Understanding 11:11 And Exciting Book Of Revelations Overcomes Panic


Are you one of those people that keep seeing 11:11 everywhere you look?

How many times have you looked at a digital clock when 11:11 is being displayed?

Or maybe any old clock where the hands sit right bang on 11:11?

For many years this has been my experience. I actually cannot remember when it all started, but it was a long time ago.

For ages we had a digital clock in our bedroom. I could be fast asleep, but right on 11:11 I would suddenly sit up in bed and look at the clock… guess what it said? 11:11!!


During the day, or at night time, I was drawn to this time like to a magnet.

For quite some time I considered it funny… “look, there it goes again!” But as time went on I really began to question it. There must be something going on here… but what?

Does anyone else experience 11:11?

I started sharing with friends but not any of them had the experience of it, or had any idea why it happened.

So to the Internet I went. Let’s see if anyone else has this experience.

Oh my! I was amazed when 11:11 brought up countless pages concerning it.

My heart began to beat harder… maybe I was just about to find out what this is all about. Such excitement!

But, I read page after page and nothing made any sense to me. What is this stuff all about? All weird I felt.

Now, let it be known, I am not into a lot of New Age mumbo jumbo, and this is what I felt it all was.

The last one I read told me that once long ago, before people lived on this earth, I was flying with a whole group in a plane. Now that’s an interesting thought! Anyway, while on this plane journey we were asked to raise our hand if we agreed to helping the planet in the future.

Look, I can’t remember exactly what it said, but it was something of that nature.

Are angels trying to get my attention?

Many believe it’s the angels’ way of getting our attention. Oh well, that’s when I decided to give up searching on the Internet.

It worried me a little though… am I somehow caught up in something New Agey? How did that happen? Not happy!

I was now praying in earnest… Lord please show me!

This is when I decided to speak to various pastors to see if they could shed any light. Only one of them actually came quite close when he suggested that maybe I should read chapter 11, verse 11 in every book of the Bible.

Anyway, I did that, but nothing jumped out at me like it was trying to tell me something.

A deep hunger overwhelmed me

About six months before Co/vid hit, I was overwhelmed with a deep hunger to understand the Book of Revelations and all relating passages in the Bible. I read everything, over and over again.

Are you hungry to know the truth?

I printed off material I found on the Internet that covered all the different views on the ‘Rapture’. Some believe it’s to happen before the tribulation; some believe it’s mid-tribulation and others post-tribulation. This is the belief that ‘Christians’ will be suddenly removed from the earth… taken up in the clouds to be with the Lord.

I had trouble with this anyway as some things didn’t quite sit right with me… but that’s another story. anyway, only one could really be correct and I was determined to find out!

After a time, I had myself almost convinced that the Rapture, if it was to happen, was to happen pre-tribulation… almost!

A light begins to dawn

Then one day as Selwyn and I were following everything we could find regarding the events going on in our world, Charlie Ward had Melissa Redpill the World (FreedomForce.live) on for a chat. I found her most intriguing as she was bringing a whole new light forward to what we usually watched.

But never-the-less, I had some strong reactions to some of what she was saying in that she believed we were about to enter into the 1,000 years of peace on this earth! How could that possibly be? Garbage!

But she related enough to instill interest in purchasing her ebook on “1,000 Years of Peace”.

I began reading and re-reading her book and gosh oh gosh, my eyes began to open regarding understanding the Book of Revelations! Wow, what she was saying made complete sense to me. Gradually as I kept relating it back to the Scriptures, I became more and more convinced about what she was bringing out.

Has she got it all totally correct? Most probably not, but many of the revelations she shared began to sit right with me.

So, without getting off onto all the new revelations I was receiving, and trying to keep to the subject… back to 11:11.

I realised it was because I was trying to interpret the Book of Revelations literally that I was running into so many problems. As I began to see that what is going on RIGHT NOW in our world, and how it related to Revelations, it all began to fall into place.

Revelations 11:11

“And after three days and an half the spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them.”

Revelations 11:11

Who is in ‘great fear’? The Cabal!

Who is ‘them’ and ‘they’ in this verse? Us! Those who are standing on our feet! Those who have become awake to really what is going on in our world. We are the ‘them’ and the ‘they’!

The Cabal are all in great fear of us all, because we stand for God… their (the Cabal’s) most feared enemy!

I can’t possibly explain here in this short post why I believe we are the ‘them’ and the ‘they’, but the whole Book of Revelations has been totally turned on its head for me.

We’ve interpreted the verse back to front! We thought it was ‘us’ who were afraid of the prophet and xxx when they stood up on their feet after lying dead in the street!

Nah! It’s all back to front. Once you start to understand in the light of current events, it all makes so much sense!

You cannot try to interpret it literally, it’s impossible… and builds crazy and very scary images in your mind. Frightening! In fact, I do not believe that any person had the ability to interpret the Book of Revelations prior to these very recent times.

John wrote what he saw, not what he understood!

