Truth Being Told At Last – It’s All Coming Out!


Isn’t it wonderful that the time has come with the truth being told at last!

Here is Dr Rashid Buttar from New Zealand, bravely speaking out. I love this man… he is not afraid to share truth when he finds it.

Dr Rashid Buttar speaks out

Here is a part transcript of the video:

“We have undercover footage of the World Health Organization in their private forum talking about how the confidence level among the physician community worldwide is decreasing.

The WHO is trying to decide on a strategy – a marketing campaign. When you have to have a marketing strategy to convince the health professionals, those who have been appointed to safeguard our health and our children’s health, you know that there’s something that doesn’t smell right.

The CDC own data shows that 1% of the population of the planet currently has autism.

The current world’s population is 7.7 billion. 1% of that is 77 million.

According to the CDC’s own data, 77 million children and young adults have autism on our planet right now. In 29 years, they went from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 30 there’s something wrong.”

Truth be known, how many of us know children that have Autism?

Many of us. I know a young woman, the mother of seven children, who has three with Autism.

As if it’s not difficult enough to be bringing up one child with Autism, but three in the one family? And to top it off, she has one of her other children with suspected Autism/ADHD etc. She is still trying to have the child properly diagnosed.

To anyone standing back and looking in, it’s very obvious that there’s something going on to cause such an epidemic.

Does Big Pharma have that big a hold over them that they are afraid to speak up?

Why is it doctors are not asking more questions?

I mean, if they know what’s causing it, why are they not speaking up more? They must know, or at least have a very strong suspicion there is something that maybe they are doing to cause it… like for example, all the vaccines they pump into our little ones.

Is it they are afraid of losing their livelihood? Well really, I don’t blame them for that.

The question I ask is, if they are suspicious it’s the vaccines, how can they continue to give so many vaccines to our children? Wouldn’t they at least want to spend a bit of time researching the research to see what they can see?

It’s become an epidemic as Dr Buttar points out, so it can’t be brushed under the carpet. Our children’s lives are at stake.

Of-course I know there are thousands of other doctors willing to raise their hand. If only the greater percentage of them do together at one time, how can Big Pharma hurt them? I mean, they would be losing their main source for pushing their drugs. Take away the doctors… who’s going to do their work for them?

It’s the same for us… if we all push back together with one big push. There are far more of us than there are of them.

We have God on our side for heaven’s sake! They only have a puny little devil!

“If God is for us, who can be against us?”

Romans 8:31

Working for the Ca/bal

Doctors are trained in facilities run by the Cab/al. It’s such a shame that good men and women are trained in such a way. These brilliant people go along expecting to be taught the latest and the greatest, and I believe there is not one of them that would like to think they are simply working for the Pharmaceutical Companies that are also Caba/l run.

Many atrocities against all humanity have happened through those who would own us.

Yes, they may have hoodwinked us in such ways that they have managed to come out with all the power, but what they haven’t factored in is that God IS on our side! Ultimately, they lose!

Could they really do this to us?

We’ve allowed this to happen. Unfortunately, it’s the truth.

The reason we allowed it is that we didn’t question everything. We simply accepted that ‘they’ had our best interests at heart.

Never was this the case… not before, not now and not in the future!

We trusted the:

  • government
  • our doctors
  • the school teachers
  • university professors
  • medical universities
  • Seminaries – our pastors, ministers, and priests. They loved us. Cared for us. Only wanted what was best for us, didn’t they?
  • and so on…

Please let me state here that I know there are many very good people in our world. These good people hold positions in all the above mentioned. But it’s not all been good…

Truth being told at last… this is what’s needed now

This is a shocking truth. They’ve changed our history books to hide from us what really happened. We believed them.

We’ve be glued to our televisions every night to hear the latest news. I mean, why would they lie to us? Aren’t they just sharing exactly what has happened?

The really great news is that the time is almost upon us when the truth will be revealed. In some ways, it’s going to be very hard. When you’ve believed a certain way all your life, and then you find out that the truth is something else… it’s not easy!

Even as we have been learning gradually, over a period of years, the truth sucks! Some things are so horrific you want to go to sleep and wake up with it all being just a silly nightmare.

But it doesn’t go away and we have to learn to accept that things are not as we have supposed.

Here we learn how they use the cover of some churches to carry out their evil deeds

But God is good. He has to take us through this dark period of revelation, so we can come out the other side into the light of His goodness and grace.

Yes truth is coming out soon when they set into motion the Emergency Broadcasting System. This is when they will reveal exactly what these evil Cabalish people have been involved in, their trials and the results of their trials. Only then can we all breathe a huge breath of relief and we will move into the next exciting stage. 🙂


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