What They Intended For Evil, God Turns For Good

What they intended for evil, God turns for good!

What they intended for evil, God turns for good!

Who are ‘they’?

‘They’ are the globalists… the cabal… the NWO… the elites, yes all those who had a plan to bring down humanity as we know it.

The amazing thing is this… they almost managed to pull it off! We were so very close. But… thank heavens there is a ‘but’!

Hezekiah Walker – It’s going to get better! 8/7/2016
Current views on Youtube is over eight million!

Of-course, what Hezekiah Walker didn’t realise was that things would get worse BEFORE they got better!

It’s been a bumpy ride through to 2020, but everything is going right to plan. We are approaching the end of the evil that has been going on right throughout the world, and even right under our feet.

We live in amazing times… seeing God turn the evil and is now bringing a new and wonderful future for us all.

It’s right, the NWO had a deadly plan for us:

  • Create a so-called ‘pandemic’
  • Get the mainstream media (owned by them) to keep pumping out fear of the ‘virus’
  • Arrange for the ‘world authority – Bill Gates’ to say that the only way to be free of the virus is for the entire world to be vaccinated
  • Belief in this theory, and total fear of the virus, will cause people to line up begging for the vaccine.
  • Boom! They’ve got you!
Joanne Griffiths interviews Dr Christiane Northrup 6/10/2020

All of this would have come to pass if it wasn’t for a counter plan!

God turns for good what they intended for evil purposes

Let’s break it down a little shall we…

1. Create a so-called ‘pandemic’

  • There is a very simple truth… if everyone turned of their televisions, the ‘pandemic’ would go away.
  • It’s all been fear-mongering. They knew we’ve been taught to never miss the news… so how easy it was for them to constantly feed us with the lie.
  • As explained HERE, viruses are not contagious.
  • The WHO (a private company) downgraded the virus to being no more than a cold or a mild flu four days before the entire world locked-down! They are now facing the biggest lawsuit the world has ever known.
  • Although it was designed to ultimately completely control us, President Trump and the Alliance (an 8,000 strong team working with him) quickly turned it and used it as a cover to bring in the Global Reset and the rescuing of millions of children caught up in trafficking and pedophilia.

2. Get the mainstream media (owned by them) to keep pumping out fear of the ‘virus’.

  • On the odd occasion we turned on a news broadcast, we noticed that hardly one minute would pass before the use of the words [pandemic] [virus] [Covid-19] [Covid] [vaccine] etc etc.
  • It’s very hard to control your fear when you hear these words repeatedly over and over.
  • People tend to believe whatever comes across the news. In fact, I can’t think who it was right now, but I remember hearing one channel telling people not to bother researching as they had already done it for them! Whoa!
  • They tell us not to think… just trust them. Sure!
  • Don’t listen to the mainstream media news!

3. Arrange for the ‘world authority – Bill Gates’ to say that the only way to be free of the virus is for the entire world to be vaccinated.

  • Since when did Bill Gates become the world authority? I’ll tell you when… since he’s been in a position to pay millions of dollars here, there and everywhere to push the NWO agenda! The Gates family have been involved in eugenics for years.
  • He practiced on our computers. First create a virus and then give us the antivirus to be rid of it. Worked for him over and over again!
  • Bill Gates didn’t even create Microsoft… he inherited it, or at least it was given to him.
  • Apparently, both Bill and Melinda Gates trialed their vaccines on the children of both Africa and India. The results were they killed tens of thousands in each country… all hushed up by the media!

4. Belief in this theory, and total fear of the virus, will cause people to line up begging for the vaccine.

  • Unless people are made aware, they believe everything they hear.
  • Most just want to ‘get back to normal’ and will do anything for that to come to pass.
  • A problem is that the more those who try to get the truth out, the more the tech-giants take down their videos and posts.
  • Many are so indoctrinated that they believe that all those standing up for the truth are the same ones who are spreading the virus.
  • Charlie Ward has mentioned many times, that the only people who died of the virus had previously been vaccinated by the flu vaccine.
  • As the above video explains, there is so much more added to the new Covid-19 vaccine, that if people were aware of it they would run for the hills.

5. Boom! Got you!

  • When you listen to the above video, this is indeed what they were planning to do… but…
  • Yes, there is a but!

We are living during a third world war

Right now… and the most unbelievable part of it is that most have no idea the war is going on.

For all of us who are ‘awake to it’, we do not live in the realm of fear. We are not worried what will happen to us in the future as our governments roll out mandatory vaccinations etc. Why is this?

Because all those who are behind the evil have already been brought down, or are currently being brought down right now.

When President Trump said he was going to ‘clean out the swamp’ he really meant it. It’s the very reason he was put into power. There are not many in this world who could stand up against continual onslaught as he has. His stamina is second to none!

I know, if you still listen to the news media, you will say that things are continuing to get worse. But rather than spoon feed yourself on their lies, why not start to dig for the truth? We have. Videos like the above that tell the truth.

No need for worry, but please… stand up and fight!

Look, everything is totally in under control. Those who are organising and bringing about Nesara and Gesara, are right on track. We just need to be patient and pray for them to be able to complete it.

Although every government around the world has capitulated to President Trump, it doesn’t mean he will go into each country to fix up their mess. What he is doing is exposing our corrupt governments so ‘we the people’ can be more informed about our choices. We need to rise up and kick out those who are working against us and choose upstanding and righteous men and women to govern our lands.

How do we fight?

  • Pray prayers of faith believing!
  • Stop listening to the lies and embrace the truth
  • Read up everything you can on what is going on and how you can be part of this global fight for good
  • Stop obeying their rules such as mask-wearing. It’s just part of how they control and manipulate you into doing what they want
  • Stop believing the lies about President Trump. Make it your business to find out what he has been truly endeavoring to do for humanity.

Read a list of Executive Orders President Trump has brought in for America… my, the man has been busy. So much. So much, and that’s the least of it!

Many thanks to Ruth for sharing with me Dr Christiane Northrup’s interview and to Errol for sharing with me Hezekiah Walker’s video.

What they intended for evil, God turns for good… how wonderful is that! Instead of these evil people completely dominating us, God has turned the tables so that they all go to meet their end… either sitting in prison for the rest of their lives, or to meet their Maker.



    • Hello Dianna!
      There is so much confusing information coming out all around the world. It’s designed to be that way… keep the enemy on the hop always wondering what the White Hats are doing!
      But just knowing a few basic facts keeps us grounded. We may not comprehend all we see and hear, but this doesn’t matter.
      Keeping your faith levels high and trusting in God to bring us through is the most important thing of all.
      God is good and the enemy is evil.
      The evil will be soon shown to be gone as they reveal all to us very soon.

      • Marilyn, you have done an unbelievable job at putting all this info together! I’ve read it all but will go back to continue watching the videos you have provided. I only hope that my unbelieving family and friends will actually read what I’m about to share with them. THANK YOU!

  1. Love this good news, corrolates with all the research I’ve unravelled. The rabbit hole is indeed very deep. The deeper you go the more layers you find :_)

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