John must have understood very little of what he was ‘seeing’ 2,000 years ago. I like the one where he wrote about ‘the image that talked’! Did he even have any idea of what he was looking at?

‘The image that talked’ is our television! Or computers, tablets, phones! We all watch images on them on a daily basis, and guess what… they talk!

The represent the news media… and they are on the enemy’s side! Virtually all of them. They are all owned by just six men, all situated in Israel. Ugh… the plot thickens!

When you begin to understand the Book of Revelations from current events happening around us, it all makes sense!

Are the times ahead frightening or does it bring peace?

And… it brings with it PEACE!

I hear so many people who are afraid of what is going to happen. They have no peace. Even those who are beginning to wake up, are still so afraid.

The Bible teaches that we are to be led and guided by peace. How can we know peace when our ears are filled with the dreadful things that are taught as being ahead of us? That is, if you believe in a Rapture taking place after or midway through the Tribulation.

Things don’t look good, no they don’t… especially when looking through eyes of a literal understanding of Revelations! Frightening! So much ahead of us that would scare the breath right out of our bodies!

But… praise God there is a ‘But’!

All those terrible things we read of like:

  • 1/3rd of the sea turning to blood
  • Hailstones weighing 100lbs each?
  • Destruction of 1/3rd of the ships etc. etc. etc.

These things are coming upon the Satan worshippers

All this is happening to the Ca/bal, Glo/ba/lists, De/ep St/ate… call them what you may! These ‘creatures’ are where they are because of the Fr/eem/as/ons, who are led by none other than Satan himself.

But right now, our earth is being cleansed out of these Sa/tan/ic wor/shipp/ers once and for all.

The descriptive language in Revelations talks about how they will be brought down… bang! No way out! God has had it completely with those who use our precious children in unfathomable ways.

These creatures (I don’t call them rats because no rat would do anything like what these creatures do) have, for the love of money, fame and power, been involved in Satanic worship, ch/il/d sac]ri]fice and all accompanying abominations such as or/gan har/ves/ting, dru/gs, etc. etc.

Is an angel tapping you on the shoulder?

So whether it was an angel tapping me on the shoulder by making me view 11:11 all the time, or the Spirit of God, I do not know. That doesn’t bother me. All I know is that I have basically put aside my usual agenda with a need to continue posting in my blog in the hope eyes of others will be opened.

As our eyes are opened, we need to stand up… to rise up… be counted! We are in the middle of a war, and all of us engaged upon our computers are digital soldiers!

Those who are fighting in the front line of the battle, tell us how much they rely on all of us. The more we can help to open the eyes of those still asleep, the closer we come to the victorious end.

I encourage you to purchase the book from freedomforce.live where she explains Revelations in greater detail. Easy to read and understand as she’s taught children for many years. Don’t worry, there is nothing in it for me. 🙂

Are you prepared to stand up and be counted? If each of us tell just two other people, even if that is all you do… it will all be accredited to you.

Don’t keep it to yourself. Let’s be pro-active together, with God at the helm, to see a glorious and victorious outcome.

Revelations 11:11!



  1. Hi Marilyn,
    Thanks for explaining 11:11 I see it quite often just before going to bed. Sometimes I wake at 2:22, 3:33 or 4:44 which is very strange!A week ago I had a Angelic Reiki session and it was interesting to say the least. I have been more emotional than usual (maybe shedding the layers as I’ve read of the Awakening). The Angels present I was told were Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel. I was told by the Healer that by my head was a large figure, I have experienced sore joints on and off and have read this is normal. I do believe and have always believed there is more to this world than the physical we experience.

    Much Love
    Caroline xx

    • Yes, there is certainly much more than physical. We are a spirit, we have a soul and live in a body! ‘And they stood up!’ is us… no more letting them walk all over us as they’ve done since the year dot. It’s a battle but one being headed up by God Himself, so they’d better watch out!

  2. Dear Marilyn & Donald:
    Chem Trails; toxic chemical spraying in the atmosphere must be stopped ASAP. If the remnants of the Cabal want to cause widespread devastation, aerial spraying of a disease such as Ebola or a chemical such as fentinol is a terrifying option, temptation, for them. I live on the northwest coast of Costa Rica and they have begun spraying in the last few months, many of us are overly tired everyday and lack energy! I am a farmer and I am well aware of how easy it is to fumigate with toxic materials; heavy metals now and highly lethal ingredients later perhaps? Please put this on your radar. God Bless you both and Thank you for your patience, perseverance and tireless Faith in our father.

    • Hi Jerome!
      Chemtrails indeed must be stopped. I couldn’t agree with you more. Where I live we hardly ever see them these days so for that we can be thankful. But it does appear that in some areas they are still spraying.
      All I can say is that the Alliance are working just as quickly a they possibly can. In a war of moves and countermoves, they have to work very strategically and I am certain this is being done.
      It does appear that we are very close to the EBS, Nesara/Gesara… etc., so once that’s been achieved I believe all that evil should disappear.
      Thank you for sharing.. so appreciated.

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