fact of a cashless society. How that plays right into their hands!

Under Nesara/Gesara our money will be managed under the Quantum Financial System. This is totally gold backed and cash will be maintained as part of it. It’s a wonderful system that cannot be hacked and works instantaneously world-wide.

11. Compel RFID Microchip Implants – a New World Order specialty!

  • Move from Health Passport apps to ‘more convenient’ digital implants.
  • Then move to remote controlled Radio-Frequency Identity (RFID) Implants that allow constant 24-7 monitoring of your health, movements, contacts and digital payments.
  • With these, all human privacy will cease.
  • Initially, these chips will be voluntary.
  • Once normalised, they will become compulsory.

Once we have accepted the virus, the masks, the social distancing, the vaccine, they intended to push on us the microchip implants.

The Covid-19 vaccine was planned to be the beginning of that. It wiould change your DNA and so much more.

The new world we are coming in will not be microchipping us. It will be a humanitarian world and vastly different in all ways to the world we currently are living in.

12. Arrive at the Totalitarian NEW WORLD ORDER

  • A depopulated, high-tech totalitarian world with genetically modified humans. They are:
    • Genetically modified for obedience
    • Weakened natural immunity
    • Micro-chipped
    • Permanently connected to the internet
    • Monitored and controlled 24-7 by artificial intelligence.
  • Human beings will be reduced to the level of ‘biological machines’ living in a totalitarian prison.
  • The real goal of this so-called ‘Great Reset’ is high-tech Fascism / Communism.
  • COVID is merely the excuse.

Yippee! Now we would have arrived exactly where they wanted us!

Fortunately for us all, that is, everyone around the world, God put a calling upon Trump and his Alliance Team to weed out all those who have been committing crimes against humanity. These are the same ones who want to control us. They will be no more.

Am I saying there will be no more evil in the world? Gosh, that would be nice, but I surely doubt it. People will still be people in their fallen state, but because our system will work so differently, there will be much less need for evil.

People will be happier in general, owing to the fact that they have ready funds to do whatever it is they desire. The classes will disappear, such as the rich, the middle class and the poor and destitute.

Nesara/Gesara brings to us a whole new beginning.

The New World Order had an evil plan… but God says ‘No more!’

Wrapping it up

As Charlie Ward always says, we know the end result but we don’t know the journey to get there. It’s a bumpy and very exciting ride, but we’re coming through!

As they worked out how they could depopulate the world through chemtrails, poisoning our water supply, poisoning our food supply, poisoning our bodies through their vaccinations… they thought they had it all.

But praise God, He had a plan… a plan for good for us all. Right now it’s all happening, as we watch the show… the greatest show on earth! Whatever you do, don’t miss the movie!

The New World Order certainly had an evil, evil plan designed for us, and they so nearly pulled it off, but always remember… God wins!



  1. Marilyn thank you so much for all the time you have invested in helping all of us understand what is going on. I have been awake since 2008, when I swear to you I saw “Devil Horns” on Obama’s head. I know if sounds crazy, however my close relationship with Christ gives me the eyes to see the TRUTH RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES!!! You are an amazing woman!!!! Although my name is Don, I am a woman, born on Father’s Day named after my Dad…. Lots of Love…

    • Hi Don! I wonder how many times you’ve had to explain your name! It’s lovely. I’m so glad you are awake and obviously have the ‘eyes to see’.
      Thank you for your kind comments… much appreciated.

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